The primary goal of the Paris Climate Accord — the reduction of atmospheric carbon dioxide — is nothing less than genocide against all plant life across our planet.

That’s because all plants depend on CO2 for their very survival.

It’s the “oxygen” for plants, and right now trees, grasses and food crops are starving for CO2 because it sits at nearly the lowest level it has ever been in the history of the Earth (barely above 400 ppm now, when it used to be over 7,000 ppm in the past).

Humans attempting to eliminate CO2 from the atmosphere is equivalent to some evil, fictional “plant demon” attempting to eliminate oxygen from the atmosphere, causing the mass asphyxiation of the entire human race. Just as eliminating oxygen is genocide against humans, eliminating carbon dioxide is genocide against plants.

Much like everything else pushed by scientifically illiterate bureaucrats and globalists, climate change is a global narrative of the destruction of life.

If the climate change terrorists achieve their goals, they will DESTROY the planetary food chain and plunge all life on Earth — including human life — into a mass die-off.

Depopulation is the goal, you see. Eliminating CO2 from the atmosphere has always been about destroying human life in order to achieve the population reduction goals openly espoused by every liberal globalist from Bill Gates to Ted Turner.

You can’t SAVE the planet by MURDERING all plants

As I explain in my science video below, you can’t “save” the planet by murdering all plant life.

The planet needs higher CO2 and more rainfall to support more reforestation, more food production and the transformation of deserts into food producing regions.

Increased rainfall is caused by warmer global temperatures which increase ocean water evaporation and make the land masses of the planet “wetter.”

A wetter, greener planet with more plant life supports more biodiversity, animal sustainability and self-reliant food production in developing nations.

A warmer, greener planet, in other words, solves most of the problems now plaguing humankindincluding food scarcity, desertification, and shortages of fresh water supplies.

No wonder the evil, destructive globalists don’t want the planet to be warmer with higher CO2 levels: They despise all life and they actively seek to depopulate the planet of humans.

The insane, anti-life globalists want Earth to be colder, dryer and devoid of the very plants and ecosystems that support the production of food and medicine.

(Why do they want more ice everywhere? Wouldn’t green ecosystems be better than frozen wastelands? Why do climate change alarmists hyperventilate when they hear that icebergs are melting?)

They all want Earth to be a dead planet, in other words, as a means to commit mass genocide against all life.

Real conservationists and scientists like myself want to increase sustainable life on our planet, which is why we support a warmer, greener and more lush planet with increased rainfall, faster food production and higher levels of CO2 in the atmosphere.

If you love nature, you will join us in supporting the molecule that Mother Nature needs to flourish: Carbon dioxide.

The Paris Climate Accord is a genocide treaty and a declaration of war against Mother Nature and planet Earth.

Check out the videos below:

By Mike Adams



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  1. “Canadian Arctic Climate Change Expedition Canceled Because Ice is Too Thick”

    • Keep your mind open Alex:

      Do 97% of Climate Scientists Really Agree?

  2. Thank you dear Marian. I’ve always felt that we were part of a much bigger transformation than many profess today. Our Gaia is ascending and we together with her, slowly switching frequencies; the sun it seems is also undergoing transformation and so is the moon. It seems that our whole solar system is therefore involved in this major transformation. And if our system is ‘on the move’ and everything is connected in our multiverse it follows that All is being affected one way or another. Climate change is a much bigger phenomenon that maybe many of us fully understand because we lack perspectives and vital elements to construct an accurate picture of what is taking place. Anyway, our planet has gone thru many climatic changes in the millions of years, way back before we were here to be of any influence. But it seems that certain parties prefer to ignore all that.

  3. Thank you Mike Adams for putting things so clearly to us.
    More CO2 so how do we go about increasing it?
    And 1 question: all those millions of years ago when CO2 averaged 8000, were any humans living at the time? I doubt it, so how much CO2 can we sustain actually?
    We should have this important piece of info before we rush headlong to a different kind of death.

  4. Really? Back to start then and not knowing what to believe anymore. For years we’ve been told too much CO2, now we’re told it’s a lie, all for the sake of depopulation.
    If this is some world leaders objective, why do they take so long in adopting measures to decrease CO2?
    This has been a topic for years without concrete results. You’d think same leaders couldn’t wait to poison us so that proposed measures would have been quickly accepted and more initiated but not much has come out of all those talks really.

  5. Yesterday I posted a comment about how much I appreciate your perspective on this topic and how much I absolutely agree with you COMPLETELY with the ridiculous position the Paris Accord people side with. However over night I thought it relevant to post a second comment of a Sad experience I have witnessed first hand, about a piece of natural camping land which has been in my family for decades. We have approximately 850 acre’s of low laying land in SW Florida. Over the past five years significant rainfall during the summer months has caused severe flooding which has led to the unfortunate demise of massive oak and palm tree loss. Trees that are a century old toppling over due to long term submergence​because of their roots giving way. This has been difficult to accept too lose hundreds of beautiful trees like this. This highly unfortunate over wet environment has had devistating consequences causing destruction of the wonderful tree canopy. While I agree with every word in the article above, this personal loss of our tree canopy is the result of when the environment has become too wet. So in my humble uneducated opinion, somehow the planet needs some sort of balance. Taking into account that man’s impact of the surrounding communities around my family’s natural resource
    and it’s all natural not a building on it, Florida’s environmental engineers who are mindless idiots, have rerouted natural water flows all over the state. This is most likely the reason behind the loss of our beautiful tree canopy.

    • That’s a devastating feeling of loss, all those trees, Edward. I do love trees very much. With all the unbalance in nature and the making of plans to influence it, there’s also the impact of artificial weather-conditions with the help of technical devices. Flooding and draught seem to be phenomena that are possibly designed deliberately, nowadays. If you will, you yourself can communicate with the land where the tree canopy was present and heal what’s been unbalanced by getting in touch with the tree-spirits and elementals, even grow new trees on that land under conditions that are good and nurturing.

      Here’s my tribute to the tree video. Don’t lose hope, okay?

  6. Oh my god! This is the craziest post that prepare for change has ever posted! The person who wrote this is probably a Trump supporter who doesn’t know anything about the Paris agreement or how the environment works.

    First of all, the Paris agreement is not about taking away the existing CO2!!! It’s about energetic transition to new renewable sources of energy: solar, wind, etc… that means less coal and oil burning and going to the atmosphere… nature do not need this for sure!

    Second of all, there will always be enough CO2 in the atmosphere for the plants and trees to live, because every living being in this planet produces CO2 when they breath… even PLANTS and TREES!!! They lived very well for millions of years without humans having to produce all this CO2 through coal and oil!!!

    Please Prepare for Change, do not become just another conspiracy website and erase this post, it is a dangerous thing to diffuse this kind of thing.

    • Dear Bruno, please provide supporting information to your claims as we did on the article and we’ll be more than happy to change out stance on the Climate change hoax.

      • Dear Edward, so now you say climate change is a hoax when in the exact article you are trying to defend it says the contrary : “Increased rainfall is caused by warmer global temperatures which increase ocean water evaporation and make the land masses of the planet “wetter.” “(that is what is happening now on the planet)…… “which is why we support a warmer, greener and more lush planet with increased rainfall…”. It seems that even Mike Adams agrees that climate change is quite real. Plus, he is in FAVOR of climate change.

        Now, if the reason the change is happening is because of human actions or it is just Gaia making her transition to another dimension, that’s another thing. And if it’s the last one, I don’t think a human agreement would be of any importance to Gaia.

        Now, dear Edward (i’m not being ironic here, really), this article supports the idea that we should just keep using COAL and OIL (you know, the same sources of revenue that the cabal has been using for decades?) as our main sources of fuel, because that is basically what the Paris agreement is about: energetic transition to renewable sources! Do you think oil and COAL is any good for trees or nature? I say for sure, NO!

        What amazes me is that you give credibility to an article that says that “they want to eliminate CO2”, which is basically impossible! Mike Adam is either stupid or very ingenuous to claim that. As I said before, every living being on earth including plants produce co2 when they breath. What they want to eliminate is the overproduction of CO2 through the burning fuel. There is nothing natural with burning fuel, so I guess the trees and plants don’t need to it live as they have lived without it for millions of years before humans started to burn all that into the atmosphere.

        • In order to understand the point of this article you first must learn the Natural climate change history:

          • Look Edward, I read the articles you sent me. I don’t agree that it explains the “Natural climate change history” as you stated but well, I never questioned if it was real or not real, neither have I questioned the reason of “climate change”. I do think that there is a lot of fear mongering on this, otherwise I’d not even waste my time reading such an article.

            But what a deception to see that it is based in absolutely nothing. We cannot kill the trees and plants taking their CO2 because there will always be enough CO2 for plants to do their photosynthesis even if we stopped burning all the coal and oil. And that is what the Paris agreement is about: new renewable sources of energy. It’s not about taking away the existing CO2 but simply reducing its product through unnatural ways.

            Do you understand that or not Edward? I would really appreciate if you answered me this. It would be reassuring…..

          • The illuminati had two plans to enslave humanity, the most radical one was the Rothchild/Rockefeller/Kissinger/Clinton/Bush syndicates and the plan was basically to kill 95% of the total world population while keeping 500 million slaves under a tight & brutal control. (“Mad Max” type of future)

            The second faction was headed by the Vatican, Bill Gates, Various secret society groups and illuminati syndicates all represented by AL Gore. This group did not shared the idea of the drastic plan of killing 95% of the population at once but slowly reducing the world population by the means of eugenics, GMO’s, famines, Vaccines and all financed through the promotion of increased global TAXATION!

            This “Global Warming Hoax” was their main creation to achieve those goals. The have done an excellent job selling the idea to the unaware & ignorant population. Al Gore started this campaign so they could install a global tax due to the FEAR of Global warming etc. that is why I shared the following article with you:

            The Cabal control world leaders are selling the population a lie, a lie that you and most people have bought! believe what you want to believe but we are here to point you to the right direction, now you need to do your own independent research in order to get confirmation of this, make sure to do that homework through alternative media channels or you’ll be going in infinite loops…

          • Edward, you are so blinded by your own convictions that you can’t see that I never doubted the Global Warming Hoax. I am totally aware of what those bad guys are trying to do to humanity but articles like the one above only discredit the alternative media cause they are based on nothing. Mike Adams has no other way to convince the readers than through using emotional and shocking terms such as : “GENOCIDE Against Plants”, “right now trees, grasses and food crops are starving for CO2”, “they will DESTROY the planetary food chain”. This is exactly why most people think the lightworkers are just crazy conspiracy people. Now, I will stop losing my time with this discussion. We both know that it is not a good vibration to be in. Just remember that Prepareforchange has a big responsibility to keep up to because, will it or not, you guys are one of the blogs that most represents COBRA work because of the monthly interview that you provide us. I’m with Therese Zumi and COBRA when they say that we should focus on the light instead of propagating posts, etc, that will only lower down our vibrations. I am sorry if I ever made you feel angry or anything bad. I really am sorry. Have a great day, buddy.

  7. I agree with you COMPLETELY, I was not sure how the Ascension Alliance would view this topic but I am relieved to read and understand the Alliance’s outlook vs the evil climate change alarmist. Thank you so much for clarifying the TRUTH. I never doubted that the Ascension Alliance are my best friends and you sure reinforced my belief of how wonderful it is too belong together with you. I Love You All, Blessings to everyone!

  8. natural co2 is normal but to much CO2 in the air can warm the Climate to the point were it melts the ice caps when fresh water blends with salt water in the ocean the Climate will get colder then you will see an ice age

    plants and trees can still absorb the co2 but if there all cut down they can’t

    alternative energy is the better solution also not wars for oil

    i feel the global warming alarmists are fearmongering sure and the carbon tax is a scam to transfer more public money to stocks invested were? nuclear coal oil yep the liberals have been had

  9. Thank you for posting this clear article and amazing videos of the Health Ranger. Mike Adams is a force to be reckoned with, he knows what he’s talking about and he’s consistent as well. Actually, this is the first clear explanation I’m offered, about the present madness, presenting false facts and the false paranoia about CO2 destroying our planet.

    How far removed from natural law must one be, when the fact is ignored that plants need CO2 to create oxygen and that we as human living beings need oxygen to breath and sustain our lives, our digestion and cellular renewal? I’m asking the same question as Kambojasaticka here.

    Peace be with you and with planet Earth. Blessed be and breath out being at ease, Marian Baghor.

  10. The Man behind the Global Warning Hoax: Al Gore Forecasted “Ice-Free” Arctic by 2013; Ice Cover Expands 50%

    • Dear, you just have to breath… when you and every living being – including plants and trees – breath they transform O2 into CO2. This article is nonsense, don’t worry…

      • Bruno, if I may add my point of view to the complex issue Climate Change, from an astronomical perspective, the condition of the Sun and of the planets in our Solar System is changing. Nasa shows pictures of planets and their moons, showing climate change on their bodies in sync with evidence of water or other elements. If Nasa was located on Saturnus, planet Earth would be observed as experiencing climate change just like the other planets, from a larger perspective.

        That’s presented as facts, by Nasa. Lo and behold, suddenly Mars contains pockets of water, a fact that was deliberately? ignored and denied, since the time little cars with cameras and probes began to ride on Mars’ surface.

        From a metaphysical point of view, as I see it, the complication, or challenge, in a discussion about climate change, is that the climate change as presented by the United Nations, is serving an agenda, described in Edward Morgan’s comment of June 5, 2017 at 3:11 PM, and that the climate change that IS ACTUALLY happening is part of a huge process of unfolding, the fruit of work done in centuries gone by, that affects all physical and non-physical life and living-circumstances at present. This conclusion involves planet Earth as a living being and also spiritual beings beyond the human presence. The obscurity and absence of transparency, regarding this subject, serves an agenda that keeps humanity in doubt, confusion and fear.

        There is evidence of our changing Solar System, though Nasa is still restricted from making statements such as “There’s an urgent message from Galactic Center for Planet Eearth” which, according to ancient tribal prophecies, is timed to happen in our present lifetime, explained by the Mayas in their calculations on bark and deerskin, with codices describing “The End of Time as we know it”. Not an end full stop. Hence the dramatic discussions about the date 12-21-2012.

        I’ve studied the Mayan astronomy and the Tzolkin calendar and to me it’s clear that a grand clockwork mechanism of cyclical motion and measure is ticking in the Universe. Consciousness and human perceived reality are dancing a tango for two. Our DNA is related to the presence and level of our consciousness and as you probably know, much of it is sleeping or, possibly, rubbing the sleepsand out of its eyes.

        As I perceive it, there are several “soft disclosures” happening now and ironically, humanity’s present awakening and the global turmoil, to me a sign of awakening or at least: change, is caused by the change of frequency, of vibration, the energy that arrives with the Sunlight from that gigantic Star, perceived also as a lens transferring information that is departing from the Galactic Center.

        “The Event” explained in this site Prepare for Change, has no label on it as if it’s a product owned by a merchant who places it on his market stall: “Special offer today!” “The Event” is described in many different ways, by many cultures in the past. It’s even described in metaphors, in the book Revelations of the Bible.

        Geo-engineering has proved to be a devastating tinkering with planet Earth’s weather conditions. As far as I’ve learned to understand it, the planetary climate itself is, in a natural way, also affected by the evolution of human consciousness and the consciousness of planet Earth, and all that is sentient in the Sun, our Solar System, the Galaxy and even further out in space.

        We truly have no reason for concern as far as we allow nature to “balance the books” and we as human beings invest in true stewardship of life on the body of lady Gaia. To me, we’re amidst of a transformation and adjustment to change on all levels in a lemniscat motion: turning back into itself and sustaining itself at the same time. As above, so below. As within, so without.

        Just like a rainforest in healthy conditions, sustaining its own environment and CO2 levels. Indeed Bruno, I like your comment: “Dear, you just have to breath…. ” Breath in what the trees breath out. Even plant trees in the garden or take care of them in a forest or park?

        Peace be with you and with planet Earth. Blessed be, Marian Baghor.

        • Thank you for your beautiful words and clear explanations, dear Marian. I agree with you in every single word. You are beautiful! Thank you for being here. Bruno.


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