Ex-Illuminati Banker Exposes The Elite – In English Audio – Ronald Bernard – Part 1 & 2

The Alternative Media have long asserted that an international cabal of satanists controls our world.

Now, a credible whistleblower has come forth, testifying to the cabal’s existence.

He is a former elite Dutch banker named Ronald Bernard.

Below is an interview of Bernard in Dutch, in English audio & subtitles.

In the interview, Bernard said that he came from a family with an abusive father. In order to survive the abuse, he’d learned to suppress his conscience. He became an entrepreneur, and became interested in the financial world. A contact in that world offered to mentor him, but instructed him that the necessary condition to achieve success in the financial world is that Bernard must put his conscience into the “freezer” — otherwise called a Faustian bargain.

Bernard became a financial success as a facilitator in tax avoidance and currency exchange/money laundering for big players, including banks, governments, multinationals, secret services, and terrorist groups. Through his work, he came to see the connecting dots about which only the top 1% of the pyramid of global elite are privy. That top elite of 8,000 to 8,500 worship Lucifer as their god, regard people as sheep to be used, and manipulate the media so as to conceal how the world really operates.

Bernard became part of that exclusive top 1% and was invited to the elite’s satanic church of “Eyes Wide Shut” Black Mass, naked women and drugs.

By this time, Bernard’s long-dormant conscience had begun to stir after seeing how currency speculation, specifically of the Italian lira, bankrupted a company and drove the owner to commit suicide.

When Bernard was asked to participate in satanic blood sacrifices of children, that was the coup de grâs. Those who participated would be blackmailed by the satanic elite to do their bidding.

Bernard began to refuse assignments. He wanted out, but was trapped. He was physically tortured, to prevent him from revealing names of companies, groups, and individuals. Eventually, he had a complete breakdown and ended up in Intensive Care.

While in IC, Bernard had a near-death experience in which he was outside of his body but “saw” the hospital staff working on his body. That convinced him that he is not just body, but has a soul. It took a full year for his body to recover.

Real Big Power: Revelations by insider Ronald Bernard-part 2

5 thoughts on “Ex-Illuminati Banker Exposes The Elite – In English Audio – Ronald Bernard – Part 1 & 2”

  1. Thank you, Edward Morgan, for presenting these interviews here. I feel privileged to have assisted in the English translation-work and it’s for the first time I’ve noticed how, from the moment the English speaking world was offered English subtitles in the first Free Media interview, the interview went viral and all sorts of headlines jumped out to catch our eyes, in the virtual world. Sensational suggestions, creating more drama. And also, as it’s now predictable, many attempts to debunk Ronald Bernard.

    All that needs to be said and done is accepted, while processing the past and build a future by sowing organic seeds in fresh fertile soil. To me, Ronald Bernard is genuine alright, his intention to honour the children in our world is very close to mine and I’ve shed many tears for him, when I found out about this part of his past on the day the first interview was published.

    These steps of “coming out” are building blocks, while building the United People co-operation and Bank of Joy. The audience present during lectures of the Bank of Joy in Holland is growing larger. Whatever the outcome will be, with the Bank of Joy, the wind of change is caught in the sails and it’s a valuable wake-up call for many and specially in Holland, where the financial root-system begins to be stirred by a new rootsystem of rightful anger and goodwill that is bringing change.

    Peace be with you and with planet Earth. Blessed be, Marian Baghor.

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