Hoax Secret Space Program Investigation Exposed by Documents & IT Experts

Daniel Liszt, founder of the Dark Journalist website, has published eight videos to date that have been highly critical of Corey Goode’s claims of being a secret space program whistleblower, and having been chosen as a delegate for a group of extraterrestrials he calls the Sphere Being Alliance. Liszt’s “impartial” investigation questions the credibility of Goode as a witness, and promotes the view that Goode is a pathological liar that has contrived his testimony.

Documents and expert witness statements included in this article is conclusive evidence proving Goode’s professional background in the Information Technology (IT) industry, and his credibility as an IT consultant prior to his emergence as a whistleblower in 2014. Liszt’s exclusion of these documents and failure to obtain any professional IT recommendations in his “impartial” investigation cast considerable doubt on his claim of being an investigative journalist seeking the truth about Goode’s testimony.

In the first four videos of his series, Liszt presents and endorses the views of Project Avalon Founder, Bill Ryan, that Goode fabricated his background as an Information Technology (IT) consultant who earned a six figure salary during his career. According to Ryan and Liszt, Goode’s claims that he was deprived of a well-paying IT career after being involuntarily outed as a secret space program whistleblower in 2014/2015 is contrived.

In particular, Ryan asserts that Goode was not an IT expert, and cites several sources in his three part interview with Liszt supporting his conclusion. In his initial article that gained Liszt’s interest and support, Ryan wrote:

Ilie Pandia (who, like Paul, knows a LOT of technical, geeky stuff about computers and the net) then looked closely at some of his statements, and raised a flag that there was absolutely NO WAY he was an ‘IT expert’ as he had claimed. That simply wasn’t true. This was the first time we’d realized there was a definite, proven, problem, and that Corey had been lying about his expertise. (Claims about expertise can of course only be refuted by someone who really is an expert.)

Ryan’s italicized last sentence is very revealing. He refers to two individuals, presumably Project Avalon forum members who know “a LOT of technical, geeky stuff about computers and the net,” who pass judgement on Goode’s alleged IT expertise. There is a major assumption here by Ryan that his two sources are bona fide IT experts – which is not shown to be the case – and since they find problems with Goode’s statements, Ryan reaches the conclusion that Goode had been lying about his IT expertise.

This immediately raises the question of fact checking whether there are documents and IT experts who can corroborate Goode’s claims of working in the industry. As we will find out, Ryan ignores evidence suggesting this, as does Liszt who does not bother to investigate such evidence in his “impartial investigation” into Goode.

Finally, Ryan furthermore reached the conclusion that Goode, who was unemployed and on medication at the time of two interviews with Ryan’s ex-wife, Christine Anderson, in 2014, was desperate for funds and wholly contrived his whistleblower testimony to raise money from a gullible public.

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Hoax Secret Space Program Investigation Exposed by Documents & IT Experts


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  1. Corey Goode et tout les lanceurs d'alertes ont tous subi des attaques en tentant de les discréditer sur ce qu'ils ont racontés. Facile à comprendre que vous chercher à créer de la désinformation sur Corey Goode et plus vous aller essayer de l'enfoncer et plus je vois croire les lanceurs d'alertes qui au péril de leur vie nous dévoiles enfin la vérité sur les projets obscurs ce qui ne fait pas votre affaire et vous chercher à les faire passer pour des menteurs alors que c est vous les manipulateurs. Qui est derrière cette désinformation sur Corey Goode qui vous paient pour le salir

  2. I do not buy anything Corey Goode says especially about ascension. Your ascension is personal to you and your journey takes as long as it truly takes it is about your heightening consciousness and your closer unity with God our creator. Do you actually believe that in order to have a closer union with God and a heightened consciousness to be of one that all this planetary destruction and death would have to be born that Goode tries to get us to buy. It sounds more like the Satanic attempts at fake apocalypse which these satanists are continuing to try to get away with. I love God with all my heart God is a force for good and I will be guided by that.

  3. Argh this is a hard read. I have looked into all the amazing work you do.. well done xx What an impressive, talented and inspiring person. x
    I don't have any ''but's" … just an un-settling feeling reading this blog I guess. (But), really.. what do I know!! (shrugging my shoulders like a 5G affected – country/bogan – Aussie chick – trying to understand what everybody's trauma is about). So i will just say this..

    As the old saying goes.. [actually I have 2 old sayings now];

    "The truth will always lie!!!…with- in the eyes of the beholder". (clearly, grammatically and dramatically edited to suite the punch line I cant seem to back myself away from haha). Anyway, my point is.. From the things I have seen and read and watched so far on Gaia.. Both Dave and Ellery trully do appear to have mother earth, and lots of us stupid people's (me not you), best interest in mind when they do what they do. We have to all forgive each other and think/ or, expand, our consciousness out.. not just up. Perhaps I haven't learned enough yet and I sound like i am talking out my ass.. But i really did feel yuck reading this disconnection between 2 people- that likely have more in common than they dont? wild guess. maybe im way off the mark. Also I don't know the main guy you're referring too, only Emery and David.
    Anyway, my second point to state was:
    " What is normal to the spider, Is chaos to the fly" 🙁 – Perception still remains the only real truth among us.
    I have only just started watching Cosmic Disclosure on Gaia, and I have followed Steven Greer and joined his ambassador program a few months ago. So, I have only seen Emery on Gaia recently, and along with being an avid reader, I have also thoroughly enjoyed reading a couple of Davids books.
    I have to tell you lovingly… I feel indebted to these 2 people and what they have taught me the last couple of months. I feel so grateful for my alien and 'secret's and cover ups' obsession haha. But seriously.. they have both elevated my consciousness, love, appreciation for life, and gratitude beyond measure. And I am just a nobody! I feel like I have been gifted something that only alexethymia can (not) describe. haha. Anyway I am deleriously tired. Its really hot down here in Oz. I just wanted to reach out and say I hope nuances between good guys, that 'may' or 'may not' have fibbed on purpose- be resolved quickly. Because from all the way back in the nose bleeds here.. they still sound a lot like they care for stupid humans like me and do not want us to perish as easily as a a herd of mustered cattle.. steered straight toward the slaughter house.
    I will however, open your links above and watch/ read them. I will also continue to watch cosmic disclosure in case I am terribly wrong and have missed something. However, for the sake of my immune health, I will for now still believe that these guys arent out to harm us, only protect us. Even if it means a few fibs get told. Those stories are already so far fetched for most people to handle. Anyway, all the best with your humanitarian work. Sorry for flooding your page.. just wanted to dump some love here and hope it is met with light hearted kindness. xx

    The girl from AUS

  4. What these people need to do if they are true to the cause and their talks about things… Get together physically, stay together, use the techniques the people against them use to show proof and evidence.
    For example, smiths home was ransacked, why does he not have security at home, if people were more together physically one can monitor the other. They use weapons and will attack and kill. Well why are these whistleblowers not using weapons to attack and kill their attackers?
    Use their techniques against them people.
    I have no problem with people knowing what I am willing to do to get answers and keep people together in a better way. It may not seem like it to some people but we as a whole are not at the point where we can just sit around and speculate. Fuck them up as they fuck us up.

  5. Danell your first paragraph implies you are a lightworker, yet you clearly are not. Such animosity and hate for someone not even present to defend himself. I didn’t donate to you, and I sent money to the one bashed.

  6. Michael Salla, David Wilcock, Corey Goode, Emery Smith, Stewart Swerdlow, Pete Peterson – all proved to be people willing to either fabricate, or promote known fabrications – all for money and ego. Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy proved to be the most useless people at doing any background research or checks. They interviewed/endorsed most of the above frauds, with NO discernment. They are all a pox on the truth community, and they should be ashamed of themselves for their knowing deceit.

  7. Anyone looked at the National Debt? .. I worked under the auspice of Lockheed-Martin, holding a Top Secret Security Clearance for years. I can neither deny or confirm Goode’s statements….but…let me put it this way; The US Military doesn’t obsolete it’s main weapon(s) without something that is highly advanced. Sure, they play games with small arms, rockets and such, but those are minor, mostly distractions or covers. They are useful in “population control” of small problematic areas… more distraction.

  8. Personally, I think your all dumb fuck degenerates. Wake the fuck up. Secret space program. When someone constantly says “and things like these” and “special” they are infatuating lies and propaganda. They don’t have special suits and special goggles and things like this.. see what I just did? David Wilcock and Bill Thompkins are probably the only credible people there and one is dead and the other gone. I may just actually cancel Gaia completely for promoting this nonsense

  9. I don’t know what to think anymore. No one in this plane of existence can be trusted. I feel I should just meditate and try get answers from the source and source only. First off what struck me as odd was Corey, who was supposed to be an intuitive empath with some level of awakened state, derogatorily referring to scientists as “egg heads”. Surely someone wouldn’t be trying to preserve their outward macho ego if they had awakened, even a little? The other thing I find odd is that Corey is being called a hoax and that Wilcock is apparently not answering emails from him etc etc so why did he appear in a reunion interview saying he’d be appearing with him at a convention as recently as two months ago?

  10. Why has a large portion of his discussion’s on that website been taken down? The Intel section seems to have gone cold with key whistleblower interviews/discussion’s no longer there.


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