Hoax Exposed, Hoaxsters exposed – Corey Goode (with references to Cobra)


Hoax Secret Space Program Investigation Exposed by Documents & IT Experts

Daniel Liszt, founder of the Dark Journalist website, has published eight videos to date that have been highly critical of Corey Goode’s claims of being a secret space program whistleblower, and having been chosen as a delegate for a group of extraterrestrials he calls the Sphere Being Alliance. Liszt’s “impartial” investigation questions the credibility of Goode as a witness, and promotes the view that Goode is a pathological liar that has contrived his testimony.

Documents and expert witness statements included in this article is conclusive evidence proving Goode’s professional background in the Information Technology (IT) industry, and his credibility as an IT consultant prior to his emergence as a whistleblower in 2014. Liszt’s exclusion of these documents and failure to obtain any professional IT recommendations in his “impartial” investigation cast considerable doubt on his claim of being an investigative journalist seeking the truth about Goode’s testimony.

In the first four videos of his series, Liszt presents and endorses the views of Project Avalon Founder, Bill Ryan, that Goode fabricated his background as an Information Technology (IT) consultant who earned a six figure salary during his career. According to Ryan and Liszt, Goode’s claims that he was deprived of a well-paying IT career after being involuntarily outed as a secret space program whistleblower in 2014/2015 is contrived.

In particular, Ryan asserts that Goode was not an IT expert, and cites several sources in his three part interview with Liszt supporting his conclusion. In his initial article that gained Liszt’s interest and support, Ryan wrote:

Ilie Pandia (who, like Paul, knows a LOT of technical, geeky stuff about computers and the net) then looked closely at some of his statements, and raised a flag that there was absolutely NO WAY he was an ‘IT expert’ as he had claimed. That simply wasn’t true. This was the first time we’d realized there was a definite, proven, problem, and that Corey had been lying about his expertise. (Claims about expertise can of course only be refuted by someone who really is an expert.)

Ryan’s italicized last sentence is very revealing. He refers to two individuals, presumably Project Avalon forum members who know “a LOT of technical, geeky stuff about computers and the net,” who pass judgement on Goode’s alleged IT expertise. There is a major assumption here by Ryan that his two sources are bona fide IT experts – which is not shown to be the case – and since they find problems with Goode’s statements, Ryan reaches the conclusion that Goode had been lying about his IT expertise.

This immediately raises the question of fact checking whether there are documents and IT experts who can corroborate Goode’s claims of working in the industry. As we will find out, Ryan ignores evidence suggesting this, as does Liszt who does not bother to investigate such evidence in his “impartial investigation” into Goode.

Finally, Ryan furthermore reached the conclusion that Goode, who was unemployed and on medication at the time of two interviews with Ryan’s ex-wife, Christine Anderson, in 2014, was desperate for funds and wholly contrived his whistleblower testimony to raise money from a gullible public.

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Hoax Secret Space Program Investigation Exposed by Documents & IT Experts

Reverse Speech Analysis by Tiffany Fontenot of Bill Ryan Accusations of Corey Goode

53 thoughts on “Hoax Exposed, Hoaxsters exposed – Corey Goode (with references to Cobra)

  1. Few minutes of watching i already knew that this clown, Corey Goode is nothing but pure B.S. Just watch closely his body language, and constant pausing when speaking tells me that he make the story up as he goes and lot of times seems liked he was trying to remember what he already said so he wont contradict himself. There’s no way on Earth this guy was an I.E. He’s more to L.I.E.s.

  2. The garbage that falls from Goode’s mouth is pure fantasy. I’ve always said that we’ll see his ‘adventures’ illustrated in magazines very soon. Con merchant extraordinaire and don’t get me started on Wilcock!

  3. We forever can be fooled as it says, even the elite will be fooled’. The hardest is discerning a fact of information as the conditioning of our minds can be made to think before we even think of it- he knows when you are sleeping, he knows when your awake, so be good for goodness sake. I wonder why there is a warning at the end and not at the beginning? Many Beings on this earth have information and we shouldn’t consider to analyze with our minds as ;is he telling the truth;? A Being maybe or maybe deflecting you, but may have information that is relevant. Speak no evil, hear no evil, think no evil. We can listen- we fight not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, spirits in the darkness, and powers of this world.’

  4. Ahahaha! This is the funniest shit ever! I just love it! I love how pinky and sparkly this guy and his page is. The best part is that he seems to be for real. He kind of reminds me of Eric Cartman in ins his naive and narcissistic way. This is for 14-year old girls. I just came across this guy. But have to say, I love how he’s trying to create this club for us special good guys, us lightworkers who are chased by the CIA. It reminds me about that teenager series Sense8, you guys should see it, it’s hilarious. Any true seeker knows that the work to be done is inside oneself and not in some us-vs-them club..

  5. I am fascinated when he talks about the spheres and crafts that are in Coats Rica and protected by Costa Rican military. Costa Rica is a country that does not have any military whatsoever. They just have a simple police force like any other country.

  6. Currently watching an interview between Corey Goode and David Wilcock on Gaia. Can someone explain this: if the SSP is a true thing and Corey’s stories are correct, how is it safe for him to be sharing these claims? It’s just hard for me to believe, more so even than a lot of these other claims, that the government or the Alliance or whoever wouldn’t take whatever steps necessary to hush someone like this guy. Call me brainwashed or a skeptic but I consider myself extremely open-minded and this smells like straight fish.

  7. wow, how can anyone believe a fraud like goode, all you have to do is look at his body language
    big blue birds, really….gee i thought they were yellow, and a guy with a triangle for a head, no kidding eh….anyone else who believes in this guys should look in the mirror and examine the kind of person they are, my guess is the are total losers and they just want to be a part of something true or not

  8. Sorry I had to stop reading part way through.

    I’m open to a valid rebuttal but this is just a joke….

    Some points.

    You can’t just call people apart of the CIA or apart of a disinformation campaign or say they’re out to disprove someone as a fraud just because they disagree with them, it’s like saying because I disagree with you now I’m likely apart of the CIA and I’m involved in covering up the truth, that’s simply not true, just because you think or believe something doesn’t make it true.

    The final thing I take issue with, you say that people need to be an IT expert to debunk an IT expert, this simply isn’t the case, it’s not true, it defies all logic.

    Let’s be honest with each other, you don’t need to be a math expert to know that 2+2 doesn’t equal 18. Same principle, you don’t need to be an IT expert on all topics or in depth to know someone has got something basic wrong.

    I work in IT, web design, SEO and marketing specifically, it would have been a more valid argument to claim that just because he didn’t understand or know certain things relating to IT, doesn’t disprove he worked as an IT consultant. As I said, I’m a marketer and designer and people have said my IT skills are above average, yet I still wouldn’t say I’m an expert in this area.

    I know people who are far better than me and if being judged to their levels and ability they’d probably say I’m not a web designer, SEO or digital marketer.

    Your arguments for Corey seem so desperate and outlandish that if I didn’t have my doubts about him before, I do now.

  9. I have a far more sinister theory. I believe that this so-called disclosure movement is actually part of a vast and high-level plot for destructive extremism to basically infiltrate the area of esoteric knowledge being made available to the masses, so that any inquiries or exploration into the topic leads to a specific belief system. The movement seems very white supremacist in its look and feel. They talk extensively on the history, purpose and utilization of humanity, but somehow these aliens never shed any insight on why one race is systematically oppressed, why an illusion of racial hierarchy is so deeply embedded in our perception of reality. There also seems to be an undercurrent of pro-Trump narratives, as if Trump is the one coming in to turn over the tables of the money-changers and Pharisees when he IS a money changer himself. Trump’s presidency is not the antithesis of the path we’ve been on since the 9/11 coup d’tat that dramatically shifted our global society. His presidency is directly in line with it. The Patriot Act? Militarized police? Forced patriotism? These represent changes in the American identity that are decidedly NOT for the better. Build a wall? What kind of spiritual impact does constructing mass to separate humans from other humans have? A positive or negative one? Be honest with yourselves. And for the reasoning to be based on slander of a race of people? Again, how is this in line with the Namaste angle the Gaia Network is SUPPOSED TO BE about? The message of the so-called Blue Avians? The Law of One? This whole modern disclosure narrative seems much more like a twisted plot by very powerful entities to confuse, divide and conquer us, as with everything else the ruling elite occupies itself with. I don’t think David Wilcock ever set out to be part of that plot, but he has nevertheless become exploited by those orchestrating it. The idea, once again, is for some very dark forces to position themselves as higher beings– Gods, God, aliens, time travelers, whatever– to solidify their control and our submission, as has been done all throughout history. And for the withholding of disclosure to be about not disturbing free will???? That’s the one aspect that made me give The Blue Avians, etc., the side-eye. We are completely controlled by a strata of humanity that operates under absolutely secrecy. If they are hiding a vast interstellar extraterrestrial infrastructure that only the absolute elite are privy to, free will is IMPOSSIBLE. Free will is impossible when you are being deceived about existence itself. Our will is under absolute control. The system is utterly rigged. A so-called 6th density being from on-high should easily see that the fix is in, if my barely 3rd density arse can see it from here. This disclosure narrative is catalyzing a changing of the control system and unfortunately, given the deception, the false flags, the divisive and destructive political narratives, this control system will not in any way be an improvement over the old. And that is an understatement. It is being orchestrated by the same entities that have infiltrated Islam, Christianity, global politics, the Entertainment Industrial Complex, and social media. Their ambush is laid. It is evil and destructive and it does not have the aim of liberating anyone from anything.

  10. So, I had to google this guy after I started watching David Wilcock’s series Cosmic Disclosure on Gaia.com. Yes, I am a paid subscriber on gaia.com because I am open to the possibilities of extra terrestrial life, spirituality, Kabbalah and cover-ups but, after watching Corey Goode’s explanation just 8-9 minutes in the first episode of Cosmic Disclosure I am having hard time swallowing the red pill he is trying to feed me. Why?

    Well, the story in itself starts pretty convincingly. Him being 6 years old, empath, who gets to work on his empathic powers in a secret project called MILAB. By the age of 12-13 he has become so proficient with his skills that he is taken “in”. Talks about 22 genome projects where these extra-terrestrials are mixing our DNA with their own genetics. Same 40 to 60 human-looking aliens are present and speak in a monotone archaic alien language which none of these boys/girls understood. Sometimes they communicated telepathically etc. All good and believable stuff you can stretch your mind towards and around. Type X-files. No proof but definitely a possibility.

    Then comes the part when he starts talking about this ipad looking thing, or a plexi-glass looking device where all the information was stored and you accessed it with your mind. He goes on to give detail physical description about the object then, something changes. That’s when MY intuition started objecting. Not at the information itself he was presenting BUT, the way he was presenting it and change in attitude. If this was a kid you were interviewing you’d know immediately that something is off. As David was asking; “What kind of information was on it?” He was going: “Eeehm…all kinds of information, everything you can think of”. Then David asks if he can specify what this information was and he still couldn’t give a better answer other then that it was everything you can think of! In a manner I would call being uncomfortable. After this David didn’t pursue this exact question at that point. This part alone told me this guy is probably full of S. You are coming forward with top secret information and you can’t remember what sort of information was on the device you were asked to investigate!? Really…?

    At this point this wasn’t believable to me any more. If you are in a possession of an alien tool and have access to that device then you must be able to explain what sort of information was in front of you. EVEN if you didn’t know what it was you could easily have explained what it was you saw. Apparently, he didn’t give this part of questioning a thorough preparation and didn’t know what to say.

    The first thing that struck me was; this doesn’t make any sense. Then he started talking about how this plexi-glass looking device was nothing special and if you had found it lying on the ground you wouldn’t think much of it. The only way to access it was with your mind. Then David asks what happens to it when it got turned on; “Well, it turns on….and eeeeh…it covers the whole screen…eeehmm..and it kind of pops out slightly as a hologram, just on the surface..then things you think of get projected on that screen, text, music, video.” So now it’s not alien language and signs you see but, things you project in your mind? Which one is it?

    At this point he is no longer as confident in the way he is explaining these things as he was when he started the interview. Two things I noticed at this point. In the beginning, he would eye David and then look slightly up to the right and then back at David as he was explaining. He looked as someone who is confident about the information they are sharing. By the time he reached the plexi-glass device he was “ehhmmming and eeeehing” quite a bit AND you can notice how his eyeing and head-direction changed from looking up to the right to slightly down and to the left. If you know anything about basic interrogation techniques and whether a person is telling you the truth or lying you know that a person who is looking up and to the right is, literally acquiring information from memory(reminiscing), telling the truth. The person who is looking to the left is more or less figuring out what to say to keep the story intact, i.e. lying or deceiving.

    Not saying this guy is a hoaxer but to me, something just doesn’t seem right. I am not judging the guy and saying he is lying but, after watching less than 10 minutes in I just don’t believe him. Not because of the information but, because of the inconsistencies and change in his behaviour during the short span of this interview.

  11. For those who find Corey to lack credibility, check out William Tompkins who passed away last August at 93. His book is fantastic. His career in ET-related technology dates back to 1942. Then there’s Bob Dean. Also with a credible military career and many ET encounters, etc. How about Ben Rich of Skunk Works with his famous quote from 1995?

    The five books of Ra Materiel: Law of One, from the early ’80s initiated public awareness of secret gov’t space program. The Law of One gives a broad context about where humanity in relation to the development of our solar system going back more than a billion years. Many inter-stellar species have been based in our solar system for ages, often below the surface of one of the more than 100 moons, etc. Check out Law of One. It took me around a decade to assimilate the concepts in it and drew me to David Wilcock by 2002 as I discovered he could interpret more than I could. That’s how I found his blog. By the time Corey appeared, I was ready and able to appreciate what he had to share.

  12. What I can’t understand is what you consider proof. I saw the article written by Dr Michael Salla. The reason I bring up Michael Salla is because I spoke to him a few weeks ago regarding this article and his position on both Daniel Listz and Corey Goode. I was surprised to hear him tell me that he felt differently. He told me the information presented by Daniel Listz suffers from the same problem as trying to provide UFOs. There’s plenty of circumstantial evidence but there’s nothing definitive that you can define as actual evidence. Corey Goode was able to provide Michael Salla with very specific people through other sources and Michael was able to confirm and verify his background through people he trusted. He told me he shared this information, but then he was accused of being bribed, threatened, bought off, or falling to the wrong side. During the CITD conference he answered a direct question about this topic and was very supportive of Corey Goode.

  13. Truth can only be share with only two people . I found it the safest way to stay honest with your self . I relate with Corey Goode in many things I have experienced , with no income , no belief , no one to share the truth with . Just believe in your beliefs ,and keep it to yourself , or you will be judged . Polygraph him !

  14. I too was looking for something more as I have experienced some strange extra sensory happenings during my life. Corey Goode is feeding into every believers fantasy and “need” to believe. As I have researched many other worldly claims out there, I learn that he borrows from ancient history, from the Bible, from myths, some from NASA, from nazi claims, some from government documents and other imaginative sources to concoct a story that seeks to relieve us of our boredom. It is okay and it helps many to get through the days or nights, but hold on to your reality.

    • Yes absolutely, it’s too fantastical and highly exhilarating as a story. It runs on excitement. Much like a sci fi novel, it keeps the reader (viewer) on their toes . Also with things that cannot be proven but bear all the hallmarks of escapism. The real question everyone needs to ask is: is it making me escape my reality or embrace it. By and large, despite the spiritual message, it is leading to a messiah figure in ufology & esoteric spirituality for a lot of individuals who are in desperate need to escape. For that reason alone, when I look at the facts to display the real message, what’s happening here is not serving the empowerment of humanity

      • There are many elements that are based on truth – yet overall when we step back something is amiss. The stories are too reflective of 21st century pop culture: the scantily clad highly beautiful inner earth beings (with the high priestess seeming to have the hots for him), the jumping around from blue sphere to the moon, back to living room and then to Mars, the repressed Shadow: how he depicts himself as immensely humble yet secretly desires fame and recognition on mammoth levels (the cinema style portrayal on his website of him and the blue sphere), how everyone from inner earth to outer space wants him. How he’s just an average joe picked up in his normal pijamas who goes travelling around galaxy every night. And keeps asking, why does everyone want me? Classic passive narcissism. And then there’s the intense discrediting of anyone else who claims to be in touch with the blue avians (google search for the poor young girl on YouTube who attempted to channel from them & got blasted by Goode for not having the right access so just be a fraud). And the secret handshake they have which only he knows. Hmmmm. Watch his change over the 11 seasons, it’s Huge. And he doesn’t become more humble – quite the opposite. However he may well believe in all of this – it’s a question of whether this is high level mindcontrol or intense autistic delusion. Or maybe… it’s all true and indeed the messiah is here to lead us people free. But to repeat an important point above – is it serving the empowerment of us or not. It’s not – it’s creating a subculture of many who are now following one individual for the source of their truth. What does this remind you of people? There’s something not right here….Emery feels very different; and Thompson and others. Gotta trust your nose in this field. And when there’s no evidence there has to be 200% discernment.

  15. As someone that brought physical proof for disclosure to show Corey Goode at the New Living Expo in San Mateo this past weekend, I can honestly say he is a fraud. I caught him as he was returning to the stage I showed him the bag of ET’s I have from meteorites and pictures of Reptilians that are terrorizing me. He responded with “Cool”. And he agreed to meet me after. Well I thought to myself YES! I did it! I’m finally going to put an end to this nightmare I’ve been living for the past 18 months. When the panel was done and it was over I noticed him scoot out quickly, I thought it was odd. But when I got outside I could see his nervous face as he posed for pictures with a couple ladies. After, he started to talk to another lady that seemed to be with him. As they talked he got further and further. Finally I ran up to him and when I said “Mr. Goode, can I at least give you these to take and look over”, He replied, “I’m sorry I can’t, we’re catching an Uber”. I knew at that moment he was full of it. I really respected him as a person and what he was, was clear to me. For him seeing that I had proof and to walk away from something that would tear the veil right off and present evidence for full disclosure makes it obvious that he is a phony. Now I back to living as a targeted individual of gangstalking. He literally could have saved my life. I’ve lost all respect. He’s garbage without an ounce of compassion or empathy. Smells reptilian

    • In response to Maverick, if your claim is really sincere that you have this alleged bag of ETs obtained from meteorites or whatever and genuine pictures of Reptilians that are terrorizing you, first off… Why the F$#* would you first come to an obvious narcissistic fraud like Corey Goode with this kind of groundbreaking evidence? He doesn’t ever deal with REAL genuine proof, artifacts, or documents of any kind for the most part like a reputable researcher such as Dr. Steven Greer does and if you haven’t noticed… Corey Goode ONLY deals with COREY GOODE’S own alleged BS firsthand encounters and why would you think he would do anything to disclose something that he wasn’t originally a part of and make him actually have to give credit to someone other than himself???
      If you are really being serious and are genuine and sincere, please let me know and respond to this and I can PROMISE you that I will get you in touch with a more reputable source whom can not only completely disclose and show the world this alleged evidence you have, but also probably be able to shed some light on the things that are terrorizing you and help you to ELIMINATE this problem in a peaceful and more diplomatic approach… That’s all and peace ☮️ out and God Bless everyone 🙂

      • Shannon lee, wow! No way i could have said it better. After the first 2 minutes of a Mr Goode interview i felt he was full of it playing to the masses that are wanting to find answers and believe every story they here. To much disinformation and financial gain preying on the sheeple!

  16. Why do you go to such lengths to discredit a possible whistleblower. How about you go sit in a corner and meditate instead of ripping apart someone else’s version of reality. Each and every one of us has a right to tell whatever stories we want and it’s up to us and our higher selves to discern information. This website has lost credibility with me. What kind of an enlightened and awake person writes this long of an article just to put someone down because you think their story is BS. Shame on this website for pushing negativity instead of focusing on sharing information so the thinking person can discern for themselves, and btw exactly what is YOUR agenda Danell Glade?

    • Agreed. It is indeed up to us to raise our conciousness through meditation. Then and only then we can discern information. Who am I to criticize anything anybody believes in or has had experience with, when I myself has had a barage of experiences starting when I was a little girl to this very day. I am 52 yrs. old now and it is no longer frightening like it was when I was litttle. I am so happy that this information is now coming out for the whole world to see. My hope is more prople will start paying attention, because this is real. It is healthy to be skeptical though, and vet the information thoroughly (if you can). There are some that make it their mission to debunk, debunk, debunk just like our government.does everyday, in an attempt to confuse and mislead the population into believing that the people who talk ahout what has happened to them are crazy, dreaming, hallucinating, lying. Some..maybe…but not all..and that’s where your ability to discern comes in. So we’ve come full circle.

  17. Indeed if someone had been employed for as long as Cory claims, why does he need money. Why would beings so far advanced to us,have any problem changing our way of life in an instant , after all we are just mere mortals to them.

  18. Everything is still about ONE!! therefor we need nothing to talk about really.
    Now its its time to sit still, be quiet and breath … just go in to visit your self and make the change about “the” I

  19. Coorey doesn’t have any evidence to support anything he says. I think people believe him because they want to and because he himself believes what he is saying is true. For all he has allegedly been through, he would have got at least one pic of something substantial to validate what he is saying.

  20. In September of 2015 during the height of internet buzz surrounding Corey Goode and disclosure of the secret space program I wrote an article entitled “Regarding the Secret Space Program” and posted it on our website and blog. (http://theobjectreport.blogspot.com/2015/09/regarding-secret-space-program.html) Much of it referenced Corey and other SSP whistleblowers who were popping up such as William Tompkins. As part of that article I created an illustration from scratch of a hypothetical design for one of these SSP cylinder-shaped spacecraft, the “USSS Hillenkoetter”. My illustration was based SOLELY upon the description of a photo of one of these crafts that Gary McKinnon gave during a video interview with Richard Gray of the “Educating Humanity” blog. Gary described the craft as a “dark gray cylinder shape with five geodesic domes situated at each end of the craft” My illustration depicted this arrangement, but everything else in the illustration (including windows and the docking bay) was purely speculative and straight out of my imagination. I’m a professional illustrator and graphic designer by trade, I have illustrated military concept aircraft for several major aerospace companies, so I have some experience with the design of military craft.

    My article was picked up by Dr. Michael Salla and reposted to his Facebook page and retweeted via his twitter feed. It was at this point that I reached out directly to Corey Goode via his Sphere Being Alliance website and offered–FOR FREE–to work with him and his team on any illustrations or scene depictions they might need, simply because I felt strongly about the information he was releasing at that time. Plus, I love doing this kind of illustration work where it’s not all inside a set parameter.

    I got zero response from him. No problem, perhaps he already had an artist lined up and didn’t need any help? Several weeks after contacting him–and including the link to my SSP craft illustration–suddenly THIS illustration showed up on his website: http://imgur.com/D1qlXKh

    My original illustration for reference: http://www.theobjectreport.com/media/solar_warden_rev1.png

    Also this, which is still being currently used on his site: https://spherebeingalliance.com/e107_themes/sba/images/slide1.jpg


    I even theorized with my illustration that the electromagnetic fields would be bar-bell shaped which he clearly depicts in that image above, an image recently used at the SSP conference. So suddenly my idea is exactly how it is in real life?? Come on!! I’ll let you be the judge here, but that illustration blatantly rips off my design which, as I mentioned earlier, is based upon McKinnon’s description along with my own artistic license.

    I posted my image in the comments section of Corey’s website along with a graphic pointing out all of the design elements that were directly copied from it and asked him to provide credit to the source of his artwork. My comment was immediately removed and I was totally ignored.

    This tells me two very important things;

    1) Corey Goode did not provide his artist with any description of what one of these ships looks like, he simply took my image and told them to “make it look like this.” To me this is proof that he doesn’t know what these craft look like and has probably never seen one much less been aboard one.

    2) Corey Goode is opportunistic and won’t hesitate to steal artwork from other sources in order to promote his own agenda. Now he’s working on a graphic novel, will my design be part of that as well?

    To me, this is just more evidence that he’s fabricating this entire story. I personally do believe there is an SSP in place and I believe there is a Solar Warden fleet out there. But for someone who claims to be part of the SSP and to have been aboard these ships, then why rip off artwork from another source?? Why not just say “no, this is what it actually looks like…not that.”

    I’m not happy that my artwork was essentially stolen with no credit given even after I offered to help him for free. I have neither the time nor the energy to call him out on this again as I will obviously be ignored. If I were to come forward with my real name and turn this into a copyright infringement, I could… but I have a business to run and a family. The topic of Ufology doesn’t go over well with my clients, so I keep that part of my life in the shadows, hence the silly “Agent K” moniker.

    I’ve been quietly researching the UFO topic for over 20 years and I have written dozens of articles and created dozens of scene recreation illustrations (some of which have also been ripped off by other researchers), so I’m not out to prove anything to anyone. I’m simply calling Corey Goode out on using the core elements of my original illustration to promote his own agenda without citing proper credit to the source.

    Actions speak louder than words and Corey’s actions show (to me) that he’s not genuine and won’t hesitate to take advantage of other people to promote his agenda. Dark Journalist has thoroughly been documenting this in his deep state video series on youtube.

    Best Regards,

    • Oh Don’t worry Agent Kay He ripped off my BLACK MICROWAVE story I left out certain details and another thing we ONLY HAD vegetables up there NO MEAT how he was going on about the meats he was supposedly eating thing is answer me this:

      How do you GROW MEAT in outer space?

      I left out the touch screen tabletops with the red and black menu (Black background with the red lettering) I was able to have Minestrone soup a LOT when you are up there you basically LIVE ON VEGETABLE BASED SOUPS!

      The soups would Teleport from inside the Black door less microwaves to the table the soups were made out of what originally looked like “Knorr stock cubes” but had writing on them in like say for example CARROT or CORN diagonally across the silver wrapper the TEXT was in the colour of the vegetable that it corresponded with there was NEVER any meats up there! I put the “stock cubes” with the vegetable names in a ceramic bowl and put it on a tray in the “Black Microwave” it disappeared with a swirling cone shape of coloured light particles that swirled upwards like a tornado then when I went to the touch screen tables selected the soups (as some were greyed out because I didn’t have the correct vegetables) I would select Minestrone or any other vegetable soups and I saw coloured light particles this time swirl from the top down in the same cone shape like how a tornado swirls and my food was hot cooked soup in that bowl that teleported to wherever it went sitting on the table it was as if it magically appeared there!

      He frigging ripped off some of my story I also believe some of Charles halls Millennial hospitality stuff as well as countless others just so he could make up his Blue Avians story

      Think blue avians – Blue bird and what is twitters logo of?
      even though I got booted off of twitter and I hated my time there!
      seriously WHAT is twitters Logo? have a think!
      This Goode character has a twitter account this guy is a frigging charlatan and a LIAR!

      I doubt his name really is James Corey Goode!

      • I had to reply to this because for one i am very sorry that frauds like good take things and twist n manipulate them in any way they can so it fits thier narrative.. if u thought the tables were intresting then u should see the food modules on alot of ships tho i wouldnt say that since atlantis n even with the capitol ships (something goode was never on because they are atlantean capitol class transports n humans like corey dont get anywhere near them)that the dietary selection has changed much.. goode apparently doesnt understand that just because a ship or transport has artificial gravity activated it doesnt mean anything goes.. niether is free range of any transport.. n alot of other bullshit that honestly makes me question how he even gets up in the morning.. he may have come across someone referring to the crystal pads my people made.. he however seems to lack anything integrative with his description of them interactively.. of course im sure with all the delusions he suffers he is probably been to the north pole too.. perhaps rudolph is running a coke ring thru his antlers.. anythings possible with the goodemeister lol

    • Agent K, do/did you happen to draw any interior of the ship? Just saying, what threw me off on Corey, besides his constant looking down and to the right which means he is lying, is the lie about the doors… Silky I know, but the doors slide and almost sit flush as to disappear into walls. Walls are very bright white with occasional black lines running from ceiling to floor. In the cafeteria room, at least I think it was due to white tables centered in it, there was a tube large enough for a human to the right upon entering. To the left was a wall and a man in a red pillow vest with lumberjack type clothes, brown hair and well trimmed beard. I went towards him and sat on a table. I became aware of “sniffling” behind me. I turned and there was many people all huddled together wearing white jumpsuits. I looked back at the man and raised a brow and asked what was wrong with them. He smiled and said “first timers” which I replied “Awe, understood. ” Their unfounded fear radiated off them like an ooze. The man introduced himself as Michael and asked if I would like to see something cool. Oh course I did! He placed his right hand on the wall and an entire section lifted. The floor went from a very flat tile to a stone tile like in a garden. I saw a force field type field bubbling out from this patio type deal. To either side I saw rock. I looked out and my breath was taken away by the shear beauty of seeing a planet, 2 space ships, one hovering to the right, another swooping behind the planet and heading towards the left and then just disappeared in from of my eyes in between the planet and a brown dwarf star all the way to my left. I could see just behind the planet was another sun, yellow like ours. The planet was brown and dusty. There is more, but I don’t want to go on forever, even though I could.

  21. Really, Really? Cory gives not one shred of evidence, NOT ONE, And statements that say anything like “Anyone outwardly attacking light workers is being compromised in some fashion” Is the same exact thing that any RELIGION does, and thus he has already elevated himself to guru status. He is untouchable in anyones eyes who believes him, Nobody is to question that. Radical claims require radical evidence, and you all are just swallowing his lies hook line and sinker because you need something bigger in your lives. I 100% believe in life outside our little rock, but this guy is a lying shill

  22. First hello to all, I just viewed the interview with Corey Goode and David Wilcock and really! I’m not here to bash anyone but just to pose some questions. I have been taught or perhaps programmed to follow the money. I think if I had the tenure that Corey claims I would be sharing this knowledge for free, not having multiple… money making avenues on the internet. As Corey said in the interview “they” want us to be more kind, loving, forgiving etc… So you would think taking money from desperate people, is the just dead opposite of the message he is supposed to deliver. So think if you or anyone involved in an off-planet endeavor for 20 years he/she would have no worries with finances. Not to come back and chase the money in this manipulative manner. Let’s face it the human condition is an absolute disaster, seriously If I had the opportunity to help the human race in that capacity or anything close I would do it for free, (water, food, shelter, clothing) what I’m saying is to help the human race and such a pivotal moment would be worth so much more than 6 figures or any amount, I say this because this is such a big part of our suffering (GREED) lack of forgiveness, love… so this is just my view of one who has and is suffering on so many levels, it’s my hope that a fraction of this is real. In closing, if someone can comment on this with your real thoughts and feelings I will be forever grateful. [email protected] Sincerely Frank

  23. I NOW believe that the SSP is the SAME as what cobra calls the “Chimera Group” because if you take a look at their coat of arms, its OBVIOUS WHO they are! A “Goat of Mandes (Satan)a Dragon (Dragon Families)…a Lion (Vatican/Government)
    They are operating very much like the unit described in the movie called “Elysium” used by the so-called “Elites” on this planet.
    FEAR Not folks…THEY won’t be around much longer once TRUTH is exposed about them!

  24. What I find interesting, I’m not Morman, but lived the life for many years in Utah, been inside the temples got experience some of the secrets of their beliefs..so I’m wondering alot of what they believe and teach concerning the next life is very similar ,except woman are of no value, to what is being discussed. So was the Book of Morman involved , and Brigham Young missed used it to glorify hisself…I do believe in some of the teachings lead by Joseph Smith at that time in our history. Could Corey please comment on this?

  25. Corey and David and Helpers: Your great and perfect, sure and positive source of protection is simply to ASK for Father-Infinite-Source- Creator to place a physical, spiritual WALL OF FIRE around you as reward for your pure motives and compassion for Mankind and Animalkind. Such ability is what started ALL and it never diminishes. So see it, know it’s there and be fearlessly poised from now on. HIS power – the great technology molded with perfect Love is available to all who find that Love. Take the time – Pay attention to all you think, speak, do and eat and drink – It’s your Godhood Stewardship. Thank you.
    Roy-David Woodward

  26. Who is the ‘Me’ at the top of this article? I don’t understand Ascension, Archangel Michael, Agartha, Consciousness, Forgiveness, High Vibrational Food, Light Work, (light workers = mutual admiration society of New Age Hippie Types) Cobra, Light, Sister of the Rose, Unconditional Love (more hippie stuff) New Atlantis, Nova Gaia, Meditation (more hippie stuff) Is it 1967 again?) Living through one Flower Child Age was quite enough. Austin = San Francisco of the Southwest. I graduated from Southwest Texas State University 1972.

    On Corey: My gut told me that he was a phony, however, he did seem sincere and well prepared during his first interview. He either is what he affirms or he has created a life narrative and become well rehearsed or believes it.

  27. Dark Journalist, Project Avalon, you have shot yourselves in the foot with your mean spirited slander. This has tainted you for most everyone, I will no longer listen to anything from you now. as well as everyone I know who followed you. Time, and light always reveals darkness and hidden agendas, of hatemongers, the jealous, and attention seekers. Nothing you do now will prosper.

    • Dead-On brother!…Its ALL about “Self Development”, getting OUR power BACK from “Prime Source Creator”…NOT from a bunch of OBVIOUS “Renegade Pleiadians” trying desperateley to take over OUR planet!
      NOT happening!

  28. The REAL problem I have with this whole “Secret Space Program” is the very FACT is SECRET, regardless of who’s who involved with it.
    SECRECY is the problem, when there is no need for it…Recall what president Kennedy said about the very word “Secret”???
    The FACT that even David Wilcock seemed to have fallen for the idea of a “Perpetual Warfare” state involving our future…Screamed that he is being “Sold” on the old “Project Bluebeam” scenario by his so-called “Insiders”.
    Does anyone else SEE this???

  29. Thank you very much, Dr. Salla for the very “well researched” article in defense of Corey. I don’t think it is good to simply allow these service to self individuals to run amuck. They eventually stub their own toes, but …………..

  30. The recurring flawed publications by Bill Ryan and Project Avalon members, are, as far as I’m correctly informed, a result of infiltration in Project Avalon and its Forum. I’m not sure where the initiative was taken, but a couple of Avalon Forum-moderators chose to start an initiative to remote-view the Vatican and create an energy-connection that would send love and light to the evil doing beings present in it.
    A so called “rescue-team” running to the Mountain of Doom aka Vatican and save the world, so sweet.

    Members of Avalon Forum were joining in this effort. As one of the more prominent whistleblower’s websites in the Wishing Well of Wonder-world, a mix of often highly controversial and disturbing interviews plus a discussion-forum, Project Avalon is observed by hawk eyes and as much as Corey Goode and Cobra are clearly present on planet Earth, observed by hawk eyes and attacked as well, we may find attacked parties making up their minds to fight other attacked parties. Both are on a journey on identical ships with infiltrators and illusionists in the crew, passing in the dark of night, unknown to each other’s presence and condition of synchronized intentions.

    This information is originally offered by Simon Parkes, in several Q&A interviews with Wolf Spirit Radio. Simon Parkes is heavily attacked in the Project Avalon Forum. Since 2009 I’ve been involved in Project Avalon’s translation team and I was an active Forum-member as well. The Ruler’s interview of Jan. 1 2011 caused an emotional avalanche in the Forum and this year 2011 was a turning point for the Avalon Forum with many members walking away. I was one of them.

    When I studied the attacks on Simon Parkes in the Avalon Forum, last year, I felt that much of what was said and reported about Simon Parkes far over the top. I’m not suggesting that Simon is free from any blame, but the general tone of the discussion was utterly negative and ongoing. I’ve sent Bill Ryan an email with an inquiry about the topic with relentless ranting regarding Simon Parkes work. I’ve never received a response from Bill.

    Let’s return to Simon Parkes report now. Like I said, it’s not clear if the Avalon Forum is infiltrated first by the Vatican, by agents joining membership and becoming moderators, resulting in the presentation of a deliberately created suggestion to remote view and send love and light to the Vatican, or that this whole idea came from within Project Avalon. At any rate, the effect of this initiative seems to be disastrous to the integrity of Project Avalon and Bill Ryan. According to Simon Parkes it was a trap, laid down in Project Avalon by Vatican agents.”It was a trap, they were waiting for them” are Simon Parkes words.

    The Vatican responded with the same method of remote viewing, though with an antidote to Project Avalon’s “love and light” causing much division and confusion in those who were unaware. How clever to make use of Avalon Forum-members’ emotional turmoil, with confrontational content to discuss: whistleblower’s interviews. The combination is a challenge to common sense and discernment.

    This whole procedure could well be an informative example of how battles between the dark and light are created and fought in many shades of grey as well. Half-truths that confirm assumptions and suspicion that is eagerly waiting to be confirmed in order to point at an abusive charlatan or victim of delusion, which of course are characteristics often present in one and the same person. It’s the reason why a loop of negativity, like attracts like, is hard to break, as I perceive it. And also, for life is always trying to reach balance, why, once the loop is broken, light begins to enter the crack fast as lightning.

    Peace be with you and with planet Earth. Blessed be, Marian Baghor.

  31. the dark guys will always number code their articles
    its obvious once you start to look
    it’ll be a dead giveaway of the source

  32. Dark journalist website looks very polished, so much so it reeks of illuminati/cabal. It looks and feels too perfect. As for Corey, I believe him. He’s not polished or feeling fake. He’s being attacked because he’s the real deal. Trying to wake you all up. As we all need to be awake at the time.

    • I don’t know. I just started watching David Wilcock’s Cosmic Disclosure and the very first episode in the series is with Corey Goode. My entire body refutes the logic behind his behavioural inconsistencies during the first 10 minutes of the interview. If I was reading a transcript and not seeing and hearing the person I could have easily have mistaken Corey for being a teenager and not a grown-up. This is just my personal opinion.

  33. They are only hurting themselves with their negativity. I used to visit Project Avalon from time to time until they started acting like children. I don’t know about you, I can’t stand people bickering. It’s a huge turn-off. I don’t believe Gaia would invest the resources and money on someone who is a fraud.

  34. It’s a continuous bs of “he said, she said, they said”. Dr. Salla’s rebuttal is so late that lot’s of us don’t bother to read about it. We’ve moved on!

  35. Blessings to all, thanks for pointing out WHO’S really not telling the truth, THANKS FOR STICKING UP FOR COBRA AND CORY. Much Love to Cobra and Cory!

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