Hoax Exposed, Hoaxsters exposed – Corey Goode (with references to Cobra)


Hoax Secret Space Program Investigation Exposed by Documents & IT Experts

Daniel Liszt, founder of the Dark Journalist website, has published eight videos to date that have been highly critical of Corey Goode’s claims of being a secret space program whistleblower, and having been chosen as a delegate for a group of extraterrestrials he calls the Sphere Being Alliance. Liszt’s “impartial” investigation questions the credibility of Goode as a witness, and promotes the view that Goode is a pathological liar that has contrived his testimony.

Documents and expert witness statements included in this article is conclusive evidence proving Goode’s professional background in the Information Technology (IT) industry, and his credibility as an IT consultant prior to his emergence as a whistleblower in 2014. Liszt’s exclusion of these documents and failure to obtain any professional IT recommendations in his “impartial” investigation cast considerable doubt on his claim of being an investigative journalist seeking the truth about Goode’s testimony.

In the first four videos of his series, Liszt presents and endorses the views of Project Avalon Founder, Bill Ryan, that Goode fabricated his background as an Information Technology (IT) consultant who earned a six figure salary during his career. According to Ryan and Liszt, Goode’s claims that he was deprived of a well-paying IT career after being involuntarily outed as a secret space program whistleblower in 2014/2015 is contrived.

In particular, Ryan asserts that Goode was not an IT expert, and cites several sources in his three part interview with Liszt supporting his conclusion. In his initial article that gained Liszt’s interest and support, Ryan wrote:

Ilie Pandia (who, like Paul, knows a LOT of technical, geeky stuff about computers and the net) then looked closely at some of his statements, and raised a flag that there was absolutely NO WAY he was an ‘IT expert’ as he had claimed. That simply wasn’t true. This was the first time we’d realized there was a definite, proven, problem, and that Corey had been lying about his expertise. (Claims about expertise can of course only be refuted by someone who really is an expert.)

Ryan’s italicized last sentence is very revealing. He refers to two individuals, presumably Project Avalon forum members who know “a LOT of technical, geeky stuff about computers and the net,” who pass judgement on Goode’s alleged IT expertise. There is a major assumption here by Ryan that his two sources are bona fide IT experts – which is not shown to be the case – and since they find problems with Goode’s statements, Ryan reaches the conclusion that Goode had been lying about his IT expertise.

This immediately raises the question of fact checking whether there are documents and IT experts who can corroborate Goode’s claims of working in the industry. As we will find out, Ryan ignores evidence suggesting this, as does Liszt who does not bother to investigate such evidence in his “impartial investigation” into Goode.

Finally, Ryan furthermore reached the conclusion that Goode, who was unemployed and on medication at the time of two interviews with Ryan’s ex-wife, Christine Anderson, in 2014, was desperate for funds and wholly contrived his whistleblower testimony to raise money from a gullible public.

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Hoax Secret Space Program Investigation Exposed by Documents & IT Experts

Reverse Speech Analysis by Tiffany Fontenot of Bill Ryan Accusations of Corey Goode

16 thoughts on “Hoax Exposed, Hoaxsters exposed – Corey Goode (with references to Cobra)

  1. I NOW believe that the SSP is the SAME as what cobra calls the “Chimera Group” because if you take a look at their coat of arms, its OBVIOUS WHO they are! A “Goat of Mandes (Satan)a Dragon (Dragon Families)…a Lion (Vatican/Government)
    They are operating very much like the unit described in the movie called “Elysium” used by the so-called “Elites” on this planet.
    FEAR Not folks…THEY won’t be around much longer once TRUTH is exposed about them!

  2. What I find interesting, I’m not Morman, but lived the life for many years in Utah, been inside the temples got experience some of the secrets of their beliefs..so I’m wondering alot of what they believe and teach concerning the next life is very similar ,except woman are of no value, to what is being discussed. So was the Book of Morman involved , and Brigham Young missed used it to glorify hisself…I do believe in some of the teachings lead by Joseph Smith at that time in our history. Could Corey please comment on this?

  3. Corey and David and Helpers: Your great and perfect, sure and positive source of protection is simply to ASK for Father-Infinite-Source- Creator to place a physical, spiritual WALL OF FIRE around you as reward for your pure motives and compassion for Mankind and Animalkind. Such ability is what started ALL and it never diminishes. So see it, know it’s there and be fearlessly poised from now on. HIS power – the great technology molded with perfect Love is available to all who find that Love. Take the time – Pay attention to all you think, speak, do and eat and drink – It’s your Godhood Stewardship. Thank you.
    Roy-David Woodward

  4. Who is the ‘Me’ at the top of this article? I don’t understand Ascension, Archangel Michael, Agartha, Consciousness, Forgiveness, High Vibrational Food, Light Work, (light workers = mutual admiration society of New Age Hippie Types) Cobra, Light, Sister of the Rose, Unconditional Love (more hippie stuff) New Atlantis, Nova Gaia, Meditation (more hippie stuff) Is it 1967 again?) Living through one Flower Child Age was quite enough. Austin = San Francisco of the Southwest. I graduated from Southwest Texas State University 1972.

    On Corey: My gut told me that he was a phony, however, he did seem sincere and well prepared during his first interview. He either is what he affirms or he has created a life narrative and become well rehearsed or believes it.

  5. Dark Journalist, Project Avalon, you have shot yourselves in the foot with your mean spirited slander. This has tainted you for most everyone, I will no longer listen to anything from you now. as well as everyone I know who followed you. Time, and light always reveals darkness and hidden agendas, of hatemongers, the jealous, and attention seekers. Nothing you do now will prosper.

    • Dead-On brother!…Its ALL about “Self Development”, getting OUR power BACK from “Prime Source Creator”…NOT from a bunch of OBVIOUS “Renegade Pleiadians” trying desperateley to take over OUR planet!
      NOT happening!

  6. The REAL problem I have with this whole “Secret Space Program” is the very FACT is SECRET, regardless of who’s who involved with it.
    SECRECY is the problem, when there is no need for it…Recall what president Kennedy said about the very word “Secret”???
    The FACT that even David Wilcock seemed to have fallen for the idea of a “Perpetual Warfare” state involving our future…Screamed that he is being “Sold” on the old “Project Bluebeam” scenario by his so-called “Insiders”.
    Does anyone else SEE this???

  7. Thank you very much, Dr. Salla for the very “well researched” article in defense of Corey. I don’t think it is good to simply allow these service to self individuals to run amuck. They eventually stub their own toes, but …………..

  8. The recurring flawed publications by Bill Ryan and Project Avalon members, are, as far as I’m correctly informed, a result of infiltration in Project Avalon and its Forum. I’m not sure where the initiative was taken, but a couple of Avalon Forum-moderators chose to start an initiative to remote-view the Vatican and create an energy-connection that would send love and light to the evil doing beings present in it.
    A so called “rescue-team” running to the Mountain of Doom aka Vatican and save the world, so sweet.

    Members of Avalon Forum were joining in this effort. As one of the more prominent whistleblower’s websites in the Wishing Well of Wonder-world, a mix of often highly controversial and disturbing interviews plus a discussion-forum, Project Avalon is observed by hawk eyes and as much as Corey Goode and Cobra are clearly present on planet Earth, observed by hawk eyes and attacked as well, we may find attacked parties making up their minds to fight other attacked parties. Both are on a journey on identical ships with infiltrators and illusionists in the crew, passing in the dark of night, unknown to each other’s presence and condition of synchronized intentions.

    This information is originally offered by Simon Parkes, in several Q&A interviews with Wolf Spirit Radio. Simon Parkes is heavily attacked in the Project Avalon Forum. Since 2009 I’ve been involved in Project Avalon’s translation team and I was an active Forum-member as well. The Ruler’s interview of Jan. 1 2011 caused an emotional avalanche in the Forum and this year 2011 was a turning point for the Avalon Forum with many members walking away. I was one of them.

    When I studied the attacks on Simon Parkes in the Avalon Forum, last year, I felt that much of what was said and reported about Simon Parkes far over the top. I’m not suggesting that Simon is free from any blame, but the general tone of the discussion was utterly negative and ongoing. I’ve sent Bill Ryan an email with an inquiry about the topic with relentless ranting regarding Simon Parkes work. I’ve never received a response from Bill.

    Let’s return to Simon Parkes report now. Like I said, it’s not clear if the Avalon Forum is infiltrated first by the Vatican, by agents joining membership and becoming moderators, resulting in the presentation of a deliberately created suggestion to remote view and send love and light to the Vatican, or that this whole idea came from within Project Avalon. At any rate, the effect of this initiative seems to be disastrous to the integrity of Project Avalon and Bill Ryan. According to Simon Parkes it was a trap, laid down in Project Avalon by Vatican agents.”It was a trap, they were waiting for them” are Simon Parkes words.

    The Vatican responded with the same method of remote viewing, though with an antidote to Project Avalon’s “love and light” causing much division and confusion in those who were unaware. How clever to make use of Avalon Forum-members’ emotional turmoil, with confrontational content to discuss: whistleblower’s interviews. The combination is a challenge to common sense and discernment.

    This whole procedure could well be an informative example of how battles between the dark and light are created and fought in many shades of grey as well. Half-truths that confirm assumptions and suspicion that is eagerly waiting to be confirmed in order to point at an abusive charlatan or victim of delusion, which of course are characteristics often present in one and the same person. It’s the reason why a loop of negativity, like attracts like, is hard to break, as I perceive it. And also, for life is always trying to reach balance, why, once the loop is broken, light begins to enter the crack fast as lightning.

    Peace be with you and with planet Earth. Blessed be, Marian Baghor.

  9. the dark guys will always number code their articles
    its obvious once you start to look
    it’ll be a dead giveaway of the source

  10. Dark journalist website looks very polished, so much so it reeks of illuminati/cabal. It looks and feels too perfect. As for Corey, I believe him. He’s not polished or feeling fake. He’s being attacked because he’s the real deal. Trying to wake you all up. As we all need to be awake at the time.

  11. They are only hurting themselves with their negativity. I used to visit Project Avalon from time to time until they started acting like children. I don’t know about you, I can’t stand people bickering. It’s a huge turn-off. I don’t believe Gaia would invest the resources and money on someone who is a fraud.

  12. It’s a continuous bs of “he said, she said, they said”. Dr. Salla’s rebuttal is so late that lot’s of us don’t bother to read about it. We’ve moved on!

  13. Blessings to all, thanks for pointing out WHO’S really not telling the truth, THANKS FOR STICKING UP FOR COBRA AND CORY. Much Love to Cobra and Cory!

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