The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is playing with fire by allowing an anonymous author to publish articles on its platform that aim to minimize the utter depravity of pedophilia. Similar to what the far left publication Salon tried to do several years back (along with The New York Times), the BBC seems to agree with this author that pedophilia isn’t necessarily a disorder to be treated with disdain, but rather a sexual orientation like homosexuality that simply requires “help.”

It wouldn’t be the first time that the BBC has entered the ring on the wrong side of the issue, having once employed a popular television personality by the name of Jimmy Savile who was reported to have sexually abused at least 500 young boys and girls, as well as engaged in necrophilia, or sex with dead bodies.

The long-haired, odd looking goofball of a man always seemed off to many who knew him, and yet the BBC apparently kept him on its payroll until his death in 2011. Others in the media, including a radio presenter from The Guardian, offered nothing but laud and praise for Savile and his “tireless” philanthropy. But many a discerning individual perceived the ruse as being a cover for Savile’s dark and dirty secret, which the BBC never spoke about or in any way condemned.

Despite his passing, Savile’s legacy apparently still lives on at the BBC, which is once again giving a platform to the sexually depraved to minimize the evil of illicit adult-child relations. Though the anonymous individual acknowledges pedophilia as wrong, the tone of his (or perhaps her) article actually paints child predators as victims rather than predators. The current societal view of pedophiles, the article maintains, is that those who are “outed” will potentially face “violence” and “physical attacks” – and that this needs to change.

If pedophilia wasn’t condemned like it is, there would be no need to seek help 

It’s important to note that the unnamed author of this article does admit that he was once a pedophile, and that by seeking help he was able to overcome it. But in condemning the general social response to pedophilia, this author actually contradicts the driving factor behind what drove him to seek help in the first place – the fact that society views pedophilia as being so aberrant to what’s normal and decent that those who practice it require removal from society.

“It should be noted that the author never hints that acting on the impulse to sexually abuse children is acceptable, and acknowledges that his ‘former orientation’ later led him to seek help, discovering that it is entirely curable,” writes Will Ricciardella for The Daily Caller. “He does not, it appears, understand his own tacit admission: that the condemnation of nefarious and evil sex acts perpetrated on children, rather than social acceptance or acknowledgement of it as a sexual orientation, was the impetus for him to seek help.”

So what the reader of this BBC article is aimed to be left with is a not-so-subtle sense of guilt over judging pedophiles too harshly when they’re really just victims of a sexual identity crisis that society doesn’t fully understand. And if only more people could see pedophilia as being just another type of gender, perhaps, then maybe it wouldn’t have the horrible stigma it currently does.

“The author’s theme that pedophilia should not be demonized in order to encourage pedophiles to seek help, precludes the more sensible and rational response that neither are mutually exclusive, and encouraging pedophiles to seek help is the corollary of its condemnation and degree of its perceived moral repugnancy,” Ricciardella adds.


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  1. the BBC may have published the article, but that does not mean it shares the writer’s viewpoint. I do agree, though, that despite years of whispers about what Savile was up to the Beeb continued to employ the evil creep, thereby giving the impression it condoned his sick behaviour.

  2. Here is another informative piece about Pedophiles in the UK.

    This is from the 60 Minutes show in Australia, and makes it clear that the “inheritors of Empire” are totally involved in exploiting children. Go to the link and watch this video if you need more facts to convince anyone that this is true.

  3. What is pleasure for one is a living hell for another – the victim. As an adult using the body of a child, the adult is able to project images on the screen of the mind of the child to make the child believe it is his/her guilt and shame and not the victimizers. Most men who abuse children and women of extremely wounded themselves – sins of the father and the father before, etc., etc., etc. Don’t forget the dark forces ‘control factor’ those who influence the victimizer – a weak individual to be sure. He needs to be exercised of the dark forces’ entities. We can thank the Catholic Church (and some Protestants) for creating angry dark energies and entities from centuries of a terrible Inquisition – wars and rapes in the name of their vengeful god. Their basements – prisons and torture cells, where many of their victims are trapped.

  4. Molesting children is extremely common, though its most common form is not by pedophiles, but by other children who are in the full rage of emerging sexuality and who think it is fun to experiment on those who are easily swayed and influenced to become their sexual toy. Though both are largely innocent, the older child is among a group of peers who are becoming sexually aware, while the younger ones are not, and the result is a lifetime of guilt over inappropriate thoughts and feeling they are too embarrassed to share, and which lead to an inability to feel normal when they become old enough to be sexual themselves.

    However, when the molester is an adult the psychological issues are multiplied many times over, and frequently the child is repeatedly approached to satisfy the adults mature urges. Arousal does take place in children and this is why we need to protect them from being exploited by others, including older children as well as adults. What is a six year old to do or say when they feel arousal and have the associated visions and awareness? Can they talk about it with another six year old? Can they ever feel normal again?

    The type of pedophilia that is being spoken of in Pedogate is ABSOLUTELY heinous. This is not the activity of older children or otherwise normal adults, but the activity of depraved adults who do not have normal feeling for anyone, and especially children, who they view as prey.

    The stronger the sanctions on this, the greater the possibility that the depraved individuals will kill the children or subject them to extreme psychological conditions to keep them quiet.

    Now enter the worshipers of Satan (Baal) into this realm of “normal depravity” and we have a living monster that regards Child Sacrifice as their historical right, for they are the inheritors of empire, an empire that has existed for more than two thousand years and which has annually performed these murderous rituals on their “holy” days. To protect themselves they protect their supply line and all of its foul members.

    As society has grown in its awareness and worked to protect its children, these worshipers have aligned themselves with the dregs of society, perverts, drug addicts and the insane in order have willing assistance with their horrific practice. It is from the higher levels that protection and support is given to the lower level creeps and sociopaths. The BBC article is an example of this.

    There can be not doubt that the BBC is run by the inheritors of empire, who have the expectation that whatever they require is appropriate. Only the full revelation of what they are doing will create the public will to treat them as they are, social predators that need to be wiped from the face of the Earth with extreme prejudice. Their fear of this is palpable.

    The lifting of the Veil is their greatest nightmare, for the ability to tell lies and get away with them will end. their crimes will be seen for what they are, the denial of free will to those children and to all who seek to protect them. The Higher Realms know what they are doing and so do they, There is no awakening for such evil within, and only elimination of their entire experience of the flesh can purify their souls.

    A trip the center of the Galaxy may be the only way they can be redeemed. They will need to start over with no awareness of being incarnate at all.


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