There was no attack on the west coast in 1999, and there were no dazed civilians stumbling along the streets on the coast, thanks to an unacknowledged civilian. Read his story below.

By Alexander Britton

(San Diego, CA USA 1999
Ocean Beach International Youth Hostel
Late Summer before 9/11)

Terrorist Attack! “1st 9/11 was STOPPED in 1999” (according to ex head of SOCAL FBI)

It was averted by U.S. citizen, not rewarded but quite the opposite you might say. Inside/Outside Job can be proven. If I am attacked documents COULD potentially appear like FLYPAPER.

  1. MASSAD lookout there long time before, NOT during the close call with tragedy and was there again afterwards and still very interested as to why I was there even though others worked and stayed there as well. Did Not appear to be happy at all to be in America even by the beach. Daniel is from the state of Isreal ex military had killed multiple times according to him indicating special operations experience (long black hair at the time about 5’11” skinny, interested in spirituality of sorts but NOT very nice & also sneeringly secretive about follow up questions to his passing inquiries and statements.)
  2. ex SAS ANTI terrorism expert I happened to play some music with was fairly poor then hired on contract and pulled away to teach anti-terrorism around the world to special operations military units not long beforehand & used to be named “Simon” also long black hair (dyed) at that time. Came back after terrorists deported initiated by my good samaritian concern & vigilance. He openly said to others there that he came back to see me specifically to their surprise.
  3. Two “Arabic” terrorists fake IDs fraudulently claiming Morocco
  4. FBI in Nordstrom clothing hiding badges after I caught terrorists instead of them.

ZERO chemical warning before and afterwards by FBI proving inside job aspect.


FBI was obviously more concerned with quickly & stealthily hiding facts involved with a tragedy averted.  No local police were on scene in response. 911 was called by myself. You could safely say the CIA probably knew all of what FBI was or wasn’t doing. I am of  the opinion all intelligence should be handed to military NOW.

Not a Hoax!!!!!

I had to catch the two terrorists (who i would say were quite guided there unbeknownst to themselves by engineered social situations making Muslims look bad to the West and vice versa) doing something dumb which took 2 weeks and I was not encouraged to help in this WAY you might say. They were stealing from other travelers when they would rise to shower leaving dorm rooms unlocked. This was changed to an automatic door locking system by the owner John Asher due to this problem afterwards. No one would do anything at the time though and I was asking “how did they get here?” & “why do they hate us” in 1999 when nobody else around would until the hindsight of 2 years later after the 9/11 that did occur when “they came back better prepared”. The next question might be who really  and exactly are ” they”.

Only those stolen from encouraged me to catch them and I would say they felt intimidated by the whole situation especially being abroad themselves and relatively young at the time.

You MAY wonder why they would steal when they COULD get caught. I would argue it was to hide $ source and use the psychology of the “diffusion effect” of blame in dorms with a variety of more visible travellers of whom many were stolen from as well, (cash, video camera etc…) in a fairly narrow time frame.

They “came back better prepared” said Ted Gunderson ex head of SOCAL FBI in reference to this same event and the 9/11 in 2001 that unfortunately did occur. They stole to hide funding (and likely for mind control to be perceived of as 2 terrorists by their own wills alone rather than guided and let into America!). If there was seemingly no funding at least and apparently was not conspiratorial other than a terrorist group potentially involved then at that time they look like “just suspected” low level crimals and if they could do that so anyone could potentially supposedly if motivated by a variety of “reasons” creating huge infrastructure of $ and human rights violations in a conflict of interest acted out to supposedly solve a problem in standard machiavellian format.

You might say the MASSAD lookout (Daniel long black hair) left and came & back again afterward seemingly frustrated with me and still very curious as to why I was there but very secretive about himself. FBI/gestapo showed no badges at time of “cover up” and arrived in standard issue Nordstroms but waited for me to get off duty even though I called 911 soon after dawn when a lookout helped me catch them while I had just gotton on duty after 2 weeks of trying focus on this issue.

By the time the FBI arrived showing no IDs (and NOT following investigative procedures normally claimed to be utilized during such an incidence) the same somewhat naive but good intentioned  New Zealander Corey Steinhauser, who had checked the terrorists in was back on duty after myself on that day I called 911. Hmmmm. They could NOT reasonably argue that they conducted a real investigation but by their behavior that day were motivated to cover up the threat of real danger which is more than dubious.

4th Reich NWO Gestapo of U.S. gave no warning about harsh chemical stench (volatile burning nostrils sensation and lung effects) they attempted to cover this with synthetic b.o. type odor to mask problem afterwards. That there was no reasonable way to cover or remove the stentch covertly and that the room was unrentable 6 months later due to the stenches should be quite telling that maybe the plan was that there would be no person alive to testify to it.

I suspect they planned to never cover up the smell but explode that building in combination with a possible hijacking event. What airline were their tickets on and where were their supposed “destinations”? Hmmm.

If “intelligence” were doing their assumed job and Not “in on it” they wouldn’t have allowed these dangerous chemicals around innocent people before and would have issued a hazmat warning afterwards. This simple fact PROVES inside job aspect.

Though painted over twice and cleaned numerous times (by travellers trading work for stay) since terrorists occupied the room (upstairs to the front left side) and that it was not rentable 6 months later due to volitile stench indicates how dangerous the substances involved were and wall/paint samples could potentially help reveal this.

The 1999 Averted Terrorist Attack was an Inside/Outside Job

And so was the tragedy in 2001 for America and the World. Lets ALL wake up to TRUTH by examing this as a catalyst for humanity to GET OFF YOUR KNEES!

I stopped 1st 9/11 in 1999 end of Summer. Let Truth be Told and circulated openly even if it puts me in danger. I present facts that have obvious understandings to follow them including that I was repressed rather than rewarded for a good deed. Attempts on my life have occurred though I am not in any panic but understandably stressed. I have had arsenic found in my blood when tested for example.

You might say that I suspect MASSAD & CIA corralled them there after lookouts on either end gave “ok”.  FBI tended to and covered up danger to public at scene of CRIME. At best would they attempt to say that they were clueless and ignored me who made 911 call & covered it only to happen 2 years later? If people knew a nobody citizen who got no $ stopped it maybe they wouldn’t blindly agree to a conlict of personal interests involved in “Homeland Security” $ & Rights drain that is part of a black funnel cloud attempting WW3 & failing.

Of course if I admit I STOPPED a terror attack in the country I live in I AM at risk of being accused of mental instability and/or potentially held against my human rights (including Freedom of Speech among others) already vastly violated by a potential “investigation”. The supposed “investigators” would already know I did the morally correct thing or would have been lied to by their “superiors”.

Corey Steinhauser of NewZealand can testify to checking two criminals in and their departure from 4961 Newport Ave in late summer of 1999. His brother Rob Steinhauser had also worked there previously and had moved to Canada after marrying a Canadian lady.

Ann Dee West can testify to volatile chemical stench even 6 months later as we had spoken of it being still unrentable while standing in that vacant room. She may have been more concerned on behalf of the owner (a relative) regarding potential lawsuits about it rather than publically recognizing what occurred at that time at least.

John Asher (owner of building & business at that time & had been my employer) could testify to this event according to his factual experience regarding it. It was no real secret just not on TV. There are witnesses and other travelers through there that were made aware by word of mouth. John Asher likely spoke openly about it at least to employees after I had been gone long enough to accept it. For example an employee years later in late 2004 quickly knew about it when barely mentioned by me exclaiming “that was you!” to me about it. John Asher used to pay “Simon” $15/hour after he no longer worked the desk to “ride around with him to his friends houses and say ‘(Simon) was in the SAS'” according to PSY who accepted the “work” in good humour and humility actually grinning a bit when he spoke of it in room #11 to me at that time. Simon had told me also other times that he had done work for the FBI and had ongoing contact with person(s) within it. After returning to see me soon after the terrorist deportation he mentioned to me while I was on duty that “the fbi have a file on you … Oh Yeah (eyes wide) … but if you ask for it …”

Simon may be harder to locate to potentially Testify but I believe he would NOT betray my testimony to what I would say were his positive influences on me as a friend but who also likely could have been paid to assess and report my motivations and perceptions of what had just occurred. He stated to me (in room #11) that I pursued music “not for social reasons” meaning not for popularity but for spiritual exploration like an “albatross” and so me waiting almost 18 years (to speak to media for Will to make smooth with timing of paradigm shift) I would say he was accurate in saying so.

People already know this occurred but potentially not put in perspective of chronology of world events and a feeling of disempowerment. It just hasn’t been in main stream media.

There are witnesses and evidence it just hasn’t been openly investigated by Congress to make financial corrections to this rampant problem in tandem with legislation to correct this conflict of interest of consolidations of power including informationally and monitarily.

This should be common knowledge and circulated freely to expose human rights violations not just against myself. Negative agendas far beyond mere “theory” that I would say are Satanic/Sociopathic in nature are involved beyond national boundries, sovereignty, claimed religion or racial identity. It is safe to say the 2 terrorists weren’t planning on covering the stench with incense and that according to some plan there might not have been anyone there to smell it if a dum dum (me) didn’t get in the WAY. If not positive reinforcement for doing GOOD then you might guess it was negative reinforcement for doing so. To speak of this puts me in danger but again I serve.

Please freely spread the word to expose for understanding and the healing PEACE of resolution this wound in the psyche of humanity because this is very TRUE. I AM just a nobody that is the point in a WAY. I reason that there is more danger if nobody knows & so SHARE quickly PLEASE. You could always just say “look at this interesting email I received” for example to publish in whatever medium available to you. Do so ASAP.


Just a citizen not hiding who I am. These were all Human Rights violations!

I’ve never had mental issues, though admitting I STOPPED a terrorist attack puts me in danger of being accused of this in the country I helped (irony/hypocrisy) is worth mentioning and NOT criminal either.
Alexander Britton
Lafayette, CO 80026

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  1. Marian

    You are right in the sense that the writer is not a writer, per sey, but in fact an experiencer offering testimony about something that happened to him. Rather than rewrite this, I chose to let it be his testimony, for in spite of its “non-professional” writing offers a powerful statement about the ongoing efforts by members of the US Government to create terrorist events on US soil. Its apparent lack of clarity actually serves to express the fact of the experiencer’s trauma and uncertainty about sharing this story, in spite of the elapsed time since it happened.

    I applaud him for coming forward and sharing this with our community. Now it is history and deserves to be published for that reason. That’s his real name on the byline, so if you feel like actually checking the story I will be glad to forward any mail you may wish to send.


  2. Is it me, or are others also having difficulty with reading this article? For some reason there’s little coherence and a lot of terms thrown around that seem to make sense to the writer only. I’ve read
    the whole article twice and I’m unable to tell the tale or point out the facts of what happened.

    Is this maybe a publication of fake news, to test our vigilance? Just a wild guess and an attempt
    to throw a bit of humour in the room, for the writer of this article seems to be hyper and quite troubled.

    Peace be with you and the writer/hero and with planet Earth. Blessed be, Marian Baghor.


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