A brief history of Jewish terrorism and Israeli false-flag operations. This has nothing to do with the teachings of Judaism but everything to do with Zionism, which is a relatively new racist Sectarian Ideology created to steal Palestinian land. Through this Ideaology Israel was created in 1948 with the help of the British Government through the Balfour Declaration in 1916.
For peace to exist on this planet, it comes through justice, the Palestinians must be given back what rightfully belongs to them.


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  1. When 9/11 occurred – a creation of our own government – we, as individuals should have been thinking “This is what it is like to have foreign governments invade your land, destroy your family and home.” (The actions of our own government that we pay for with our own taxes). But instead we began to look for an enemy to hate.) Wake-up to the programming to support the agendas of someone else whose very actions support the agendas of the dark forces. (P.S. The twin-towers ‘imploded’ from explosives placed in their basements – buildings that were financial failures. The planes were dog-and-pony shows to keep us from seeing the truth.)

  2. The VERY WORD “Terrorist/Terrorism” was created by the Zionist, way back when they were trying to steal the whole country from the rightful Palestinians. They wanted to Terrorize them into leaving THEIR homeland…back in the late 1940’s 50’s!

  3. Zionism is the cancer that is destroying Humanity. I thank you for sharing this information. Until we wake up to this reality we are doomed.They do not belong on Earth, they entered through the Ukraine, they liked what they saw and decided to take over the Earth for themselves. They had destroyed their own Planet. This is why they can kill Humans without conscience, you have only to look at how they celebrated the killing of Americans on 9/11. They want to get rid of the White Race, through vaccination, drug based medicines, monsanto produced “food”. chemtrails, etc. Please WAKE UP before it is too late. I am grateful to you for bringing this information out, I hope it is fully understood.


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