With so many energetic shifts occurring within our Universe, upon our planet, and within the entire collective, it can be increasingly hard to stay grounded. Throw in work, family, and everyday responsibilities, and it can seem even harder to find the time to think about how to stay grounded, much less actually do it! But the good news is that staying grounded isn’t something that takes up extra time or effort. Simply being mindful is all that you need.

Here are some simple everyday ways you can keep yourself and your family grounded and balanced, as we ride the waves of this amazing energetic Shift.

Why is it so important to be grounded?

Being grounded means that you are fully present in your being. When you are present, you are able to fully integrate the positive energies of the Universe. This means that you are able to experience what you came here to experience and learn the lessons that you came here to learn. Which means that you are being fully “you”, which is why you are really here!

Also, you are helping Mother Earth by holding the light and grounding it into her, and the cosmos of which she is a part.

We all know what it means to not be fully present. You know: it’s those times when your temper flares suddenly or when you are dropping, breaking, or tripping over things; when you don’t feel like you are really here; when you feel like the world and your life is out of your control. It may feel like we are going through life on autopilot; hearing but not really listening to our loved ones, continually focused on our future tasks and obligations, or living in our regrets of our past. Or we may be distracted by a busy world and not engaged with our own life.

When we aren’t fully present in the moment, our lives flash by us in a series of duties without us really experiencing true joy and bliss. These are usually the times when it seems that everything that could go wrong, goes wrong. This is why staying grounded is so important.

What is it to be fully present?

To be fully present is to show up and be engaged with our own lives; to be aware of each moment of our day and our role within it; to notice our children and our loved ones and the gift that they are within our lives; and to be consciously aware of our surroundings and the beauty and vibrancy of nature. Feeling grounded happens as a result of our presence: when you cultivate trust in your life and your conscious and present engagement in its unfolding. As a result, you are not easily shaken by outside circumstances, and you respond to the world instead of reacting to it.

This does not mean that we are not busy or that we stop working, it simply means that we cultivate a sense of calm and peace within our lives, no matter the circumstances.

So what are some easy ways to stay grounded?

6 Simple Ways to Keep You and Your Family Grounded

1) Be aware of your body

Your body is not a tool - energy

We are here in a physical body for a reason. But so many of us have lost contact with our own sacred body temples.

Sometimes just taking a moment to breathe in and feel your body will bring your awareness into your self and ground you. Notice anything you feel. Sensations, pain, tightness — these are all signals from your body. How is your posture? Are you carrying any stress? Where is it in your body? Take note of it, and breathe in and out, inhaling pure healing air on your in breath and exhaling the stress on your out breath.

You can ask your kids to do the same. If they feel stressed or anxious about something, this is a practice that can be done while sitting in the car or lying in bed at night. Let them know that we are not meant to feel stressed all the time and that our bodies are happy to let it go. Our stress is just a warning signal and should not be a constant part of our existence.

Saying “I love myself” will also bring your awareness into your body, as well as, “I am fully present in my being.”

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2) Engage your physical senses

No matter where we are throughout our day, or what we are doing, simply noticing all of our senses makes our lives here a richer experience. We are pulled into the NOW moment and we find ourselves able to stay there for longer periods of time.

In line at the supermarket, notice your surroundings. What do you see, hear, smell? What food are you purchasing for supper? As you choose your ingredients, smell them. Hold them in your hands and feel their texture on your skin.

When making love, be aware of your body and of your partner’s body. Focus on your pleasure, and on that of your partner(s). It makes for a deeper, more sensual, closer bond with your partner and increases your own confidence. A more satisfying sexual experience depends on us staying in the Now.

Throughout your day, just notice your body in your surroundings. Appreciate the senses that you have and what they tell you. You will start to notice the subtleties of life and your world will become richer. You may also start to notice smells and sounds in your environment that you hadn’t minded before but now find offensive, and you will know it is your senses waking up to the world around you. You will probably notice your sensitivity increase to perfumes and artificial fragrances, and this is a good thing, as most of them are quite toxic to our bodies. (Related reading: Why ‘Fragrance’ Really Stinks – The Hidden Airborne Pollutants in Your Home.)

Our perception of our world is quite limited for the most part, because most of the time we are not using all of our available senses. As we open to them and use them, they become keener, much like a muscle that we are exercising. So, as you become more mindful, don’t be surprised if your perception of your world continues to change. It will continue to change as you continue to see through the many layers that make up our experience. The skies will become more vivid, nature more beautiful, and you will start to notice the subtle kindnesses and beauty among people as well. You will also find these kindnesses extended out to you, as higher frequencies will be aligning with yours.

3) Cooking and eating mindfully

Honoring our bodies with healthy food is one of the easiest ways to feel present.

If you can, try to purchase food grown by responsible and ethical farmers and companies, such as fair trade and organic. When you are cooking supper, engage with the food that you are preparing. Imagine where it was grown and how it will nourish your body. Taste it with your eyes closed. What is the texture like on your tongue?

Give thanks to the earth for her gifts, and if you are eating meat, give thanks to the animal that gave themselves to you.

As you eat your meal, mention to your children where their food was grown. Discuss why it is good for them and what it is doing for their bodies. Our bodies are a reflection of what we nourish them with, and they are our vehicle for this world. Let your children know how important it is to be mindful of what they eat.

And if you can’t have this interaction with your food? Chances are you shouldn’t be eating it.

As you become more mindful of the food that you eat, and align your eating habits with the knowing it brings, your body will become clearer and better able to communicate with you. You will find yourself craving healthier foods and you will stop craving less healthy, over-processed foods.

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4) Get physical/Get outside!

There is nothing like moving, working, stretching, pushing the limits of your body to bring your awareness into it. With farming as my livelihood, I have no shortage of physical work that I can engage in throughout my day, and sometimes, it still doesn’t feel like it’s enough for me to stay grounded.

structure-is-one-of-the-biggest-hindrances-to-a-childs-development-especially-relating-to-natureThere are moments when I haven’t been outside yet because of housework that I am doing, and suddenly it will hit me, “I have to go outside.” And out the door I go! My soul, body, and mind are all screaming at me to get out there. Both of my parents are like this too, and my husband knows this about me now as well and he understands. I am not running from my household duties, but I simply need to be healed by nature and I need the open space around me as I move. I need to feel the sun and the sky, and have the wind wash my worries away.

Sometimes all I need is a quick fix in my garden, or a walk around my farm, or to just go out to my chicken coop and pick eggs. Or to throw a ball around with my kids or jump with them on their trampoline. So I have blended getting physical with getting outside, which for me, is necessary. But simply stretching in your home, or doing yoga would be great too. Or going out for a walk or sitting on your balcony or on a bench in a park and observing your surroundings.

Our hands are like grounding rods for us, and that is why our sense of touch is so important to engage. If you have potted plants, play in their dirt or gently touch their leaves. And encourage your kids to do it too. Not only is it grounding for kids to play in the earth, it’s great for their developing immune systems. (Related reading: Dirt is NOT Dirty – How Playing in the Dirt Benefits the Immune System.)

Sitting beneath a tree is a great idea, and imagining yourself with roots like one as well. Feel yourself held by Mother Earth. Feel her unconditional love surround you.

Pick up a rock, feel it’s sturdiness, and allow it to ground you. And of course, if you can, go barefoot. Truly feel the earth upon your feet, holding you, supporting you.

If being outside is an impossibility, observe nature from a window. Nature is here to heal us, and her healing begins as soon as you notice her.

The other morning as I was doing chores with my eyes on the gorgeous pink sunrise that was lighting up the sky, I could hear a soft voice say:

“As you begin to notice the life that is in nature, the nature of life is revealed to you.”

5) Hold a loved one

Father hugging son and laughing

I have felt the need for physical contact necessary now more than ever. Sometimes I still just couldn’t feel calm and safe no matter what I was doing. And these were the times I would just hold one of my children or hug my husband. My older children sometimes laugh at me at first, but then they sink into my embrace and relax there for a while. Like them, you will soon discover that everyone needs an embrace. They are incredibly powerful and can heal you in moments where you might spend days trying to achieve the same results otherwise. (Related reading: 9 Reasons You Need To Be Giving and Receiving Hugs Every Day.)

If you don’t have a child, friend or partner to hold, embrace your pet. Stroke their fur, give them love, feel their love for you in return.

Hugging a tree is powerful as well, and I go so far as to kiss them these days as well! (Related reading:Tree Hugging Proven to Improve Health Issues.)

6) De-schedule

Now more than ever it is important to be open to Spirit as it moves through us, and that means taking plenty of downtime for ourselves, and as a family, to just be in our own company and hear our souls speaking to us.

It’s good to get involved in activities and to be learning new things, but when we become rushed and stressed trying to make it to all of these extra-curricular activities, we are no longer in the moment of our lives. Our lives start flying past us and before long we realize that we are missing it. Not only that, it becomes more challenging to eat properly and mindfully when we are always on the go.

Make time to read books or articles that you are drawn to, as they hold the words that are already within you, waiting to be revealed.

Let your creativity flow, and encourage your kids to engage in creative outdoor play. (Here are some handy tips.) Take time to draw or color with your children, and don’t worry about your skill level. It is a wonderful way to relax and release stuck energy. (Related reading: Making Any Kind of Art (at Any Skill Level) Reduces Stress Hormones.)

Get lost in yourself and in your family. Look at yourself and your loved ones from a new perspective, as if you have never seen them before. What do you see?

Embrace your body, honour yourself, and you will be showing up for your life. Allow your soul to move through you. Let your inner child out! Be playful, be silly, and most of all, be you!

How do you stay grounded? Do you have any questions? I would love to hear from you! Please leave a comment below, email me, or join the conversation on Facebook.

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About the author: 

Jessie Klassen

Jessie Klassen is a transitioning cattle farmer to author on a journey of self-discovery and expanded consciousness. She is also a Reiki Master who is deeply connected to nature. As an empath and mother of 3 sensitive children, she is interested in living a more peaceful life and inspiring others to reconnect with the magic of nature and the magic of their own inner nature child.

Jessie is releasing a children’s book, “The Sapling” on Amazon in 2017. It is the story of a little sapling who with the help of a wise old tree, overcomes her fears of growing big and becomes the tree she is meant to be! A portion of proceeds will be donated to the TreeSisters and the Nature Conservancy of Canada.

You can connect with Jessie at jessieklassen.com , follow her work on Facebook or contact Jessie via email here.

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