Hurricane Irma is approaching Florida and it would be good if as many people as possible join us tomorrow for the meditation. We will be having our main Hurricane Meditation tomorrow at noon 12:00 EDT.

You can see the time for your timezone here:

The instructions are here:

As our regular Weekly Ascension Meditation is happening exactly at the same time, for this week only, our Hurricane Meditation will replace it due to extraordinary circumstances.

Those who feel guided to help more, can do the same Hurricane Meditation in any (or all) of the 4 hour intervals starting tomorrow at 8 am EDT, then at noon EDT, then at 4 pm EDT, at 8 pm EDT, at midnight EDT and then on Monday at 4 am EDT and at 8 am EDT.

You can convert EDT (Florida time) to your local time zone here:

A powerful grid of cintamani stones is already in place in Miami:

And Tampa:

These cintamani stones are anchor points of strong angelic beings that will influence the plasma currents of the hurricane, trying to minimize the impact of the storm and protect both cities:

Additional cintamani stones have been placed in Florida Keys just a few days ago.


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  1. Back with the evidence from Live Leak about Irma NO high winds! NO hurricane type winds! WHO in right mind Would wind surf a hurricane??? RIDE OUT A CAT 5 HURRICANE?!
    I listen to a news broadcast from Florida and it was referred to as “Tropical Storm Irma…YESTERDAY!!!

  2. That hurricane died BEFORE hitting Florida…the evidence is on other sites including Live Leak and LOCAL weather on line from Florida!!! There is some kind of “Cherrity Fraud” on going over this!!!
    Ii will locate the video again and post it here!
    WE DID IT!!!

  3. I have been doing the hurricane meditation throughout the day, as well as the scheduled time. I am so thankful to have this way to help the people and the land that are threatened. I just want to remind people that in addition to the scheduled times, you can tune into this meditation often to help.

    ~Namaste, Liz

  4. I truly believe that the cabal have brought about hurricane irma at this time so that the anniversary of 911 is drowned out.They are afraid that more and more people are waking up to the truth about 911.This anniversary would have seen more and more people exposed to the truth through independant media and facebook etc.The general publics attention is being drawn to the hurricane even though it has for the moment downgraded to a catagory 3.

  5. i feel supported (as i live on the west coast of south florida) by this post and Cobra’s request for meditation every 4 hours. i am also glad there is another seed of life in miami (i am the one that planted the seed of life in Tampa – also six cintamani on Siesta Key Florida in the shape of a crescent moon along “Crescent Beach”) thank you all for meditating for hurricane Irma


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