In late June 2017, we set out on a mission to bury some cintamani stones
on and around Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.

We were upisland, about 200 km. north of the City of Victoria.  We buried some on one of the Gulf Islands in the middle of the Strait of Georgia.


Less than 24 hours later,  we went for a hike in a provincial park along the beautiful
stretch of water that divides Vancouver Island from mainland British Columbia.

On that clear, blue-sky day,  we were nudged to look up.

Right above us, in the sky, was this rainbow cloud. It went from a white
swoosh to rainbow colors, then back to a white swoosh in a 5-minute period.


We think the angelic presence was saying hello!

If you bury one cintamani stone or 3 in a triangle, or more in a circle, you just
might receive a hello like this one.

Try it!

See this new PFC page for more information and a form to order cintamani stones.

At this link are several interesting posts from Cobra about cintamani stones.


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  1. I had purchased a Cintamani stone for myself but after seeing the video of some of the places the stones had been buried decided to bury mine. I went to Serpents Mound in Ohio and buried it in the egg part of the mound. I have inquired a few times in the past year about burying more stones since I would like to help in anyway I can and also stating my finances were VERY slim and not once did I get any response back from anyone. I am here to help, and I’m not disappointed I buried my personal stone. I know that even though this was a very expensive thing to do I know in my heart it was the right thing to do. I would still like to help bury more stones and can be reached at [email protected]. Thanks!

  2. About the Clouds:

    The photos illustrate a convergence of two chevron shaped multidimensional energetic fields that interact with atmospheric gases. Yep, a Sylph. The dense part in the center is where the two of them create the ability to affect the atmosphere, otherwise as separate beings they float in the atmosphere invisibly, sort of like a boat without a rudder. The Sylphs are attracted to the vortex of passing air currents and clump together to form a cloud like this one. There may be more than two in this cloud.

    They are highly evolved etheric consciousnesses, and many of them have been on earth for billions of years within the atmosphere, a floating awareness that knows every gas and and its subtle energy signature.

    The Sylphs respond to consciousness. Their awareness emerges from a vortex just like ours and it extends itself through tendrils of etheric consciousness into the atmosphere around it. The energy of these tendrils is cold to the touch and attractive in nature, causing gases to be attracted to them. We have a similar set of etheric tendrils extending from our acupuncture points. In humans these tendrils respond to our thoughts and particularly our focus and attention.

    This idea suggests that Sylphs have the ability to respond to our thoughts, since the basis of neuro-etheric-communication is matching frequencies.

    Apparently there are many beings on Earth floating in the atmosphere who only need us to adjust our frequency to theirs before we can communicate. Spiritual protection is a basic when opening up to other multidimensional consciousness, but Sylphs should pass that test.

    If you want to connect, I suggest you look at the Sylph and thank it or them for visiting you and ask for permission to visit being-to-being, now imagine you are in the middle of it looking down. When you can look down, grow yourself to half the length of the cloud formation and align your point of focus with the center of the Sylph. At this point you will be able to experience the memories of the sylph, which is evidenced when you ask yourself questions about the atmosphere and experience an awareness of all the forces in the atmosphere.

    Sylphs are multidimensional beings attracted to vortexes in the atmosphere. Their ability to receive human thoughts and feelings allows them to respond to our intent, they do not have any of their own. There are many of them in storm systems and it is these that steer storms in response to our meditations and intention.

    These Sylph photos are a blessing for us all. thanks for sharing them!


    • UPDATE:

      We have edited the article above to provide a link. toward the end, to a page where you can obtain cintamani stones.

      also… we were told: do NOT bury your personal stone.

      • Just to offer an update regarding the requirement of a Cintamani stone, Megan Edwards, Cobra’s article of May isn’t actual anymore, the batch of Cintamani stones is handed out now. For a (maybe slightly) better chance to receive a Cintamani stone, please try to contact
        (French) Arbre Solaire [email protected]
        (English?) Untwine [email protected]
        (German) Peter Riefenthaler [email protected]
        (English?) Patrick Schulte [email protected]
        (Japanese)Toshihiko Hoshino [email protected]
        (English) Rob Potter see his website “thepromiserevealed” on the right side of
        this page

        Due to missing cohesion regarding the Cintamani stone affair, information is hard to achieve, as I’ve experienced. The stone for personal use isn’t supposed to be free of costs, but the stone that is meant to be buried should be free of costs if you find it hard to make ends meet.

        That’s confirmed by about half of people present with their names here. Rob will always ask money for a Cintamani stone, regardless. The different ways info is presented about Cintamani stones is causing much inefficiency and time loss.

        I’m simply saying it as it is, no exaggeration whatsoever. I’m curious now, how the moderators
        will chew in this one, feeling this comment as a stone lying heavy in their stomach lol

        • We updated the article and at the end of the article, posted a link to a form on where you can order stones. Thanks – Megan

  3. Wow! That’s amazing congratulations on your good efforts And the good work you do.
    Thank you to Prepare for Change Team. Victory of the light.


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