Let’s consider again the graphic below :

As stated before, the four highest planes, plus the 3 highest sub-planes in the mental, are so called spiritual realms of pure Light, where, among other aspects, our spirit (monad, anchor of will) and soul (atma, anchor of love), reside.

The dotted line in the middle of the mental plane is a membrane that divides these higher spiritual planes of pure love and light above it, and the lower planes of so-called personality below it. Remember, the lower the plane, the more dense matter is, and the more anomaly. This membrane is the point where matter densified so much that in everything below that point, there has been enough anomaly that darkness and duality could manifest.

Since everything is first created at the top and then trickles down the planes one by one, we can view the lower planes as a mirror projection of the higher ones, or the lower bodies as the shadow cast by the higher bodies.

Now let’s imagine the same lay out, but on a horizontal plane, and let’s simplify it, for symbolic purpose.

The 4 higher planes and higher mental planes are who we are, this is the real self. The lower planes of personality, composed of physical, plasma, etheric, astral/emotional, and lower mental, are reflections of the self in a mirror.

The mental membrane (dotted line) is a cloud of mist that stands between the real self and the reflection, blurring the reflection in the mirror.

In most places in the universe this cloud of mist is experienced as very thin and see-through. On this planet where a lot of anomaly has been accumulated, it is experienced as a thick fog that is difficult to see through.

There are other layers of mist and fog standing between the self and its reflection besides this mental membrane, especially on this planet, especially on the plasma plane.

So we must remember that what we see here of ourselves, our physical bodies with our emotions and thoughts, are only a reflection of our real self, as if cast in a mirror. The mirror is a magic mirror that can retain memories of what has been cast in it, so even when there is a thick fog, the reflection in the mirror remains. Because of this thick fog, we here on the lower planes who are only the reflections, most of the time have forgotten that we are only reflections, and started to believe that we are the self.

Everywhere we look around in the physical, emotional and mental worlds, we see only reflections, as all other people, places, objects, also are only reflections of their own higher selves.

As mere reflections who have forgotten the real self, there has often been this feeling of being incomplete, that our identity is not validated, which is coming from losing sight of the real/higher self. And in this forgetfulness, there has been a widespread tendency to look for that sense of completion in the world of reflections. So people hope to be completed and validate their identity by looking for positive opinions of other people, by hoping that positive experiences and achievements will finally validate their identity, and finally the reflection will not be blur anymore. But this is absolutely vain, as completion can never come from the world of reflections, but only from reconnection with one’s own higher, real self.

Seeking completion in the world of reflections is like placing two mirrors in front of each other, the reflections reflect each other endlessly. This world where the higher self has been forgotten is a maze of opposing mirrors where it is not possible to understand what is real.

Therefore, for real spiritual breaktroughs to occur, one must unconditionally renounce all hope for validation and completion in the opinions of other people, in one’s own achievements, or in any other circumstance from this world of reflections in these lower planes. One must clear the clutter of images stored in the memory of the mirror (in the mental, astral, etheric, plasma and physical bodies and their auras), which were created by experiences and circumstances in these lower planes ; in other words, de-identify with the personality, with the reflections, with the physical emotional and lower mental worlds.

And in that clearer perspective, one can seek to finally see again the Light that is sent by the higher self. When the lower self/reflection looks not in the direction of the world of mirrors, but in the direction of the higher/real self, a bridge of Light is established between the self and its reflection that will clear the mists, and the reflection will not be blurred anymore, real completion will occur, as the consciousness and identification will be centered in the real/higher self who will then be in control of everything that happens. This is what is happening both individually and for creation as a whole.

Liberation now

Victory of the Light!

Source: http://recreatingbalance1.blogspot.ch/2017/10/play-of-mirrors.html

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  1. I love this graph. i posted the last article twice and I don’t think anyone saw it. Crazy, yeah? The truth of reality is being placed in our hands but no one wants to open their eyes. Here’s to posting this amazing bit of truth …again!

  2. This is exactly what I studied years ago in London under Douglas Baker, M.D. — the Ancient Wisdom. He wrote many books, which are so helpful, and also came to the U.S. and taught classes. I first heard him at Phoenix College and was like a sponge, soaking up what I knew to be true wisdom; then followed thru with his visits here and finished at Claregate College outside of London to achieve a bachelor’s degree. Hooray/hooray!! It is so great to read this!

  3. I find it amazing how few people on Earth actually understand electricity. These geometric symbols represent compression algorithms, carried through gravitation as a back emf compression field.
    I am already developing methods that allow even young children to understand the force that moves water, as it is this force that we use to induce electricity.
    Once you understand what electrostatic functions are, you will be able to move past these metaphysical interpretations into this electric Universe.
    Here are some of these methods that can be used to further your understanding of these functions that you use every day, these functions that induce polar compression inside of your body, creating the DNA strands through poly peptide articulation of opposing magnetic fields.
    It is time that people stopped posing as magicians and learned what the hell they are talking about, and what Tesla tried to teach these functions over 150 years ago.
    Drop the meta and learn what physics really is past the regurgitated theoretical and ambiguous imaginations that have turned science into a laughing stock and kept those of you maintaining these discussions, selling trinket like Nassim Haramein instead of building the electromagnetic dynamos that are needed to change the world.
    So get on it.
    I am tired of waiting for these hippies to find their metaphysical dicks.
    This information is explained in Patrick Kelly’s PJK FEB compilation.
    It is also explained here on my facebook page. Repeatedly.

  4. I do not agree with the graphic of course. You could read the works of H.P. Lovecraft and Kenneth Grant. Although I understand that their claims are contradictory to most of the content here in PFC and similar sites. No wonder I cant find any mention of them.


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