House Cleaning (Spiritual Warfare)

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  1. Babylon is falling down! Being dismantled before our very eyes. Just like Kim Clement says on this video changes are coming. The prophetic word in the sky with a cycle of three New Moons at 1% three days in a roll!!!! The price was paid and the evil one held!!!

  2. I don’t agree with the South African’s advice concerning tarot and playing cards; but then again, Li Hongzhi (introducer of Falun Dafa/Falun Gong) says that everything has what he calls a Buddha-nature and a Demon-nature.

    Besides, having typed that, as a man named Don Croft said to me:

    “I personally believe that divination is solid, etheric tech and a window onto [SIC: into?] processes that the finite mind can’t fathom but are potentially useful if one has an open mind. I suspect that all of the Tarot decks have value and Carol has collected about a hundred or so over the years and uses several of them regularly.”

    • Esther Bunny Brown, it’s funny that I read your comment and started reading The Law of One book IV this evening, almost near session 96, with a Q&A between the questioner and Ra. At page 165 of session 96, the subject is the tarot. At the end of book IV are images of the Major Arcana.
      Thank you for Don Croft’s words, I fully agree with what he says in them.
      If you like to explore more and compare notes, here’s the Law of One book IV:

      All 5 parts of the Law of One are free PDF downloads on internet. Not that it’s all about the tarot, but to me, Ra explains the dynamic between the 3D reality on planet Earth and the astral planes or higher.

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