Isis Astara is in hospital in critical condition. Please pray for her in your heart and send her love, light and support.

Beginning at 3:30 AM GMT.


Below is the meditation which is being done every four hours globally.  The next meditation time is at 3:30 AM Greenwich Mean Time, and every four hours thereafter during these critical next few days.


You can use this website to figure out the time where you live:



In order to further strengthen the effectiveness of our mass meditations for Isis Astara, the following instructions are suggested for those who feel guided:

1) Begin playing this track “The Central Sun Meditation” from The Goddess Spiral CD created by Cobra & Isis in collaboration with Medwyn Goodall.

2) Declare your intention to use this meditation to bring Isis Astara’s physical body back to full health.

3) Visualize the brilliant white light of Source emanating from both your Soul Star chakra as well as your heart chakra.

4) Connect with the Soul Star & heart chakras of both Cobra & Isis – giving strength and healing to each of them.

5) Further visualize connecting with the Soul Star & heart chakras of all persons meditating.

6) See this white light filling Isis’ physical body, infusing every blood vessel and cell with the white light of Source. See this light traveling via the circulatory system throughout her body… sending signals at the molecular level to repair all damaged cells to their state prior to the recent attack.

7) Visualize all damaged cells in Isis’ body renewing to a healthy state… with the white light of Source communicating with her DNA to accelerate the healing process.

8) Continue this visualization for the duration of the music track.

Additionally, if you feel so guided, you can do this meditation in Triangles of Light as suggested in the following post for increased effectiveness:…/triangle-groups-of…

Collectively, we have the ability to accelerate and amplify the healing process. Let’s do this in support of Isis & Cobra!



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  1. I will ask mother Mary to intervene and send her an incredible wave of love and serenity in doing so we will increase her strength and her healing , Be blessed and feel this incredible wave of love that surround you , Hosanna , hosanna

  2. Cobra. You and your twin has been such a lighthouse. Guiding. And you will have all you need. It is decreed. Love and light to our victory. We are One. And One gives ubundantly. You know. Sending you a tsunami ???

  3. From my deep heart, I send healing energies imbued with Love and Light. I am seeing you surrounded within and without by Forces of pure love. I call on the unseen Ones to assist with this healing and I shall visualize you whole and vibrantly healed.


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