7 thoughts on “Dedicated To Isis Astara, Memorial Video 432Hz”

  1. I AM love I am love. I am love. I am light and nothing can surpass me for I am love and light and I light All dark rooms and move all dark clouds. I am love I am light and I light the flame in all hearts. I AM Love and I Am here. Now. IS IS

  2. Recently as I was awakening I had a dream in which I was telling everyone “The Light is coming, The Light is coming!” Blessings to all for a smooth ascension. May your heart receive the light. May your consciousness expand

  3. You are on the most wonderful voyage of your ascension , we are there for you by bringing you support on the coming plane of existence , another dimension who will benefit from your unconditional love and unconditional dedication of the betterment of life and soul , you are on a new timeline , in our daily meditation we will bring you joy , we will bring you joy , we will bring you peace , we will being you love and most all we will share the Pure Source of Light. Be blessed

  4. Isis Astara, although we never met, I wish you long life, good health and continued ascension into your next phase of life. I ask that you give assistance to all beings remaining on Gaia so that our ascension is made smoother. Bless you dear sister and bless your family and friends.

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