An Important Reminder ~ Reset Imminent Video ~ Please Spread Far and Wide

It feels like it’s a good time right now to remind everyone about this introductory video to The Event. This would be the time to spread this far and wide. I believe that people who have seen this type of simple, clear, basic knowledge about the changes that may soon take place, will be among those feeling and spreading a calm reaction when its time. This video will be nothing new to any readers of PFC as it has been on the very front ‘Home’ page of PFC for several years.

This video is translated to the following languages and easily available at the touch of your finger. To translate the page with the video you simply role down to the end of this article and press your preferred language. The languages available are English, Portuguese, Dutch, German, French, Polish, Russian, Slovenian, Swedish, Turkish and Spanish.

Go here to choose your preferred langauge;

This is the English version:

Therese Zumi

PS: It has been suggested to me that this article that I wrote in October 2017 would complement this information so I am adding it here.

Know Now That There Will Be A Peaceful Smooth Transition

7 thoughts on “An Important Reminder ~ Reset Imminent Video ~ Please Spread Far and Wide”

  1. I’m not disputing the information presented on this video, just the way it is presented. After watching it, I did not feel I could pass it on to anyone I know as they would probably dismiss it as BS. If there were facts presented in a logical, indisputable, matter of fact way, instead of with angelic music and a mysterious whispered voice, this might be more believable to many. Please, no dramatics – just facts in a normal voice tone.

  2. This is actually a OLD video being repeated, and although it :SEEMS to be “Positive”, what I hope it includes is the TRUTH about OUR Real History…We haven’t been given THAT yet!…and What about technologies that will eliminate the NEED for MONEY and Controlled ENERGY???
    WHY doesn’t THIS site ever address the “Vatican/NASA LIES videos, which actually does present the TRUTH about the VATICAN and NASA???

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