My aim with this article is to show the reader that the preparation has been done – the groundwork has been laid – on so many levels and dimensions by so many groups of lightworkers to make certain that the sudden transition from living and existing in a 3D-4D world to living in a 4D-5D world will be peaceful and calm. To do so I will be touching upon the following 6 areas of information.

  1. a) Advice from Divine Mother and Archangel Michael on how to best cope with the unfamiliar situation when The Event is ignited, a situation that we have no prior experience of dealing with.
  2. b) Information on the lightworker group known by the name of The Positive Military and their role at the time of The Event.
  3. c) A reminder of some recent advice from the RM – Resistance Movement that can make the pre-Event time easier for the awakened part of the surface population.
  4. d) Financial Freedom. I provide a link to an article that can calm anyone struggling with concerns over how they will survive economically on this planet – which is probably in the range of 4 out of 5 people – that starting from the Day of the Event abundance for everyone is guaranteed! It provides knowledge that can help anyone understand how there is an abundance of wealth available that can give everyone on this planet all that they need for a good life.
  5. e) A reminder that one of the most advanced races in the Universe i.e. The Wingmakers – Central Civilisation is now convinced that we the awakened part of humanity will be able to hold the Light in unity when the Event happens. We Are Ready for The Event Now.
  6. f) What Should Lightworkers Focus upon Now?
  7. g) Some Thoughts on Cobra’s Situation Update from October 12th 2017

On the First Day of The Event = Inexperience

When Mother/ Goddess deems it to be the perfect moment the signal will go out and a strong Galactic Wave of Love will flow down through our solar system and reach our shores and sweep away any final remnants of the Veil, {article that describes the Veil + 6 translations on this link} plus any filaments of anomalous plasma remaining on or around Gaia as also in and around every human being. Everyone will experience a palpable knowingness that something very special is taking place and within 20 minutes the Master Plan {available in 7 languages here} will be ignited. Like one old prophecy says;

At a certain point, energies of the Galactic Central Sun will burn through all obstacles of the Matrix on the astral and etheric planes and all negative entities will be removed. They will be replaced with angels and spiritual guides as one prophecy beautifully states. 

“The Net Must Come Down, It Ends, Light Enters.

The final step is simply taking down the net. This has to be done and events will then quickly follow.

The One will put forth all that energy to destroy the net itself and events will kick in almost immediately.

The programs will have no place to hide, no portals, no equipment, nothing. They will be led off and weather pattern of luminosity will begin.”

So, on this day we will all be dealing with a situation that we have never ever experienced before. At the same time for the vast majority of people this experience will be so wonderful that we will be able to relax and enjoy the moment or minutes or hours depending on our choice at that time to act in some way if we feel that that is necessary. Babies must be fed, pilots will have to keep flying, cooks have to keep cooking or turn off the stove! soldiers will put down weapons etc. Allow yourself to relax and enjoy the experience that you are going through. You see you won’t lose the experience of this Wave so if you must take care of something you can simply postpone the wonderful in-depth experience of being in a place of great joy, love and comfort for a more appropriate time and place. Archangel Michael has explained this situation to us in detail here; This is a short excerpt from a much longer article on this subject:

Archangel Michael has explained that even if we are somewhat overwhelmed on the Day of days, if our situation requires it, we will be steady and grounded enough to be able to postpone some of our reactions until a more appropriate time allows us to experience them. Withheld emotions always come to the surface in the end. Any of you who have gone through therapeutic healing processes will have certainly discovered this for yourselves.

Steve wondered how we would be able to function on a practical level at this time. Being as the day of The Event will also be the day of closure of the old financial system etc. many will have to consider being focused and functional.’

SB: Hmm. Okay. Well, in the midst of this tsunami of love, a very real and practical event probably will happen, and that is probably the Reval. So, here we are, swept off our feet in love and in some circumstances that actually need handling. How does being in a tsunami of love affect the need to make practical decisions?

AM: It does not incapacitate you indefinitely. For some of you, it may be hours or minutes or days, but you emerge from the waters, the waters of life, the waters of love, transformed.

So, it is a form of cleansing, but restoration, recovery, rejuvenation. So, you emerge from those waters better prepared, more acutely aware, more able to multitask, more competent to see the bigger picture of your actions, the ramifications of your actions, the clarity of what is really required.

So, it is helpful. So, you find yourself in a position where in fact it is as if you have had the best night’s sleep ever, and you can jump out of bed ready to go.

To learn more about Archangel Michaels advice you can go to this article. Overwhelmed by an Altered State of Awareness – Go with It!

So, it’s simple enough – we do not know exactly how we will react on the Day, there is no way that we can control that situation now, however, what we can do right now and in the remaining time prior to The Event is to tie up any lose ends that will leave us feeling free and ready for a peaceful liberation. Is there someone that you need to forgive? – if so do it now. Do you feel that you need support right now to heal something on some level? If so, the entire Co. of Heaven are at your service. Call upon any of them and declare that you will accept healing now from the most appropriate Source for your situation.

Yet despite all our preparation we may very well be feeling overwhelmed on that day, we might feel that ‘oh my God I need to change my entire life now’ and in those moments, we might feel that the obstacles ahead seem to be insurmountable. If you find yourself in a position like that then the most intelligent maneuver will be to relax and go with the flow. People everywhere will come to know in a very short time that there are no insurmountable obstacles ahead. There will be unexpected solutions for almost everything and we can feel comfort on that Day knowing that we are not alone in feeling overwhelmed. Just accept RIGHT NOW that at the time of the transition we call The Event that total harmony will be obstructed and impossible on Day 1, but on days 8-9 of The Event everything will start to feel just amazing.

As lightworkers we can expect that we will be provided with clear inner directions as to where we need to put our focus on that 1st special Day of The Event. For some of us that might mean that we have family members needing and desiring our support while at the same time we hear an inner calling to attend to something outside of our homes and families. This is why it is so important NOW to listen to and follow that inner voice. We would be advised now to practice every way we can being true to our inner voice –  our own I AM Presence. We must learn to say no in a loving balanced way (“I can’t do that now but I would love to do that another day”) when that is needed now independent of reactions of disappointment etc. that our loved ones might express.

Positive Military

The Positive Military from the USA, Russia and China will be the surface behind the scenes group providing technology, transport and logistics at ‘The Event’. Some members of Chinese and Russian military forces are part of the Eastern Alliance and work under indirect guidance of the Resistance Movement to liberate this planet. The Positive Military played a major role in the removal of the Muslim Brotherhood from Egypt. To this end they have had tactical support from the Resistance Movement, Positive Templars and the White Dragon Society. The historical move of the Positive Military in Egypt on July 3rd, 2013 was a big victory of the Light. On August 16th, 2013 we learned that the Light forces are creating positive networks in military forces worldwide, preparing for the Event:

This is the most powerful positive group on the surface of the planet. They have developed the Plan for planetary liberation with unseen assistance from the Resistance Movement. Around three quarters of the military agrees with this plan and this is sufficient critical mass for this plan to become reality.

Most of this group is not aware of the “unseen friendly hand” of the Resistance. Some of those in high positions are well aware of their Resistance contact but will not admit it as it is still classified information.

The main motivation of the Positive Military is to restore sovereignty and freedom to the human population on Gaia.

At the time of ‘The Event’ there is a possibility of some social unrest in various places around the world. These will just be isolated cases according to Cobra. The Positive Military is the most powerful positive group on the surface of our planet. They have developed their plans with the assistance of the LRM: The Resistance Movement will back up the military, mainly only with intelligence data about the Illuminati and some logistic advice, but they will mostly stay behind the scenes. The Positive military in the USA, Russia and China, will be cooperating in ‘The Event’. They have clear knowledge since way back as to what their role is in this. They will absolutely not be using weapons. There will be a certain number of Galactic family members involved and they will have the support of ‘weapons’ {for want of a better word} which can ‘freeze’ people temporarily. {You may have seen this in the movies- like ‘Men in Black’}. The military and police forces will help in a positive way.

During ‘The Event’ the military will back up the civilian authority {in the USA for example through the federal marshals and worldwide through Interpol}, which will back up local law enforcement to arrest the members of the Cabal.

Advice from the RM for Lightworkers from Now until The Event

This summer Cobra suggested that people write letters to the RM via Prepare for Change to explain what kind of difficult life situation they are experiencing and on Friday, July 21, 2017 in his update Return to Light Cobra informed us that:

“The Resistance has read all those letters and they are now realizing that the amount of suffering of the surface population is even greater than they imagined. For this reason, they have prepared a few instructions that can make the pre-Event time easier for the awakened part of the surface population.

First, the vast majority of suffering has its root cause in the so-called primary implant. Primary implant is the implant that we have all received upon our entrance in the quarantine Earth area many thousand years ago. This implant is positioned in the frontal lobe of the brain on the plasma and etheric plane, is filled with charged rotating anomalous plasma and has the primary message that we are separated from the Source / Love / Light. This primary disconnection from the Source then attracts situations that reflect that disconnection and create more suffering. Since our free will then aligns with the implant, the Light forces cannot intervene in our life, the prayers do not get answered, the protection is lost, the trust is gone.

Those implants were created by the Chimera group millions of years ago and were reinforced by the Chimera in the Great Forgetting of 1996

(currently 5 translations available)  in order to prevent planetary Ascension. When a critical mass of those implants is dissolved, the whole reality construct of duality / evil / suffering will collapse and the Light will return.

On an individual and collective scale, the key to resolve this situation is primarily for us to be aware of the existence of those implants. Mere awareness of the implant and the mind program associated with it will speed up its dissolution. Then the Light forces will be able to intervene in our lives more directly and requests and prayers like this one will be more easily answered:

The easiest and most effective way to dissolve this (and in fact any) mind program is the Clearing technique brought to humanity by Charles Berner (Yogeshwar Muni): 

To summarize, we can dissolve this mind program by disassociating our Self from the program. This can be done by putting our mind alternatively into the state associated with the program (I am separated from the Source) and its opposite (I am one with the Source). If you alternatively write down these polar affirmations (perhaps 10 minutes each day), your mind will disassociate from both polar mental states (separate from the Source / one with the Source) and the mental program will start falling apart, the rotating plasma will dissipate, the implant will start dissolving and your connection with the Source / Love / Light will be naturally reinstated. 

You need to be aware that also the positive dual polarity of the program in your mind (I am one with the Source) will dissipate and will be replaced with genuine connection with the Source. There is a huge difference between a mental belief in the connection with the Source and the real connection itself.  

The Resistance have also communicated that in order to decrease suffering, you need to create positive moments every day. Simple methods to do that include 1) spending time in nature, 2) focusing on beautiful and inspiring, 3) pursuing a hobby, 4) decreasing your exposure to electronic media, which includes less exposure to alternative truther websites, 5) listening to music, 6) spending quality time with other people.”

You can read this complete update here; Return to Light

4 out of 5 people on Earth Live Daily with some Form of Economic Survival Concerns  

US Says No Money for Social Programs, But ‘$700 Billion to Kill People? Yeah That We Have’

This article recently posted on PFC is a good reminder of the reality that human beings exist in here. I believe that 2 out of every 3 people are aware of this mad surreal situation on some level. More than two thirds of this planets inhabitants are aware that something unbelievably dark and corrupt and evil is going on behind the everyday façade that the mainstream media portrays. You and I know the details of this darkness and these facts that we are aware of, will become common knowledge when the Day of the beginning (the truth will be revealed at a pace that people can digest) of Full Disclosure reaches us soon.

Here is an article that I compiled about 2 years ago to show that there has been enormous ongoing work behind the scenes taking place to ensure that wealth will be redistributed to everyone on this planet.

Understanding the Role of the Red Dragon Society Regarding The Event / The Re-Distribution of Wealth to Humanity

The Central Sun Civilisation

In March 2001, a certain important operation of the Light forces was completed and the Central Civilization was able to intervene directly into the Solar System…. The Central Civilization is an ancient race, which evolved close to the Galactic Central Sun and is the first race in the Galaxy which reached spiritual maturity many millions of year ago. In some circles, this race is known as the Wingmakers:

Sometimes they have manifested throughout the human history as physical angelic beings with wings….

…. Beings on these ships sometimes referred to as Blue Avians are members of the Central Civilization, which is the first and oldest intelligent life in our galaxy, therefore the most advanced….

…. They are coming now for the final liberation of this planet….

…. Until today the beings of the spheric motherships have interacted only indirectly with earth population and they only have operated from behind the scenes, because they have the highest wisdom, so they always needed a communicator in between. The vibrational mismatch between the surface population and they was just too big. Throughout the times they were guiding the Ashtar Command and the Pleiadian fleet. Now they have chosen a more direct interaction with planet Earth.

If you would like to know some more about this ancient race – the Central Civilization and the biospheres shown in this picture here, and also how and why the surface of the planet would be uninhabitable without their operations, go to the following link and roll down the page till you see this picture.

So why am I telling you here about the Central Civilization? I’m doing so because on August 19th and August 23rd almost two months ago Cobra gave us some very good news from this ‘Central Race’.

Here first is a preliminary report (2 days before) from Cobra about the Unity Meditation on the eclipse on August 21st

August 19th 2017 Unity Meditation Update

This level of unity has never been reached in the awakened community before. Many groups and individuals have put their differences aside and are supporting the Unity Meditation, each in their own way:

The unity we have achieved has created a strong coherent signal that has attracted the attention of the Central Race. They consider this signal to be an indicator that the surface humanity is ready to graduate to the next level of evolution.

And here the full report from Cobra about this amazing unity meditation!

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Unity Meditation Report

Our meditation was the turning point in the liberation process of our planet:

A few million people were informed about the meditation with more that a quarter million actually participating, so it was our strongest meditation ever.

The unity and the resonance we have achieved was remarkable and was a signal for the Central Race that the awakened part of the human population will be able to hold the Light in unity when the Event happens and that it is now time to put this planet through the Ascension process. This means that from now on, the energies from the Galactic Center will exponentially intensify until all darkness is purified and the planet is liberated.

During the meditation, the critical mass of the New Atlantis energy grid around the planet has been completed and from now on this grid is strong enough to handle the energies of the Event. From now on, the New Atlantis energy grid will be used by the Light forces to transmit mission activation codes in the form of revelatory dreams, impressions and visions to the awakened part of the human population.

What Should Lightworkers Focus on Now?

We need a focus right now upon finding and remaining in a state of inner security. Peace within peace around us. As I write these words I recall Archangel Michael explaining how that deep inner sense of peace feels heavy as heavy as granite. This peace we need is a well-grounded sense of earthly peace. In finding and remaining in a grounded sense of peace now, we are being prepared for any experiences of an emotional spiritual nature that we might experience at the time of The Event.

Even if we have Ascension like or out of body type of experiences at that time, we can choose to postpone those wonderful experiences for a more suitable occasion if we are being called to focus on the physical and emotional needs of others on that first day. We might as well accept that for most lightworkers this will be a very busy time in one way or another. We will be able to answer questions and bring a sense of calmness at a time when most people will be in various states of shock.

Because our knowledge of the situation is great we will be called upon (that call can come from within or without) to assist in various ways. We must know who we are NOW and be able to say ‘no’ NOW, in a kind and loving way, when our inner voice gives us clear guidance as to what is right for us in the moment. We must each of us be able to make decisions and stick to those decisions regardless of how our decisions are liked by others. NOW is the time to practice this in our daily lives.

Here is a wonderful talk by Bentinho Massaro that will assist you in being your true self and finding your mission now;

Any disharmonious situations in our lives that have been tolerated way too long must end NOW. If we allow disharmony to affect us regularly things can only degenerate. Its high time to set boundaries’ now. This following link is very precise advice from Divine Mother on this subject;

Some Thoughts on Cobra’s Situation Update from October 12th 2017

On September 28th  2017 exactly two weeks prior to this update we learned about the parasitic wormlike plasma entities full of toplet bombs that revealed themselves as the Yaldabaoth entity was dissolving. This brought on dejected reactions from some lightworkers feeling that ‘will it ever end – will the veil ever be cleared?’ Yet here we are two weeks later hearing that the acceleration of the purification of these entities has made it possible to start a process of opening up the veil at the heliopause.

“Since October 11th, the Light Forces have begun to open decompression valves of the Tachyon membrane (outer barrier) at the heliopause.

This means that Ascension energies from the Galactic Center have begun to enter our Solar System for the first time since 1995 and the Light Forces are now focusing these energies into the sublunar space, thus accelerating the purification of the remaining plasma parasite entities that are still clinging to the surface of planet Earth:”

I have decided to seek to clarify what this means for those who are not familiar with the term heliopause. The following quote from Cobra is from part two of an interview which Rob Potter had with Cobra and Corey Goode in March 2015.

Cobra;..And the heliopause is the area where the solar winds, the solar plasma field and this entity meets the interstellar wind or so-called galactic consciousness. And the galactic wind, interstellar wind, is part of the galactic plasma entity which is called Pleroma in some old gnostic sources. The Pleroma is the light emanation of the Galactic Central Sun and it creates . . . It actually brings light to the whole galaxy. And this interstellar galactic field is an Ocean of Love. So when this, I would say, not-healed solar system entity, this octopus, meets the Ocean of Love, this is where the healing happens. This is one way of describing it.

And the region where that happens is the heliopause. This is why there is so much focus on the heliopause recently. And whatever happens there then, actually, it cascades down through the whole solar system and will eventually trigger the Event on the planet Earth.

We also just learned on October 12th that;

(I have darkened and underlined here and earlier for clarity)

“A large segment of the Chimera group has been removed from the planet in the last week and the remaining members are beginning to realize that their defeat is possible. One of their plans now is to allow limited Disclosure and limited space travel for humanity, allow the mass arrests of the Cabal, but hide any traces that would lead to them, leave the planet and hide somewhere in the Kuiper belt. Needless to say, this plan will not be successful.

They are now trying to control the Disclosure process through the following project, behind the scenes, without some members of the project even being aware of that:

Diminishing power of the Chimera group is the main reason for many initiatives currently being carried out that will break the quarantine status of planet Earth sooner or later. The first one that succeeds will trigger an avalanche of more breakthroughs that might well be synchronized with the timing of the Event. These initiatives are NOT a prerequisite for the Event, but each positive initiative that pierces the Veil accelerates the process towards the Event. “

TZ here again; I have been following these updates since 2012 religiously. An understanding of the entire process involved in removing the veil cannot be gained from reading only a few updates and believing that the situation can be grasped that way. People claim that this just goes on and on and the same information is repeated and that is simply not the case. If anyone would like to follow the entire story of our battle for liberation then I suggest that you visit a page on my website where the details of the taking down of the Chimera are compiled, following all of the important updates. I would estimate that to read that entire page and assimilate the information there would demand a week at the least and more likely 10 to 14 days study.

Trust me the fact that a large group of the Chimera has just been removed from the planet is unbelievably good news. Victory of the Light is assured. Cobra has explained that when things were at their very worst in the late nineties – turn of the century when an enormous battle raged beneath our feet completely unknown to mankind, even he did not believe that we had a chance or a hope then to be liberated because the situation was so hopeless.


If it were not for the fact that the Pleiadians supported the liberation of planet X (they were far more awake that us) and they subsequently then teleported here to the underground Resistance Movement in their millions we would not be here now! We owe our very existence to the support of the Allied Light Forces. It’s simply a fact that if more of us were awake things would proceed much quicker. Yet there is no point in trying to convince people to wake up because that can in fact cause alienation. It’s better to wait till someone is ready and starts to ask questions – believe me I know I’ve tried!

One year ago, Cobra reminded us about the main factor holding back the Event  

“The second main factor holding back the Event is the deep mind programmed state of the surface humanity which has chosen the slowest path possible towards the Event. Now a small minority of people is overperforming and carrying the load of Liberation for many, whereas the vast majority is underperforming and just complaining. Many people are asking me what to do to speed up the Event.

The answer is very simple: each of you has been born with a mission. Go inside, discover that mission and carry it out. All our missions combined will create the Event.”

You might not like to be reminded of these words but I have to say that with each passing day I understand more fully what he means. Yes, you might be among the minority of people who are ‘overperforming’ to try to bring us to the Transition point. What everyone needs to be clear about is that this Event is not merely about a change in our physical reality in one way or another it’s about ASCENSION. It’s about the Ascension of Gaia and everyone on her.

So, I ask you; Do you know what your mission is and are you carrying it out.? Your mission might be so much simpler than you can imagine

What have the controlling forces tried their utmost to eliminate and destroy on this planet?

The answer to that question is LOVE and all true love relationships which they have seen as their greatest enemy. People who can hold together are strong. Unity is strength.

Their main focus has been to degrade everything connected to love relationships and in whatever way possible to prevent the growth of warm loving relationships full of empathy and forgiveness. Love and all that it means is their greatest fear. Goddess energy that we describe in our meditations as a rose / pink colored warm soft energy is of the Love Essence. I would say that anyone who works on some level in some way to increase the Love Vibrations on this planet is a lightworker. Every single attempt by every single person to bring relationships to a more peaceful, empathic state is lightwork.

The ideals of feminine energy expressed include the art of listening, truly listening to another’s message to you and then upon showing another that we ‘get’ what they are expressing and confirm their feelings and less of the old patriarchal method of giving solutions. Steve Beckow has said at some point that the art of listening to someone’s problems is grossly unappreciated as being an agent for healing.  Also remember that your mission will be something that you truly enjoy and love doing. There should not be any element of sacrifice involved.

There are now so many projects in the works with an aim to mankind travelling out into space very soon. So, we can know without any doubt that the balance of power is truly shifting on our beautiful Gaia. One of these projects that Cobra gave links to is expected to take off within 3 to 6 months and The first one that succeeds will trigger an avalanche of more breakthroughs that might well be synchronized with the timing of the Event.”

Speculation begins now again when we try to figure out just when the Event can possibly take place. In his next sentence Cobra says,

“These initiatives are NOT a prerequisite for the Event, but each positive initiative that pierces the Veil accelerates the process towards the Event.”

I truly believe now that the signal for the Event will be given as soon as the worst danger has passed and the quicker more and more of us align with our true mission and become as ready as we possibly can in our everyday private lives to be the wayshowers that we need to be after this Transition takes place. So, let’s get on with it and do all that we can to bring this Event about.

How about we decide right now to act as if it had already taken place? Get into practice now! Yes, it is assured – yes, we shall have Victory of the Light – lets agree to live calmly and harmoniously knowing that we have made it. Sit on the side and watch the final game play out.

Therese Zumi

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TZ here; Recently Steve Beckow asked Archangel Michael a question from a reader who wondered ’what if’ – after the Transition that we call The Event {Steve calls the Reval} when everyone on this planet is provided with a sum of money that will cover all their needs – what if someone decides take things into their own hands and to spend that money on weapons to attack cabal people who have created this situation that mankind exists in?

The answer that AM gives lets you have a deeper understanding of just how life changing this Event will be for everyone as we will no longer be existing inside the so-called Veil.

Operation Omega Phoenix ~ Resistance Movement HD YouTu

First posted on Prepare For Change wednesday 18th October 2017 at 1356 PM CEST

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  1. Thanks for this. I have to tell you that we lifted the VEIL on Aug. 21st 2017 at Mt. Shasta. It was not just humans there. It was perhaps hundreds of beings who all came around 11:11 a.m. after the eclipse and we all lifted this grey balloon like veil off the mountain. It floated off into space and disappeared. WE came in our light bodies. We all had been given instructions what to do. It was one of the most significant events of my life. Just not sure how you missed that.

  2. This is Incredibly legible for my understanding and cooperation ….I am currently in the process of “overperforming” in such a manner of inducing clarity within my most recent family dynamic changes that pits me in the proximity of Matriarch during the Event that is closely approaching. As for the past interactions with family has been seperate most my life as I feel I was the Black Sheep and since death of my immediate family has thwarted me into this position….not only do I have to accept this but so do they …in such a way that what is within me prior to deaths now has to be brought forward in a manner that will be rendered the wayshower that is me. I will express Love at its finest to those close to me and in time they will find comfort in my truths and begin,to ask questions as to what eluded them,before this all transpired!! NAMASTE ~MM.17

  3. Hope the aliens finally come and take me to the stars, and change my body to what it should have been (mainly with gender…as in giving my body the RIGHT gender…right now, it is not) and in this lift time…NOt the next

  4. I know what you say about truly listening to someone making such a huge difference in someone’s life. I fostered for many years. For half of it I worked with and nurtured teens. So many had horrific lives and didn’t stay long in one home. They generally had not been heard, or feelings validated, or offered Love and caring. Once they realized someone would listen and believe them they started slowly to heal. Not all, but most. Some were completely out of trust. We need to help those that enter our lives if we can, with Love.

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    October 15, 2017 at 10:10 PM

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