2 thoughts on “BREAKING: Woman Witnesses Child Sacrifice At Vatican”

  1. The VATICAN, was NEVER a “Religious” organization as some think…It was ALWAYS a “Political/Corprorate” organization…It is in FACT a Luciferian/Satanist creation run by “The Anti-Christ” Jesuit Pope!
    Here coming fate has been predicted long ago at Revelation 17 – 18 recorded in the Bibles of the world.
    It LITERALLY controls the ENTIRE world’s “Governments”…and BOTH represent “Mind-Control” over the “Citizens” (SLAVES!)…otherwise known as “Sheeple”.
    It is described in Revelation as “Having a Kingdom OVER the KINGS of the ENTIRE world.
    I believe as prophecied, VERY Soon those KINGS will turn against Her and EXPOSE and Destroy her….Followed closely by THEIR own demise.

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