Painting: "The Pleiades" (1885)
The Pleiades (1885) by artist Elihu Vedder. I see a lot of goddess energy in this painting!

The Pleiadians and other cosmic civilizations of Light use subatomic particles called tachyons as a basic source of energy: as hyperdrive energy source for their spaceships by creating hyperspace wormholes, for healing, information transmission and for other purposes. And now there are tachyon chambers in North America, Europe and Asia that will help us heal body, mind and spirit.

Tachyon chambers were developed by the Pleiadians
The Pleiades

Tachyons Are From Higher Dimensions

A “tachyon belt” represents the border between the entropic and syntropic universe and it now surrounds our planet. High energy cosmic rays enter our Solar system from interstellar space and carry tachyons with them. Some of these tachyons reach the surface of our planet through a hyper-dimensional wormhole that the researchers in Europe have created with a quartz oscillator crystal aboard Genesis II spacecraft. The tachyons that have arrived through the wormhole can be utilized in the Tachyon Healing Chamber. The Phoenix Group in Europe developed the tachyon chamber with help from the Pleiadians. The tachyon chamber assists in bringing tachyons from the higher dimensions into physical matter.

What These Tiny Things Do

Tachyon chambers take advantage of sacred geometry.
Sacred geometry: we’re just finding out how important sacred geometry is to how our universe is structured.

Tachyons have an extraordinary healing and harmonizing effect. Tachyons can completely harmonize all energy fields that are result of gravity, electromagnetism and weak nuclear force. Tachyon energy harmonizes and enlivens the energy matrix which shapes all matter and also our mental, emotional, etheric and physical bodies. All this greatly affects our physical health and well-being. Tachyons protect against all forms of electrosmog. A healing session inside the Tachyon chamber takes about 20 minutes and has irreversible positive effects on all aspects of our being.   The people who developed the chamber recommend five 20-minute sessions in the chamber.

Here’s My Experience

Tachyons work at the subatomic level.
Tachyons work at the subatomic level.

I have personally visited two of the tachyon chambers in North America. In one case, I went because I thought the tachyon chamber ought to help me after a death in my family.  I felt renewed and hopeful afterward. And very healthy (though I am fortunate in that I wasn’t dealing with a serious physical issue).  At another tachyon chamber, a year later, I felt power emanating from it, the moment I walked into the building.  Two men I know who used the chamber discovered that their previously rather serious cases of psoriasis were simply gone about six weeks after leaving the chamber.  Another person had about 95% of his arthritis gradually disappear. He felt it was because he was using the chamber fairly regularly.

I haven’t determined any side effects from being in a chamber…unless you count deep relaxation as a side effect!  Anyway, many of the websites listed below contain testimony from people who have experienced the chamber.


There is more information about tachyon chambers HERE.


Our home planet.

Tachyon chambers around the world:

(List was updated August 29, 2018)

North America:

Waynesboro, Virginia, USA contact

Eagle Butte, South Dakota, USA contact

Scottsburg, Oregon, USA contact

South Hadley, Massachusetts, USA contact [email protected]

Sedona, Arizona, USA contact [email protected]

Sechelt, British Columbia, Canada contact [email protected]

Port Alberni, British Columbia, Canada contact

Petaluma, California, USA  (expected Autumn 2018)


Stein am Rhein, Switzerland contact [email protected]

Ljubljana, Slovenia contact [email protected]

Vienna, Austria contact [email protected]

Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic contact [email protected]

Glauchau, Germany contact [email protected]

Letschin, Germany contact [email protected]


New Taipei City, Taiwan contact [email protected]

Hsinchu, Taiwan contact [email protected]

Taichung City, Taiwan contact [email protected]

Tanzi District, Taiwan contact [email protected]

Huwei Township, Taiwan contact [email protected]

Tokyo, Japan contact [email protected]

Ikebukuro, Tokyo, Japan contact [email protected]

Osaka, Japan contact [email protected]

Saitama, Japan contact [email protected]

Chigasaki, Kanagawa, Japan contact [email protected]

Sendai, Miyagi, Japan contact [email protected]

Ibara-shi, Okayama, Japan contact [email protected]

Yonago, Tottori, Japan contact [email protected]

Nonoichi, Ishikawa, Japan contact [email protected]

Nomi-shi, Ishikawa, Japan contact [email protected]

Beijing, China contact [email protected]

Shanghai, China contact [email protected]

Shenyang, China contact [email protected]

Chengdu, China contact [email protected]

Chengdu, China contact  [email protected]

Huizhou, China contact [email protected]


–Megan Edwards


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  1. Please put me in contact with the closest machine to DFW , Texas
    I have a close friend dying of cancer
    Has just a few days to live. Please
    Respond Soon !

    My name is Glen Hyde
    [email protected]

  2. I would like to know more about how much does a session cost,how much a tachyon chamber cost and the closest one to use.I live in Chicago,Illinos

    • Hi Bradley, The article contains a list of tachyon chambers in No. America. You can contact the people at the one closest to you.

    • Ronae: Look at the link in this sentence:
      There is more information about tachyon chambers HERE. << Click on the word HERE.

  3. 1. How much does it cost.
    2. How long of a waiting list.
    3. If I write anyone at these Labs, will they allow anyone use them.
    4. Can you buy one for home, like the med-beds.

    • Hi Joe, Click on the link in the article, just above the long list of world-wide locations.
      The link goes to:
      You can ask these questions there.
      Happy healing!

    • Hello, Mary, I don’t see any in Australia on the list. Looks like the closest ones to you are in China or Taiwan. Thanks for your note and happy healing!

    • Kennyboy, you ask a good question. It would be nice for more of the public to know about them. Thanks for your note.


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