Responsible for genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and the pesticides that are sprayed on them, Monsanto is on the tips of everyone’s tongues lately. Health conscious individuals are doing everything they can to boycott this company and support others instead, even if that means opting for much pricier organic produce.

There are a number of reasons for their concern, including the fact that no long-term studies have been done to show the potential health effects of consuming genetically modified foods or the high levels of pesticides that came with them. The mere fact that this company is responsible for some of the worst chemicals ever created, including Agent Orange, DDT, asbestos, and aspartame, also contributes to this widespread mistrust.

Last September, Bayer, the largest pharmaceutical company in the world, made a deal to buy out Monsanto for $66 billion, even though Monsanto was voted “the most evil company in the world” back in 2013. Unfortunately, this buyout only strengthened Monsanto’s lobbying power.

This corporate giant has now set its sights on another product, one that has garnered increasing attention lately as laws relax and medicinal uses become better understood: cannabis. Despite claiming otherwise, evidence suggests Monsanto may already have ties to cannabis production, a worrisome connection for anyone who uses cannabis medically or even enjoys an occasional puff.

How Is This Connection Made?

Monsanto and Miracle-Gro already have a business partnership. Hawthorne is a front for Miracle-Gro and has already purchased three of the largest cannabis producers in the business, Botanicare, Gavita, and General Hydroponics. A number of other companies have already received buy-out offers, but have refused.

According to a Hydroponics Lighting Representative, “They want to bypass hydroponics retail stores. . . . When we said we won’t get in bed with them they said, ‘Well, we could just buy your whole company like we did with Gavita and do whatever we want.’ ”Miracle-Gro CEO Jim Hagedorn has gone so far as to announce his plans for reefer referendums. “Invest, like, half a billion in [taking over] the pot business,” he recommends. “It is the biggest thing I’ve ever seen in lawn and garden.”One only has to connect the dots to see where this is heading, and it’s not surprising. The cannabis industry is on the brink of a major boom, and it makes sense that a huge corporation like Monsanto would like to get in on the action.

Now What?

Nothing has been decided at this moment, but we can see clearly that it is a possibility, and even if Monsanto/Bayer does take over the cannabis industry, it is not certain that they will create genetically modified strains. Even if they don’t, however, it is up to you to decide if this is a company you would like to support or not. If you actively choose non-GMO products, then you’ll certainly need to do your research to ensure the strains you are getting are not coming from a Monsanto-owned grow business.

Unfortunately, Bayer and Monsanto could create a monopoly on marijuana seeds in the same way we have seen them do with corn and soy. They have an incredible amount of corporate power and through enforcing international patent law, could end up with total control over the cannabis industry, including medicinal cannabis use and research.

Don’t Forget, As the Consumer, You Hold the Power

There will undoubtedly be some backlash against Monsanto — as if they haven’t gotten enough already — but it is absolutely necessary to call out this company for their ruthless business practices. DO NOT SUPPORT Monsanto or Bayer by buying any cannabis products coming from companies that they own. More information about Monsanto’s involvement in the cannabis industry, whether direct or indirect, will surely surface soon, and it is up to you to stay informed and make the appropriate decisions. A safe bet would be to grow your own and keep the seeds, if you are living in an area where this is legal. Spread this information far and wide; we cannot let Monsanto take over the cannabis industry.

Much Love


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  1. In 1968 Monsanto teamed with the University of Mississippi working with a pharmaceutical company in Canada and a university in Amsterdam… They collected all of the varieties in the world, brought them back to the University of Mississippi to be genetically modified. Then they sent agents out with briefcases to bring these new seeds to all of the drug dealers in the world. 100% of marijuana is genetically modified to be 100 times stronger then it was in the 60s. Everybody who has smoked the old marijuana knows that this stuff we smoke now is 100 times stronger. The experiment was done with colchicine, and viral vectors, and agrobacterium rhizogenes and tumafasciens to increase the cannabinoids. These GMO agrobacteriums have been found in the new bio weapon disease Morgellons.

  2. Having inside information from the cigarette companies, I was informed in 1970 that the reason they came out with smaller cigarettes (Like Virgina Slims) was due to the fact that they were planning for many years to take over the cannabis business and sell them like they do packages of cigarettes. Of course, if Monsanto and Bayer are in the act, then these cannabis cigarettes will become highly addictive and extremely poisonous for human consumption, just like they did to tobacco. You can bet your booties that they will make this product so that it will have no medical benefit for humans and will make billions for their already over-stuff bank accounts.

  3. See more reasons why as i have been saying for over 15 year’s now that weed is bad to its not good for you and not just because it gets you in the 4th dimensional malevolent traps and lowers your vibrations aura spiritual defense and has many inferior side effects like being stupid and air head no not just those reasons but also because of course big farma Monsanto and elites cia cabal malevolent beings illuminati are aware of how to make it just as bad as your human meat mcdonalds of course its bad for anyone.

  4. Please correct the spelling of marijuana. Let us not give mainstream another reason to ridicule us. In almost all the years I worked in the healthcare industry, marijuana was used as a prescription drug called Marinol, but at the same time the controllers were portraying marijuana as a good for nothing plant. If they can control it and make money out of it, it is all good.


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