Sacred Secretion / Christ Oil / True Annointing – HEAVEN ON EARTH

The journey of the sacred secretion thought the body explained in full! How to preserve it and meet God FACE TO FACE AT PENIEL!

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  1. Hey Edward,

    Thank you for sharing my video.

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    • The oil will know the path if you stay in tune Spiritually. Stay in a calm environment. Make sure you are alkiline. Pray and just allow the procesd to flow. Focus on unconditional Love. Allow Love to rise in and through you.pray. Meditate. Be as a child. Open your heart and trust. Do not focus on a step by step ritual. It doesnt work like that. This is personal for your journey. While there are some specifics that apply for everyone, you and you alone take this journey, but yes Almighty God is with you. Jesus is in you. Love will lead you❤️

  2. Sounds interesting; but in reality it means there will never be peace on earth. Yes, there is much that needs to take place within us all; but until that translates to actual, physical manifestation, it is virtually useless. The Kingdom of God, if real, must be within and without, filling all dimensions, all realities.

  3. Salaam, namastey dear Edward , thank you so much , the beauty, the peace , the love and the heaven within. So be it . So it is . I AM. Much much love always , forever. Vcitory to the light .

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