Humans make up just 0.01% of living mammals on earth, yet we have destroyed a massive portion of wild mammals…

A shocking new assessment of all life on Earth has revealed the catastrophic destruction the human race has inflicted on the planet’s animals, the figure of wild mammals destroyed by humans is a massive 83%.

Despite humans making up a tiny 0.01% of the mammal population on earth, they are the most dominant and destructive force on the planet.

The study revealed that since the dawn of civilization, humans have caused the loss of 83% of all wild mammals and half of the plants.

The study is the very first comprehensive estimate of the magnitude of every class of living creature, overturning some along held assumptions.

Even though bacteria is a significant life form -13% of everything – plants overshadow everything representing massive 82% of all living matter.

All other living creature and wild mammals from fungi to insects, to animals an fish, make up just 5% of the planet’s biomass.

wild mammals

Another surprise is that the brimming life revealed in the oceans by the recent BBC tv series Blue Planet II turns out to represent only 1% of all biomass.

The massive bulk of growth is land-based, and a large piece, an 8th, is germs buried deep listed below the surface area.

” I was shocked to discover there wasn’t already a detailed, holistic estimate of all the various components of biomass,” said Prof Ron Milo, at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel, who led the work, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

” I would hope this gives people a viewpoint on the dominant function that humankind now plays on Earth,” he stated, including that he now decides to consume less meat due to the substantial environmental impact of livestock.

The change of the world by human activity has led researchers to the verge of declaring a brand-new geological era…the Anthropocene.

wild mammals

One suggested marker for this modification are the bones of the domestic chicken, now standard across the globe.

The new work reveals that farmed poultry today makes up 70% of all birds in the world, with merely 30% being wild. The picture is much more plain for mammals.

60% of all mammals in the world are livestock, primarily cattle and pigs, 36% are human, and just 4% are wild animals.

” It is pretty staggering,” stated Milo. “In wildlife movies, we see flocks of birds, of every kind, in huge amounts, and then when we did the analysis, we found there are [far] more domesticated birds.”

The damage of wild environment for farming, logging, and advancement has resulted in the start of what many researchers consider the sixth mass termination of life to occur in the Earth’s 4 billion year history.

About half the Earth’s animals are believed to have been lost in the last 50 years.

But a comparison of the brand-new price quotes with those for the time before humans became farmers, and the economic transformation began to expose the complete extent of the considerable decrease.

Just one-sixth of wild mammals, from mice to elephants, stay, surprising even the scientists.

In the oceans, three centuries of whaling has left merely a fifth of marine mammals in the oceans.

Wild mammals are the true victims

wild mammals

” It is striking, our disproportionate put on Earth,” said Milo. “When I do a puzzle with my children, there is generally an elephant beside a giraffe beside a rhino. However, if I were aiming to provide a more reasonable sense of the world, it would be a cow beside a cow next to a cow and after that a chicken.”

Regardless of humanity’s supremacy, in weight terms Homo sapiens is puny.

Viruses alone have a combined weight three times that of human beings, as do worms. Fish are 12 times greater than people and fungi 200 times as large.

However our effect on the natural world stays immense, said Milo, especially in precisely what we choose to consume: “Our dietary choices have a vast impact on the habitats of animals, plants and other organisms.”

” I would hope individuals would take this [work] as part of their worldview of how they consume,” he said. “I have not ended up being vegetarian. However I do take the environmental effect into my decision making, so it helps me think, do I want to choose beef or poultry or usage tofu rather?”

The scientists computed the biomass approximates using information from hundreds of studies, which typically used modern-day methods, such as satellite remote noticing that can scan terrific locations, and gene sequencing that can decipher the myriad organisms in the microscopic world.

They started by evaluating the biomass of a class of organisms, and then they determined which environments such life could live in throughout the world to produce a global overall.

They utilized carbon as the key measure and discovered all life contains 550bn tonnes of the element.

The researchers acknowledge that significant unpredictabilities remain in particular estimates, specifically for germs deep underground, however, state the work presents a useful summary.

Paul Falkowski, at Rutgers University in the US and not part of the research study group, said:

“The study is, to my knowledge, the initially comprehensive analysis of the biomass distribution of all organisms– including infections– on Earth.”

” There are two significant takeaways from this paper,” he stated. “First, people are extremely effective in exploiting natural deposits. People have chosen, and sometimes gotten rid of, wild mammals for food or enjoyment in essentially all continents. Second, the biomass of terrestrial plants extremely controls on a global scale– and the majority of that biomass is in the kind of wood.”


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  1. I can’t even look at those pictures any more. I sometimes feel so appalled to belong to the human race. What and who are we? I know what and who I am , but the most people don’t and when will they know and learn, We should shame our eyes out of our heads.

    LOVE CONQUERS ALL, but it takes a few millions of years more. Too long !!!


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