In an alarming revelation, it has come to light that government scientists at U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have found the weed killer ingredient glyphosate in many popular processed foods. This information was in emails that were obtained through a freedom of information request. (what they did with that ‘intelligence’ is SHOCKING!)

Glyphosate is perhaps best known as the main ingredient in the Roundup weed killer brandfrom the Monsanto company. And, the FDA has been testing foods for the presence of herbicides and pesticides including, this highly toxic substance glyphosate for two years – but had not released results. (Gee, I wonder why)

Glyphosate has been used in weed killer for the past 40 years

The leaked information shows that the organization has had trouble finding foods that do NOT contain traces of this harmful chemical. Corn meal, crackers, cereals and many other processed foods all show traces of glyphosate.

The internal FDA email is dated January 2017 and is a portion of many communications within the organization to determine just how much glyphosate is in our nation’s food supply. It is the first time the FDA has attempted to ascertain the levels and potential risks of glyphosate contamination.

As you may know, glyphosate has been used for the past 40 years. Yet, the FDA just recently begun testing for it. (not a comforting thought – if you think about their slow reaction time)

Demand for testing intensified in 2015 following the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) classification of glyphosate as a ‘probable human carcinogen.’

FDA claims pesticide testing was on samples that were “not official”

Roundup and other pesticide brands are sprayed directly on to many crops such as corn, wheat, oats and soybeans. It is also used on fields before growing season on crops like spinach and almonds.

While the levels are low, some exceed accepted guidelines, including in corn, where “over tolerance” levels were detected. (The legal limit is 5.0 ppm, and 6.5 ppm was detected.) Of course, the FDA dismissed its findings, along with other information in the email, stating that the foods tested were not “official samples.”

The FDA says it will be releasing official findings in a report later in 2018 or early 2019. These types of reports are typically released around two to two and a half years after data has been collected.

In addition to glyphosate, the FDA has also been measuring for herbicide residues 2,4-D and dicamba. There has been an increase in the use of these weed killers on genetically engineered crops.

And, now, (finally) the FDA says they have expanded testing capacity to assess for these chemicals. How many more people need to be poisoned by these chemicals before government ‘health’ agencies sound the alarm?!

Action step: Eating organic reduces your glyphosate exposure

While regulators, agrochemical industry interests and the Monsanto company all claim that traces of these chemicals are ‘perfectly safe,’ many scientists – and the evidence – say quite the opposite. (look up the work of MIT scientist, Stephanie Seneff, PhD)

Simply put, prolonged dietary exposure to pesticides can harm your health and has been linked to a higher risk of cancer and other chronic disease conditions like, autoimmune disorders. There’s no doubt, it’s the cumulative effect that causes so many problems.

Monsanto, often called “the most evil corporation” in the United States, has tried to block information regarding glyphosate food residue from being introduced as evidence in a court case regarding its Roundup products and their link with a higher risk of cancer. Fortunately, the San Francisco superior court judge denied has already denied such a motion.

So, what can you do? Avoiding processed foods sold in most supermarkets. Start spending your money on locally grown (chemical free) organic foods. Keep in mind, many local farmers markets don’t necessarily offer “certified organic” foods, but their non-toxic farming practices tend to offer much better produce – at very reasonable prices.

I have personally been blessed to (finally) meet an amazing couple of organic farmers – that supply almost 100% of my weekly produce needs.  And, I hope to have more news about what they do (and how it can help you) in the near future.

Until then, shop wisely and stay well.

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Reaching hundreds of thousands of people, worldwide, as a personal health consultant, writer and radio talk show host, Jonathan has been educating the public on the health benefits of an organic, non-GMO diet along with high-quality supplementation and healthy lifestyle habits, including exercise and meditation.

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  1. I agree with Linda that we should vote with our feet and not buy anything that IS GMO and most processed foods have these ingredients. It’s worse than mentioned; GMO foods like corn are products like maltodextrin, spices, additives and preservatives. What ever is highly advertised on TV/Media like Coke/soft drinks, cereal targeted to children, boxed foods and so on will eventually kill us. McDonalds and fast foods too. Look closely and you will see that higher ups in the FDA have traditionally come from big pharma companies and they go back and forth between the two. Hidden in plain sight. The evil goes deep and they find us stupid and easily mind controlled by their advertising for foods and products that we just have to have. The paid trolls for Monsanto surf the net for the name and spew lies but people have caught on. This is the new ploy; merge and drop the name but you can bet all of the crap will still be in our food. Turn the TV off permanently. That will solve most of the problem

  2. I find it rather interesting that organic food costs so much more and that the gross majority of food consumed in the US is GMO. The high amount of High Fructose Corn Syrup is EVERYTHING can’t even be metabolised by the body! It is a corn sugar meant to be ingested in very small doses when we eat corn, not drunk by the gallon. This is a major cause of high triglycerides. Because HFCS can’t be burned in the mitochondria easily, it is instead converted in the liver into triglycerides and shunted directly into the fat cells. Our bodies don’t readily recognize GMO foods, either. Their photographic energy signature isn’t even normal; rather, it is very disrupted and chaotic. Humans have destroyed the normal flora in our intestines as a result of antibiotics and I’m not just referring to an overgrowth of yeast. I mean all the important bacteria related to genes, mood, appetite, sleep and energy. Don’t get me started on meat… Everything I’ve listed, and more, is why people are overweight. Period.

  3. Why would the good old FDA hide the results? Because the FDA is just another bureaucracy created by the Cabal to assist in phasing in the NWO of which Agenda 21 is a large part of. Do you still find yourself feeling assured when a product has the FDA stamp of approval? You need to wake up. That is the product you need to be running away from. You pay for the existence of the FDA, but the FDA does not work for you!

  4. We HAVE to eat as much organic food as possible if we want to save ourselves and this earth. I know that organic food costs more but, MAYBE if we stop buying all of the JUNK food, the prices might start coming down and more farmers will start planting organic crops. Follow the $$$$.


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