On the Fourth of July 2018,  PrepareForChange.net  spoke for a fifth time in this series of 2018 interviews with Benjamin Fulford.

Benjamin suggests that it’s about time that the  USA  declare its independence,  he talks about the slow train wreck of the economies of Italy and southern Europe,  he mentions how the public  is distracted from big issues with celebrity news,  and he reminds us that recently, many bad guys have been taken down.

Benjamin Fulford continues to work to liberate the planet from the bad guys. He is literally fighting to bring freedom and new life to humanity.

This interview is about  50  minutes long and we hope you enjoy it.

Let’s take our cue from Benjamin Fulford… and turn our world into a wonderful place!

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The transcript for this interview is below.

Transcript: The Council of Europe Redux,  July 4, 2018 Interview

(Meg) Hello everyone from Prepare for Change.net
I am “Meg” coming to you from the USA and here is my interview partner.

(Richard) Hi there! I’m Richard. I’m talking to you from the UK.

Who is Benjamin Fulford?

(Meg) Today at Prepareforchange.net, we are interviewing Benjamin Fulford.

Benjamin’s website is www.benjaminfulford.net.
We would like to introduce Benjamin to our listening audience.

Benjamin is a reporter and investigative journalist. He has been a correspondent for several news organizations in Asia and notably he was the Asia-Pacific Bureau Chief for Forbes magazine. He left Forbes in 2005, in disgust over their editorial direction and censorship.

Benjamin’s weekly reports are based on information from a broad range of sources including, among others, the Japanese Yakuza crime family; The British intelligence service MI6; the Freemasons; the CIA, the KGB, and the Mossad. Benjamin is actively fighting to rid the earth of the psychopaths currently in charge.

Benjamin’s weekly geo-political news reports provide updates and summaries of the latest events in the on-going secret war for control of planet Earth.

Benjamin’s website at benjaminfulford.net is completely independent and subscriber supported
We’ll make a few announcements and then we’ll get started.

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 Time for us to Declare Independence

(Meg) This is our Fourth of July, 2018 interview with Benjamin Fulford. In the USA, the Fourth of July is significant because on this date in 1776, the American Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence, which cut America loose from the British crown.
It’s significant for America but we think it can be an example for the whole world, because it’s symbolic for all of humanity to wake up and think about what we want in our lives, in our nations and in our world.

(Benjamin) Well, look, I would like to wish the American people a happy Fourth of July but I would also like to remind them that the republic that was born July 4, 1776 ceased to exist in 1871 and then was replaced by a system of debt slavery in 1913, when the power to make money was taken away from the Congress. So, it’s about time that you redeclare your independence, okay? Sorry about that. But the good news is that it’s happening. The American patriots are on the march and you will become an independent country again soon.

(Meg) Thanks. We all hope that that is the case and that the symbolism of the date will spur everyone on to independence. Hi, Benjamin, we are delighted to have you with us today.

(Benjamin) The other thing I would like to comment on is the singer, Bono saying that the United Nations, NATO G7 are under threat. And…he’s right. And they should be. I’m sorry, but The United Nations is not really the world, okay? It’s a private corporation, registered with Dun and Bradstreet. The owners don’t make themselves public, okay? Think about it. What people of the world actually voted to elect the UN Secretary General? Who chose him? Why is it that the veto- wielding permanent members of the Security Council have no representatives from India, Africa or South America? It is not a world institution. It’s an instrument of neo-colonialism. And it need to be updated and replaced with something that truly represents the people of the planet earth. (Richard: Absolutely) It should be chosen by the people of planet earth, not by self-appointed, secret rulers, who hire people like Bono to speak for them.

(Richard) Yes, the EU is pretty much the same thing as well. We have many unelected leaders who set the laws and an elected council passes it. But they don’t really get to choose it.

The EU Was Modeled on the Soviet Union

(Benjamin) Yeah, the only thing is that they can discuss what to put on yogurt labels but that’s about it. It was modeled on the Soviet Union. It’s a copy of the Soviet Union. Not democratic. It’s not even meritocratic. It’s an instrument of fascism or centralized communism or whatever you want to call it. It’s not democratic and not really representing the people of Europe. Another way of looking at it is that it’s an instrument of German control over Europe. What they couldn’t do with tanks they did with banks.

(Richard) It started off with trade, didn’t it. It was slowly usurped into a political union when it was never that to begin with. We’re going to be leaving next year, but until it fully collapses, there are ununfortunately 27 member still in there.

(Benjamin) It is collapsing though, in many ways. The system is fundamentally flawed, as you can see with the slow train wreck that is Italy and southern Europe. They’ve been slowly but surely sinking into debt to Germany over the years and losing their industrial base because they can’t have their own currency. The answer, as proposed by French slave President Emmanuel Macron to further consolidate and centralize power is just a non-starter. Because the people who want this centralized and controlled power were not elected or chosen by anyone and they are not very nice people. They’re mass murderers. Let’s not beat around the bush. They are mass murdering war criminals. They should not be in charge of anything. They should be in jail.

(Richard) I am sure there are people behind them and we have no idea who they are — the real puppetmasters who are playing this game.

(Meg) Or do you feel like you know who they are, Benjamin?

Who runs the BIS, anyway?

(Benjamin) Well, certainly my investigation, my forensic trail — I talked to the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds and they pointed first to the P2 Freemasons in Italy and I went to Italy and I met the P2 and they told me the trail led to Zurich, Switzerland, in other words the BIS, [Bank for International Settlements], the central banks for central banks. Again, this is something where conspiracy theory and mainstream journalism can be joined, because, if you phone the BIS and ask them, ‘What government has authority over you?’ They’ll say, ‘None.’ Even the government of Switzerland is not… their headquarters. All right, well, if you ask them, ‘Who elected you?’ They’ll answer ‘Nobody.’ And if you say, ‘Why do you control the world’s central banks and money? Who gave you that right?’ They’ll evade the issue and hang up the phone. That’s the problem.

(Benjamin) Furthermore, I’ve been approached recently by members of the old Ching Royal Family — the last emperor and his family they said all their gold was taken. The promise was that they would use it to develop East Asia. Instead, they used it to create the G7, and only finance the countries that they controlled, which is the G7. They completely broke all their promises, which is why North Korea has been so alienated from them for so long. And they’re saying, rightly ‘Give us the gold back.’ And they have been told, very clearly, ‘Give the gold back.’ And there are people who are willing to resort to a nuclear weapon to destroy Basel Switzerland and the BIS if they don’t comply. I’ve been told this. These are serious people and they know it’s not a bluff.

(Meg) Richard and I were discussing the BIS right before you came on and we were trying to figure out, how would that come about. How would the Bank of International Settlements return their gold? Who would they return it to? What would be the mechanics of it? Armored vehicles across Europe or what? Any idea about that?

(Benjamin) I think the answer to secret control is public and open control. My advice would be to display the gold in public and explain to the people how the system existed and evolved and have a public debate, an open debate, with all facts put on the table. So we can all decide what to do next.

Barring that, the White Dragon people, who I’m a spokesperson for, say that we could set up a meritocratically staffed future planning agency that would carry out a multitrillion dollar project that would fill the oceans with fish, turn the deserts green, explore the universe, do all sorts of good things. I mean trillions of dollars. Not — the World Bank, the only truly so-called charitable organization, run by the G7 people, has $50 billion per year or something? It’s nothing.

(Richard) Chump change.

One Belt One Road: 60x The Marshall Plan

(Benjamin) For the world, it’s nothing. The Chinese have come up with the One Belt One Road which is at least 60 times bigger than the Marshall Plan was. That’s great, but it is a One China, One World thing. We need a western answer to that, to work in harmony with them. So, there are so many other things that can be done. It’s about time they finally built a tunnel to connect Alaska to Eurasia so you could take a train from New York to London and cut transportation costs for goods. There are so many things they could do. There is so much work that needs to be done.

(Benjamin) Instead we have a bunch of religious fanatics. It’s a proveable fact that the people who run the United States and the West were planning to kill 90% of the world’s population. This is proven. I was invited to join them. They offered me the job as Finance Minister of Japan. I have it on tape but they told me they needed to kill 90% of the world’s population in order to ‘save the environment.’ And since that meeting, during the Bush regime, they were spreading bioweapons all over the world. Ebola, SARS, weaponized bird flu.

The Bad Guys Have A History of Spreading Disease and Starvation

(Benjamin) It is all –not a natural thing. This is an attempt to murder humanity. This is proven. There is plenty of evidence of this. I don’t say things if I can’t prove them. The other thing that happened was, they were subsidizing farmers to grow fuel instead of food, and created a starvation crisis in 33 countries. They were actually caught spreading disease and trying to create mass starvation, which is what they told me their plan was. And they did it. Fortunately, they were stopped by whistleblowers and good guys. And alot of these people have been removed. It is no coincidence that a lot of the Royals, the Queen of Netherlands, the King of Belgium, the King of Spain–all these people resigned because they were part of it. And Pope Maledict resigned. This is the first time a pope has resigned in 600 years. This is because he was part of this mass murder plot. And a lot of them were removed from power. But, what has happened now is the genocidal faction has been more or less neutralized.

(Benjamin) But then we have another self-appointed group that is saying, ‘we’re going to be in charge, still.’ This is the the global warming people. They are definitely a much nicer faction, but again, they don’t represent the people of the planet. They have been very bad at running the planet. They have wiped out more species in the past 100 years since the dinosaurs were wiped out. And it’s accelerating. They haven’t been able to stop this. They haven’t been able to come up with a compelling plan to mobilize people of the planet to stop destroying the planet We are headed toward a ecological crisis of geological proportions. Not bibilical but geological.

(Richard) Absolutely. I know about Monsanto and they genetically modified rice such that it wouldn’t reproduce seeds. So they take the Asian farmers and tell them ‘this will give you better yields. Five times more yields!’ And they have to use their pesticides, the farmers go bankrupt, they kill themselves. And then they put new people in. And then you have a merger of…

The Defunding of the Green Revolution

(Benjamin) In Japan too, they were forcing the farmers to buy their seeds against their will. When I went to school in Mexico, one of my teachers was Mrs. Borlaug. Her husband was I think Dr. Norman Borlaug, who was one of the fathers of the green revolution and he won a Nobel Prize for it, vastly increasing the amount of food that could be produced. Since his time, they have cut off all funding for improving food through the green revolution people. They were all cut off. Instead, during the Bush regime, I also documented deliberate attempts to spread crop famines — diseases that would destroy our main grains. Again, it’s part of this attempt to kill us.

(Benjamin) So, we have people like the Bushes, who are trying to murder us. They put their plan out on the Georgia Guidestones where they say they want to reduce the world population to 500 million. They said it. They tried it. They tried to kill us. We have a legitimate right of self defense. They are trying to kill you and your family. You can defend yourself. This is not something radical, it is common sense. If they try to kill you, you are allowed to defend yourself.

(Meg) It seems to me that the major wall around all this is really to get people to start listening to what is really going on and I think in the USA we have such powerful media and press that turns everyone’s heads toward the story of the day and away from these really big issues. Don’t you think that’s true?

(Benjamin) They have definitely lost that ability. You know there is a recent poll that says that 72% of Americans believe they deliberately spread fake news.

(Meg) Yes, I saw that.

Trust in the Media has Considerably Declined

(Benjamin) The other polls were something like…Trust in the media is at less than 10% and trust in the Congress is also less than 10% consistently. But, trust in the Pentagon is always about 70%. So these are the guys who are trusted by the American people, who are taking action, to fix up the situation. The good guys are on the march and they are winning, fortunately.

(Meg) Let’s just ask you a few questions. This is really fun to talk, here but we did prepare a few questions. President Putin and President Trump will be meeting in Finland on July 16 and this is evidently after Trump’s golf game at his course in Scotland, but anyway, you were saying that this is probably associated with them forming the Council of Europe (Benjamin: Well, the Council of Europe was formed in 1949) (Meg) Okay, right, well, reinvigorating the Council of Europe.

(Benjamin) Yes, right. They’re taking a kind of organization that has been running like a ghost and bringing it back to life. It has 47 countries, including Russia and they are democracies. Despite what they say, Russia is a democracy, it’s not a dictatorship. Putin wins honest elections, okay? The EU is not a democracy. It’s leadership is not elected by the people of Europe. So, replacing a nondemocratic, nonPanEuropean institution with a democratic, PanEuropean institution that includes all the European countries, is common sense. I’m sure this is what they are moving towards.

Why does NATO exist?

(Benjamin)  The other thing is NATO. Why does it still exist? Nobody in their right mind thinks the Soviet Union is going to roll down into Europe with tanks. This whole idea of setting the Soviet Union against the West is part of this insane plot to start World War 3 or Armageddon with Gog versus Magog. This has been well documented. They were trying to start WW3. Let’s call them what they are. They are the Elders of Zion. Zionism exists and they are the elders of Zion. These people were trying to create an Armageddon to kill 90% of humanity. It’s provable. This is not conspiracy theory. It is fact. I can prove it in a Court of Law. These are the people who are being arrested and taken down, because we don’t want to be killed. There are a few holdouts, you have Netanyahu of Israel. When he goes, it’s going to be a big one. That’s the guy that has to go. I think the current Iranian regime are working for the same people. I don’t think it, I know it.

Profiting from Warmongering

(Benjamin) This may be hard for you guys to wrap your minds around, but let’s just put out some information for you. For about 30 years, they were saying Iran was within a few months of developing a nuclear weapon. They had to be attacked. Then, that would cause the oil prices to rise. And then they would say, ‘Oh, no, I guess maybe we don’t have to have a war.’ And then oil prices would fall. During all this time, Glencore Commodities, which is headquartered in Zug, Switzerland, in the Rothschild family compound was paying both Iranian and Israeli officials profits from the insider trading on this, okay? And if you look at the history and see who put Khomeini in charge and who supported them, you’ll see that it’s the Zionists. Because they wanted them to play a role in this plot for a Gog versus Magog. Even Israeli newspapers said the G7 would be Gog and the Iranians and the Shang-Hai Cooperation Organizations with China and Russia would be Magog. So they’re still trying to make us all kill each other. So let’s try to get the truth out there–the real truth from the real world, that is forensically found by journalists who actually check facts and not by people who push an agenda, to sell fiction and lies.

(Richard) Yeah, not Snopes.

(Benjamin) They are liars. They bribe, they murder they lie. And they shouldn’t be in power.

(Richard) It is also interesting. We’re seeing a change in the justice system in America, at the moment, as well, and that looks like it’s being set up so they can actually really start to take some of these people to task, isn’t it?

(Benjamin) Yeah, they’ve cleaned out the top ranks of the State Department, the Justice Ministry and the FBI. They have hired 300 new prosecutors, they’re building camps, and there are about 40,000 sealed indictments. These people are being taken down. Once they are removed from the United States, then the Russians and Americans can go in and clean up Europe.

So, What about England?

(Richard) Excellent. That’s another question I have for you. We have maniacs in charge over here, not just in Europe but in England. Although we tried to get our sovereignty back from the European Parliament, we’re still going to have a bunch of dictators who are in there, who shouldn’t be in there. What is happening for countries like England, and if a new Council of Europe is formed, is there a chance we can be a part of that?

(Benjamin) I think England will be part of that. But England is also the head of the British Commonwealth, which includes more than 2 billion people. And that’s a powerful role they need to play. I’ve always thought England should be like a new Switzerland, a neutral place, where everybody can go and do business in freedom and under fair rules, and not just be European. I think that England is kind of a link between Europe and the world. They kind of have their feet in both camps. They are the most international country in Europe and it’s no coincidence that English is kind of standard world language. It’s because they were everywhere. They ruled the oceans. England should remember that. Nobody wants to revive the British Empire as it was, (Richard: No) but properly handled, England can play a key role and they have been.

(Benjamin) I think it’s a very poorly reported story but the whole China One Belt One Road intiative is very closely linked to England. I don’t they got all that money for this project without the help of England and the Committee of 300. I think Queen Elizabeth and those people deserve credit for that initiatve. They haven’t taken it but it’s a secret truth that the Chinese leadership and the British royalty were linked in that plan, which is not perfect but it’s a big big move to help improve the planet. The West has no equivalent answer to it right now, unfortunately. The closest they came is the Paris Accord, which was not bad, but it wasn’t really representative of places like India–Places like India were vastly underrepresented. It was based on a lie that carbon causes global warming.

A Campaign to Clean up the Planet is Needed

(Benjamin) But true, they should have said, ‘This to protect ecosystems, this is to prevent the destruction of rainforests and biodiversity,’ instead of saying ‘we’re all going to burn to death.’ So, we want to work with those people because their hearts are in the right place and we want to improve on the Paris Accord with something much better, which would involve a campaign bigger than One Belt One Road, to really clean up this planet. If we have the political will, it can be done in months.

(Richard) Yeah, I can imagine that. Now we’ll take a short break for our mid-section notice

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And now back to the show!

Putin and Trump Can Make The Council of Europe Happen

(Richard) Then to just cap off this area, and then I’m going to yield to Meg so she can ask you a couple of different questions. How is this going to come about, this Council of Europe? There has got to be some form of precedence there, and an event to happen, to make such a change. Because at the moment you have the EU, established as it is, and yes it’s collapsing, and we’re leaving and this big change with Russia coming in and being a big body of it. There has got to be an event, hasn’t there? There has to be a catalyst for this. Do you see something like that?

(Benjamin) Well, if Putin and Trump seize the opportunity, they have it in their ability to make it happen, by just making an announcement that Russia and the United States have agreed that the post-war structure of Europe is going to be modernized to fit… They just have to make an announcement. The Russians and the Americans are on-board and everybody else in Europe will have to go along.

Viva Mexico and President Obrador

(Meg) Right – right. That makes perfect sense. So moving over again to the West. We have a very recent big change with Mexico’s presidency, president Obrador, if I’m pronouncing it correctly. He appears to be quite outspoken against corruption. So Benjamin, do you think that this was a legitimate election, with people actually having their voices heard? What do you know about this?

(Benjamin) Every Mexican knows that the last election was stolen from them. And this time, the sentiment was so strong on the street that it was impossible to steal. They tried, they couldn’t. They lost the ability to steal the election. So, the Mexican people finally have a government that represents them. Of course, it’s not going to be easy. There is a lot of work to do. But I think that bringing the Narco power structure into the public and regulating it and making it part of Mexican society would do a lot to end the incredible undeclared civil war there, and would remove a huge source of illicit funding for the Bush-Clinton Crime Family that’s been deeply involved with the narcotics trade.

(Benjamin) So, in other words, I’m pretty sure he’s going to legalize and regulate stuff and that will take the money out of the secret world and into the public world and then they can make it safer, they can fund addiction programs. Obrador was radically anti-drug when he was mayor of Mexico. He had all the children tested, he had urine testing for drugs, he had the military involved. And having taken the hardest of hard-core stances, he realized it didn’t work. So he did a 180-degree turn, which happens to anybody who has been on the front lines of the drug war. They eventually realize it’s a medical issue, it’s a business issue. It is something that has to be put in the hands of doctors, not soldiers, and businessmen, too.

(Benjamin) Also, it wasn’t very well reported, but the US Senate passed a bill legalizing hemp. So the whole of North America has basically said that the illegalization of this ancient crop, a medicinal food and energy crop and a source of clothing was a huge historical mistake. It was financed by the Rockefellers and the DuPonts back in the 1930s. They wanted people to use petroleum-based medicine, not plant-based medicine. They wanted people to use paper made from forests, not from crops, etc. And so this is one big historical wrong that is being righted. Anyway, the people of Mexico have spoken and it really is a regime change there and this is as big as Trump being elected in the US. This is a fundamental change from the old regime. And I wish them the best, and Viva Mexico!

(Meg) Right. I’ll turn for a minute to our own US Supreme Court system and Q’s involvement. So, our Supreme Court Justice Kennedy has announced his retirement from the Supreme Court and Q is saying that Ruth Bader Ginsburg will probably be the next to step down. She has previously revealed herself as a supporter of very young-age sex, also known as pedophilia, awful as that is to talk about. But anyway, Q is telling us a lot on a daily basis if we have the eyes to see and the ears to hear. Would you like to talk about what you find out when you examine the Q posts?

 Benjamin Does Read Q But Has His Own Sources

(Benjamin) I follow the posts. But I have my own sources. I heard the same thing about Ruth Bader Ginsburg, from my own sources, not from Q. As a journalist, I try to do stuff that hasn’t been done by somebody else, already. Anybody can read the Q posts. They don’t need me to do it for them. I try to get stuff from people in the real world that hasn’t been put in writing yet and I put it out there for the first time. Or else, I try to put together stuff that seems unrelated and show that they’re all part of a bigger picture.

(Benjamin) Q is definitely the US-NSA and the US military and it’s a good movement. And they’re winning. And yes, it’s the good guys’ bulletin board.

(Benjamin) The Supreme Court was taken over. Remember Sandra Day O’Connor (Meg: Yes.) was forced to quit when Bush Junior stole the election. Because she was standing in the way of stealing the election. Remember? The Supreme Court ruled that Bush could steal the election? They had to get rid of her first. And she made a speech at the time, warning that the United States was descending into fascism. You should look it up.

(Meg) Right. And of course, the cover story was different than that about why she stepped down. Her husband was sick.

(Benjamin) She was threatened with death. They needed to remove her in order to steal the Supreme Court so they could install a fascist regime in the United States, disguised as the Patriot Act. (Meg: Ah, okay). So now they’re taking back the Supreme Court. They’re making it clear that it’s not about Roe vs. Wade or anything like that. This is about restoring American democracy.

Obama: The same as Bush Junior

(Richard) It’s interesting because you were writing recently about the potential illegitimacy of Obama. I have actually looked at the Sheriff Joe Arpaio evidence and that looked quite appealing to me. And you had some interesting counter-source information that said he may actually be American-born. Regardless of which way that goes, he is definitely going to be taken out and it is likely to undo lots of the unconstitutional things he did.

(Benjamin) What I say about Obama, is that he turned out to be the same as Bush Junior, in his policies. What I say to people, leaving everything aside, let’s just look at Obama’s own words. In his book, “Dreams of My Father,” he wrote that his father was a World War 2 veteran. Yet in the birth certificate that he produced to say he was born in the U.S., it said that his father was 25 when he was born in 1961, which means his father would have been nine years old at the end of World War 2. That’s his own words. So the man is a fraud. And just on that alone he should be disqualified. And my own sources, in the Pentagon and military intelligence, say his father was Frank Marshall Davis, an American communist. So he was a Manchurian Candidate. He was brought up to play this role. He is not what he pretends to be.

(Richard) No. But what I did like about your column is, and talking about the Supreme Court justices and things, that would actually undo a couple of Obama appointees, wouldn’t it?

(Benjamin) Yes, and that would make it easier to have the mass tribunals these criminals. They took over the textbook companies, the newspapers, the movie companies, the universities, all these professional communities like the Lawyers Guilde, the American Medical Asociation. They infiltrated the top of American society for centuries in massive projects. So it’s been undone. But I would love to see them raid the American Medical Association headquarters and uncover this whole cancer business, for example. That is mass murder. At the beginning of the 20th century, maybe one out of every 20 people died from cancer. Now it’s one out of every 2 people gets it. This is not natural. They have tens of thousands of mummies from Egypt and they haven’t found one case of cancer in all those mummies. This is a whole network of murder. And then they say, ‘Oh, you have cancer and we have to give you poison and radiation.’ This is something that has to be dealt with. That’s just part of it. There is a lot to be done. I want to see them get to the medical establishment. Most doctors are good people who have saved lives. But the whole system at the top is rotten and needs to be removed. So that’s part of it. Getting all this infrastructure ready to clean this up is a big job. That’s why they’re doing it step by step.

A Military Strategy  Is In Place And Pedophiles are in the Crosshairs

(Benjamin) They use military type thinking. What they do is when they attack the enemy they target the first listening posts, the outer trenches, you know? In this case, it’s the street level pedophiles and they start arresting them all. And then they work their way up until finally they are breaking into the headquarters bunker. Now we see a member of the Obama regime was arrested last week for producing child pornography, while he was working for Obama. And we have a member of the Bronfman family now facing criminal charges for sex slavery of children. These are the people who own the big media companies. So we are getting there.

And I think Governor Cuomo of New York is going down on this, according to my sources. Alot of people are being taken down. And I think that when it all it all ends it’s going to be total shock, when they are going to find they were actually sacrificing and murdering children in ceremonies. It sounds crazy, but they really were doing that. There is so much evidence now and it cannot be denied.

(Richard) I remember about a year or so ago there was something like 3,000 pedophilia arrests at the lower levels, that went across America.

(Benjamin) Yeah, on June 11, on the Justice Department home page, they announced 2,300 arrests of pedophiles. I didn’t see it in any of the papers, but it was on the Justice Department home page. And they are getting to the procurers. And from there, they are working their way up the food chain. And of course, Jeffrey Epstein, as far as I know, he is a cooperating witness at this point. And so they’ve got all that stuff there. It is just so big and it has to be done carefully without allowing them to manipulate public opinion as they have been. And they have lost that ability, they really have. Nobody trusts their corporate media anymore. As a journalist, who has been trained to report facts that you can prove, if you are sued, I am glad to see real journalism returning.

(Richard) We also have an issue with the borders. There is a lot going on. This is amazing with Mexico and what has happened there. And unfortunately all these things tie in together. Pretty much everything is tying up together. And it’s getting out, which is amazing. You have MS-13 smuggling kids, these coyotes being shown in the alternative media, that are also child trafficking and there is a lot of drug running, as well. Then when the IG report was being addressed in Congress, you had senators turning around and screaming, ‘the children! the children!’ It was the most inappropriate thing to do at that point because their job at that moment was to talk about the emails, the issue of the IG and it was deflection. It was obvious.

(Benjamin) Yes, they try to find some emotional issue to distract you with. In the old days it was simpler. They would have some really bad economic news, so they would have Britney Spears have a temper breakdown and distract people with that, right? But all their tools aren’t working any more. Their control levers are breaking down, they’re freaking out. I’ll bet they don’t sleep well at night.

(Meg) You wonder how they do sleep. All the crying over the separation of children, and of course, there is all this pedophilia that is going on, but…

What Happened to the Girls At the US – Mexico Border?

(Benjamin) You notice how they have not explained where the girls went. (Meg: Right!) All the girls over age 12 were taken somewhere and they are trying to cover that up big time, because they were almost certainly trafficked.

(Benjamin) The other thing is that the people who are coming across the border are not the nice Mexicans. A lot of them were, but they were deliberately sending criminals over. To be honest, Latin America needs serious help from the rest of the world. If you look at a survey of the 20 most dangerous cities on earth and 18 of them are in Latin America. They have an incredibly high murder and crime rate and they have some serious historical issues that they need to resolve. I am hoping that the Latin American Pope, Francis will take the lead there. They need some real reform there. Hopefully President Obrador will start that in Mexico and it will move south. As a society, they have serious healing (?) to do. I lived 12 years in South and Latin America, so I know the place.

(Meg) Hopefully President Obrador is aware of the horrendous stuff going on. I hope he can…

(BENJAMIN) They can start with land reform, so that the 1% of white people don’t own the 90% of the land, in a country that is 95% native or mixed blood. (Meg: Right).

(Meg) Very interesting.

(Benjamin) There is a lot going on. I think we can continue this in a couple of weeks as more developments happen. We’ll have The NATO summit and the Putin-Trump summit to analyze. We will have had enough time after that to see what they’ve talked about. We’ll know more. Changing the planet is not an easy thing. People are impatient. It’s like turning around a supertanker, you just have to be patient, but it’s happening. Good guys are winning. We’re turning this planet around. Hopefully, sooner rather than later we’ll start this massive campaign to fix the planet.

Antigravitic Technology and Flying Toyotas (and Chevys and Fords) In Our Future

(Richard) There is one thing I wanted to say, actually. In your last column you posted some PDFs that you got from the Japanese. I just wanted to confirm, actually, that I found one of the later versions of the anti-gravitic technology patent. It is on Google patents office and you can actually go and see it and all the subsequent ones before it. It’s real and being released.

(Benjamin) Yeah, they’re releasing it. But again, I want to see it. I once interviewed an older Japanese gentleman who had been a military weapons designer for the Japanese Imperial Army. He told me he actually rode, himself, a Nazi flying saucer in Manchuria, toward the end of the war. If the elite has been keeping this technology to themselves, I think it is time to make it available to the public. I’ll believe it 100% when I can go to the local showroom and buy my own flying saucer.
(Richard) Yeah, that would be nice.
(Meg) Do you think Toyota or Honda might put one of these out pretty soon? Benjamin?

(Benjamin) Yes! Yes! The Japanese government just announced the rules for flying cars. There is no question that the Japanese put this out, so they’re saying, ‘Yes, we finally have the green light to start building this stuff.’ So, yeah, a Toyota flying saucer sounds like a good idea to me.
(Meg) I think it does. A flying Camry!

(Richard) They’re actually doing it. They’re taking it with the drone technology to start with, as we’re seeing. They’ll change the motors for anti-gravitic parts and that will be the introduction for people in the public.

(Benjamin) The main obstacle to flying cars and stuff was the danger of taking off and landing but now with this computer technology it can be done safely. So, these days, for example, for commercial airlines, I hear basically the pilot is there to push a big red button in case the automatic stuff doesn’t work. So it’s getting ready. We’re going to see some really interesting stuff. I’m looking for it.

(Meg) Maybe we three should get our pilots licenses!

(Benjamin) We want to get the genetic and medical technology out there so we don’t die. Death is a problem, all right?
(Meg) Yes, it’s a problem. We sure thank you, Benjamin, for your time today.
(Benjamin) Okay. See you in a couple of weeks.
(Meg) Okay, talk to you soon.
(Richard) Thank you. Take care.
(Meg) Bye.

(Meg) We hope you enjoyed today’s interview. And until next time, why not check out PrepareforChange.net for our daily releases?


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  1. I have a contact with a man named David Davidson who works for KLTY radio station via Salem Communications. He claims Salem is owned by George Soros and that he is a devoted employee. He also calls himself a ‘White Hat’ and claims that the WDS and all White Hats are part of the ‘Deep Swamp’ (or whatever you want to call it). I have followed and enjoyed Ben Fulford for about a year and really enjoy his great articles. What is the truth???

  2. A jesuit pope who had to do the ‘extreme oath of the jesuits’ helping to stop murder in South-America? I can just as well believe in the easter bunny! Otherwise many good points, I think.

  3. I totally agree with Jairo, I like Benjamin, too, he is like a fresh breeze. I share his love for life and wish could help patriots all over the world in their fight against globalists. Thank you for sharing this interview. Good luck

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    # Frozen fertilized egg + surrogate mother system
    # MANKO KAPAC King’s Second Class Slavery
    # Inverse reverse sex privilege (fraudster privilege)
    # High-priced fertilized eggs are permanent guarantee = copy body guarantee system

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    It is a constitutional breach,Please skunk slavery system please discontinue.

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  7. You are the very best Ben! i am with you brother and we are all with you.
    Thank you for your life’s work i really appreciate the work you dedicate yourself to.
    I am so excited about the true changes your efforts are bringing froth, know you inspire me
    To speak the truth and know you inspire a whole generation to affect true Change for the better.
    I am so happy to hear you in Prepareforchange.net interviews and how you bring us progress every time! This is just incredible! you are super human and I respect a lot & again thanks so much once again from all that is good in the world I wish you absolutely the best always
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