had the pleasure of an interview with Benjamin Fulford on May 17, 2018.

In this interview, conducted by Richard and Meg, Benjamin gives us his view of what our world could be.

Benjamin suggests our environment could be clean and our health could be excellent. Our financial system could be fair and our world could be connected by wonderful far-reaching transportation systems to enable us to easily travel around the globe. We could have world peace. Benjamin also addresses the Middle East, including Syria, Qatar and Israel, Q Anon, and hacking reality itself.

Benjamin continues to work to liberate the planet from the bad guys. He is literally fighting to bring freedom and new life to humanity.

We hope you enjoy this second interview in our series of interviews with Benjamin Fulford.

This interview is about 59 minutes long.

UPDATE:  Very detailed notes or, nearly a full transcript, is below.

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Let’s take our cue from Benjamin….and turn our world into a wonderful place!

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Not all words are included here. A few small words added or changed to assist in comprehension.

(Benjamin) Today is May 17, 2018.
(Richard) We left off last time with ‘Syria is a fight between Exxon Mobile, Chevron, Gassprom.’

(Benjamin)  If you look at the money involved: Energy in Middle East is moving from oil to gas. Gigantic gas reserves in Qatar and Saudi Arabia, and they wanted to pipeline through Syria. Saudi is Exxon-Mobile-Rockefellers, Qatar is Chevron –Bushes, Clintons.

(Benjamin) Syria said no to them. No, we already made a deal to send Iran oil and Russian oil through a pipeline to Europe. So the bad guys sent in mercenaries to grab the land there. They created a bad guy–ISIS– as the horrible bad guys. They can’t tell the world they are doing a land grab, but that is what they are doing. They use ISIS as an excuse. But the world is waking up. Qatar folded. Now there is a fight between Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Look at Genie Energy, involved in all the Syria energy. It’s (Genie Energy) is clearly Dick Cheney and the Rothschilds. They are mass murderers and they need to be put away and they belong in jail.
If nobody is going to put them in jail, we’ll have to hunt them down. (Regarding going into the hospital:) Dick Cheney famously goes into the hospital in order to avoid arrest, and then leaves out the back door.

(Benjamin) I want to talk about something a little bit bigger, if I could.

When I first started this, as I child I was discouraged from the Bible. Later, I grabbed the Catholic Bible and read the part about Moses getting the 10 Commandments. It says that the mountain (Sinai) was covered with smoke and cloud. Anybody who tried to go in other than Moses would be shot down with arrows. This so-called God among the Israelis, was asking for gold and silver and high-quality aroma oil and sheepskin dyed red. It didn’t sound like the creator of the universe. It sounded like an organization.

(Benjamin) And then we have this guy Josephus, who said Joseph made the Nile red. He was dumping in toxic stones, mercury I guess, that would kill the fish and would cause the frogs to flee to land. So we have an organization that controls people and pretends to be a deity and they’re hiding among the population and they’re still with us. They did 9/11, for example Malaysian Air 370, AK817, and Fukushima. So we still have this organization, hiding among us, who use fear and the pretension of deity to get rid of us.

Its high time we get rid of these people. We can get rid of these people and remove them from world power. They have been trying to start wars, manipulate us with fears. They pit us against each other. They are terrified of losing power because they’ve been at it for so long. They have been able to get away with horrendous things and they know there will be incredible anger on the part of population when they find out what has been done to them. They’ve been desperately trying to start World War 3 and save themselves and save themselves and kill 90% of the population.

Unfortunately, I have Jewish ancestry myself and as far as I can tell, they worship a Satanic organization. The Jewish people themselves were enslaved by some organization, that is referred to as Satan. They’ve been slaves of this secret organization for thousands of years. It’s time we liberate them.

(Richard)  Regarding the name, Khazarian mafia?

(Benjamin) Yes, I came up with that phrase (Khazarian Mafia)  because I wanted to distinguish the average Jewish person from these people. The Khazarian Mafia and Jewish people are not the same. I wanted to distinguish them from the Jewish community. People in the west are trained that if you hear a certain word, your mind shuts down like a clam. You want people to absorb the information and not shut down.
People get triggered by certain words. “Jew,” whatever, you try to avoid it, so people can absorb the information.

(Richard) There are laws across Europe that say you can’t talk about Holocaust. Laws in America that you can’t talk about Israel?

(Benjamin) I have a case. Simon Wiesenthal Center had one of my books in Japan banned. Reverend Cooper from the Wiesenthal Center was invited to a foreign correspondent club gathering. I asked him why they had my book banned. He said, “Because you said Bush killed a bunch of people in Iraq.” Right? But think about it. First of all, Bush is supposed to be an Evangelical Christian. Second, it was me quoting the medical journal, Lancet, saying these people are being killed. So here we have a so-called Jewish organization banning a book by a person of Jewish ancestry, denouncing genocide by a Gentile. And they call this anti-Semitism. This sort of B.S. they have been pulling off for too long. I am going to sue them, the Wiesenthal Center. I’m going to make them pay. They are wrong. They are hypocrites and I am going to make sure they pay me. Big money. They will be served. They will pay up and apologize publicly. I will fight back against these scum.

(Richard) Absolutely. We need to go back to the truth.

(Benjamin) Right now the west doesn’t have a vision for the future. Chinese have come up with “One Belt, One Road,” which is 60 times bigger than the Marshall plan. They are modernizing the planet. What does the west do? They say, “we’re going to fight evil Iran.”

(Meg)  Our vision is too small.

(Benjamin) Japan is sitting on 7 trillion dollars, that they have made selling cars and TVs to the world. I said, “Hey, let’s use that money to clean up the oceans and turn the deserts green. And they said, “We can’t. We are colonized by these people,” who I started to investigate and came up with the Khazarian Mafia, who want to use this money for a World War 3 project.” This is totally insane, and we have to stop them.

We have to come up with an alternative route. Okay, so it’s a good time to establish meritocacy. We can have a world wide contest where anyone can come up with ideas about how we want to change the planet for the better. I have been pushing, for example, we have wiped out 90% of the large fish species, and I like fishing, so I say, “Let’s replenish the ocean with fish.”

(Benjamin) There are huge dead areas in the ocean that we could fill with more fish than we have ever had before. We could fix this by adding nutrients to the surface. And then there is all the technology to turn the Sahara green. It’s a huge area, bigger than Europe. It’s a whole new area for people to live in. What kind of planet do we want to live on?

The other big one: all the trillions we spend on weapons, that are used to kill us…We could spend this money to figure out how to prevent death. I think I speak for the majority of us. We don’t want to die. We want to live and we should have this technology in our grasp if there is a huge enough project.

(Richard) We used to live a lot longer than we do now. They are the ones behind the media companies, controlling the flow of information.

(Benjamin) I used to subscribe to the New Scientist magazine.

Once a year there would be some discovery–a way to prolong life. And at the end of the article it would say, this discovery would not be commercialized, because there is no demand. What? Any billionaire would give up his money for another 10 years, rather than die.

(Benjamin) When I started mentioning this, I guess Harvard University, had information where a 60 year old mice equivalent could turn into 20 year old mice equivalent. It was a simple enzyme. But — you wait and watch. Sure enough, they are saying it costs $50K/day to use it. What? Somebody doesn’t want us to live too long. I think it’s because, if we live too long, we become too aware.

I noticed regarding the big media companies, and I used to be in one. The big media companies take people in their early 20s, who do only what they are told. They are the ones that are sent to the big press conferences, with finance ministers, for example. Because they are too young and too naieve. “Oh! I’m sitting with the finance minister!” They do whatever they are told, without questioning.

(Benjamin)  In the military—they want people to obey orders without thinking.

They retire them young, so that you don’t have military thinking men and women. (They don’t ask questions such as:) “We aren’t fighting bad guys here. Our job is to fight bad guys. What is going on?”
Nobody is allowed to think to ask what is going on. There is a great awakening within the retired US military, who want to be the good guys. They are the biggest hope for the west.

(Meg) Mark Zuckerberg, said in the last year, ” 20-somethings, they’re the smart ones!”

(Benjamin) Right – Zuckerberg, the grandson of David Rockefeller and the AIG guy, Greenberg. It’s that bloodline. Zuckerberg shouldn’t be in that position. He’s a Rockefeller-Greenberg, not a child genius. Facebook is an NSA company.
(Richard) Lifelock was the precursor to Facebook. They kept it quiet, hidden.

(Benjamin) We need the people who came up with these technologies to run these companies to be run like utilities, where anybody can complain, not run by self-appointed people.

(Richard) Blockchain technology can track documents and things, not just cryptocurrency.

(Benjamin) It’s all set up so you have a back door. If you have bitcoin on your computer, the NSA can access and take bitcoin. Unfortunately, right now… I deal with real-world people, they don’t trust anything digital.

(Richard) No, interesting for me was the Spector meltdown and processors with a back door.

(Benjamin) The ironic thing, though, is that they have all this access to info, but they are like the sheep tied to a rope. The sheep knows the lion is coming, but can’t do anything about it. There are too many of us. They are running out of tools to stop us. “The Russians The Russians.” No, sorry, we aren’t falling for that.

(Richard) Pixar made “The Bugs Life” movie about how millions of ants can take out a small number of big grasshoppers.

(Benjamin) When I was at Forbes Magazine, I interviewed a lot of billionaires.

What is different about them is that these guys can never have enough. Average guy makes $15 million and spends the rest of his life exploring the world, enjoying life. Once I interviewed a $3 billion guy, who wanted $5 billion. No limit. Absolute greed rises to the top. In some ways, we need these people. But…We don’t want these people running the planet. They need to be working for greater good.

(Richard) The bad guys say things like: “Millionaires are the job creators.” They can never get enough.

(Benjamin) But at some point they are paying $100 million for paintings. They have to convert their illusion to reality, so they are buying art. It’s neocolonialism at its worst. Families sleep naked on the street in Phillippines. The Phillippines has been doing forever what IMF wants them to do. The IMF has lousy track records. They shouldn’t be in charge of anything. The only alternative is put out by Chinese. The West does not have their own trillion dollar project for the planet. The World Bank – they have an OK record. They have 100 trillion (billion?)

(Richard) Isn’t it 300 something actually?

(Benjamin) I don’t think anybody really knows for sure. It’s a CIA number. Point is that we need to start world-changing things. We need really big things. Return the Sahara green. A no-brainer. Do things in the north, Antarctica. Instead we only have corporations and shareholders and they can only have so many beautiful women they can rent — and fabulous meals to eat and they gobble up artwork. Some are doing good, but it’s not systematic for the planet

(Meg) It’s a trickle in proportion to what they have. It doesn’t take that much money to restore communities or to set up infrastructures.

(Benjamin) Look at The Walmart family — They don’t  have a clue.

Corruption is the thing here.
The only big plan was coming from religious fanatics, World War 3, based on ancient books written by human slavers. These are people who we need to overthrow. There are a bunch in the Calabrian peninsula, Zurich, Zug Switzerland and in that Caribbean island where they’re hiding. I won’t mention where they are. I’m hoping they’ll come to me. We can send special forces there or something.

(Benjamin:) Why do you think they keep George Soros alive? They pretend it’s Geo Soros doing these things. I was told he was killed. They don’t want to say it’s Rothschild. They have no more layers to hide behind. No longer have any proxies, so they’re keeping dead people alive. We want to build something new and better. Constructive, positive, win-win- a western version that.
(Richard) Build more local communities. People used rally around. They do this in Eastern Europe.

(Benjamin) In No. America, (people would come together and) a barn building would happen.
(Meg) Let me pull this into a question that we did formulate.

(INTERMISSION) Every Sunday we invite you to join us in a weekly ascension meditation.

Join us at 4 pm GMT. Find the radio button on

(Meg) We have this Q phenomena going on and little by little, corruption is being revealed. Want to talk about Q?

(Benjamin) Hillary was secret daughter of Rockefeller and that faction lost. Rothschilds beat them. Trump was financed by the Rothschilds. Comey has been outed. He is the Jesuit- Catholic branch of power. There is factional infighting. Some corrupt actors should be gotten rid of. It’s not good guys vs. bad guys. The fight is more the Gambling mafia behind Trump against the Drug Mafia who backs the Clintons. We don’t see Trump doing the big things we need. He is keeping the old system going, not doing new stuff.

(Benjamin) However, the British Rothschilds are under Nathan Rothschild. They have sent out feelers to us in the past. They may be negotiable, they may be doing things with us. The No. Korea movement is a good one. If we see peace in the Middle East, then wow.

But we have to have this war Magog and Gog — it’s “all written.” So until these whackos leave, we’re still in trouble.
Problem now is faction in Israel controlling Netanyahu and their US factions in US. I give Q a few good marks, but not total good marks. We don’t see a whole new paradigm. We’re still preserving the old paradigm.

(Meg) With Q, they are red-pilling in the US, to get people woken up.

(Benjamin) We are getting to the 100th monkey effect. People comment on the mainstream press. People are waking up. Look at the comments over there on mainstream press articles. You’ll see it. Even my own family is waking up.

(Benjamin) Israel – Palestine — Speaking of media – Embassy in Jerusalem.

There are two sides to the Jerusalem issue. One is the fanatics–the Jews will run everything. The military industsrial complex say “give these people rope to hang themselves with” and then we’ll clean up the Middle East. But even giving them rope, the American Jews are realizing Israel is not a benevolent entity. “Oh, my…We’re (performing genocine and killing Palestinians) and doing what we are supposed to be against.” So a lot of Jews are waking up. This is good.

(Richard) Yes, they are hijacked by Satanist crazies.

(Benjamin) The majority of Jews are not very religious. Not all ancient books are bad. Bible was collected in 25 AD, Council of Nicea. God in the Bible evolves from murderer to benevolent entity. God transforms to a benevolent being.
The Fear element. It’s the most important part. You can’t have a God who murders your first born. It’s not quite gelling with that.

(Richard) They limit the power and constrict you to “obey.” How easy is it to be loving and natural to another. Well, one can simply say, ” Okay, I don’t agree with you. Cool, Let’s move along.”

(Meg): We understand there are occult reasons for fighting in Syria. Cobra has told us that Syria is the location of some powerful goddess vortexes. The bad guys sense that if they control these vortexes they will control the planet.

(Benjamin): I deal with things I deal with with my own eyes. I see that vortexes are vortexes of the oil money and petrodollar. Trillions of dollars a year. It costs just a couple hundred million to send in mercenaries and then they make trillions of dollars a year.

(Benjamin): Since you bring up Cobra — Japanese police — Cobra talks about how you will be taken through a magical door, and underground. And you can’t contact anybody again until the Event. This raises an alarm bell to me. So….”I’ll make an offer. I’ll come with you, we’ll live-stream it and talk to people and find out about it. I’ll invite you into our world…
Cobra certainly speaks for himself. But I don’t do that stuff. To me the weird stuff is AI.

(Meg) Cobra really does deal with the occult-hidden side. His information is from the heart and from his contacts and placed high in occult groups. For most of us who do interact with Cobra, it is positive and not scarey. ET civilizations are bringing good things.

(Benjamin) It is a lot of positive stuff.

So I say it’s time to pull off the veil. Same with secret space program. Lets all take a joy ride. Everything leads me to believe we are in a quarantine. We need world peace to have the quarantine lifted.
I studied philosophy. Why does anything exist at all? You can’t have nothing unless something to contrast it. We are in a binary universe.

(Richard) Regarding DWave – What I’ve seen is actual information. With DWave, they are trying to bring entities through. Many have seen CERN. I can go with what you’re saying re. reality being hacked.

( Benjamin) Leo Zagami said there are thought forms that hijack human minds. Their entity is the Black Sun at center of the galaxy. It communicates by gamma waves. They’re in control of the Vatican. They had to get rid of Berlusconi and they did it. They had to get rid of the previous pope and they did it. I ‘ve seen it and talked to them. It’s real. There is stuff like this going on.

(Richard) Cobra talks about Galactic Central sun and the more positive side of it.

(Benjamin) If you think of the Universe as digital, it becomes Zoroastroan. There are two opposing forces. Orientals are better with yin and yang. In that case, Satan would be God’s lover, God’s best friend, God’s rival, or God’s mortal enemy. It depends on what spectrum of interaction between the two poles we’re talking about. It does make sense. If you
harmonize them, you get exponential expansion, like a Fibonacci type of thing. Instead of fighting they work together. We don’t want to have good versus evil. We want to have male and female working together.

(Meg) We have to wrap up here soon.

I want to ask you, regarding hacking reality. What did you mean last time when you said the Chinese are hacking reality and creating a goddess?

(Benjamin) I’m going to have to ask my Chinese secret society types and ask them more about it. I think the idea is to have something at your fingertips. Example, okay, I want a milkshake in my hand right now, and poof! There it is.

(Meg) (joke) I want the woman of my dreams in my hands right now? Is that the thinking?

(Benjamin) Let’s not go down there that far. This whole thing about sex robots….and woman of your dreams… At a certain point, I don’t know if you watch this new series, ‘West World,’ but you know, it’s coming up. At a certain point, they say no. There are intrinsic moral things. You have to deal with PMS every once in a while. It’s the way the world is. Maybe that isn’t the right way of saying it. You need something that answers back. You don’t want a one-way thing.

(Meg) By “goddess,” I really meant more the bigger concept of “divine feminine goddess.” I think that’s what you meant.

(Benjamin) Right. The Asian concept of a goddess: responsible for the arts, children, education, nature — all the good things, the blessings. Something that would make that easier, that would make that possible. I think that is the general image they have….like the benevolent Mother-Goddess of nature.

(Richard) We have been locked down into left-brain thinking on this planet.

(Benjamin) We’ve been mismanaging the planet. We need a new paradigm. We need to have a world of love, where we have a bright future that we are all working toward. Not a world where we have these enemies we have to fight. Not where “we have to fight, we have to hate them. We have to get ready for war.

(Benjamin)  It’s make love, not war.

But if someone is in your way and they are trying to kill you, you have to make sure you aren’t killed. That’s the situation. They’re trying to kill us. We have to say, “No, sorry, I’m not going to let that happen. And do whatever is necessary to be sure it doesn’t happen.”

Thank you for having me on! Bye!

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– – – – Afterword – – —

We just finished our interview with Benjamin Fulford., you probably know, is associated with Cobra, whose blog is at Anyway, Cobra has recently been making all of us aware that a very small number of spiritually advanced people could be contacted to go meet with positive civilizations that literally live underground. And some are extraterrestrial. As usual, Cobra is providing us with some very surprising information! Imagine this! Advanced civilizations! Nearby! These folks can help us learn, grow and heal our planet! I find this information exciting and promising. But this information triggered some people.

Most of us have been hearing and reading the ongoing attacks against Cobra. Unfortunately most of those attacks have been coming from sources who are spreading messages from uninformed points of view. These points of view ultimately triggered fear-based reactions. It is perfectly understandable to have questions or concerns when doubting the information that is being relayed to an already traumatized surface population.

We, as the Light Worker community, however, need to start acknowledging by now “who is who” in our awakened community and who are the true players of light and dark in this ongoing battle between light and dark.

If, by now you don’t know that Cobra who Cobra is, I kindly ask you to start reading or re-reading all of Cobra’s posts he has been graciously sharing with us since 2012. His blog is here:

None of the sources who negatively reported on Cobra’s post titled “Entry Protocols” have attended any of Cobra’s large conferences where they would hear him speak or talk to him in person.
None have ever asked him questions or experienced him to know that he is telling the truth.
None have ever had the opportunity to feel his personal energy to verify if he is indeed of the Light.
None understand that Cobra was not “taken” by the dark.

Unfortunately, misconceived statements and erroneous comments were made against Cobra in our alternative community. These statements were coming from fear and mistrust, clearly fomented by the dark. Even after presenting a more thorough explanation, the attacks continued.

Fortunately had a huge network of light workers and light warriors present at the recent “Cobra Ascension Taipei, Taiwan Conference” the weekend of May 12 and 13th.

Those who attended the very recent Taiwan conference can testify that: Cobra is still the same extraordinary light warrior representing the Resistance Movement; Cobra is only genuine and has only positive intentions; Cobra is focused on the final liberation of our planet and for the total victory of the light; Cobra has not been replaced by a clone or artificial intelligence; Cobra does not have any “handler.”

Cobra presented information to large groups of Light Workers in Taipei and in Budapest, Hungary in March and April 2018.

I ask everyone who has stepped into this drama to first verify your sources of information, to read his updated responses and to
go deep within to see if it is for the highest good of our movement to share disinformation or make unfair accusations.

Cobra has placed himself in an extraordinary amount of danger to keep us informed and give us guidance, even after losing his beloved wife to this ugly battle. Cobra deserves the respect of us all.
The truth is, most of us would have quit by now. Cobra, however chooses to keep going, for the sake of this beautiful planet.
So, let’s honor this man for his extraordinary service. The Prepare For Change global Community honors you, Cobra, in service to the ONE light.

Victory Of The Light!


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  1. Who is this British guy who often interrupted during interview? He is not the one we want to listen to ! We want Benjamin to speak!

  2. my only comment is…….why don’t you have transcripts of all the videos!?!?! Don’t really care to watch an hour long video!!!

    So please consider having transcripts of all videos!!!!

    Ben Grego

  3. I would like to address the subject of the Black Sun and White Sun. This is all my opinion and observations.

    I look at the Universe as the yin-yang symbol. There is light with a dark spot and dark with a light spot. They say we are part of a dual universe, where there is another mirror earth, but opposite of ours. We all know our world here is upside down in our thinking thanks to the brainwashing through our entertainment and religion. When I look at the 11 : 11, I think of it as four pillars of light balancing the two earths between them. (I may be nuts, but that is what I see.)

    Artificial Intelligence has been bandied about lately. In essence, the Universe is binary, 1 and 0, on or off. It is the observer that creates the wave or the particle. It is our emotions that create what the particle is. This is why God needs us, to differentiate between the wave and particle. We create what is in our heart, what we want and what we believe we deserve. It seems the elite train their children very early how to create their desires. It takes us a little longer…

    Once the swamp is drained, we all have the obligation to create a whole new world. This will be a difficult task at first. The powers that have run this world for a very long time have imprinted many unnecessary ideas and things to be afraid of. It is up to us to see the good in all. How do we all want the new world to look?

    We have come to the point where most people believe there are people or other life forms that didn’t originate here that have been visiting us. It is my observation that the Greys’ with their big heads and eyes, and small bodies may be us from the future. They have no emotion, they don’t feel pain, but I doubt they know how to laugh or feel warm inside. There can be a problem with too much light, and we need to be aware of this as we create our new paradigm.


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