Benjamin Fulford had the pleasure of an interview with Benjamin Fulford on June 7, 2018.

In this interview, conducted by Richard and Meg, Benjamin lets us know about the rise of India, the shifting of world alliances, the decline of the influence of the petrodollar, and he reminds us of the upcoming Bilderberg and G7 meetings as well as the Trump-Kim summit.

Benjamin continues to work to liberate the planet from the bad guys. He is literally fighting to bring freedom and new life to humanity.

We hope you enjoy this third  interview in our series of interviews with Benjamin Fulford.

This interview is about 60 minutes long.

Update: The transcript has been added, below.

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Transcript: The Rise of India and New Global Alliances:  Interview with Benjamin Fulford by Richard and Meg,  June 7, 2018

(Meg)   Hi!  Today at, we are interviewing Benjamin Fulford.  Benjamin’s website is

We would like to introduce Benjamin to our listening audience.

Benjamin is a reporter and investigative journalist.  He has been a correspondent for several news organizations in Asia and notably he was the Asia-Pacific Bureau Chief for Forbes magazine.   He left Forbes in 2005,  in disgust over their editorial direction and censorship.

Benjamin’s weekly reports are based on information from a broad range of sources including, among others,  the Japanese Yakuza crime family;   The British intelligence service  MI6;   the Freemasons;  the CIA,  the KGB,  and the Mossad.  Benjamin is actively fighting to rid the earth of the psychopaths currently in charge.

Ben’s weekly geo-political news reports provide updates and summaries of the latest events in the on-going secret war for control of planet Earth.  Benjamin’s website at is completely independent and subscriber supported.

(Meg)  Hi Benjamin!  We’re delighted to have you with us today.

(Benjamin)  Good morning.  It’s June 7, 2018 here in Tokyo. So what would you like to talk about today?

Kim Jong-un

(Meg)  Okay, so.  Let’s start out with Kim Jong-un.  You were saying in your recent column that he is believed by the Gnostic Illuminati to be the leader of an alliance that controls China and much of East Asia.  This is a surprising statement because we are trained in the west to look at him as a person without a lot of power.  And he is portrayed over here as rather a crazy man with little power.  Does he in fact, control China and East Asia?  How does this work?

(Benjamin)  Okay, First of all, I don’t think we have too many single leaders who control everything anymore.  What you have is a group consensus. They choose somebody like Vladimir express this consensus to the public.  I think of Putin for example, as Putin-Man.  Like Batman. They might change the actors but he’s still Batman. He’s Putin-Man.

(Benjamin) Kim Jong-un represents a consensus of East Asia, especially I would say the heirs to the Mongols. The Mongolians, the Manchus, the Koreans and the Japanese all speak from the same language family.   These languages are closer related to each other than… well… Chinese is closer to English than it is to their languages, Japanese and Mongolian.  Their word order is different. So, in other words, and these are the people who have always been the real military power in Asia and East Asia.

(Meg)  Which people?

(Benjamin) The Mongols–the horsemen–the Pastorals in the Steppe (?). That whole group. The Northern Chinese Military District, the Koreans, the Japanese, this whole grouping, I would say.

(Benjamin)  Remember when Xi-Jinping went to visit Trump in Florida and Trump said to him, ‘Why don’t you do something about No. Korea?’  And Xi  replied, ‘Well, I don’t really have the power to do that.’   That should have let people realize there is something going on here.  XiJinping is the leader of China, why can’t he do that?   And the reason is that Xi Jinping represents the southern Chinese farmers more than the Northern peoples.

The Iran Deal

(Richard) Something that has been out of the news cycle:  I want to ask you about the Iran Deal. It was put together with a coalition of P-51 countries.   You said a number of congressmen were bribed.  Were they receiving bribes or bribing people?   Anything else you know?

(Benjamin)  I think it was the Iranian government officials who said ‘If you go back on the deal, we will reveal who got the kickbacks as a part of this deal.’  And I think this involves people in Europe and in the US – political type people.    But, the Iran deal, I put it in the package with the Korean thing in a sense.  It has nothing to do with nuclear power or nuclear weapons.  It has everything to do with the fact that Iran announced they would sell their oil using the Euro, not the US dollar.  You notice that the Europeans are saying stuff that we’ve never seen since World War 2, such as Merkel saying ‘We’ll have to rethink our military alliance with the US,’  and Jean-Claude Juncker (president of the EU) saying the EU should take over from the US.’

(Benjamin) There is a fundamental split there.  I think it’s between the old Aristocratic blood lines who still run Europe and the military-industrial people who run the US.  If you look at it in a bigger perspective, it’s The Gnostic Illuminati who claim they started the French, Russian and American Revolutions versus the old aristocratic bloodlines…or…the people we sometimes refer to as the Rothschilds, as a sort of short, summary term for them.

(Richard)  So the Europeans getting kickbacks from this Iran deal, I take it that it’s through some of the European countries who have managed to get trade deals with Iran, such as Peugeot for cars and Total for the gas.

(Benjamin)  Yeah.

(Richard)  I take it that it’s just funneling the money back to the directors.

(Benjamin)  Yes, I don’t know all the details but yes, a lot of underground money.   The other thing I was told by my sources is that this whole thing — they’re trying to push for something bigger. It isn’t just about Iran.  It’s about the entire Middle East and the energy and the petrodollar.

Three Groups: The Turks, The Persians and the Arabs

(Benjamin)   If you leave out all the religious stuff and you look at what the original Zionists said, a lot of what Israel is, it is a brainwashed colony of Europeans who are there to guard the oil resources.  They have their slave government in Saudi Arabia, the Gulf Cooperation Council.  It’s this whole grouping, versus older…I guess now, with the Middle East you can divide into three groups:  You have The Turks, the Persians, and Arabs.   You have Turkey, and then Greater Iran, including parts of Syria, Iraq, and Lebanon; and then you have the Arabs, which is Saudi Arabia, the Gulf Cooperation Council and Egypt.  I think these three groupings are negotiating the future of that region. So it’s a big thing.

(Benjamin)  The other thing is that Saudi Arabia is facing some fundamental problems.  If I’m not mistaken –don’t quote me on exact numbers — My father was Canadian ambassador to Saudi Arabia in the 1980s. I believe the population of that country has quadrupled since then. They have a huge amount of kids. Most of them didn’t learn how to work, because they just received oil money. But now they have too many people to support in this way.  This is why they are trying to reinvent Saudi Arabia.  But it is such a big structural problem. It won’t be solved easily. There might be some fundamental decision at a deep level — Maybe we should use the Iranians as our go-to people from the Middle East such as the situation until 1979, when they overthrew the Shah of Iran.

The Petrodollar

(Benjamin) In any case the Americans are trying to force a deal.  The petrodollar. which kept the US power since the Nixon shock in the early 1970s, is definitely under serious attack.  We know that China started trading oil futures in Chinese yuan and that is booming.   Now we have Venezuela, Russia, Iran and Nigeria too, starting to sell oil without using US dollars.   So the cat’s out of the bag.  This is why the Americans are playing hard ball. The Americans realize, ‘We have to cut a deal NOW.   If we just sit here passively, we’ll be totally removed from world power, unless we do something NOW.’  And it may be too little too late.

(Benjamin)  And that’s why you have Trump putting tariffs on products from the EU, Canada, Mexico, Japan – supposed allies.  This is a sign the Americans are trying to change the whole structure of what is going on.  They are trying to say, ‘If you do business with Iran, you don’t do business with us.’   If the Americans don’t do it right, it might be that the whole world will say, ‘We are sick and tired of you guys and we’ll move out of the United States.  You can go back to the Monroe Doctrine and isolate yourselves.’   This is a serious danger now.

China’s Trade Surplus with the US

(Meg)   May I just ask you about –You had talked about the Chinese oil company that could move in and take advantage of the situation (in Iran).   Perhaps this is an overly simplistic question, but why do the Chinese not have to follow sanctions?   How can they just skate in and not get slapped on the hand like the European countries would be?

(Benjamin)  Because they (China) are in a much stronger position. They have a huge trade surplus with to the United States.  They’re taking all the money they get from selling their stuff at Walmart and take all that money and boost their influence in Africa and the rest of the world. They like getting all this money from Americans to increase their world power.  But at the end of the day, the customer is not paying the bills.  Losing that customer is going to hurt them less than the customer who is not going to get stuff for free.   They (the US) just don’t have the cards against China.

China’s New Sources for Oil

(Benjamin)  The other thing is that when the Chinese first started thinking, ‘We’re going to make our move to be a world superpower,’  the Americans said, ‘Look, we can just cut off your oil at the Straits of Hormuz if you don’t listen to us.’   So the Chinese said, ‘Ah, okay.’  And since then they have been building a network of pipelines.  They have the system set up so they can just bring in oil in from Iran over land.  They can avoid the bottlenecks.  They are buying oil from Angola and Russia and from other places that can’t be brought by the Americans.  It took them years to do this, but they’ve done it.  And suddenly they can’t have all their oil cut off like they could have a decade or so ago.     They have been systematically, very slowly but surely, they are (thinking) long term, so Americans just don’t have the levers they used to have against the Chinese.

(Richard)  The Chinese have been messing with the government bonds and things and using these to just buy more gold. So they’re playing the safe game, an easy game with that.

A New US Currency And those Tariffs

(Benjamin)  Yes, they’ve always said this.  They’ll just stop buying US government bonds.  I kept telling the Americans ‘you gotta do that.  You gotta bite the bullet and take the hard landing but they aren’t doing that.    But instead of issuing their own currency and getting away from the US dollar, which is not American, which is not controlled by Americans, they are going the tariffs route.     Which is okay for a negotiating tactic, but in the long term, if that’s what they’re going to do, it will be very bad for the US economy.

(Benjamin)   I looked at the case of Argentina, which again after WW2, which after Switzerland was the richest place on earth.  They decided, ‘we’re going to make everything ourselves.’   And they went from world’s richest to a third world country over the decades.   And the Argentinians are forced to buy shoddy products at high prices.   In the long term, this is what isolationism and tariffs does to you.    So it is not a long-term solution.  As a negotiating tactic, it’s okay.   And Trump himself said ‘We have to create a whole new framework’ and that is a valid thing to try to do.  The whole architecture after World War 2 needs to be redone.   From the American point of view, they have an $800 billion per year deficit and industry has been drained out of the country and taken around the world.    They (Americans) do have a reason to renegotiate and change how things are done.   And that is going on.

(Benjamin) And this is what I think the summit is about with Kim Jong-un.  It’s not just about disarmament and Korea, like they try to say.

The Release of Funds

(Meg)  You had mentioned in your May 28 post that there was a major victory against Zionist-controlled banks and as a result trillions of dollars has been released in to the US economy.  Has that already happened at this point, or are we hoping for it soon?

(Benjamin)   No, there was a big move, but it hasn’t happened yet.  I got a call from some higher-ups in the Pentagon and knew this sort of stuff and said ‘there was a push to have these funds that were controlled by Leo Wanta who was an agent with Mike Cottrell and some other people, who were involved with the bankruptcy of the Soviet Union,   to take the funds that were hijacked by Bush and those people and take control of those funds away from the Bushes.   The instruments they were mentioning were the Vangard funds, which is one of the four big funds that control most of the big stocks of the Fortune 500.   But I think this is some sort of deal that is not going to be something the Americans can do by themselves.  It really is involving the entire planet now.

Bilderberg, G7 and the Trump-Kim Summit This Week

(Benjamin)  That’s why I want to move on to (talk about) India.   But before that, I’m going to mention we have a Bilderberg meeting and a G-7 meeting starting before the Trump–Kim summit.   The G7 is the public leadership that we all see in the newspaper.  The Bilderbergs – these are the high-level servants of the secret leadership. They go there to get their marching orders.  They are both meeting at the same time, just before the summit.  This is important.

(Benjamin)  And the other big one is they had this big Shangri-La meeting in Singapore, where the Americans and their allies are saying, ‘We are going to have India, Indonesia, and Japan contain China.’  And they’re trying very hard to say to India, ‘We need you to counterbalance against the Chinese.’     The reason they’re looking to India is, first of all, India has a population roughly equal to China’s. The other is that they (India) finally got a competent government and their economy is growing really fast.

The Rise of India

(Benjamin)  Decades ago, my advice to young people, including myself, was ‘China is the future.  Learn Chinese, learn about Asia, because that is where it’s all going to be happening.’  But now China is a rapidly aging country.   They have reached middle-income status.  Their demographic pyramid is heading for a population shrinkage and lack of young people.  India is the opposite.  It’s like a pyramid with a fat base, and most of their population is under 30 and their economy is growing fast. They are the next big thing and everyone is going to India.

(Benjamin)  But the Americans are so arrogant.  They are saying to the Indians, “You have to join with us and the Japanese and the Australians to contain China,’ and they send generals to talk to them.   Well, what do the Chinese do?  They have XiJinping invite Prime Minister Modi for two days of one-on-one talks.   So they’re sending their very top person, not their junior person.  You don’t see Trump flying to India to ask Modi for help. You don’t see them inviting Modi to the White House. Instead, they send more junior people, which is a sign of arrogance.

(Benjamin)   If you listen to the Modi speech at Shangri-La, he’s saying ‘We’re not into these power games, where you have one group against another, where we have everybody against the Chinese. We want to be friendly with everybody.’   India’s actions are – they are a member of the Shang-Hai Cooperation Organization.  This is a military-economic alliance which includes China and Russia.  And they are saying, ‘We’re with Asia. Asia is the future.”   So the whole attempt to bring India in as anti-China didn’t work. And the Indians, like the Chinese, are saying, ‘This whole idea of us versus them, creating alliances, is just a Hegelian-Western thing – like two opposing forces – they’re saying ‘No, let’s all be friendly, let’s get together and make a nice planet together.  So, it’s not working—creating new alliances for the planet– the ‘Us vs Them’ mentality is not the right kind of thinking for the planet.

(Meg)  You included the link to Prime Minister Modi speech and I read the link and I read the speech and I thought it was quite a statement of cooperation between India and Asia and he was sort of being a nice guy and ‘our future is working together.’  But Modi did remove the larger rupee notes (rupee notes worth about $14 and $8, in American dollars) from the India economy in 2016 and it affected a lot of basic transactions within India and it appeared that it wasn’t very good for the people.   Do you feel it will straighten itself out?

(Benjamin)  Well, India’s economy is growing the fastest in the world now.  It has a huge economy and they’re growing about 8% per year.   But the problem with India until now has been extreme government corruption.

(Benjamin) There is a joke that kind of summarizes it.   An Indian minister went to France and he visited his French counterpart there.  The Frenchman had a beautiful apartment overlooking the River Seine and all of it covered with silver.  The Indian asked, ‘How can you afford such a nice place on a minister’s salary?’  And the Frenchman points out the window and says, ‘See that bridge ?  I get 10%.’   And the Indian man said, ‘I see, I see.’   So a few years later the French minister goes to India and sees the Indian minister’s house and the Indian minister is now living in a palace with gold and silver.   And the Frenchman says, ‘How do you afford a palace on a minister’s salary?’   And the Indian points out the window to a river and there is no bridge.   And the Indian says, ‘100 percent.’

(Benjamin)   And this is what was happening.   So they had this high-tech Indian software thing going, but the roads – they had no roads because every time the government put money in for roads, the money would disappear into people’s bank accounts.  But they are finally cleaning it up and India finally has competent government in there and they are growing faster.  They are doing all the right things and putting in vast amounts of solar power.   They are still small when compared to China but the potential is humongous.  The whole center of gravity is shifting.

(Benjamin) If you look at the big picture, I think 65% of the world’s population is in that region and they control more than half the world GDP and more than half of the world’s savings.  These are big fundamental forces that transcend the politician de jour. That trend is not going to stop.

(Richard)  And the infrastructure is opening up and the corruption subsiding, that is going to open up things in a massive way, and a lot of the country is living in poverty and that will die away if they can clean that up they can impact the people which will impact their economy.

(Benjamin)  When I last looked it was something like 40% of the world’s hungry people lived in India, so they have a lot to do, but they are definitely finally on the right track.


(Benjamin)  After India, we’ll have to look at Africa.  Right now East Asia and Europe have a shrinking population but the population of Africa is growing really fast.   Someone told me recently that if current trends continue, one out of every two people on the planet will be African.   Don’t get me on the exact numbers, but that is the other big thing coming up.   If you look at the world, it will be China, then India, then Africa.

(Benjamin)  Unfortunately there has not been a lot of long-term thinking or planning in the West.  I’ve for a long time lobbied for a long-term planning agency, to do long term thinking for the future of this planet.  And not to just react to the crisis of the day or to seek immediate personal profits for corporations. We have to change the system.  I’ve been lobbying for a planning agency  like the one in Singapore, that the Chinese copied, that was an improvement on the one the Japanese pioneered, which they were forced to dismantle.


(Benjamin)   I do want to get now to the subject of Japan.  Japan is freaking out over the Kim Jong-un – Trump summit for various reasons.  The main one is that when the Japanese government surrendered in Japan, the Japanese army in China did not surrender.  Their view was that they were going to rebuild Japan  in Korea.   So they think they never surrendered.  The Japanese government in Japan is just a puppet.  The point is, if the Americans are looking for the No. Koreans, it may be that the North Koreans are put in charge of Japan and So. Korea, too.   This is the main thing that is freaking out the Japanese government.

The story they have been using until now is no longer being repeated by the Americans. For example, the Japanese keep talking about all these people who were kidnapped by the No. Koreans.   The Americans would go along with them and say, ‘Yeah, yeah we have to do something about all these kidnapped Japanese.’  But in fact, I once I talked to  this Private Jenkins, an American soldier who defected to North Korea.    After several decades he wanted to go back. He was allowed to go live in Japan and not be criminally charged.   I talked to Mr. Jenkins.

He told me most of these so-called kidnapped Japanese were actually spies for the North Koreans, who voluntarily moved there.

The point is, this whole fake story is falling apart.   The people who gave orders to the Japanese government, such as Richard Armitage, who I’ve heard is Barbara Bush’s cousin and Michael Greenberg, who is a Rothschild representative.  Well, I have a personal grudge against him.  He told some very dangerous gangster types that I was an amphetamine-using woman-beater and they should have me killed.   If I ever see him, and I know he avoids me, I’ll punch him.  But anyway, he’s out of power.  They’re out of power. There is kind of a vacuum in Japan over who is running the place.  It may be that this vacuum will be filled by an entire new set of characters.

(Benjamin)  The other report is that Harry Harris, who was the Pacific commander for the US forces, in Japan, he was the number 1 boss in Japan – the real boss, as opposed to someone like Abe, who just reads scripts.  Harry Harris retired.   Now, suddenly, they are no longer calling it the Pacific command, they are calling it the Indo-Pacific command.   The Americans are realizing strategically that Japan is no longer their main thing in East Asia and they are trying to make a big push to get Indonesia on board, and move the center of gravity more toward the center and this is why they are so busy trying to convince the Indians.

(Benjamin)  The Indians aren’t anti-American.  They agree with the American military stance of ‘we need freedom of navigation’ in the So. China Seas, and the flow of goods in Malacca Straits must be free and safe.    Americans are pitching and saying they have this big Navy and it’s perfect to keep everything flowing, so put us on your payroll and I think they understand that.    The Indians aren’t ‘Us against them.’  They say, ‘We don’t have to choose the Chinese vs.  the Americans.  We can have both.’ So that’s the new kind of thinking.  The point being that a whole post-war structure in this part of the world is changing in a fundamental way.

The Departures of Countries from the EU

(Benjamin)  Speaking of changes, we should now take a look at Europe.  Here, too.  There is a good chart…..showing how…  Basically, Southern Europe needs to get out of the Euro. It is a mathematical certainty.    Spain, Italy, Portugal, Greece:  They should have never joined the Euro.   The result has been deindustrialization and deep debt to the Germans.  This is something again – you can deny it for a certain amount of time, deny reality, but it has a way of catching up to you.  The way the EU is structured, they have to get out of the Euro. It has to happen. It’s mathematical certainty.  This is why you have an anti-Euro government in Italy, and in Spain. This is a big trend.

(Benjamin)   One of the most unreported news events in the past few years is the rebirth of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.   It ceased to exist at the end of WW1.     The former countries agreed to have a common external border to keep out all these Muslim refugees.   Now, a common external border is usually a good sign of a country.  You also see Poland, Hungary, Slovenia – Melania Trump’s home country—are breaking away from the Euro project, in a different way than Southern Europe.That whole structure is falling apart, whether they like it or not. Brexit was just the first step.  At the end of the day, I believe a new European Union that includes Russia is going to be the result and England probably won’t be a part of it. That’s my best guess of the big trends.   But for now you see Central Europe and Southern Europe breaking away from the German controlled EU structure.  So that is a big change to the EU.



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Now back to the show!


(Richard)  On one hand I understand why the IMF and Euro is doing this. The Deutsche Bank is a ticking time bomb and if those countries leave the Euro, it will really mess things up. They are trying to put in an IMF puppet to create a strategic government and push off elections again.  The people aren’t going to stand for it.  But it is a losing battle, isn’t it?

(Benjamin)  It is a losing battle. The numbers are not on their side.  The trends are not their friend.  Especially the Southern European currencies depreciated year after year against the Deutsche Mark after the fixed exchange rates were stopped in the early 70s.  This was necessary for them to stay competitive, induce the Germans, who came for their winter holidays and stuff.   And then when they all joined the Euro, what has happened is that instead of devaluations vs. the Deutsche Mark, what you had was debt to the Germans, to replace it, structurally.

Deutsche Bank

(Benjamin)  And regarding Deutsche Bank, that is what the whole Vanguard-German-Bush nexus was using.  Barbara Bush is now dead and George Bush Senior is in the hospital. That whole faction, the secret German group that took over the US after 9/11, is basically removed from power.  And this is going to affect Deutsche Bank and Germany and the whole structure there.  Now the Germans are saying publicly that they need to break away from the Americans and join the Russians, because I think they realize they have lost their control of the United States and they need a counter-balance. Right now, they themselves don’t have the power to do anything against the Americans unless they get Russia help.

(Meg)  We know that Germany lots of business interests with Russia.  They traded back and forth. Europe gets so much of their oil and gas, anyway.

(Benjamin) Trump said to the Germans, ‘If you finish that NordStream pipeline, we’ll stop buying Mercedes Benzes, right?’  That is a sign.  They realize they staged this coup in Ukraine to stop the flow of Russian gas to Europe, they tried to stop the SouthStream pipeline but I think that the inevitable trend is that Russia is going to replace the US as guarantor of European security, vs. Asia.  It’s the inevitable plan.  And I think the people at the higher level of the military-industrial complex understand that.

A Secret  Alliance, with the Euphrates as the Border

(Benjamin) The military has made a secret alliance with the Russians in the Middle East with east of the Euphrates for the Russians and west of the Euphrates for the Americans.  They’re trying to divide a line there.  Basically they are saying the Sykes-Picot borders made after World War 1 that created Iraq and Syria and all those countries are out of date and they don’t reflect the demographic realities and we’ll have to redo the whole structure there and the natural border is the Euphrates River. That is the sort of thinking that is going on among the planners and the military industrial complex.  There is a sort-of de facto Russian-American security alliance there.

(Benjamin)  And on that point, the other big issue that has happened, is that NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg said NATO would not protect Israel.   And I know the US military doesn’t like Israel.  They don’t like what Israel did to the U.S. Liberty, they didn’t like what Israel did with 9/11, they didn’t like being manipulated by these people, to go against American interests to pursue their agenda.  So I think a time of reckoning is coming for Israel.  They have been an anti-social disturbing influence in the world for too long and the entire planet is sick and tired of their juvenile, anti-social Messiainic behavior.

(Benjamin)  They’ve got to be disciplined. Nobody is going to hurt Jews. Nobody is going to any (???)…nothing like that is going to happen.  They’re just going to be asked to stop being anti-social and criminal in their behavior.

(Richard)  A regime change is needed to take out this power structure– Benjamin Netanyahu, the Rothschilds?  That whole power structure has to change.

The Rothschild, Hitler and Netanyahu Faction

(Benjamin)  For me, The Rothschilds, Adolph Hitler and Netanyahu are all part of the same faction.  They are the ones who tried to chase the Jews out of Europe to create this colony for some kind of long-term crazy plan to rule the world from Jerusalem.  It’s not going to happen.  They are fanatics, unfortunately.  They believe they have some kind of almighty God that will make it happen. It is a shame that they’ve been so badly brainwashed. That whole nexus is going to have its day of reckoning. It is starting.  They just don’t have….they have miscalculated.  The men with the guns, the people who actually do the fighting are no longer obeying their orders. And if you don’t have these people behind you, you are just a talking head.

(Richard)  There won’t be another 3-day war like what happened before…how Israel came to real power.

(Benjamin) No.  I think they’re going to force them to get rid of this criminal Netanyahu and just stop their whole crazy agenda.

(Richard)  They took a completely barren desert land and made a country out of it.  They know how to do it.

(Benjamin)  There is an enormous economic potential for that whole region – Saudi Arabia, Israel.  They just have to stop the crazy agenda over there and there will be enormous potential for that whole region over there.   That is the big discussion that is taking place for peace in the Middle East and a new structure.

(Benjamin)  There are 3 big empires there.  You have the Turkish, Persian and the Arabs.  Some sort of 3-federation grouping is what will happen there.  They speak linguistically, historically.  Egypt, Saudi A, Israel is one group.  Greater Persia, the Shia groupings, Iraq and Iran and then there are the Turkish people, Turkish Empire.   These are 3 most natural states that would emerge if they re-drew the Sykes-Picot borders.

George Soros: Is he Alive?

(Meg)  A question, a change in direction.  Regarding George Soros, you have said he died a while ago and he keeps being dragged out as a boogie man.  How do you know he died, when did he die and what are some details you can give us?

(Benjamin)  Look, I don’t know.  There is a lot of disinformation, so sometimes to triangulate on the truth, you have to use different sources.   A US military person told me he had been killed, by email.   And so then I started saying, ‘Can we confirm this otherwise?’  I noticed he stopped appearing in public.  And I noticed his five children said they were going to divide up his funds,among the five children.   You don’t usually divide up an inheritance until the person is dead.   They announced this, it was in the news.   Then they said he spoke at a public forum at Davos.

(Benjamin)  Well, I was at the Foreign Correspondents Club when George Soros came to speak. I even asked him a question.  There were maybe a dozen cameras there, probably more, and they each edited according to their own interests.    At a public forum in Davos, you would have had the same thing, you would have had at least 12 news agencies there.   Instead, (for this recent Soros story about Davos),  the one sourced article came from San Francisco.   Last time I heard, San Francisco was not in Switzerland.  Okay? Correct me if I’m wrong.  I’m pretty sure that’s the case.   Everybody was quoting from it.   So they have the technology now where you can create a video image.  You can take what I have just done,  and put George Bush Senior’s face on it, and make it look like he is the one talking.  This what I think they have done with Soros.   I didn’t see independent camera angles with their own individual footage.    It (the story about Soros in Davos)  was all coming from Bloomberg in San Francisco and they were all quoting from that.   The best guess is that he’s not around, but they keep him as a boogie man because they need a cushion between the real controllers and what the public sees.

(Meg)  He is a handy guy to hide behind, I guess.

(Benjamin)  Yes, and by the way, the question I asked George Soros at the Foreign Correspondent’s Club was about the families that own the Federal Reserve Board.   There was a look of sheer horror on his face. Absolute fear.  Mortal fear on his face.   He completely evaded answering anything real.  But the point was, it made it very clear to me that he’s just a puppet. I think the French Rothschilds and Swiss Rothschilds use his face so that they themselves would not be in the public eye.  That is my best guess.

(Meg)  That would be a good explanation.  So I have a question from those of us who love to read the tabloids.  Do you think Chelsea Clinton is married to his nephew?  Have you heard that and what do you think about that?

(Benjamin)  No, I don’t know anything about that.  I’ll look into it, but I don’t know anything about it.

(Meg)  Oh, okay, your next assignment is to find out if that’s true.   (joke).

(Richard)   Speaking of Soros, his Open Society has been behind a lot of different movements, including Antifa and again, it is just a buffer for the Deep State operatives to sway opinion, plus AI that is used to foment changes on social media to get people to vote in certain ways and Cambridge Analytica is a lot behind that.   It’s a bit like Wizard of Oz. At some point, the curtain will be drawn and you’ll see who’s behind it all.

Agents Provocateurs and Street Theatre

(Benjamin)   Yes.   They’re losing their traditional control methods. They aren’t working.   Everybody has a camera.  Nobody is actually doing anything, they’re all just filming each other. It’s kind of a weird phenomena.   But when they had this big alt-right gathering in Charlottesville, Virginia in the US, a friend of mine was there.   He and other people there said the Black Lives Matter people and the Klu Klux Klan people were both arriving on the same buses.  And so they set up….And I’ve seen it. I’ve covered a G20 summit before. They have these agents provocateurs.

They have peaceful demonstrations, but then they have these guys… they all wear the same military boots and are covering  their faces and they start smashing shop windows and overturning cars…and give the police an excuse to go in and start beating up demonstrators.    This whole system they have for creating some sort of street theatre they have to manipulate public opinion, be it a fake shooting or a real shooting – it’s not working any more.  They are losing their ability to manipulate with these fake events.  They just don’t know what to do.

(Meg)  I will just mention that my  own mother worked for the FBI in the 1950s and I heard the whole time I was growing up that these are agents provocateurs and paid instigators…so,  this has been around a really long time.

(Richard)  The BBC reported on Muslim voices in the UK.   There protests going on and the camera was narrowed to make 30 people or 50 people appear like there was a massive crowd or huge protest going on.   But everyone has cameras now.  And so one could say, ‘Oh, you mean that little group over there?’  You can see them trying to get them all into one group shot to control the narrative.  It was ridiculous.

(Benjamin)  I used to see that all the time. You’d have a group of people with cardboard cutouts and posters.  The camera would focus just on them.  They’ve been doing it forever. And the point is, they’re losing the plot.    They’ve been doing this for thousands of years.   The families that control through monotheism are losing control.   It is really historic in many ways.  They’ve been doing it for thousands of years.  We’re talking about a group of families and they’re losing power. It is incredibly historic.  When this all comes out, it will be mind-blowing.  They’re trying very, very hard to keep a lid on it.

(Benjamin)  Remember how all the big media was saying, ‘Okay,  they’re going to release the Kennedy documents, in two days.’   And then the documents were released.    And then–nothing. Not a word.   Well, because David Ben Gurion, the Israeli prime minister was one of the people who ordered the assassination of J.F. Kennedy.  So suddenly, It’s Boom! Total silence.

(Benjamin)  And another one just happened.  Malaysia has a new government. Former prime minister Mahathir is back in power.   And they were starting to tell the truth about Malaysia Flight 370, which was transformed from Malaysia Flight 17.  And Suddenly Malaysia is vanished from the news.  But this is not going to work forever.  They are losing the plot more and more, and I don’t think they’re going to put Humpty Dumpty back together again this time.

(Richard)   We’ll start to wrap this up.  Things are snowballing.  Each week more is coming out. You even said that a lot of positive things are happening but you can’t report on it.

Big Meetings This Week

(Benjamin)  Yes, and look, the summit meeting next week will be a big one.  The Chinese with their ‘One Belt One Road’ have something that is 60 times bigger than the Marshall Plan.     We are trying to organize something equal or bigger for the West.   Instead of creating a fake terror incident as an excuse to invade a country and steal resources we need to actually start saying, ‘Hey, everybody we want to help…and…What is the best thing we could do?’ … and have a giant plan for making the planet nicer.   That’s the big paradigm shift we’re working toward and that’s what we have to keep our eyes on.  We want to make this a better planet.  We want to stop these war-mongering criminals from causing further misery.

(Meg)  We definitely want a better planet.

(Benjamin) We want to stop these war-mongerers once and for all.  So thank you for having me on again.

(Richard)  Thank you very much, Benjamin.  And hopefully the next time we speak hopefully some revelations will come about.

(Benjamin) Yes, there will be enough time to digest what happened with the Kim-Trump summit  to have a better long term about what’s going to be happening.

(Meg)  Excellent. Thank you. We’ll talk to you next time.  Bye!  Bye! Bye!


(RICHARD)  Today we interviewed Benjamin Fulford and we three conducted this interview from three very separate time zones: At 10 am in Japan, 2 am in the UK and 6 pm in California, and across the International Date Line.

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  1. What people don’t realize is the bloodline families and the people in control, aren’t Human, they have Human bodies and a reptilian soul. A reptilian soul is what I call a low soul, because it doesn’t have empathy for others, thus prone to evil. When a person with a low soul rapes a child (especially before puberty), the person with the low soul receives pleasurable energy and that’s why they do it and why so many of them are pedophiles. A person with a Human soul doesn’t get this pleasurable energy, so hardly any Humans are pedophiles.
    They were first put here about 18,000 years ago (about 25 of them). When a female with a reptilian soul has children, the children get the same kind of soul as the mother, regardless of which soul the father has. I’m told that there are about 1,010,000 of them on Earth now. They control the governments of about 70% of the countries, they also control Industry, media, finance, all religions, entertainment etc. and have about 80% of the money in the world.
    Their plan is to have a ruling class, with only them in it and everyone else is a worker/slave. That is why they are doing so much evil, wars, chemtrails, GMOs, fluoride in the water, controlling the weather etc. just to try and reduce the population so they have fewer people to control. So this is what we are up against, but I think we will get them out of power and win.

  2. Rob, they sound different, but wasn’t Ben refering to linguistic elements like sentence structure…? I took it to things like existence of/placement of markers, etc… (?)

    I wish questioners had asked about Bens objections to Trump’s trade “sa nctions” : whole segments of the US. economy have been sacrificed to strengthen the economies of other nations and, eventually, lead to geographic mandate for each business type, eg, manufacturing g all conducted in Mexico-Central Amercia, military and some profession services in the US, etc, iow, setting the whole world up for One World Gov = dictatorshil. Heck, I voted for Perop in ’92 to stop just that.

    Anyway, the US applies no or very low import duties on ither countries, while our exports are tariffed through the roof. I think that’s a bad thing, so I wished it had been brought up…

  3. OK, I’m only at 14:26, but having listened to other recent recording, I have to ask why oil is still assumed to matter. There have been ternatoves to run in the internal combustion engine presented and patented by many American over the last 60 years (as well as MANY foreigner, ask any cabbie!), only to be bought and buried, along with their inventor. And this is ALL ignoring ET tech…

    Changes now have to remove the old power wteucture, complelety, and be super careful they are not replace with something as bad – only way to do it , or, part of process to do it, is complete transparency with the public.

    Next time, please comment on ALL this other stuff! I think lore is going on in next week’s talks than what is covered here (… if u get to these after 14:00, my apologies…)

  4. the khazarian mafia used to be a ethnic race amongst all the horse back warrior clans of khans(mongols) , but mongols sounds nothing like Japanese and Korean! im sorry they just dont! It looks like we cant just depend on Ben’s intel and info on china, because he may know japan, but he dont know china, only from the WDS, but they dont take him to china to visit and go to tibet and mongolia to have a look have a feel in person then learn it from other people, cause he is taking on that person’s prejudice and compliments!


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