Benjamin Fulford Interview

Benjamin Fulford Returns for this Fourth Interview

On June 21, 2018,  had the pleasure of a fourth interview in this series with Benjamin Fulford.

Benjamin reminds us it is the Summer Solstice and also talks to us about where the power lies in Asia, the G7 meeting, and he notes that perhaps Merkel is the last bloodline ruler in Europe.

Benjamin continues to work to liberate the planet from the bad guys. He is literally fighting to bring freedom and new life to humanity.

This interview is about  55  minutes long and we hope you enjoy it.

Update: The transcript is now posted, below.

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The Transcript for this June 21, 2018 Interview

(Meg) Hi! Today at, we are interviewing Benjamin Fulford.

Benjamin’s website is

We would like to introduce Benjamin to our listening audience.

Benjamin is a reporter and investigative journalist. He has been a correspondent for several news organizations in Asia and notably he was the Asia-Pacific Bureau Chief for Forbes magazine. He left Forbes in 2005, in disgust over their editorial direction and censorship.

Benjamin’s weekly reports are based on information from a broad range of sources including, among others, the Japanese Yakuza crime family; The British intelligence service MI6; the Freemasons; the CIA, the KGB, and the Mossad. Benjamin is actively fighting to rid the earth of the psychopaths currently in charge.

Ben’s weekly geo-political news reports provide updates and summaries of the latest events in the on-going secret war for control of planet Earth.

Benjamin’s website at is completely independent and subscriber supported.

The June 21, 2018 Interview

(Meg) Hi Benjamin, we’re delighted to have you with us today. Today is June 21, 2018.

(Benjamin) Yeah, so it’s the Summer Equinox. So I have to go find a young virgin to sacrifice now, you know.
Buwahahhhhhhhh!    Just kidding folks, just kidding. But there are apparently people who really do such things, unfortunately.
(Richard) Yes, that’s true.
(Meg) So you were saying just before we started our recording here, you were on the phone.

Hello, G7?  We’d Like Our Gold Returned

(Benjamin Fulford) Okay. So, I’ve been contacted by the relatives of the Last Emperor. Their gold was taken away from them by the Federal Reserve Board with the promise that they would develop East Asia. And instead, they used it to finance the G7 and the Marshall Plan. So they are now saying, “Hey, you guys, you have our gold, it is in the hills behind Basel, Switzerland and you don’t have the rights to it and you have been financing the G7 illegally for all these years. And it’s time to give the gold back. We’ve got documents — I’m getting all the necessary legal documents that prove this is the case. If it all goes well, we’ll have money available to do good things for the planet. We can turn the deserts green and replenish the oceans with fish, and that kind of stuff… so that is what I’ve been working on.

North Korea: A Proxy for the Old Chinese Dynasties

(Benjamin Fulford) There has been a lot of fraud and other stuff going on related to this, but the Kim-Trump Summit meeting I think has changed everything because North Korea is really a proxy for the old Chinese dynasties. So, reaching a deal with them means solving the issue of the stolen Asian gold, which means confronting the BIS and the people who presume they own the world financial system, even though they are basing it on fraud. They’ve gotten away with it for 70 years but it is time to confront these people and make them hand over the control of the planet to the people of the planet. Asia Royals are willing to do that — they’re willing to give it to the people.

(Richard) That’s really good to hear.

(Meg) Will that come in the form of leasing us gold, or how would that really work, do you think?

(Benjamin) Ultimately it’s a psychological thing. It’s a process that says, ‘Allright, who is going to decide what we are going to use the money for?’ And I think that has to be done with the whole world watching and participating. Otherwise it will just pass from one secret self-appointed group to another secret, self-appointed group, which is not what we want. But I’ll see. I think I’ve said enough. Right now I’m getting the documents to prove this is the real deal and if it’s not, then it’s just another wild choose chase, of which I’ve been on many. But we’ll see.

(Richard) We are definitely are due for some positive news for the planet.

(Benjamin) What else do you guys want to talk about?

(Richard ) We can talk about the G7 meeting. It was interesting because it was over in Canada and Trump flew in and left, abruptly and shortly as well… he seemed to make his mark to be sure certain things had changed in documents before he signed them, but it was interesting because no sooner had he left that Justin Trudeau was giving some statement to the press and Trump called him out on it, as he was on Air Force One on the way to Singapore.

The G7 Becomes the G6

(Benjamin Fulford) Yeah, I’m aware that all that happened. To me it looks like the G7 is now the G6. So, it sort of fits with what I was just telling you about the Ching or Manchu Royal bonds…is that to the G7, they’re saying, ‘You guys don’t have the right to this. You guys aren’t really supposed to be in charge.’ Even though they are saying all this nice touchy-feely, nice stuff in their communique, their track record sucks, you know? I think they’re saying, ‘You’re fired, you know?’

(Benjamin) I think that’s what’s going on. I think that then the fact that Trump turned around and declared $200 billion worth of Chinese imports to have tariffs on them, and then the Chinese started dumping US Treasuries, is a sign that some sort of reboot of the financial system is going to happen. We have to make sure it is done without chaos and suffering, without people accessing their ATMs and that kind of stuff, you know?

(Richard) Another thing that is interesting is that he called out, saying Russia should be part of the G7 again. So you are saying G7, became G6, but would that again be G7 if Russia were to then come back into the fold?

(Benjamin) It is interesting too that Italy was saying the same thing. In a way, if you look at it from the secret perspective, you have the Vatican, the Russian Orthodox Church and now you have the US Military Industrial complex. Russia is the Russian Orthodox Church, Italy is the Roman Catholic Church and Trump is the US military industrial complex.

(Benjamin) So these things people are saying to the Rothschilds, or the self-appointed group of Jewish oligarchs who control the rump of the G6, ‘You guys aren’t in charge any more.’ It’s a very historical thing. We’ll see how it goes. You can see that both from the public information where you have a spat and the G7 becomes the G6. It went from G8 to G7 to G6. It all sort of fits, what you are seeing in public and what is happening behind the scenes. Things are coming to a head for sure.

While The G7 Met, So did the Bilderbergs

(Meg) So, related to behind the scenes, then, at the same as the G7 was the Bilderberg meeting. What do you think they are doing in all of this? Are they shaking in their boots or what do you think?

(Benjamin Fulford) Well, you know, there are definitely, you notice that the sister of the Queen of the Netherlands — Holland — was killed or died mysteriously on the day the Bilderberg started. The Bilderberg was founded by the Dutch royal family. So clearly somebody is sending them a message. And, I guess it was the Daily Mail? They had an exclusive inside there. They had an apparently a very frail Henry Kissinger there in a wheelchair. He’s apparently the big boss now, now that David Rockefeller (is out ?), or trying to be the big boss.

Okay, let’s put it this way. The people behind the Bilderbergers and the people behind the G6 are same people, but what you see actually going to the Bilderberg meeting — and what you see at the G6 meeting are the high-level servants. They’re not the real bosses. They themselves didn’t show up, but we know who they are.

(Meg) Right, well, do you think the Bilderberg meeting was located in Italy so that the P2 Freemason people could easily get there?

(Benjamin) Clearly the fact that they took over the government of Italy was a sign that something changed there. So yes. For sure. The fact that it took place in Italy and the fact that Italy has a fundamentally new regime, are connected. The Agnelli brothers, the Agnelli family, were running the show. They’re together with the Rothschilds as the owners of The Economist magazine, which I call ‘The Imperialist.’ It is the old G7 group, the Global Warming faction. Now they were, among the secret groups, they are a lot less bad than the Nazis behind Bush who want to kill 90% of us, but they still want to maintain secret control for their own little inbred clique, and using this global tax on carbon as their instrument for controlling the planet. So, they’re liars, they’re con men. They are not murderers to the extent the Bush Nazi group were, but they are criminals. Nobody appointed them to run the planet and they are not doing a good job. I’m sorry , but they’re not.

(Richard) You said, The Economist magazine. I just wanted to throw in there, quickly. Wasn’t it back in the 70s, that the front cover of the Economist magazine had a phoenix coming out of a pile of different fiat currencies, (Benjamin: “Sure”) with some new currency around its neck and that date was 2018? So, something significant was always planned for around this year in the financial markets. The question is, did they actually plan what they wanted or did they get usurped by a prior plan.

(Benjamin) Sure. Maybe, yeah. There was a famous mathematician who did some calculations and he figured out the day he would die. When that day came around, he was so scared that he committed suicide.


East-West Negotiations Behind the Scenes

(Benjamin Fulford) So, we can make it happen. We definitely want a change. We want a fundamental change in how we’re running the planet. We have wiped out more species since the dinosaurs have been wiped out and that’s not stopping. We have to have a fundamental change in direction, there’s no doubt about it. I think that the spat between China and the US is part of the negotiations about what we’re going to do to replace the architecture that was put in place after World War 2. The Americans are saying, ‘We don’t want the old G7, G6 group in charge. That doesn’t mean we’re going to give everything over to China either. There’s an East West negotiation process taking place now.

(Richard) We’ve briefly mentioned the Singapore Summit as well. You have said some really positive effects have come out of it. We just wanted to touch on it because that’s probably one of the biggest things that has gone down in a very very long time. And although to those of us who knew that it was going to be a scripted show for what has already transpired, it’s (important?) how the rest of the world sees it.

(Benjamin) Yeah. Okay, well I was told by the Gnostic Illuminati, who claim they started the French, Russian and American Revolutions and they are against bloodline rule. In their world view, the real strong man in East Asia is not Xi Jinping, it is Kim Jong-un, and he represents the royal families. It was when Xi Jinping went to Mar A Lago last year and Trump said, ‘Why don’t you do something about North Korea,’ and Xi Jinpng said, ‘I don’t have that power.’ So he was kind of admitting in public that he is not the ultimate strong man.

Another, a former senior Politburo member told me that, you know, China is now divided into five autonomous military districts. The northern one is really probably the most strong militarily. They run the show up there. So, some kind of very fundamental change and deal was made. If the Americans and Chinese line up and the Russians are on board too, the G6 Europeans are just going to have to come along. I don’t see that they have any choice.

(Meg) So, you were just talking about the military force in the north, were you talking about Mongolia?

(Benjamin) No, No… I’m talking about the Northern Chinese military district. They divide the military, like you have the US Northern Command, Southern Command, it’s like this. So the Northern Command of the Chinese Military Industrial Complex, which is closely allied with the old Royal families and the Mongol peoples.

(Meg) Okay, so allied with them, allied with Mongolia. It’s fascinating to me that Mongolia is coming out in these recent discussions with you because it’s fascinating, they are such an ancient group.

(Benjamin) Mongolia is sort of like the ancestral homeland, but it isn’t the center of power any more. If you look at it linguistically you’ll see that Korean, Mongolian, Japanese — all those languages– are farther away from Chinese than English is from Chinese. The word order is different, compared with Chinese. English is the same word order as Chinese. We say, ‘I go to the store.’ They say, ‘I to the store go.’

In Asia, The Horsemen: The Strongest Military, The Farmers:  The Stronger Economy

(Benjamin Fulford) The point being that this is an ancient and fundamental thing that dates back thousands of years. It’s always been the horsemen who have been stronger militarily and the farmers who have been stronger economically. They’ve sort of been duking it out for thousands of years, with one on top and then the other, but they’ve reached a sort of consensus now, I think. But the point is that, militarily it is still the Northern peoples who are the strongest, as I understand it. This is especially the case if the Japanese and Koreans and the Russians and the Americans all agree with them, and I think that’s happening.

(Benjamin) I met a member of Abe of Japan’s Cabinet last week. He told me they are negotiating with North Korea. They are talking about reviving some sort of well, remember they had the Manchu state in the 1930s, with the puppet emperor, and stuff, right? It’s these people, this ghost of Manchuria popping up, saying ‘Well, here we are, again.’

(Benjamin) It seems unlikely now, but I remember when I was in high school I had a friend whose family were refugees from the Ukraine. He told me some day Ukraine will be an independent country again. This was during the Soviet Union (time period). I thought ‘This guy is dreaming. It’s never gonna happen.’ And it happened! So who knows? Maybe we’ll see Manchuria again. More likely it’s just going to be a big economic development, an oil pipeline from Russia through Korea through Japan and an underground rail tunnel connecting Japan and Korea and a huge economic boom. I think that’s something everybody can agree to. So we’ll find some sort of win-win solution and that’s what’s going on here. It’s kind of big stuff.

Kim Jong-Un: The Symbolic Leader of the Region

(Meg) Who do you think is Mongolia’s sort of spiritual leader at this point? Is there somebody there who captivates that huge geographic area?

(Benjamin Fulford) I think that they are thinking, Kim Jong-Un is the symbolic leader of that whole sort of thing. Remember, Mongolia is a big country with very few people. It’s sort of like England to America. It’s the home of origin but the place they moved to now is bigger. The actual Manchus were east of Mongolia, they were the Juchen, or something. It’s like saying, ‘It’s actually Germans not British,’ if you use a European example. But they’re all the same Europeans, type of thing. Something like that. It’s the eastern provinces of that whole horsemen culture and history, which is different from the ones who originally backed Ghengis Khan, but they are roughly the same kind of people. (Meg: Interesting, okay). If you focus too much you see nothing but trees, and when you go back and look at forests, some details get blurred out. I’m looking at it from a forest perspective.

( Richard) Thank you, it’s really interesting to learn about this history and I’m sure the listeners will enjoy this too. You mentioned Ukraine and you also mentioned Ukraine in one of your recent columns. It was surrounding a chess move Putin is likely to play at the end of the World Cup.

(Benjamin) All I know is that I have senior CIA passing it on to me, because they wanted it out there. I’m assuming that if you look at the three Eastern provinces of Ukraine, there is a river. I believe it is the border that Frederick the Great and the Czar of Russia agreed on as the border between the German and the Russian people, or the Polish-Lithuanian. Anyway, the point is that there is a clear river border and there is a linguistic and cultural border. On one side there are Russians and on the other side there are Poles, or whatever. There are different language groups and different histories and they have been fighting forever.

Eastern Ukraine, You are Now Part of Russia

(Benjamin Fulford) This is only my guess, and I am not Vladimir Putin, but it’s my guess that they will formally annex those eastern provinces and they will say, “This is now part of Russia, and to hell with you.” And, they will formalize what the truth is on the ground, which is that the Russian speaking parts of the Ukraine are really already part of Russia.

(Richard) Well, they voted that, didn’t they, back in 2012, when the Crimea was annexed officially, but it wasn’t recognized by Russia at the time, so it’s been in a state of limbo.

(Benjamin) Yeah, so I think this time, Russia is saying, ‘All right, to hell with it. We have been playing nice and trying to follow your rules and you have just been sanctioning us and insulting us. So hell, we’ll protect our interests.’ I think there is some kind of tit-for-tat going on there. They’re going to do that in exchange for letting the Americans do something, but, I’m not sure what that is going to be but…

(Benjamin) The other big thing is ‘what is going to happen to Israel? ‘ And let’s leave out monotheism and let’s just talk about oil. You have the Bush-Nazi group with Chevron and stuff, big in Qatar, and then you have the Exxon-Mobile Rockefeller people big in Saudi Arabia, and they had a big plan to make a pipeline through Syria, and they sent a bunch of mercenaries to seize the land for pipelines and they called them Isis and all sorts of various propaganda, but they lost. So now the Americans are saying to the Russians, ‘We’ll control east of the Euphrates and you control west of the Euphrates.’ And then Russia are still saying, ‘No, no no, we have these official, legal borders, recognized by the UN and we are going to stick with that.’ Maybe they will all agree, ‘All right, we’ll redraw the Middle Eastern borders for the first time since the Sykes and Picot drew lines on maps over martinis way back in 1916. (Laughter)
And this is going to be some kind of realignment in the Middle East.

The Jewish People Will be Liberated from Netanyahu

(Benjamin Fulford) And of course the big issues are of course Persian Empire or Iran, as we call it now. And the brainwashed military colony known as Israel. I think some sort of deal will be made there. My guess is that they’ll have to get rid of Nazi Netanyahu and those people and, I’m sorry but for me it’s exactly the same group as Hitler. They are no different. Hitler is one of the founding fathers of Israel. Netanyahu is part of that group and he’s not Jewish, as far as I’m concerned. He worships Bal and he is not a Jew. I’m sorry, he is pretending to be one, but he’s not. So the Jewish people will be liberated. And some sort of comprehensive permanent peace will be negotiated. So that’s what’s coming up. It will start with North Korea, like ‘My big red button is bigger than yours,’ and Brrr-Brr-Brr, basically like apes pounding their chests until they come to a deal, ‘I get this nut, you get that nut.’
The scale is bigger but the principle is the same.

(Richard) And now for our mid-section message.

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( Richard, continuing)  Yes, absolutely. As you are talking about this it makes more sense for me now. I was reading your column and I found it really interesting when you said it could be basically an ultimatum to kick out Netanyahu and sort out Israel, or basically, ‘Russia and the coalition is going to come in there and sort you out.’

Give Up the Dream of Controlling the World Through Jerusalem

(Benjamin Fulford) This brings us back to the Rothschilds and the G6 and all that. They were always made fun of by the other Europeans. Israel was their kingdom, they wanted to rule the world through Jerusalem and they wanted to carry out the so-called prophesies, many of which had….. whatever. The point is that we decide what we do with the planet. They will have to give up that whole dream of controlling the world through Jerusalem. They will have to be dealt with. The BIS, their headquarters, there. They are still in control of Germany and France. Angela Merkel is the only actual bloodline ruler in power. Macron is just a high-level servant. That’s it. They are down to a rump. Switzerland, Germany and France–they’re cousins but they’re kind of on a different wave-length. But May is also one of their servants. (She is a ) different branch of the family but still a servant. So we’re going to finally have to deal with these people. And that could happen.

(Richard) Yeah, I can’t wait. I really hope they purge May.

(Meg) So I have a little question here about Saudi Arabia and very recently during the opening of the World Cup they began a bombing campaign on Yemen. And is the basic battle over there in Yemen so that Saudi Arabia can seize their oil fields?

(Benjamin) No, no, they don’t really have a lot of oil fields. If you ask me, its the Persian empire, it’s the Persians and the Arabs trying to figure out where their borders will be. You can call it Shia and Sunni if you want. But I prefer the more long-term historical perspective.

Yemen was Sophisticated A Thousand Years Ago

(Benjamin Fulford) Traditionally, Yemen had 10- story tall buildings more than a thousand years ago. They were a sophisticated urban society and the Saudis were a bunch of impoverished camel herders. And suddenly these country-yokel camel herders hit all the oil and they’re acting like they control the whole show. But historically they’re supposed to be a backwater. So I think there’s some sort of resentment from the part of these nouveau-riche camel herders from the point of the Yemani. But, anyway, a lot of the oil producing region is outside their land and is traditionally Persian. I think the US, who is the ultimate backer of Saudi Arabia and Israel and the US military industrial complex, uses a lot of gasoline. An aircraft carrier doesn’t get good mileage, so they need that gas. So some kind of agreement between the Persians and America is going to be negotiated next.

(Benjamin) The Russians have a key role to play. The American military would love to see the Russians come in and clean up Israel. You saw that when you had the head of NATO telling a German magazine that NATO was not going to protect Israel. They’re on their own. They’ve been so anti-social and causing so much trouble for the planet for so long I think we’re all sick and tired. How many times have there been 100 to 1 votes in the UN against these people? (To Israel:) ‘All right, you know, enough is enough. You have nowhere else to run to, you have to just be a good neighbor. You’re not going to commit a crime and run off somewhere else, you have nowhere else to run off to. It’s time to stop being anti-social. It’s time you are part of the human race.’ And get on with it.

The Iranian People Will Decide Their Own Fate

(Meg) Well, yes. Let me just move on to Iran because, the day before the World Cup began, in Iran, the country’s leading human rights representative, a woman, Nasrin Sotudeh or Sotoodeh (I am probably not pronouncing her name correctly) was put into prison, arrested and denied due process and she is now evidently in prison for five years. So we hear about a positive regime change in Iran but then we hear about this kind of activity. And it suggests Khazarians are in power there. What do you make of this?

(Benjamin Fulford) All right, look, I know that it was the Rothschilds that put Khomeini in power because the Shah of Iran wasn’t playing ball, but I think that since they have sorted Persian or Iranian autonomy. I don’t want to go too deep here because I don’t understand Iran very well, all I know is that I’m hearing some desire for regime change but it’s going to be the Iranian people who decide. You know basically the Russian, the Chinese, the Americans are all gonna twist their arms and force the Arabs and Persians to draw a line and a peaceful border and figure out a new way to coexist. That’s what is going to happen.

(Benjamin) Looks like if you look at the situation on the ground, you have the Turkish state as one big central Hussein/Ottoman Empire. Then you have running from Libya right through to Iran, the Persian Empire. Then you have the Arabs which would be the gulf states and Egypt and Northern Africa. And I think those three zones are going to be what’s going to be the final shape of what happens there. That is just based on linguistics and history and everything else.

(Richard) It’s interesting we forget that don’t we? I mean with all the maps that are drawn and the history we are taught at school, I don’t think of Persians and Arabs and things like that. We know the names and general areas, but because of all these borders and lines and countries and so much turmoil, I completely forgot about it like this. I love the way you present the history about how it was and is moving forward.

(Benjamin) Everything that exists today didn’t just pop into existence. It’s the end product of thousands of years of cultural and social evolution. So if you don’t look at the past, you not going to understand the present. But also, just linguistically. For example, Canadians and Americans and British all speak English and have a similar cultural background, so it’s easy for us to get along. When you have a different language, like German or French, we can be friendly, but there is a little gap already because of the language. And it’s the same over there. You have the Arab speakers, you have the Persian speakers, you have the Turkish speakers, you have the different history going way back. It just makes sense to recognize history when you figure out what to do in the future.

Is John Kerry Alive?  Or Are We Watching a Video?

(Meg) Okay, I’m going to change a little bit to a question about something you mentioned probably about a month ago. You mentioned in one of your columns that John Kerry has left the Earth. So can you fill us in? Do you have any intell. on that? You feel as though John Kerry is no longer with us?

(Benjamin Fulford) All I know is that he was called to Antarctica, on the day of the election, when Trump was put in power. And my source is someone who was actually in Antarctica at this meeting, at this off-the-grid base there, said that he was told that it was going to be Trump and not Clinton. And after that point, I was told he was killed. And then, he didn’t appear in public for years, or not for a long time. And suddenly he pops up again, looking a lot younger than he did last time I saw him when he was obviously still alive. So, I don’t know. The problem that we have these days is that they can create videos that look completely real of people. It’s hard to say if they are really alive or if it is just a video presence created on the media.

(Benjamin) For me, I was told that Bill Clinton was dead and then suddenly he has been reappearing again looking younger than when I last remember seeing him around. And you have the same with John Kerry. So I don’t know if these people are really alive or if it is some big intelligence operation aimed at manipulating public opinion? But my guess is the latter. That is why I am trying to get networks of people I actually physically know who can say, ‘Yeah, I actually saw him.’

(Benjamin) I was very interested that the Daily Mail– forgive me if I got the wrong paper–reporter saying they saw Henry Kissinger at the Bilderberg looking frail and in a wheelchair. That sorta makes sense, I believe he is still around. I was told by the same source who is senior CIA and is connected to the Antarctic bases but also feeds me BS quite often, so I have to be careful with this source.

(Richard) Well, it’s the CIA, so…

We Can Become Immortal, but Let’s Fix the Planet

(Benjamin Fulford) Yeah, they have some sort of rejuvenating treatment down there, he looks young, but apparently no, he’s 95 and in a wheelchair which is interesting.

(Meg) What we hear about these technologies that the so-called elites have, that take decades off their lives and restore health and things. Maybe they got access to that.

(Benjamin) Well David Rockefeller didn’t. I mean, he had, but apparently it wasn’t enough. He lived past 100 but, apparently, I heard they got him in a stasis chamber, whatever that means.

(Richard) Yeah, cryogenics.

(Benjamin) But he’s not conscious. No heart beat. No brain waves. So I don’t know. I think we do want to have huge R&D projects so that we can become immortal if we want to be. And we have to then make sure that we have enough of a healthy ecosystem to maintain us. So we have to take care of the planet in order to be able to do that.

(Benjamin) This is the sort of thing that we can start looking into, once we change the direction the planet is going in. Based on this apocalyptic monotheism. But the Asian perspective on monotheism is that the big problem is that the world is going to end. And we say, ‘No, its gonna keep going on, let’s make it better.’ That is where we should be. Let’s not just prepare for the End Times type of stuff. Prepare for a future. Let’s make heaven here on earth. Let’s do that.

(Richard) Absolutely. I also want to say to the listening audience, the technologies that Benjamin is talking about are very, very real. Adobe came out about two to three years ago that they can do voice transformation with only five minutes of audio sample and the same for video technologies in real time now are capable to do. So deep state operations would have been able to do this for quite some time, to be honest.

(Ben) You know, there was a time when I went off the grid. I’ve talked about this many times. I went up into the mountains. I left my mobile phone behind. I vanished from their little screens. They actually sent somebody into my house, that night. They opened my door, came in, to physically make sure I was still there. But the end of the day, you need a human eye to analog confirm that somebody is there. You can’t trust video anymore.

(Richard) Absolutely. Speaking of eyes, let’s hope Antarctica shows us some interesting things at some point.

Did the Nazis Move Down Under For Better Weather?

(Benjamin Fulford) I hope so too. But there’s been a lot of smoke and mirrors and fantasy coming out of there based on old movies and things that have nothing to do with reality. I’ve heard for example, most of the Nazis who fled to Antarctica have since moved to places like Australia and New Zealand because they have much better climates. And that whole Antarctica thing is like a big disinformation campaign to keep people’s eyes away from where they really are which is South America and Australia and other places that actually have decent weather.

(Meg) Well they say it’s for a better climate, but maybe they are running away because we’re on to them and they’re not going to be in power much longer, huh?

(Ben) Well, I think there has been a generation change and the new generation wants, you know, (like) people like us, want a better planet. And we can work with them. If you start digging into the past, it’s like an endless whirlpool: ‘Well, you killed this ancestor, they say you killed that ancestor.’
Forget it! Let’s just start fresh. A clean slate. Let’s look forward not backwards. That’s what we need now. We’re not into revenge and stuff like that. We’re into truth and reconciliation and figuring out how to make this planet paradise on earth.

(Meg) Good, well, thank you Benjamin, I think we can wrap it up for today. And have a great longest day of the year.

(Ben) Yep! By-the-way, I’m just gonna walk my dogs, no sacrifice or stuff like this!

(Meg) We’ll all think good thoughts.
(Richard) Bye!
(Meg) Thank you. Bye!

(RICHARD) Today we interviewed Benjamin Fulford and we three conducted this interview from three very separate time zones: At 10 am in Japan, 2 am in the UK and 6 pm in California, and across the International Date Line.

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  1. Just a take on the phenomenon of John Kerry, Bill Clinton (add Hillary to the mix too) looking younger after long public absence, does it mean Benjamin’s multiple intel have not put him in the know about these leaders being cloned just to retain physical continuity on the planet? Their case may not just be video manipulation but human cloning, the technology of which the reptilian ETs gave the cabal.


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