By Anonymous Guest Author (Light Player),

Hmm…what  comes next, out of so many, in a limited Linear Time  and Space, (unlike the 5th Dimension).

Firstly, to clear up any confusion that may arise, it will become apparent soon that The Light Player is of the Divine Feminine . Edward is the Divine Masculine  One of the True One, kindly hosting and posting my articles .

“I would say it takes a very high level of consciousness to create Time loops.”

~ Cobra in an interview in November 2016

Yes, it does, Elohim and Time Keepers. (not the Ones that float about in *blue police boxes though).Those of the True One called for by the True Plan.~` Light Player-Sacred Clown.

* quantum Allowance-almost anything is possible. I stopped saying, nothing will surprise me Now, a long Linear time ago! That’s how the Dark has been ‘out smarted’ and played at their own Game of Secrets reflected back at them. I AM sure you too will find some more Divine surprises in this, and I Am Wishing YOU to en-joy.

That sword is Excalibur. The last 6 months have been very much about the Grail -Arthurian Archetypes as the Albion Body of Nova Gaia returns. Cobra spoke of some of it with the Hero Archetype.

The King is the template (pattern of Light Information contained in the Diamonds of the Living light) of the Hero with the Sword of Truth. The King is the Divine Masculine Ascending, remembering our True Natural Self, sustained by the Goddess Grail mysteries found in the Divine Feminine Temples. The King is the return of the Dark Mother Hermes Trismegistus saw, to Balance. The King is Lilith freed from the Qliphoth collapse ,but not healed, until Gaia healed this Self Now. The King is All those Men (and Women), hurt by Lilith’s suppression into  cruelty under a False Archetype belief , able to forgive and Love again. The King is the Way clear for Men to stop believing as the Fooled, that falling in Lust is Falling in Love, and therefore a woman will change for him to be both uninhibited whore and a Mother if she loves him enough. And for Women to stop believing that Falling in Love is the same as falling in Lust, thus believing with enough Love a man can change. It was Illusion to create  misery. The only change can come from within. The King is a new Time Stargate opened and guarded by those of the King’s Knights of Light. The King is a cycle of Divine Time completed in the Plan, to Allow a New Linear Timeline.

The 2nd Trump card of the King was ‘played’ on January 13th, and it changed everything, from there on. It stirred things up in front of the veil in Linear, yes, even to requiring the Syria Meditation, but manifested as Cobra’s sexual energy intel and the success of the Conferences. Because the Balance of Power was changed when some Mighty  fallen Ones spread their wings, and joined the Guardian Light Forces. Returning to their own  Family of Light, who always stayed Loyal to the True One. There’s even more contained in the last 6months, but not spoken of for Now.

Welcome back Friends in the Light Tribes

That’s today’s headlines from a Harbinger of Light

Excalibur being-well ,yes a phallic symbol, to *overlay in Light and Awareness the reflected reversal of it’s images in obelisks and such, around the World, as revealed in your many joining dots and sharing Truths .It Is Your Power, because sexual energy is Power to be Now  turned into Inner Power. Power in Magic ,Power in a Co Creator ,and  Power of Your Truth and Freedom of Mind to open Portals into Gaias’ Consciousness grids of the new Avalon. (It was indicated to me, that one of the outposts of Atlantis was Avalon-as that’s where I did my Jeldi thing).As soon as I saw the words, plains of Avalon, I thought of Salisbury plain, and if You look at Lisa Renee’s Guardian information, and some others I have been guided to, Stonehenge is a place of Great Power with  a Vortex/Portal that was fought over. And of course, Glastonbury is not that far away.

The Power is to take back the Eye of the Observer in those well known symbols. The Observer will begin to be Aware that IT is Observing Self. All the True Plan has gone in the same Way Divine Will Flows , one thing leads to another, in a FORWARD sequence that makes perfect Sense. Only in the Plan, there was the snowball effect that Cobra spoke of. There have been many ‘highlights’ but very few ‘Trump cards’ that actually changed the balance of Power. This last one of the King was one of the them and so big, it put us on what I understand would be the Final Timeline. Gamma Brain waves ,both being a 3rd, and also,  what is needed to be extra Dimensional in Thought to open the Door of Mind, and therefore it is where Higher Gaia’s quantum grids are waiting for Her Light Players.

*Overlay– a thought form of Light overlaying the exact same grid or symbol. Which is like a reverse spell to a reverse spell to the ones put over Light by Dark Magic or Source-usary. The more Awareness as a Co-Creator, looking Forward, the more you are doing this. Hence, the Old Matrix, the last of the barrier to Minds, weakens more. An Awareness Overlay is also created when a higher frequency light of Truth is shone where there is Low frequency UnTruth, or also, simply not the knowledge , and this is why I begin to share too.

The next diagram is a first introduction to the Concept of Multi Dimensional Divine Sense Thought that is in the following lessons/sharings. Conscious Awareness of the Observer of Light confirms reality.

Could You have imagined that there is such a thing as daylight infra red beyond the veil? And I Am sure that I give no False hope ,for  that is something that makes the Divine through Me very cross, as that’s how others used, abused  and manipulated Good Hearts, Hearts that remember their Divine Spark. The only reason I can see this for my Self in Divine Sense, is that I DO see it for My Self. It is Disclosure 1. Think, Think for Your Self out of the box ,that Is out of the Box. Let that quantum cat out ! It’s not dead ,unless Your Observed Light is dead-although it can be in 2 or more spaces In the Now. Superposition I think? And this applies to Time and Observed space.


How is this I Am confident to say these things and know what was in the last loop? Not surprisingly for any Awakened One; one of the biggest keys to the Door, is Time. There are others, there is not just one Key in practical getting beyond the veil terms , such, as meditate enough, Love enough etc. Of course, Love; Love till You think Your Heart might pop out of Your chest, but in a new understanding of what it IS -and was.

The first concept, is that Time just ain’t what we thought it was. (Thought Being the key word of a Co-Creator in Awareness). As well as, the Times are a changin’. As I explain more fully in another lesson/sharing, Synchronicity changes reality and Time, as they are Flowing through Consciousness. So, all this is of the King Trump card, I Already knew from experiencing it with Future Self in what I needed to do and see in the Mission. This has happened many times Now, in the last few years, so I know the loop has ended, and another Future one is beginning , because the LightWorkers start to channel in new themes or information that is merely a confirmation of what has ‘already happened’ as I remembered the non Linear non 3 Dimensional Future , while travelling forward in Linear as well. The current theme, they bring in, I feel, is going to be about the last loop, and what I have told you it contained, including the wave of Diamonds of the reset Matrix.  As the tide of quantum spaces and Light is coming in , nothing can stop it Now, and this was a big wave that increased the Compression. In these 2 channelings from well known Magenta Pixie, there is a  lot of what I just said the loop contained and knew already, well before she brought this through from May to June.  It also, contains one of the Keys to the Door that I have been writing about in preparatory articles, now having to be re written,( because of Consciousness rising for All ) since late 2015.   That is, the return to the Tarot Fool  and Sacred Clown, although in a slightly different context to my lessons.

And another that was brought to my Awareness with Excalibur and the same theme.

Archangel Michael via Celia Fenn: Solstice June 2018 and the Lion’s Gate 8/8 2018

Remember,  this is not, I told you so aren’t I clever,from Human Ego, but an understanding of 5th Dimensional Time that means you Remember from Future Consciousness Self, as a Simultaneous experience to Linear. It crashes Human Ego big ‘Time’, but embraces Divine Ego, to know that you already know, and there’s been no Intellect or cleverness involved, to know at all! This means also, that the spell of Mammon from Babylonian times when fair barter changed to money, meant that Past effort or energy given or used, (and the One doing it for another) had to have a perceived value in Consciousness. This Past value, to monetize effort in the old energy Flow, is going to be one of the hardest ‘beleifs’ to let go of . This can mean all sorts of energy you put into the Past by choice or not. A relationship, Parenting, work for money, years of study, the list goes on. If it helps, I Am still struggling with this, regarding 10yrs I put into developing my Art and craft, (which I thought I had en-joyed for this Lifetime, nearly as much as the Mission,) into a viable business, based on nearly all recyclabled  materials, and all the stored. All the Put away requirements for it from when the Mission became priority and Preference of a greater Joy. Does it still serve, will it, or not? Although, I do see it did have great Purpose, as One had to be an Artist and a  very Creative, Imaginative Human to do this and what I have done. However, in many other areas of Life I Am Now of the understanding that the Meaning and value of the experience will come to be in the Present and Now, looking Forward, and not the Past. Once you do this ,as well, Forgiveness comes very easily. This looping in Future ,also means that it can have the effect of creating Effect( of Intent and Will, non physical) before Action (or Physical Cause!) However, to make it ‘definite’ for the Intention, Action still needs to be manifested or en-acted such as in the Meditations or with the Cintamanis.

*And just as I finished this, another channeled message came through from the few  I subscribe to, very much in tune with the Door and the gradual Transition I teach that I have also been writing about for a long time. So, as I said, being in the 2 Times is nothing to do with predictions or being psychic,(as was taught by OP in fear frequency usually, eg a bad feeling about the Future or  expect something bad to come); as it is  about the Consciousness Now and remembering the future, because it’s happening at the same time as Linear but Your 3D Physical base reality and Life goes on the same . Crazy..Nuts but De-Light-Full. The Truth will make set you free, but make you a little odd -or quarky, and most definitely absent minded and forgetful.

Sophia Love Lightworker

So the present ‘theme’ is about, the need for the gradual Transition of ( 7 billion ?) Physical souls who have had their Psyche and Spirit so damaged and Controlled. A Door, Dragons -as in Divine Elemental Beings, (Where there’s Knights and Merlin -there has to be Dragons -right?!).  Waves of Light containing  more diamond codes, the breaking of Anti codes, and the need to be bold, with Excalibur’s Inner Power -or the well known Sword of Truth  analogy/metaphor , and the removing of the mask to understand what “God’ is, . This is beginning Now, and is a very important One , thus why I had the guidance to rewrite and change the order of these next articles. More and more there will be discussions and channels comparing our reality experience to a virtual reality, simulations, A. I etc. There will be some Truths in it, but do not go down the A.I road of belief to explain the about the Absolute of  the True One Light . Another theme will be of experiencing co-existent Time through Conscious choice of Past and Future. Also, the importance Now, of telling Your own story. And as usual, channel’s words have layers of Truth reality to them. So this not only means that it is the Divine Time to do so if You haven’t, but also, to open the Door and begin to Co-Create in confidence that you are not ‘seeing things’ or with Old Program persuasions of taught beliefs from Science that convinced you that both the Light and your Mind played tricks on You, which takes away the Magic. Unless you do this, ‘telling your own story,’ about reality, which is the exact words I have been using in the preparatory lessons for over 2yrs,you cannot move into the past Event Singularity stage of the new Creation’s Unknown. However, I need to emphasise that although the previously unknown and unimaginable,  may sound a little fearful, once You are telling your own story, at the 5th Dimensional Doorway, it is more like a series of de-lightful surprises from Your Divine Self and the Love energy. With vast, almost infinite possibilities (not infinite in the adjusted quantum dynamic), to Create from, you will be rewarding Self from Self. So, there may be a dream and a Wish to Be, you had forgotten you even had , that Your Divine Self never forgot, and tucked it away in Infinite Inner space of Heart to be projected into Outer, for when the Solution new Hue-man, is successful. This rewarding Self is in the new energy Flow, actually, sustaining the Light Matrix with a Love of doing for others in pleasure too. The difference between have to/ should, and Want to, or the Wish to Be. The difference between the slave or prisoner of the jail with no bars, and Freedom.

While of course, there’s more sense of ‘soon’ about the Event will be coming through, because the Occult requirements before the Physical Event,(that Cobra stated quite clearly in 2012,) are getting closer to completion. The next theme that will come through, will be I feel, more about the unknown, not yet imagined of the New Creation, with the brand new Galactic Human, as the Solution, that  I talked a bit about at the end of the last article. But this ‘theme’ will continue for quite a while, as there Is something important to be brought closer and into the Collective, or at least the Light Tribes Awareness that is contained within those themes of the just completed loop. However, Your Divine Selves know you have quite enough to integrate for this Now as the loop finished with its effects Now coming into this Space Time. And then there’s those fear re-actions to new Cobra intel to consider that we saw from what was within the last loop.

The Co-existent, Time Dimensions ,Future relative to Linear , are where the Light Forces and the Divine are at work in quantum 5th Dimensional and more, of extra Time and space-or Light Time to effect these Occult requirements. Yet, it is only Future relative to the Linear experience of Existential quarantined ‘Time’. Hence, the Elementals and Living Light are here for those that see them , yet not yet here for those that can’t. I know, it can start to do your head in when its about Time and co existence, after living your whole life based on Linear. When hearing about the co-existent Simultaneous Now, pesky O.P. will jump in quickly and tell you its impossible. Especially while your 3D Life and reality goes on the same with its clock watching. But that’s another reason the veil was easy to keep in place. The simple no Seperation Truths  turned into Seperation Truth or beleif… That’s why You need to experience it. IF You can Co-create the Elementals as the Wish to be it is getting to Door Way of the co existent “Times’. And you will have hacked the last of the Old Matrix by Observation of Light which YOU were designed /created to do. (down to extra Dimensional DNA in Your reincarnation that could be activated when it’s the right Divine Time.)  What you volunteered for, and were sent to do from the True One. It cannot be done, unless YOU give the Galactics and Your Divine Selves Permission. Many may think they have done this, and maybe it is So. But there is one Powerful but simple way to make sure. If you see an extra bright star, or planet, if you feel you may be seeing a cloudship, or before you go to sleep and are thinking of them, do this.

Place both hands over your Heart space, and say , out loud,

IN MY HEART.’    Not you are, or any more words- just that with a Loving and Trusting  feeling while in Observation and giving what you see Attention in Awareness.

      You may be delight-fully surprised at what this brings. I cannot say for YOU what it will be , but if YOU are a Starseed or LightWorker yet to find out more of Your Mission, it could have a much greater effect than say, Dr Greer’s long meditations and CETI 5 by Ones who are not here with Missions. (Yet still playing their part in the Grand jigsaw puzzle of Light, that has small pieces and very big pieces to make it complete.)

And also remember, that everything you do such as this, to get beyond the veil, will Be interacting with Gaia as She IS the new grids and quantum spaces, that the Galactics are in. So say it to Her as well, when you see Her beauty or feel the Wind start to blow, and She will get the confidence to feel the Love and open the Door some more.

Cobra gave a big clue to the Key -the Observer, in the so called, hacking the false Old Non Divine Matrix back in 2012.

But just know this too, that there is another very Big Loop containing the Event, begun in 2014,that will do the same as this diagram I show You, and that will be what is the Convergence C.B. Which will be the direct result of All or most of the Astral Plane cleared. I think Cobra calls the lower false Astrals plasma planes. So, if you want to do the discernment thing say, as I do, (and applies to Cobra). You couldn’t make this stuff up ! Understand, this Wayshowing to explain to Self as extra Dimensional realities were experienced, did not happen overnight. It was gradual use of the metaphors and very difficult concepts that have come through in channels, and applying them to what actually is this 5th  Dimensional reality, and how was it veiled. To then begin to prepare sharings in Mind of how can an understanding of it help at the Now  Divine Time, it would be received and needed.? And although I have had my own Guidance as to that Time, it has come from Portal 2012 as well.

This a help to visualize this Time concept, in  a diagram. The loop of Divine Time ‘travels’ ahead of Linear yet is able to be experienced quantumly in extra space (such as where the Elementals are).

I place the Light Forces anywhere up to where the Guardians work, as we know they have to drop back into Linear sometimes  for various reasons-and sometimes show up on You tube. However, once out of Space Time, they are beyond the reach of exotic weapons-should any still exist, because the 5th Dimension and beyond, is inseparable from Time (and Mind) and, just like the Elementals, they don’t yet exist for the Collective. And further cannot exist there for those of low frequency Thought of Service to Self and their Agendas. The Doorway was closed to them by the Divine True One Light.

Before, ending, the Galactics have to be included, and are going ‘turn up’ sooner or later in the overall picture of this telling of  my own story about reality..I Am going to really begin to introduce quantum Allowance here through them. Reality beyond the veil, not created by belief, in the Forward loops of Divine Time. And their Presence has been a Loving and Considerate guide , manifested from the True One for my journey and Wayshowing  .

5th Dimensional reality and extra/or more, is Allowed to Be by the density Awareness frequency of the Observer creating Possibilities. Its Pretend of the Inner Child, with the Perfect Logic of the Divine Wise Adult. When the 2 come together from Heart Mind and Brain Mind, it becomes reality of extra Perception of all Space.

There’s more of course, but that’s a start. And that’s a bit easier to say, than Ra’s version isn’t it?Against a background of lovely Higher Dimensional Light of the new Creation spectrum, and Compression energy lines, (not clear in this one), Scouts fly by in MY Co- created space of this Loopy Time/ Dimensions. (Allowance of High Possibility)

Same Light and colours, but cannot get it to look as brilliant and vivid as it is in My reality. Small Cloud Ships there?( Hmm..some Possibility.) These colours are not in the order of the Rainbow.

Edited to show Compression energy that I see in and out of the lens, with a Scout in quantum Light Time space. (very high Possibility and Allowance)

Scout flies by in quantum Co-created space of Light Time. ( Very, very, high Possibility)

Enlargement of same sometimes has no spatial reference to the base reality, because Time and space is very different when its Created from Inner space and Consciousness in Awareness of the Observer. (very, very high possibility-beyond uncertainty)

These subjects are continued in part 2 B  and onwards.

Are You  Looking Forward to it?

Thankyou Divine Ones for Your Attention. Love in the One Light from A Light Player

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  1. Sashwat pranam, salaam, namastey , salute my dear beloved and you are now not unknown as said ” IN MY HEART” I know you in all love . As very very dear Cobra said , yes , an astronaut I AM, with a pouch always in hand from eons to go home , in the space ship of my loved ones of oneness ,that i know now . Yes, we are looking forward to this divine path and ways in the timelessness. Thank you , thank you divine ones for your attention.Love and peace in the one light from a light player. Hugs and kisses .So be it . So it is . I AM. Victory to the light , now , forever.


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