The UK government has admitted it ‘accidentally’ sold at least 10,000 children to known child traffickers in the last year alone.

Tens of thousands of children mysteriously disappear from government care every year, where they are groomed by sex traffickers, recently released government data reveals. reports: It comes amid concerns that young people are falling into the hands of gangs grooming children, following recent scandals in Rotherham and Telford.

Some of the children were reported missing for more than a month, the Daily Telegraph reports.

There were 1,720 cases of children disappearing for more than a week, among 60,720 total reported disappearances last year, the Department for Education statistics show.

Rotherham MP Sarah Champion, who has campaigned for child safety following the grooming scandal, said it was ‘truly shocking’ that so many children went missing.

‘These children are under the guardianship of the state. The Government should be ashamed that it is failing them,’ she said.

The Children’s Commissioner, Anne Longfield, told the newspaper that schools and care workers needed to be able to recognise the signs of a vulnerable child who might be about to go missing.

It also comes amid reports that thousands of children and teenagers are rescued from slavery around Britain every year, but few of their captors ever face justice.

Just six per cent of crimes reported to police under the Modern Slavery Act led to prosecutions since it was introduced in 2015, The Times reports.

More than 1,500 potential victims and 110 suspects have been identified by the National Crime Agency in the Rotherham investigation, and figures are expected to rise further.

Earlier this year Paul Williamson, the senior investigating officer on Operation Stovewood, said 100 more officers were needed because a shortage of specially trained detectives meant many possible victims had not yet been contacted.

Meanwhile it is thought that a sex gang raped as many as 1,000 young girls over 40 years in Telford in what may be Britain’s ‘worst ever’ child abuse scandal.

Telford’s Conservative MP, Lucy Allan, has previously called for a Rotherham-style inquiry into the allegations and called the latest reports ‘extremely serious and shocking’.



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  1. Here in Telford, it is now March 2024 and young girls are still being trafficked and exploited for sex, whilst West Mercia Police sit back and do nothing. Indeed, the chief constable and his cronies pose for PR photos, with the rapists and pimps, all smiles and joy. Grooming is as prolific today as it always was, the grooming gangs continuing in their expertise, grooming 9 year old girls, even picking them up outside their primary schools, and taking them to sex shops. West Mercia Police, not it for purpose, at all!

    • Sold?
      Since when were children a commodity for Peodo’s
      Governments need replacing with people who work for the peoples wants, not for their sick wants!!!

  2. Heaven full of Pedos an rapists murders etc etc because they all repent there sins on there death bed to get into Heaven…. so plz stop saying there’s a special place in hell for them as that’s bullshit

  3. This is horrendous ,but nothing would surprise me England has been ruled by corruption for many centrys where ever it went in the world it caused pain and suffering taking people’s lands I should say stealing countries. And ruining countries that should never have been set foot on there leaders are corrupt and you hold them up above . They are no more higher than you or I they stole raped and killed to get there and now seem inpenetrible. But there must surely be a way . I hope your new Princes can change the rolls . But truly i.m of the mind that unless there is a world wide elimination of these people that then the world would start afresh and have hopefully learnt enough to start again knowing all the world suffering that thier predecessors caused . When creation of the world began it was a beautiful place in such short space of time we have destroyed it. I hope my following generations that something happens to turn it around , recently people are beginning to see opening there eyes to what is happening I can only pray that this continues I am not a religious person but there is definitely a superior being watching us destroy this world I just hope they step in before it’s destroyed completely.

    • Jill Barrie, i completely agree with you, i live in south wales uk an, i would rather have wales independent of england

    • Well currently “they” are pulling “our” strings. Wearing facemasks, keeping up segregated, keeping us indoors, not communicating, not seeking what is going on. NHS staff being gagged, threatened with job loss/no money if they whistleblow….Corruption is everywhere. Humans are sick. I thought we could save ourselves, put ourselves on the right track but the more I see the deeper the s–t is. I think if I had a deadly virus and a deadly vaccine I would exterminate us all….but I would start with the egocentrics who think they are immune from all this, they are the ones who have led the majority by the nose.

  4. DeAnna Odom
    October 30, 2018 at 12:32 PM | Reply
    “There is NOTHING RACIST about pointing out that Trump (and Jeff Sessions) has done more to protect children than the last 3 POTUS’S combined! I’m sorry the UK Government sucks! Ours did too! Thank God that We The People voted for Trump! Praying UK will get their Trump one day and your children will be safer! Just because you are filled with hate toward Trump, doesn’t mean others have too! You are obviously a very ugly person. Because UGLY PEOPLE SAY UGLY THINGS!”

    Trump and a friend raped a thirteen year old girl and in the day that his wife wore her “I don’t care” jacket to visit the caged children, girls that have been taken from their parents were seen leaving Trump Towers. Guards at the place where the children are caged say they can’t do anything about the children being raped there. This is ugly and vile and inexcusable.

  5. Amber Rudd closed the Westminster Pedo investigation under the interest of National Security after 3 attempts at an enquiry rigged by May before she was awarded the head honchoes job for stalling all attemps.
    Therefore it is a fair conclusion that they’re all up to their necks in it & probably have been aware of the snatch and sell trade for years.
    No doubt the sick Westminster pedoes were recieving a regular supply to satisfy ther sick desires.
    They must infest the whole establishment to weild that sort of cloak of secrecy and operate such a foul system of trade.

  6. Reading some of these comments it makes me wonder how these people manage to think at all. so its the fault of the EU etc. The government has in place a deliberate plan to increase the number of sociopaths and ‘ normalise ‘ a society run by these destructive people. NPD’s like Trump are created by abuse in its many forms. And these are the most dangerous people on the planet. Wake up and see what is really being done in UK, USA, Israel and Saudi Arabia.

    Children are always vulnerable of course and people need to be aware of reality and political reason, or lack of it. We need laws to prevent anyone obtaining a position of power without proper psychological screening. Starting with the education system and Social Services.

    • I believe there is a special awful place in hell for anyone to participate in harming children. A childlike spirit is the spirit that is found in heaven.

  7. There is no doubt that we are failing our children. They appear to be sacrificial lambs on the altar of immigration. Left wing academics brainwash us into acceptance. Immigration on such a large scale is destabilising us. The grooming gangs have been operating at least 40 years. They blame us for not protecting our children allowing them to dress immodestly and go around unsupervised. The law applies equally to us all. Rape is rape no matter what your ethnicity!
    The question I would like to ask is why is it allowed to continue?? I am pleased that NCA is now involved. We need a national response to this abuse and stop it dead. However the cynical me wonders if our cow towing to the Saudis and desperation for their money means being soft on Muslim abusers as Saudi is a fundamental Muslim state? What ever the reason, something is going badly wrong in this country when it comes to safeguarding children from traffickers!!!!

  8. This, which just happens to be the last link I copied, might explain why Theresa May has done all the terrible things she has done during her time in politics:

  9. It makes u sick to read this they steal children that don’t even need to go in to care and sold them what the f*** they call them selves leaders but yet do nothing to help us. How many more family’s are going to have to suffer to give the government money this is sick and outrageous

    • They are taking children from people to fill targets in reality in most cases doesnt need to happen if a child is abused yes take them and make them safe but in a lot it is for no real and now for angry bit HOW THE ACTUAL FUCK DO YOU MANAGE TO “ACCIDENTLY’ SELL A CHILD TO A SEX GANG?!

  10. Melanie Shaw (Google her)

    It makes you wonder what she ready knows, and why she is locked up without fair conditions, and no end in sight.

  11. I’m sorry but that picture of our “leader” (I’ll use that word very loosly indeed) is gonna give me nightmares for years to come!
    Oh my god, she is one UGLY, CREAPY LOOKING BITCH!

  12. She said SOLD. She did not say children went missing. They didn’t lose track they SOLD children. I want to read how they SOLD these children. How much were they PAID for these children. How did this happen accidentally? Losing track of children happens but she chose the word SOLD.

  13. She said they accidentally “sold children” to child traffickers… Doesn’t “selling” the children, actually, make them child traffickers!?! Just sayin’ if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck… it’s a child trafficker!

  14. Ms May and her Mps involved should be sentenced for this Crime to our kids. Any Migrant who breaks the law within 5 years should be deported and any Migrant not doing work or minimum 20 hrs community service should not be paid Benefits. I could go on but these three things alone would sort things out fairly quickly.
    P.S this only applies to current migrants, Borders are closed.

    • I totally agree with you David Kirton. Community service would do nicely if they don’t find work. And deportation for their crimes.

  15. lets cut police spending, lets not discuss ethic differences in case we are accused of racism (Rochdale abuse scandal) . Lets create laws that are sexist and designed unbalance equality. I thought the ConDem of Cameron was bad , Theresa May is clueless and useless. A complete joke,who, if she put the country first, would step down

  16. Thank God for Trump , although the media adamantly refuse to report factual information Trump has in only a year and a half exceeded the last 3 Presidents combined in total child trafficking arrests .

    Turns out that over 70% of the children on the border turned out to NOT be related to the people they were traveling with.

    Media will never report that fact either.

    • The story is about children in care being sold by the UK government into sex slavery…but a racist cunt tried to turn it into 70% of children on the border of America are not related.
      You must be a descendant of immigrant thieves and crooks who enslaved a continent to build America while murdering another continent of people…pilgrims I think they were called!

      • The connection was being made that child trafficking is happening in America as well, under th guise of attempted immigration.
        I see nothing racist in what was said, merely a statement that over 70% of those families screaming that they were being separated from their children, were not what they portrayed themselves as.
        It was you who introduced the racist element, let alone being abusive to someone with no good reason, especially as your remark of, “You must be a descendant of immigrant thieves and crooks who enslaved a continent to build America while murdering another continent of people…pilgrims I think they were called!” shows you to be the usual, left wing, hater of all that is American.
        If you want to study true, “thieves and crooks who enslaved a continent” try reading about the Islamic invasion of Europe, coupled with the fact that Islam has MURDERED over 260 million people over the years, it should give you something to think about, especially as they have not changed their ways and continue the same barbaric practices 1380 years on.

      • There is NOTHING RACIST about pointing out that Trump (and Jeff Sessions) has done more to protect children than the last 3 POTUS’S combined! I’m sorry the UK Government sucks! Ours did too! Thank God that We The People voted for Trump! Praying UK will get their Trump one day and your children will be safer! Just because you are filled with hate toward Trump, doesn’t mean others have too! You are obviously a very ugly person. Because UGLY PEOPLE SAY UGLY THINGS!

  17. These girls were in care in the system that totally failed them God knows what was going on in those poor children’s minds .. the stench reaches right to the top .. and needs eradicated swiftly !!! Before more of our children that need to feel safe get abused like the others !!!

  18. Drag her out of office !!! She is evil and is involved with these missing children , she knows exactly what happened to them . Poor little children these people are sic we need to stand up and fight no more sitting silent we MUST FIGHT!!!! IF YOU HAVE A VOICE USE IT!!!!!! THE CHILDREN NEED US MORE NOW THAN EVER.

    • Well said we should sell her n social service we should have Mr Trump he know what he is doing I could do a Mrs may job better than her social service just like separate families n sell our children xx

  19. Teresa May IS NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE.

  20. I made a YouTube video about this over a year ago..hundreds of thousands of refugee children are being fed to the government peadophile rings world over….
    ….please see my YouTube channel.
    Tribe of Dan 13th Bloodline.
    We need to stop this abomination.

  21. Where did the 10,000 kids come from? How did they get their hands on 10,000 kids to give away or sell.. where is the families of these children?

  22. I am afraid you or any decent person will NEVER!!! hear the truth from this evil and vile Bitch MAY. She don’t know what truth is. It’s a foreign language to her. SHE wouldn’t know the truth if it jumped up and bit her on her horrid backside. She was an accident at birth for sure. Go straight to Hell MAY!!/ Should she stay or should she go? GO GO GO!!!!! PRONTO. Appropiate song titles for her. By The Clash. London’s Calling but not for her.LOL.

  23. Catherine, have you looked into karl lentz you tube him, he had the same fight for his children, you need to turn the courts from the corrupt administration admiralty law courts to a common law court and claim back your property (your children), it is a more powerful law to use..lawyers will keep this going as long as they get paid and no one will win in this kangaroo court corruption..

  24. My heart is breaking for you i dont know how this can happen i shall pray and ask in jesus name for your children to be return turned to you i am just being woke up to what is happening in this world

  25. Look for Karl Lentz on you tube .many helpful videos on this subject of getting your children back…God Bless you all x

  26. IOWA JUDGES/Justices Rape innocent young man of rights, emotionally scarring him for life, devastating whole family. You Tube: Iowa Corrupt Judges Courts Police

  27. So they accidently SOLD these children did they? So were they intending really to give them away, but they accidently SOLD them? Which ever way you look at this you KNOW that those kids went to a good Muslim Child Trafficking home or were married off.

    ..and everyone know that Sarah Champion is now lost her job and is being hunted by Muslims for bringing this up and now has to have 24hr protection. The English Pedo’s own the joint. Everyone knows that… the Muslims are just cashing in on it.

  28. How dare you, you took my children in 2010 for Forced Adoption, I am still fighting for their return. I contacted your office, numerous MP’s some have been involved since the beginning. Caroline Spelman, John Hemming, David Cameron and numerous others! I appealed a placement to RCJ and adoption took place anyway because the local authority said my appeal was Not In. IT MOST DEFINITELY WAS!!! I submitted papers for the immediate return of my youngest child, NOT! Spoke the CSS/LA who told court that I was in hospital, am still waiting a second court date. Contacted Queens Trust for Christopher Gaitz as private secretary to the Queen to return my children, call back from Sophie to say there is nothing that they can do! Everything comes back to the queen, literally everything! Police, armed forces, HMRC, the courts, even our church, to mention just the tip of the iceberg. How can she be queen and allow these things to happen, Our Lord and God is a Loving God and Our world is about power and greed, the Lord entrusted my children to me not the the corrupt courts and proven liars of social services for forced adoption!!!!!!! They are my children and I want them back, NOW!!! Along with all our children that have been taken for this hienus atrocity! Baring in mind what is happening in our world, child trafficking, drugs, prostitution, pharmaceutical testing, paedo’s, ninth circle satanic rituals and YES it does happen! Wake up people, love and look after your children Now!!! Your’s could be next, all CSS/LA have to do in whatever they try to say is true is put the word ‘maybe’ into the mix and you’ve lost, because you can Not prove “maybe”!!! Then they’ve got you, they are Not interested in the truth, just hitting targets and getting paid to their LA (local authority) for CSS (children’s social services) WAKE UP EVERYONE NOW, YOURS COULD BE NEXT AND IF YOU TRY TO SPEAK OUT, THEIR IS GAGGING ORDERS AND DENOTICES TO BE ZAPPED ON YOU AND PRISON TILL YOUR LISTING AND THEN YOU GO BACK! PLEASE HELP US GET OUR CHILDREN BACK, NOW WHERE THEY BELONG!
    Please google: FORCED ADOPTION – Maggie Tuttle Children screaming to be heard.
    The hole is very Very deep when you google FORCED ADOPTION!!!
    They are my children and I want them back Now! I Will Never Stop Fighting For them! And it will take more than a court room and social services, I believe and trust in the Lord, for he knows All Truths and I have NOT Lied! He knows! And he is always with me and he will pass judgement on them at their time, I pray for their soul’s and for all involved to TRULY repent for their power and greed, for all you accrue you can Not take it with you! Be true and authentic to yourself and your soul! For if you are involved in this world’s evil, greed and corruption and You Do Truly Repent, Our Lord has got you, he will not forsake you, he is Our Savior, Our Redeemer and Our Salvation and Yes My Faith is stronger than my fear, I Trust in Our Lord and Almighty God! Light a candle and start praying, God IS listening through Jesus Christ in your prayer. Pray from your heart in love and truth Always. Amen.x
    A heartbroken Mother with the Love and Protection of A well and truly P_ _ _ _ _ Off LION!

    • I am with you fully in the name of our lord and saviour Jesus Christ. Tables will turn our God is a God of true justice!!! Keep strong Catherine.

    • I feel so sad to hear your story Catherine. Please don’t give up hope. Get your MP and a good human rights lawyer/ campaigner. A Mother should never be forced to be separated from her children. Love has no boundaries.xx

  29. Accidentally “sold” kids? Accidentally happened 10,000 times, huh?
    So, kids are for sale, then? That “selling” part is okay?
    How sick and twisted!
    We need to dissolve these corrupt governments and take back our power.
    Our governments do not do the People’s bidding.
    It’s just a barter system between corrupt governments and the corrupt corporations who own them.
    Shut them down! :/

  30. The individuals in the highest through lowest positions held by crown, institutions, corporations, and government officials during the time of this horrendous crime, MUST be held accountable by the people’s court of the world. A court whose decision cannot be biased, threatened, or purchased.

  31. Prime Minister, is this true, re selling of Children? I’m Canadian, I really need to learn the truth, from You Dear?


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