Sugar addiction is hard to break. Nutritionists today believe that the usual diet, which consists mostly of processed food and synthetic ingredients, makes reducing sugar cravings extremely hard.

This does not mean it can’t be done.

To stop your sugar cravings for good, there are two simple things you MUST do. Note that these strategies are inherently simple but are not easy to execute. Expect to experience harsh side effects at the beginning (including feeling cranky and irritable). It gets easier over time and your body will thank you for it – keep your eyes on the prize and don’t beat yourself up if you fail every now and then.

Step one: Remove processed foods with added sugars from of your diet

Studies have proven that processed food negatively affects our health. Processed foods are usually loaded with added sugars like high-fructose corn syrup. These added calories do absolutely nothing for your nutrition. Worse, these sugars do a number on your brain. Data show that added sugars create a “high” in your brain similar to what’s produced by cocaine.

Here is a step-by-step guide that you can follow:

  1. Make a food inventory – Make a diary of all the food that you eat every day. This will help you know which items are hidden sources of sugar. Make a habit of reading food labels carefully. Added sugars are often listed in other ways. Look for terms like dextrin, high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS), and sorbitol.
  2. Avoid artificial sweeteners – Switching to diet soda is not a healthier alternative. Artificial sweeteners are linked to a long list of health complaints including gastrointestinal distress and depression. (Related: 5 Artificial Sweeteners that are Really Bad for the Health.)
  3. Avoid wheat – There is research that suggests you can significantly reduce your sugar cravings by avoiding wheat.
  4. Switch to healthy drinks – Sugary beverages are the best way to get diabetes. The American Heart Association estimates that 180,000 annual deaths worldwide are caused by sugary beverages. This is because these drinks deposit fat right around your waist which dramatically increases the likelihood of inflammation. Switch that can of coke with water, herbal teas, or green tea.

Step two: Replace processed food with real food

Your diet should include a variety of fruits and vegetables, and healthy fats like nuts, olive oil, and avocados. Not only are these foods good for you, they also keep you full and satisfied, effectively preventing sugar cravings.

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  1. Create a sugar-free meal plan – During the first weeks of your sugar detox, make a meal plan. There are many ways to go about this but following a Mediterranean diet is the easiest plan to follow. The important thing is to include foods that will keep you full and satiated and keep sugar cravings to a minimum.
  2. Try supplements – Cravings are your body’s way of telling you it needs more nutrients. There are supplements that you can take that provide the missing essential nutrients that contribute to cravings. Tryptophan, chromium, glutamate, or Gymnema sylvestre are highly recommended.

Depending on how much processed food you were eating to begin with, side effects of a sugar-free diet can range from mild to severe. You may notice being tired or irritable during the first few weeks. Those who consume a lot of caffeinated drinks should expect a lot of headaches.

The good news is that these effects don’t last long. Your body will adjust after 10 to 15 days and you will eventually find that your body will develop a “taste” for the good stuff.

Learn more about the health benefits of removing added sugars from your diet by heading over to today.


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  1. Having tattempted to give up sugar for years ans years, moving frim processed augars to “natural sugars to concentrated sugared fruits, i was not successful until i had a shift in consciiuosness. This shift came abbout when i was forced to choose between being dependent on pharmaceuticals or being free. My body had aymptoms of exzema all over. Candida was the root cause. I choose freedom. I peayed that Source Energy reach through my heart and beyond this reality and change me. I effortlessly no longer desire sugar. Shift. The eczema is gone and i am more free.


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