Silicone Nanoparticles In Chemtrails & The Future Of Silicone Based Life

Nanoparticles are Not Nice

Nanoparticles, once ingested can be taken up by the intestinal tract, and depending on their size pass into the lymph nodes, where they effect the immune system or the capillaries where they will most likely settle in various organs. Yea right, Like we need that !!!

Nanoparticles may be ingested through drinking water, food additives, atmosphere dust (chemtrails) on food, toothpaste, dental implants and implants. If nanoparticles enter the digestive system and proceed into the bloodstream they can then move throughout the body and create damage.

Check out this informative video and decide if you want to protect yourself and loved ones.

A regimen of 4 drops of liquid Zeolite in a cool beverage plus 4 sprays of Extra Strength in the morning and the same at night will protect from the abundance of chemtrails, chemicals, metals, radiation and more that our bodies have accumulated.

Pure Body:

Pure Body Extra Strength:

Don’t forget about Chlorophyll that will aid the body during the regimen of zeolite. Can get it in Organic tablets or powder on eBay. I use “Healthy Choice” brand tablets and am quite happy with that one.

If one is wondering about name brands for Organic Vitamins which are important, one can email me [email protected] and I will research that for you. I take “Garden of Life, My Kind that are made available on eBay too, but, at times “New Chapter” Multi Vitamins suffice as well. Those can be found at Whole Foods or on eBay.

But, out of all these things intended for the betterment of our health the Zeolite I would say is the most important.

Be good to you…………………..

June Ann.


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  1. Potassium Iodine and Baking Soda mix in water and drink, everyday can protect the Body….against Nano’s….Keeping the Body Alkali….Iodine protects the Thyroid….Nano’s work with Negative and positive charges… The Alkali would disrupt their working Charges…making it difficult for them to function….

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