Welcome to Los Alamos, New Mexico, where our country’s most scientifically literate families are avoiding vaccines like the plague.

by S.D. Wells

Meanwhile, the infected “vaxxers” are all throwing poisoned fits, wondering why all the “sheeple” aren’t following the rest of the “herd” like they’ve been summoned to do by the script-fed mass media and the morally corrupted CDC.

Could this phenomenon be gaining momentum because hundreds of parents in that New Mexico community are employed at Los Alamos Labs and the Los Alamos National Laboratory, where extensive research is done on vaccines?

Science geniuses are opting out of vaccines – why?

Wait, isn’t it a cold hard fact that America has “settled the science” on vaccines?

Didn’t the CDC swear up and down that Polio, Shingles, Smallpox and Influenza (seasonal flu) can all be avoided by injecting aluminum, mercury and African Green Monkey kidney cells into the muscle tissue in your arm?

Hold on a second, did you still think the CDC removed mercury from all childhood vaccines? They didn’t. That was a bold-faced lie.

The mercury-laced flu shot is highly recommended by the CDC for all pregnant women and infants just six months young.

Should you be wondering right now why the Rotavirus vaccine called Rotateq is laced with two strains of a deadly pig virus called circovirus?

Yes, you should be very concerned. These facts are just a few solid reasons why people who study vaccines do NOT get injected with them, nor do they have their brilliant children get jabbed with known neurotoxins.

Maybe the scientists in Los Alamos all know that the flu vaccine is responsible for the most adverse events (horrific side effects), and that the vaccine industry’s secret court has settled more of these cases than from the damage caused by any other immunization concocted in America.

The flu shot is a totally experimental scam and is highly dangerous, and most scientifically literate citizens of this country know.

The difference is that certain scientists are paid to document lies about vaccines and the subsequent research, and they’re also paid big bucks to spread propaganda. That, my friends, is why science geniuses opt out of vaccines.

The Superintendent of Los Alamos schools takes notice of the HIGH RATE of parents keeping vaccine needles out of their children’s arms

Several top scientists in Santa Fe are keeping their kids from getting vaccinated and these statistics are among the highest in America.

Obviously, the science of vaccines is not settled. In fact, the so-called “safety and efficacy” of vaccines is under intense scrutiny, especially as of late, given that the vaccine industry has paid out over $3 billion in damages to injured families, and because vaccines have been proven to spread disease more often than they prevent it.

Ever heard of the massive polio outbreaks in India? We can all thank Bill Gates for that.

Did You Know Bill Gates’ Polio Vaccine Program Caused 47,500 Cases of Paralysis Death?

Media scares, though, are in full swing, because it’s only fear that outweighs common sense.

After all, who in their right mind would want their baby or themselves injected with over 50,000 parts-per-million of mercury, when the EPA warns pregnant mothers that 1/25,000 of that much mercury contaminates drinking water?

The real disease in America is spreading like wildfire, and the only cure is education.

That “disease” is the lie that all vaccines are “safe and effective.” The children of Santa Fe are being spared because their parents are scientifically literate.

Maybe they’re all smart enough to ignore the lying news on CNN, and in the propaganda machine newspapers known as the “WashPo” rag and the failing New York Times.

Pro-vaxxers infected by emotions plead for all children to be injected with known neurotoxins and heavy metal poisons, just like their kids

There’s a new extremist religion in America called “pro-vaccine.”

These folks damn-to-hell anyone who doesn’t bow down to the vaccine alter and have their kids infected and injected with genetically modified blood and cells from human abortions, monkeys, pigs, dogs, eagles, salmonella, and yes, deadly E. coli (found in multiple meningococcal vaccines).

Most people who are adamant about vaccines have no clue what’s in them today. They don’t know the true investigative history of vaccines either.

The media starts frenzies about measles “outbreaks” when the measles is easy to beat back with a normal immune system that’s not compromised by vaccines.

Most vaccines are much more dangerous than the infectious diseases they are purported to prevent.

Look into natural immune boosters like garlicoil of oreganomedicinal mushroomslicorice rootcinnamoncolloidal silvervitamin Dvitamin C, and of course, elderberry for the flu.

There are no side effects or deaths reported from natural remedies, folks. Just remember that.

Source: http://humansarefree.com

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  1. C auris is radiation poisoning of 8 viruses. That is why 08 exists. All thse 16 to 23 rna have mutated in air and in persons. Thr viciousness is evident ad flu vaccines are being made with wild strain trying to blame the Jewish community to force vaccinations on all. Purposefully as New york / New Jersey has panamic of influenza . These diseases are basically the same just a membrane difference of those 8 virues. Actually it is 4 super ones and yes pox is the big fish.

  2. Why were there well documented and well reported measles, polio, whooping cough etc etc outbreaks around the world before vaccines came along then? Not only reported by media and well before they where under the control of the cabal. These diseases have been almost eradicated in developed countries since vaccines. I agree the flu vax is a bit of a con. My wife got the flu a few weeks after getting the vax. This article has been written in a highly emotionally loaded way with links included that only take the reader more opinion pieces by the same author! Rather the corroborating evidence or research. Stick to facts and provide links to research etc. I agree the negative side of vaccines has been covered up with the excuse being he greater good (positives of disease control vs side effects). I agree that likely there is an aspect of vaccines that has been designed to do other things to the population as part of the control system. Problem is nothing is openly available as an alternative to keep these diseases at bay. Those natural options are too difficult for busy mums and dads to prepare regularly to do the job (if they do it well enough at all). Needs to be a pill (natural or other) that is convenient.

  3. Did you know that Monsanto (15 years + before their sale to Bayer)
    Employees only ate organic in their kitchen / lunch rooms. Yeah…. they sure loved selling GMO’s / poison but the hypocrites had no interest for themselves. I lived a few miles away and sometims I’d go over there and hang outside in the patio on a warm summer day and ask questions. Man did I ever have a good time with that!!

  4. Is there any decent scientist, banker, people in government, who will tell us the truth?
    Are we all getting mad? If we don’t start telling the truth about everything, we will perish,
    and rightfully so, but by the real bad people who only followed the money.
    The HUMAN RACE, and that a race, really to be proud of.


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