Robert David Steele Talks to Dave of X-22 Report

Robert David Steele
Robert David Steele Talks on October 5, 2018

Robert David Steele talks with “Dave” of the X-22 report on October 5, 2018 about Kavanaugh; his battle with the Deep State;  his ideas for a truly free world wide internet;  his partnership a couple of years ago called “Unrigged,” with the former member of Congress Cynthia McKinney, who is sometimes labeled “alt-left;”  and how we need a world net that brings truth to the people.

Robert David Steele’s Website and the Interview

You can find Robert David Steele here at his PhiBetaIota website.

Here’s the interview. Steele backs up Benjamin Fulford’s contention that the protests against Kavanaugh are primarily because Kavanaugh will bring forth the possibility of military tribunals.

Take a listen:

Deep State Panic, Arrests & Military Tribunals Around the Corner: Robert David Steele

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  1. Dear family….will you please watch a show that has some factual merit…? This Dave of the X22 Report is a shill…. How many times do you people need to hear how much of a scum bag Trump is before you will actually believe it…? Watch the Richie Allen show good people….check out the BlackStone report on youtube….tons of evidence Trump is the CABAL….wake the hell up people…. Trump is as dirty as the Clintons in every way…Fulford is an idiot…and Mr. Steele is obviously a disinformation agent…guaranteed no arrests….Trump is only interested in making money…the whole Muller trial is for show….theater to keep us distracted….while Trump fools all of you folks into believing he is your hero…give me a break….

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