Clearing of the Chimera group continues. There is a lot of extremely positive activity behind the scenes, but none of that can be revealed publicly, as there needs to be absolute radio silence about current operations of the Light forces. Let me just say when there will be results, everybody will be able to experience them.

On the  other hand, the Cabal is realizing more and more that they will lose, and they do not take defeat lightly. They have recently used Directed Energy Weapons in California to burn masses of people alive:

California Fires & The NWO Agenda 21- 2030: Latest Incriminating Evidence [videos]

Their occult purpose behind this mass murder was to create a fire sacrifice to create a negative anomaly vortex to attract more of the cosmic primary anomaly to planet Earth to prolong their control of the planet.

The truth is that there is very little primary anomaly left outside of our planet, and dark forces find it increasingly more difficult to replenish their resources of anomalous plasma and negative entities entering planet Earth through tunnels of Set. There is a huge information war regarding intel about the plasma and anomaly status around our planet, and it is very difficult to get reliable information. It now appears that most of the remaining anomaly is coming to Earth from the Taurus dark cloud:

Extragalactic Light Forces are now rapidly clearing all remaining anomaly from our Galaxy. Most of extragalactic assistance is coming from Virgo Supercluster:

And especially from M 87 galaxy, which is increasingly being directly involved in liberation of our planet annd removal of last vestiges of darkness from our universe: 

Photo of M 87 including massive jet

To summarize this, there are drastic changes happening in our universe, and when those changes reach the Earth, the transformation will be massive.

First, the diminished solar activity is leading towards a new mini ice age very rapidly. It could happen in a few months:

Luckily, there is a greater Galactic cycle that could supersede the solar mini ice age cycle before that happens and reverse that trend, but it will inevitably lead into what some people call the Solar Flash and is in fact a Galactic Superwave, leading into the Event:

Until then, you can study the plans of the Light Forces: 

Victory of the Light!


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  1. NASA is not a reference for information. Is a Cabal Org which has never told the truth to humanity ??? Ashtar is also an entity created by the Illuminatis fake fake fake as most of the information deriving from those beings – Put it in the DUSTBIN!!

    Regarding the sun, its activity is increasing and will increase.We are about to enter a hotter period on earth never known before that will cause the snow of the poles to melt – Nothing to do with mini ice age that is mentioned here. However the cabal will attempt to reset the planet in order to kill a great % of humanity using the DAARP technology. This technology is being used to keep humanity under fear among those climate attacks : Fires in California, earthquakes, Chemtrails, fluds and so many others disasters so I guess as long as those bastards are still alived, they will keep harming HUMANITY and LIFE ON THIS PLANET –

    It is my will an desire that those beings will be send to hell and I am now asking to all BENEVOLENT stellar beings who are supporting the liberation of the planet to assist humanity and to help humanity in the MASSIVE ARREST of those dark beings – It is THE WILL OF HUMANITY TO BE FREE FROM THOSE BASTARDS and to stop manipulating our FREEDOM.

    I apply to the URMAH race for assistant and guidance in order to put out of game all those bastards ASAP –


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