Justin Bieber: Hollywood Elites Killed My Unborn Child

By Baxter Dmitry,

Justin Bieber told hundreds of people at a Bible study class in Los Angeles that Hollywood elites killed his unborn child and destroyed the relationship he had with the child’s mother, Selena Gomez, as a way of punishing him.

Since finding God last year, Bieber has become a regular at the Bible study class held at the Montage in Beverly Hills and on Wednesday he shared what he called “the worst moment in my life” with the congregation and explained why he had to retire from the music industry.

Telling churchgoers that he will “never go back” to the “evil music industry” until the “pedophiles and monsters at the top of the game are run out of town” and everything is “disinfected with bleach and sunshine,” Bieber explained how Hollywood elites tried to corrupt him.

“They tried so hard to corrupt me,” Bieber said, “because I reached a level they couldn’t control anymore.”

“They tried to destroy me with alcohol and when that didn’t work they tried with drugs – all different kinds. Then when that didn’t work they tried to destroy me with ambition.”

“I was interested at first,” Bieber acknowledged, before saying “but when I realized what the price of admission is in that world, I had to quit.”

“Selena and I were expecting. It was early days and we hadn’t told anyone. At the same time I was being courted by some really powerful people, the most powerful people in Hollywood.”

Describing a top-secret party attended by record industry executives, Bieber said he was shown into a back room where a group of men wearing masks were sitting around the edge of the room, drinking from cups. In the center of the room a dead child was sitting cross-legged, propped up against the back of a chair. It looked like a late-stage fetus and was completely drained of blood.

“The baby’s entire scalp wasn’t there. Its skull had been stripped down to the surface of the bone. Portions of the right side of its undeveloped little face had been torn away. You could see bite marks and bruises all over its tiny body.”

“They were wearing animal masks, sitting around drinking what they called ‘red wine.’ They offered me some. It was obvious that it was really important for them that I got involved.

“I literally gagged at this point. One of them boasted the baby had been alive for eight hours after they started cutting it and draining its blood.”

“When he described the pain the baby went through, he seemed pleased with himself.”

The horrific death described by Bieber to his congregation is called “exsanguination”, otherwise known as completely draining a person of blood. The practice is popular among drinkers of baby blood who consume what they call “red wine” in order to get high on the adrenaline, young hormones, and negative energy they believe is found in the blood of children.

They believe the more a child suffers before its death, the more “enriched” its blood will be upon harvest. Often the child is physically and sexually abused before it is killed in order to create the necessary trauma.

Bieber refused to drink the blood and that is when “everything started going wrong.”

“They threatened me. They said they knew Selena was pregnant. They asked if I wanted my baby to end up like the one in the center of the room.”

“This completely flipped me out and I lost my way for a long time. I went off the rails,” said Bieber, fighting back tears. “They murdered my unborn child. Me and Selena… we were driven apart by these people and the trauma.”

But years have passed since the traumatic episode and Bieber has vowed to protect her and become a family man. Acknowledging rumors that the pair are back together, Bieber even hinted he is set to become a family man.

“They won’t lay a hand on my family so help me God,” he said.

“There are truly evil forces at work in the world. God is real. Satan is real,” Bieber said, before exiting the stand.

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber leaving the Montage Hotel.

These latest allegations from Justin Bieber add to the wave of accusations made by celebrities and musicians about the real nature of the music and entertainment industry elite. Corey Feldman and Elijah Wood have both gone on record exposing the pedophilia at the heart of Hollywood.

According to Elijah Wood, innocent young lives are destroyed to satisfy “people with parasitic interests” who “see you as their prey.” In an interview with the Sunday Times, Wood dropped a series of bombshells about the pedophiles that run the industry, noting that “Clearly something major was going on in Hollywood. It was all organized.”

If you read the Washington Post or watch CNN, pedophilia is not a problem, and those who talk about it are tinfoil hat wearing kooks perpetuating ‘fake news.’ But more and more stars are coming forward with similar stories about the depraved Hollywood system.

In recent months Nicole Kidman, Mel Gibson and Lindsay Lohan have spoken out about pedophilia in Hollywood. Close friends of Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington claim the recently deceased pair were working on exposing the pedophile ring working at the heart of the music industry – and it cost them their lives.

Justin Bieber shocked his fans by cancelling his world tour and announcing that he needed some time away from the music industry. As more information comes to light, it appears he made the best possible decision.

Source: https://newspunch.com

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79 thoughts on “Justin Bieber: Hollywood Elites Killed My Unborn Child”

  1. Watch Justin’s Come Around Me video. It’s like it’s confirming every detail of this article. Back room, masks.. the blue mask that keeps showing up has the right side completely stitched up. Marks all over. Stiches on the scalp. I believe every word of this article and I think Bieber is making a difference.

  2. I don’t think Tupac or Michael Jackson or Paul walker are dead either I dnt think half of these celebs are dead I think someone is up to something whether it’s good or bad

  3. You say the Spirit of the Lord shall lift up a standard against him. That is why the Spirit of the Lord rests on all His children. We will have the discernment to Know who the Anti-Christ is. We must keep in the word. Not speculate. Just the WORD

  4. I don’t see here how HIS child was harmed? If she was expecting what happened to their baby? He said there was a baby there but it wasn’t her baby

    • God…reading comprehension would have been useful, ey..? /major cringe.
      He states they cut up a fetus.
      They stated they knew his gf was pregnant.
      They threatened Justin they would do the same to his unborn child if he didn’t join them.
      Justin then says they murdered his child with selena as well as their relationship, implying they punished them and stole/sacrificed their baby.
      Get it now?
      The guy is in shambles over it, never mind the fact he’s traumatized from seeing a mutilated baby, yet here you are concerning yourself whether it was HIS baby in particular. News flash for you – lots of people’s babies were in this situation. LOTS.

      • I think the commenter was trying to understand how they killed his baby but it was unborn still inside of Selena … I kinda wondered the same thing .

      • If this is true, good for Justin for staying sane and not joining that cult. it’s mind-boggling that “normal” “caring” people are brought into something like this and a switch just goes off in their head like “yea actually this sounds great to me Id love to do what y’all are doing!” WHAT. the ACTUAL. big name people, celebrities I grew up admiring, are now into pedophelia and satanic rituals of babies and young?!!! ugh.

        • Hillary’s coughing constantly when she was campaigning against Trump,remember? There’s a medical name for the cough,caused by drinking human blood ! This ritual is also practiced by many big time politicians.


    • Her baby was apparently murdered after that party. Maybe he doesn’t say how because it’s not his story alone and Selena doesn’t want to share.

    • Really? You didn’t even mention the horrific scene he witnessed like it didn’t matter because it wasn’t his child. I hope I’m reading you wrong. I’m in literal tears of utter disbelief that any “normal” human would ever hurt a child for their selfish pleasure! I, for one, am not going to stand by and allow this to happen to another innocent child, so help me God! I don’t have a ton of money (which is worthless) but what I have those amoebas will never afford for eternity! They know the hammer is coming down soon and they think us poor folk don’t have what it takes to rid this planet of the evil they so pathetically enjoy. It doesn’t take money to get rid of satan & his (there’s not a word vile enough to describe them) followers.
      Please pray as hard as you can! I’m not a religious nut! On the contrary I always say God has no religion and I am with God! Satan & satanists can’t survive in the bright light. They flourish in the darkest of darkness.
      Even if this story is not exactly true there’s still a dire need for us to pray.
      God bless the children!

      • I know I’m way way late here but some ppl are really deep sleepers the type that sleep through their alarm clocks you know what I mean. I hope that that type will someday soon open their eyes on their own bc is trying to shake them awake doesn’t seem to waken them. Good morning ya’all

  5. I don’t think Chester, Chris and Avicci are dead. I think they faked their death, to help with intelligence operations to take down the corrupt criminal operations.

  6. In Jesus name you are told
    Soon such as the pope, Kissinger, Kerry will announce to the world that JFK is physically alive on earth and in miraculously good health.

    Look among the nations, and watch — wonder and be amazed! For I am doing a work in your days that you would not believe, though it were told you. Habakkuk 1:5

    “……. when the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the LORD shall lift up a standard against him. Isaiah 59:19

    As per Revelation 19, Jesus returns on the LAST DAY of the reign of the BEAST.
    BEAST shows up YEARS before Jesus returns.
    JFK will reappear and is the BEAST

    • JFK the Beast?? Could you exspand a bit. It has been said he and Jr. are good guys. I want to get to the truth. Thank you.

    • How is JFK the beast when he fought the bestial Cabal that controlled the world? I think you need to pull your head out of the sand, and do some actual research.

      • Last summer I had come through documentation that claimed the Kennedys were deeply connected into child trafficking. I don’t know if this is true I’m not saying it’s true however I wanna say it was RFK’s sister? I’m not sure if it’s fake news or if there’s truth to it but I know it has a lot of people speculating their integrity and intentions.

        • The reason JKF was assassinated was because he was trying to bring down the cabal. JFK jr faked his death so he could work secretly in bringing the cabal down.

          • Amen to that, you can feel the twnsion here on earth….The Heavens have won and Satan is running tail tucked back into the shadows.
            I pray JB’s is alive, name leaked on the execution list from GITMO is a ploy to shake out more Pedi’s for judgement.

      • I know their father was an evil man playing footsies with Hitler or Lenin and also a big time bootlegger but I never heard anything about the boys except for little teddy leaving Kopecnik to die in that car accident .That was pretty shitty but all that i ever remember hearing about JFK was his womanizing.

    • No I don’t think so and I truly don’t think you know. No one knows who the anti christ is, but we do know his minions. George Soros, which past his duties to Obama. The pope is my choice, but there with another instructing him. This will happen in Rome there about. That’s what I have learned. JFK was a good man. He was aware of the Illuminati and Scull and bones that’s one of the reasons he was assassinated, which was done by (Timber Wolf) George Bush another minion. JFK jr.. I pray he still is among us and that they didn’t get to him. It would be wonderful if he staged his death in 99.. I would love to see Hillary’s face. ? God Bless. Pray for Trump and those around him. He didn’t have to do this.

      • The pope is evil. Stuck. Gates. Ellen Oprah. Wait you will hear much more. Tom Hanks. All ties with Epstein… Jesus said these days are more wicked. Worse than Sodom and Gor

        • Well Pope is powerful. He may be the anitchrist. But many are here now. The beast will give him if him power like never seen. I will if we are here. See the two witnesses whom are of god. The one who calls him god I think. Perform. Miracles.. Like. Moses his staff turned into a snake. Then right after that the evil one threw his down and also turned into a snake. So I know who was the good one…Moses. This is what the world will see. Satan has just the same power but used it for evil. So this will be a strong delusion for many to believe a lie…if I know God and his word. Then I know the truth….Read Revelations now. So much coming now. Time is so running. Out. Get prepared. Pray for endurance……

    • Why would Henry Kissinger, 97 years old and John Kerry have anything to do with being the ones who announce JFK JR is alive? I believe he may still be alive and will be announced by POTUS. As far as him being the AntiChrist, Biblically the AntiChrist will come out of the revived Roman Empire, which the USA is not part of.

    • I hate it when people speak about revelation like they know what theyre reading. Consider you are all wrong. There is no beast and no rapture and no tribulation and no antichrist. Modern school of divinity had lied to you. Yeshua told us how to pray and thats to agree with Elohim. He also said not to speculate because your words manifest things. People read your bible!

    • Cloning could be the means by which something such as this could be accomplished…
      A clone who looks and talks and is trained to emulate the person from whose DNA they are cloned could be very effectively used to nefariously influence the populace.
      According to the Bible, “It is appointed a man Once to die and then the judgment”…
      Thus the soul of a man who is cloned would not be present in his clone, leaving a clone a soul-less, living shell… open to inhabitation by a non-physical entity, such as a demon or fallen angel, including Satan himself.
      Thus It is plausible that a beloved leader/ icon who has passed away could, in this way, be “resurrected” and used to lead the masses astray.

    • Um, I study eschatology and the Bible in general and this ^ is lunacy. The timeline is all wrong, JFK is not alive, nor was he “the beast.” The Standard is Jesus. If you want to listen to legit “end-times revelation,” go listen to Perry Stone from Voice of Evangelism on YouTube. Also, mediums are never legit – that’s witchcraft, and all witchcraft is a part of the same spiritual depravity as the HORRIFIC things we read about here.

  7. One life to live, make it count, listen to the good in yourself and trust yourself and your decisions! Good luck with your future, family is wonderful .

  8. Silence is not golden , you need to speak up ,, together give a voice to these beautiful children ❤️ you have no right to remain silent . All the money in the world isn’t worth ,,selling your soul. We need to stop all this ugliness !!

  9. Can we have another source for this info, please?
    I am not saying it’s false, but I need some solid ground basis before I can publish it on media.
    Where did you get it?
    Because if we can prove this, it’s going to be a real blast.
    Also, if this proves factual, and if you have any contact with Justin, for God sakes, warn Justin he should be careful, careful, careful. Probably hire a body guard.
    They killed Isaac Kappy and many others, like this movie director, David Crowley, who was just about to finance a anti-New World Order, Gray State. He, his wife and child got “suicided”. Although he had said he felt he was being followed and threatened.
    Take care.

  10. You cast evil demons out of your life by asking Jesus into your heart and as you walk with him, you can demand they leave you and your loved ones alone in the Name of Jesus Christ…be strong in the Lord and he will set you free.

  11. Dear Justin,

    As I’m still profoundly affected by your story here, I feel it imperative that I provide you with the following links (to copy and paste in your browser) for information that I believe will help you; in case you’re not already aware of it. The power of sound / frequencies…wink, wink.

    The Secret Behind Numbers 369 Tesla Code Is Finally REVEALED! (without music)

    Cymatics study of Sound

    Importance of sound / frequencies:
    Cancer Can Be Killed? – Dr. Royal Raymond Rife… The Proof We Had This Over 100 Years Ago…

    Dr Masaru Emoto’s Water Experiment – Words are Alive!

    Masaru Emoto Water Experiment – Water Consciousness

    Please use these 2 links below for assistance in removal of witchcraft that was done on you. I had good results from cleansing frequencies in them. At this point, for you, I recommend only drvirtual7. Of course you are sovereign and should do only what your gut tells you. I just want to offer help that really helped me:



    For the persons involved in the heinous activity mentioned in your story, their attendance is not required anywhere in the universe.

    Peace and love,

    • There always comes a cost with selling your soul to Satan. It never lasts forever. Satan will eventually abandon your spoils and overtake your soul forever in misery.

  12. WHY. .WHY..WHY..haven’t more in the music industry spoken out..written..whatever they can do to end this satanic shyte???? How are these psychos still alive and well??
    WTF?….It has to include closet psychos in law enforcement..judicial. and The Biz…therefore..we have to finally admit WE ARE SURROUNDED BY THESE NON HUMAN ENTITIES AND ARE THEREFORE IN CONSTANT DANGER..as are our children!! WE MUST WAKE UP…TAKE ACTION ..do whatever is needed…TO REMOVE/KILL OFF…THESE PERV/PYCHOS..FROM OUR MOSTLY GOOD SOCIETIES!!!

  13. Keep speaking out Justin! That’s your biggest protection! What a horrific experience.
    I remember seeing you play golf at the evevt at Edgewood Gold Course in Lake Tahoe a few years ago and I thought ‘Gee, I wonder if he surrendered to the satanists…. then as I saw your sweet, polite behavior, I said there’s no way! I kept that to myself
    SO glad to hear you got out!
    Blessings to you and your family!

  14. Justin,

    Great work in walking away from the Satanists! It must have taken a lot of courage, such that words cannot describe. You did great!!!!!! I hope you are taking good care of yourself. Welcome to the Light!

    I could not help but keel over and cry from the horror I read in your story. The more that people out these monsters, the more opportunity will arise for arresting and charging them for their beyond heinous crimes.

  15. I believe this happened or something close to this happened. But, we have no proof. It would be wonderful if this incident had been recorded.
    An old friend that I’ve known for 20 years reached out to me a few weeks ago. We hadn’t spoken in 5 years, and in that time I’ve “red-pilled” myself. Although very successful (lives in Denver, plays in multiple church bands and touring bands), he not only HATES Trump, he thinks any of these kinds of stories are all totally fabricated. He watches CNN every night and thinks I’m crazy. I could send him this story but why bother? He (just like almost everyone else I know) is not willing to do any research. He watches The Voice and Dancing With The Stars. Ugh. Frustrating.

    • They’ll never release video footage of this. That would be insane and even then people would call it “CGI” your friend sounds very obvious and is part of the problem of people not waking up. They think because life is made out how they programmed us, bad stuff can’t happen. Movies are real they have hidden meanings. Truth in plain sight

    • Hillary’s coughing constantly when she was campaigning against Trump,remember? There’s a medical name for the cough,caused by drinking human blood ! This ritual is also practiced by many big time politicians.

  16. É muito verdadeiro este depoimento de Justin Bieber. Eu sofri muitas vezes sabendo o que essas pessoas fazem bebês e fetos humanos. É muito real, horrivelmente real.
    Peço para os fãs de Selena Gomes e Justin Bieber rezarem por eles, para protegê-los.É muito verdadeiro.
    Deus os abençoe, ilumine e proteja sempre, em todos os momentos de suas vidas!!!

  17. Not an easy thing to walk away from the grip of these satanic monsters. It takes great courage and the knowing that they might kill you or a loved one at any tme. Bless those who have woken up to the bigger, far more beautiful truth.


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