By: Fr. Jean-Paul Régimbal,

After the first wave of rock that transmitted subliminal messages, its artists began to openly express their satanic inspirations. The three examples below – chosen from many – permit us to see the underlying thinking.

KISS proclaims its service to Satan

1. The heavy metal rock group KISS is an acronym for Knights in Satan’s Service. Its lead singer Gene Simmons spews fake blood in concert as he wags his head side to side and slithers his long tongue that hangs below his chin in-and-out like a serpent. His fans paint their faces and imitate his gestures.

Simmons performing God of Thunder

Here is an excerpt from the song God of Thunder:

“I was raised by demons, trained to reign as the one.
I am the lord of the wastelands, a modern day man of steel.

“I gather darkness to please me, and I command you to kneel
Before the god of thunder and rock ‘n roll.
The spell you are under will slowly rob you of your virgin soul.”

KISS also sings about being the lord of the flies, a name for Satan, the left hand path, a term used for Satanism, and the father of lies.

These lyrics come from their song Unholy on their Revengealbum:

“I’m the Lord of the Flies, you know I’m unholy,
From the left hand of power comes the father of lies.”

AC / DC praises Hell 

2. The heavy metal rock band AC/DC also explicitly proclaims its hatred of Jesus Christ. Its acronym stands for Anti Christ / Death to Christ. AC/DC used backtracking to send Satanic messages, but it also openly broadcasted its intentions to take their listeners to Hell.

Hell's Bells

AC/DC spells out where it is taking the youth


These are lyrics from Hell’s Bells:

“I’m a roaring thunder, pouring rain, I’m coming on like a hurricane,
My lightning’s flashing across the sky,
You’re only young but you’re gonna die,
I won’t take prisoners,
Won’t spare lives.
Nobody’s putting up a fight.

“I got my bells,
I’m gonna take ya to hell
I’m gonna get ya,
Satan will get ya,
Hell’s bells, yah, hell’s bells.”

The message continues:

“I’ll give you black sensations
Up and down your spine,
If you’re into evil
You’re a friend of mine.”

DKs: Rock will kill your children

3. The third example is a song by the pioneer hardcore punk band Dead Kennedys (DKs). The aim of rock is stated in their song I Kill Children where we hear:

“I kill children,
I love to see them die.
I kill children
To make their mothers cry.

“I crush them under my car and I love to hear them scream.
I feed them poison candy and spoil their Halloween.

I kill children,
I bang their heads in doors.
I kill children,
I can hardly wait for yours.”

Rock stars consecrated to Satan

Strong evidence exists demonstrating that some of the biggest rock ‘n roll stars freely and voluntarily consecrated themselves to Satan. Here we present just a sampling of cases:

Alice Cooper – the name of a devil

Megastar Alice Cooper, whose real name is Vincent Damon Furnier, is called the ‘godfather of shock rock.’ He pioneered the brand of macabre, theatrical rock that we see everywhere today. For his stage shows, he used guillotines, fake blood, and boa constrictors, he hung himself from the gallows, he sang promoting necrophilia – sexual relations with cadavers.

Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper – the name of his demon spirit

Here is his explicit testimony of how he got his stage name from his autobiography Me, Alice:

”Some years ago I went to a séance where Norman Buckley asked the spirit to make himself heard. The spirit manifested itself at last and spoke to me. He promised me and my music group glory and world domination with rock music and wealth in abundance.

”All he asked in return was for me to give my body to that spirit, which took possession of me. A change of possession of my body would make me famous throughout the whole world. To do this, I took the name by which ‘he’ had identified himself in the session. And so, today I am recognized worldwide. You already know the name – Alice Cooper.”

Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones 


Anger, who inducted Jagger into Satanism, displays his tattoo

Under the influence of their girlfriends Marianne Faithful and Anita Pallenberg, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards were introduced to Satanism. These two witches, deep into black magic, called on filmmaker Kenneth Anger, himself a disciple of Aleister Crowley, to induct the two Stones into the rituals of black magic.

While in the UK, Anger worked on a film dedicated to Aleister Crowley called Lucifer Rising, which was renamed Invocation of my Demon Brother. Mick Jagger was closely involved with the production and provided a synthesizer soundtrack.

Head of the First Church of Satan Anton LaVey played the part of His Satanic Majesty. The Stones in fact titled their 8th album Their Satanic Majesties Request.

Jagger was dedicated to Satan in the Masonic sect, the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, a subsidiary of the Illuminati to which Aleister Crowley also belonged. (1)

Other ‘confessions’

Ozzy Osbourne, the former lead singer of Black Sabbath, known for uncontrollable and violent acts, confessed in an interview: ”I really wish I knew why I’ve done some of the things I’ve done over the years. I don’t know if I’m a medium for some outside source. Whatever it is, frankly, I hope it’s not what I think it is – Satan…” (2)

Ozzy Osbourne eating a bat

Ozzy Osbourne bit off the head of a live bat in one show

Jim Morrison, superstar of the Doors, who died mysteriously on July 3, 1971, was deeply involved in the occult. Morrison married his wife at a Wicca “wedding” standing in a pentagram and drinking each others’ blood. (3)

In his eerie poetry, Morrison admitted that Satan was the source of his music: “I met the Spirit of Music … An appearance of a devil on a Venice canal. I saw a Satan or Satyr moving beside me, a fleshly shadow of my secret mind. Running. Knowing.” (4)

Stevie Nicks, of the Fleetwood Mac group, is known for openly dedicating their concerts to the witches of the world. At an Iron Maiden concert in Portland, Oregon, their first words were “Welcome to Satan’s Sanctuary.” (5)

On the back of their album Welcome to Hell, the rock group Venom has these words printed in bold print: ”We are possessed by all that’s evil. The death of you, God, we demand: We spit at the Virgin you worship, and sit at the Lord Satan’s left hand.”

Let us also mention Gary Numan’s group, The Stranger, which always performed in public under its famous red glowing pyramid.

Finally, in interviews Elton John affirmed that he had never written or sung a song that had not been written in the language of witchcraft. Many of his top songs, for example Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, were written by his partner and lyricist Bernie Taupin, a known Satanist. This is why many of his songs are incomprehensible to the uninitiated audiences. (5)

The same is true about the Stairway to Heaven album by Led Zeppelin.


Heavy metal group Venom blatantly announces where it finds its inspiration

This testimony from John Todd erases all doubt about the relationship between witchcraft and rock. Todd, a former witch and high ranking member of the Illuminati, tells us: ”Historically witchcraft was practiced to the sound of the beat, which is identical in voodoo cults and in rock music. It is impossible to practice witchcraft without the rock beat.” (1)

Judas priest

Today album covers openly proclaim allegiance and devotion to Satan


He also explains how the Illuminati controlled Zodiac Productions, whose name has since changed because of the bad publicity. He was a managing director and close friends of David Crosby (from Crosby Stills Nash and Young), Graham Nash and others. He states emphatically that all the producers of rock ‘n roll are members of a satanic church and that most of the famous rock groups are members of some witchcraft church or religion of Lucifer.

He continues: “When they produce a record or compose new songs, they ask the high priests and priestesses of the covens or the temple to cast a spell over that song so it will become a hit and sell.

“When the rites of consecration are completed and once the records are bewitched, a lot of demons are responsible for implementing the orders.

“Now, that means when you go buy an album and take it home with you, you get a free surprise. It is called a demon. It goes along with the record.

“Much of the music is written in witch language by witches. Elton John has said that he never wrote or sang a song that wasn’t written in witch’s language. That is why there are many songs you don’t understand, until you get high on drugs and suddenly the meanings start coming to you.

“I could list thousands of songs that were written in this way: The whole Tapestryalbum by Carole King. The double White album that the Beatles produced. Horse with No Name, One Tin Soldier. They definitely have demonic influence behind them.

“Therefore, it is not surprising that a demonic influence is felt among the youth who listen to rock. The music itself naturally arouses an irritability, the spirit of rebellion, obscene language, blasphemous suggestions, erotic feelings and suicidal tendencies.”

He concludes: “To my knowledge, not a single witch or rock musician has been converted or released without having destroyed all the rock records he possessed and without cutting every tie with witchcraft.” (2)

Who funds rock music?

Since the beginning of this series, we have affirmed that rock music is a socio-cultural, political, economic, moral and spiritual revolution. This revolution is part of a much broader project conceived of and funded by the Illuminati (3).

illuminati eye

Illuminati symbols like the ‘all-seeing eye’ abound on record albums

To be assured of reaching youth indifferent to debates and strategic policies, the Illuminatihave relied on Wicca and pagan groups to install rock in production studios to ensure global dissemination of works of the most aggressive groups.

Among the best-known production studios include: Zodiac Productions, Atlantic Records, Capitol Records, Mercury Records, InterGlobal Music, Artist Records. These initiates form an integral part of a global conspiracy, conceived by the Illuminati with the explicit purpose of leading the youth toward an internationalist mentality with the corresponding rise of a one world government.

The resulting severing of ties with family, nation and the Church and their own culture, which follows in the wake of entering the rock revolution, makes young people lose their sense of belonging to this group or that country. Instead, they have the feeling of being citizens of a world without faith, law or obligations to others – except for to the Illuminati and Satan, even thought this dependence is subconscious.

‘Disco fever’ 

The term disco – which means record – is the abbreviation for the French word discothèque, designating a club that plays “disco,” a music that surged out of the “gay” underground dance clubs in New York in the early ‘70s. But it soon became a word to describe any nightclub or establishment where young people go to dance to rock ‘n roll “discs.” Above all, it stood for a lifestyle, a way to have fun and a very special atmosphere.

Saturday Night Fever

Saturday Night Fever insured the success of disco

The “disco” was born in New York in 1973 in the Parisian club scene and “gay” American metropolis. At that time nobody could appear at a “disco” hall without being a member in good standing of the club. In 1977, the successful movie Saturday Night Feverensured that the disco would become a tidal wave in the US and worldwide; more than 18,000 clubs popped up in less than two years. How can this success be explained?

An article that appeared in the Daily News of March 19, 1978, analyzes this “disco” fever:

”Each one dances alone to a deafening music and exposed to a blinding light. The dancers do whatever they feel like, never looking at or speaking to one another, as if each one were moving in front of a mirror screaming nonstop ‘Yah! Yah! Yah!’

”This blatant narcissism is merely a reflection of a philosophy that seems to have saturated our society, which justifies any action by the mere fact that ‘I want to do it,’ whatever the consequences for others may be.


Passions unleashed in the disco fever that hit the world in the 1970s

”This state of mind translates into the increasing number of divorces and broken marriages, as well as works and social movements centered on individualism and self-gratification.

”This philosophy that permeates the ‘disco’ phenomenon is too narrow to make room for love. It is deplorable, since those who have forgotten the joy of giving and sharing, if they have ever known it, despise the richest values of life.

”The ‘disco’ phenomenon has a very specific aim: to give its fans the chance to experience pure ‘primitive emotion’ in an atmosphere of complete tolerance. The old sexual prohibitions have to be overcome. Everyone can assume without shame his ambivalent sexuality and live without the slightest guilt complex. Homosexuals, heterosexuals and bisexuals can abandon themselves with all freedom to the rhythm and tempo of the music without fear of obstacles imposed by social obligations.”

Finally, the US News Report of January 9, 1979, notes. “Sexuality has invaded the ‘disco’ (…) It is responsible for some of the best and sexiest dance music ever made.”

Record covers


AC/DC spells out where it is taking the youth

Since the 1970s, the record covers of rock music have become more and more explicit in displaying satanic, occult and erotic signs and symbols. (4)

For example, we find on these covers a multitude of inverted triangles, pyramids, pentagrams, magic circles and a whole series of witchcraft signs. Further, they do not hesitate to show nudity, phallic and vaginal symbols of all types, and purely satanic symbols, like the 666 symbols and its inverse 999, as well as scenes of human sacrifice, black masses and representations of Hell.

In fact, it is not surprising that the less theologians and preachers talk about Satan and Hell, the more free reign Lucifer has to make his own publicity through the record labels, covers and groups.


Fans at the now-famous Tuska Open Air Heavy Metal Festival

In the face of the mass of information about Rock ‘n Roll that overwhelms us and the disturbing facts that confound us, I think the moment has come for all those responsible for the social and spiritual life of our country to move from painful awareness to taking an energetic stand against it. The more the evil of rock spreads, the more it is given free rein to conquer people of good will who do nothing to protect themselves against this demonic virus.

Def Leppard Illuminatti

Def Leppard’s covers are notorious for the Illuminati symbols; below, rapper JayZ makes a pyramid during a live performance

Rapper JayZ illuminati

First and foremost, efforts should be made to inform the general public and those who listen to this music about the nature, amplitude, gravity and consequences of the disastrous Rock ‘n’ Roll revolution, directed and nurtured by the hidden power of the Illuminati. This information campaign should be as widespread and as clearly stated as possible to alert the conscience and sense of responsibility of all citizens.

Second, letters should be sent to the offices of consumer protection agencies. This campaign should explain that these recordings are being distributed with no notice of the pernicious and harmful subliminal messages they contain, which incite their listeners to subversion, corruption and even consecration to the Devil.

Third, a concerted action should be made to address our public representatives – federal, state and local. Our legislators can be encouraged to take legal action of three different types:

  • Enact laws like that proposed by Philip Wyman in California;
  • Encourage a revision of international agreements that promote and spread rock records, recordings and dangerous revolutionary concerts and spectacles;
  • Seek official statements on this serious problem or a formal commitment to regulate them from government agencies and officials;
  • Unfortunately, it would be difficult – or even impossible – to enact legislative measures that take the form of censorship in our present day climate. But, there are still many other means of intervention that can be taken regarding the classification, cover presentations and marketing of these camouflaged products. For example, a law could be proposed regarding subliminal messages that includes a formal prohibition of these methods in the production of discs, tapes and films.

Finally, it is crucial to be aware and vigilant about rock music, discos, rock concerts, etc., which have been amply proved to pose a real physical, moral and spiritual danger to the youth. Parents have a great responsibility, a primary and inalienable right, to educate their children, and legislators should respect and protect this right.

Marilyn Manson as devil

Manson as a Devil on the cover of one of his albums; below, he invites followers to take the swift route to Hell

suicide manson

We strongly recommend that parents read the book of Bob Larson entitled “Rock.” [Many other books and DVDs exist today to educate parents and youth about the evils of rock: e.g. Hells Bells, The Dangers of Rock ‘n RollThe Devil’s Disciples,Dancing with Demons: The Music’s Real MasterStairway to Hell, and Backward Masking Unmasked.] These works explains to parents how the rock industry is a stairway to Hell for the youth.

For example, Marilyn Manson, whose real name is Brian Warner, is a recruiter for the Church of Satan, where his hero, Anton LaVey, made him an honorary minister. He later changed his name to Marilyn Manson (to impersonate Marilyn Monroe and to glorify another hero, mass murderer and Satanist Charles Manson).

Manson has burned Bibles and urinated on pictures of Jesus during his concerts. He is famous for giving “alter calls” for Satan by encouraging youth to reject Jesus Christ and accept Satan in their hearts and minds. He sells WWJD bracelets at his concerts, an acronym that stands for We Want Jesus Dead.

Manson tells youth that Hell is a great place and should not be feared. He says it is one great big party of eternity with all of the drugs and sex you can ever want. The way to escape the pressures of this world, he advises, is to commit suicide, which many of his adepts have done.

This is just a sampling of what youth who have Manson’s CDs in their possession are being exposed to. (1)

It is nothing less than negligence, cowardice or perversity for parents to ignore the satanic inspiration of rock music and allow their children to be part of the rock culture and revolution.

The need for good music

Every educator knows that it is useless to prohibit or denounce any behavior without proposing better alternatives and models to be followed. Therefore, it is necessary to replace the American and British Rock ‘n’ Roll with sound works of a better quality.

Ukraine youth festival music

Ukrainian youth at a music festival in Kiev; below a Jugendgruppe that sings traditional German songs

German youth group music and dance folk songs

The repertoires of international music are vast and constantly growing. They include a wide variety of popular, classical, folk and thematic productions from all countries. This kind of healthy music is good for the youth, raising up the heart, body and spirit.

Local parishes, schools, home schooling organizations, etc. should organize information campaigns that make good music and activities available.

What is not an alternative is the so-called “Christian rock,” which is really just a guise to introduce rock music and its satanic inspiration into churches and homes. We are told that we must look and sound like the world in order to reach the youth of this generation, and so we introduce rock music into the churches to attract the youth. This type of reasoning is the doctrine of demons that unfortunately many Catholics are accepting.

What “Christian rock” promotes is a compromise with rock music that opens the door to its bad effects. The same spirit of Rock ‘n’ Roll is found in so-called Christian rock: the spirit of rebellion, the spirit of immorality and perversion and an acceptance of the cultural revolution of the modern world.

Behind this guise we find, therefore, a desire to conform to the modern world rather than to separate oneself from its godless influence.

Entering the battle against rock

It took 30 years of setback for us to come to know the exact nature of Rock ‘n Roll and realize the extent of its revolution. The time has come for all people of good will to unite their efforts in order to help rebuild a renewed society and begin the march to restore Christian Civilization. Tomorrow we will have the society we build today, and today’s youth is the guarantor of the future of society and the Church.


Making an open profanation of Catholic symbols

When the faith of youth becomes cold, humanity decays; when the zeal of youth is reanimated, humanity recuperates. Therefore, let us help our youth out of the spiritual morass and immorality to which rock music leads them. Let us open wide the doors of truth, beauty, and harmony and goodness.

Ultimately, we approach this issue with an invitation to take up this battle against rock as a spiritual fight as the only means to conquer.

Since this combat is first and foremost a spiritual battle against the powers of darkness, the more effective means to be implemented are prayer, religious formation, preaching the evils of rock in retreats, good spiritual reading and frequenting the Sacraments. Above all, what is needed is a new zeal and love for Our Lord Jesus Christ and His Blessed Mother.


To conclude, we remind you that Jesus is the victor and that the Devil is the father of lies who “masquerades as an angel of light” (2 Cor 11: 14) and is already conquered. … In summary, the choice we have to make is between Christ and Satan.

styx lucifer

Rock group Styx pays homage to the father of lies

St. Paul, aware of the nature of the spiritual battle that all Christians must fight, has left us these fiery words:

“Finally, brethren, be strengthened in the Lord and in the might of his power. Put you on the armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the deceits of the Devil. For our wrestling is not against flesh and blood; but against principalities and power, against the rulers of the world of this darkness, against the spirits of wickedness in the high places.

“Therefore, take unto you the armor of God, that you may be able to resist in the evil day, and to stand in all things perfect. Stand therefore, having your loins girt about with truth, and having on the breastplate of justice. And your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace. In all things taking the shield of faith, wherewith you may be able to extinguish all the fiery darts of the most wicked one.

“And take unto you the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit (which is the word of God). By all prayer and supplication praying at all times in the spirit; and in the same watching with all instance and supplication for all the saints: And for me, that speech may be given me, that I may open my mouth with confidence, to make known the mystery of the gospel. For which I am an ambassador in a chain, so that therein I may be bold to speak according as I ought.” (Eph. 6: 10 -20).

dope hat manson

Manson in a ‘dope hat’ predicting Satan’s victory with rock


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  1. Now, October is a double evil full moon month(Oct. 1 and Oct. 31). Especially on Halloween, you must pull down your pants at midnight and sing, “I’m a Yankee Doodle Dandy” as loud as you can to keep the evil rock spirits at bay(Jeff Godwin). Do this, and you may be sparred. While your pants are down, start sucking each other’s dicks with wild passion… Girls, you can join in on this too. Then on November 1st, go to the useless building you all go to compare SUV’s and clothing like you always do. While following pro football at the same time(which is extremely godly). But above all, remember that full moon on Halloween… It may signify something good coming:)

    • I have no doubt in my mind that your idiotic, immature Satanist carcass fantasizes about fellating other dudes, loser.

  2. Well this is a rewrite, curiously, the first time I wrote this, it vanished….
    The story that follows about an A/DC concert, is something I have told few people in all the intervening decades:
    In regards to AC/DC and the song “Hells Bells” (I actually prefer ‘Girls got a Rhythm” lol) also the concert / tour name. I was at, that,, first show, in Chicago Illinois September 20, 1980 (yes I checked my ticket stub, saved all these years) with a friend of mine at the time. It was Brisn Johnson’s baptism as their replacement lead singer, and certainly an occult ritual of a modern kind.
    We both witnessed something during that concert, that in 1980, we could not explain. I know holography was in its infancy then, and it is possible some kind of holigram was used, it would not surprise me but, there is more to the experience…
    Some 2 years prior to this, I had a granwal seizure doing drugs, briefly unconscious I saw an Egyptian dog headed ‘Anubis’ like creature in a vision though it seemed more real to this day, than reality. I bring this incident up because, AT THAT AC/DC CONCERT, both my friend and I, saw this exact same creature!!! When Angus Young disappears off stage only to rapidly reappear on top of a something like a thirty foot tall stack of loudspeakers behind the performers on stage for his guitar solo. Both my friend and I saw this apparition, the “transfiguration” of Mr Young into this dog headed creature…
    We did not discuss it that night, this disturbed both of us so badly but, 3 days later we met up and the conversation invarisbly turned to the concert, this friend carefully bringing up that he’d seen something strange during the concert. Without prompting from me, his description, EXACTLY fit, what I had seen as well, and, more disturbing to me then, mayched exactly what I had seen during my seizure 2 years before, something straight out of Egyptian mythos, the creature I think they call ‘Anubis’. My friend was so disturbed by my retelling of the apparition I had seen matching his, and the tale of the seizure, he stopped the conversation, did not talk to me again, and moved out of the area (though that move, may have been coincidental, being underage livng with his folks but, all I know his family moved).
    This occult ritual of the concert, was exactly that, though at the time I had no idea. It threw me into satanism for some years. This followed an incident where a girlfriend (with schitzophrenic tendencies when not medicated), inadvertently introduced me, unknowingly to her, to her demonic entity posessing her. That incident, frighrbed me so badly, combined with the seizure vision amd this concert incident, at first going into satanism and later terrofied by what my life became, I went into the Christian cult,, for a decade, until I suppose after being asked 3 times to enter the ministry by 3 different churches/cults, and unwilling to help brainwash others, I turned from that dark path, as well. Its taken me decades to balance my spirituality since then, finding the narrow high rocky road between the two polarities.
    I can’t say if what I saw was real at that concert, or a hologram, or what, but, the fact it matched the seizure vision so exactly, and meeting a non human invasive and malevolent I add, entity, really screwed me up. I can understand how todays kids after generations of exposure to this powerful music amd imagry now everywhere, are turning to satanism, and some yes, to Christian cults. Been there done that.
    I would however say to any one experiencing anything like what I went through in the late 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, that there is enlightenment to be found but, not within, either of these polarities, it can only be found within yourself, finding your own ‘power’ of manifestaion instead of allowing a rock band or some christian cult direct your focus, focus within to find your own truth, your own path. The path that either polarity directs, is not always fun and games as one might believe at first.
    We manifest these things by our thoughts and words, into our lives, all by ourselves. It is, the choice, of how we approach religion, music, even interpersonal relationships that dictate the outcomes, not some outside influence, though I believe there are interdimensional or even extraterrestrial entities masquerading as demons and angels (mother mary or whatever) but, it is our own focus that manifests these entities being drawn by your thoughts, words, and actions. So listen to your AC/DC learn the occult or read your bible and listen to christian rock but,, always remember that it is YOU ALONE, that decides, where this takes you.
    I will add this;
    I do not recommend following my own path from rock n roll satanist to being thrice asked to be a Christian minister, it is too extreme on the human psyche, emotions and the physical toll I have faced as a result of my “focus” and the emotions that followed, all those decades, is not, something I would ever, wish upon, my worst enemy (had I, such). Be very careful about what brainwashing you allow yourself to undergo, personally I found that neither the christisns nor the satanists path, held any balance, nor the happiness we all so much seek, be it from the temprary music we listen to, or the brainwashing of christian cult’s. Thus from an old ‘rocker’ and serious psychedelic adept of the 70’s, I just advise serious caution when dealing with ANY outside influence of these types. That original vision, that concert apparition, that ‘malevolent entity’, would not, could not, have been manifet in my life, had I not ‘opened mysrlf’ to them.
    Your focus, manifests your reality, make it a good one.
    Victory to the love truth and light (enlightenment)

    • You sound confused as can be. You freely admit that you saw an occult ritual and possibly a demon that your friend also saw which dispels any notion that your mind just imagined it … and then start claiming nonsense about Christian cults, a contradiction in terms, and how one should only listen to yourself, which is a clear Satanic doctrine. And people actually asked you to be a minister?? No offense but how could you be a minister if you don't even believe in God?
      Your story about seeing the demon resonated w. me because I think that my friend and I both saw a spirit or demon after getting high and driving around town at 3PM on a bright sunny day in FL. I mention the time of day because at dark its far easier for your mind to play tricks on you. As we were passing parked cars in the street, one appeared to have a woman sitting in the driver's seat, looking over her shoulder at our car approaching. As we got closer, the woman turned her head back around, now facing out the front windshield of her car and then disappeared. I was surprised and was thinking 'wow I must be pretty baked' (cannabis). I didn't say anything initially then out of curiosity as we went further down the road, I asked my friend if he had seen the woman. He said something like 'the woman that was looking at us and then disappeared'? Yes, he had gotten baked too but we both saw the same thing. It may have been a trick of the light, shadows but IMO we should not have seen the same thing. I've read that using drugs opens doorways to spirits.

  3. I’m surprised Prepare for Change would post this article. I read this article years ago as a teenager. It’s Christian propaganda filled with many misleading inaccuracies. And at the bottom, it’s clearly shown to be sourced from a Catholic website.

    Most of the artists mentioned aren’t religious at all, and were simply using words and imagery to express themselves. And some of them actually are Christians, like Ozzy Osbourne and his Black Sabbath bandmates. A lot of this information is either misconstrued, or entirely made up.

    Seriously, I thought Prepare for Change was centered around Cobra’s intel? Then why are you posting Christian propaganda, when Cobra himself has posted intel that is clearly against Christianity and all religion?

    Check this out from a 2014 Cobra article:

    “The Archons are quite skilled occultists. What they do is to take a symbol of Light and use mass media propaganda to entrain people to associate that symbol with darkness, pain and suffering and to suppress Goddess energy. Thus they prevent an enormous amount of Light from flowing into the minds and hearts of people. They have done so with number 666 (once a sacred number of Goddess Venus, now a symbol of the dark forces in the mind of the masses), with the pentagram (once a sacred symbol of Goddess Venus and now a symbol of black magic for the uneducated masses), with Lucifer (once a symbol of Goddess Venus- Light bearer- morning star, now a symbol of the leader of the dark forces for the unaware), with swastika (once a symbol of spiritual evolution and now associated with Nazism). ”

    There are also other articles by Cobra where he refers to Christianity as a “mind programming cult”.

    The Prepare for Change article is part of the programming it claims to be against. Scrolling through it, I can also see it’s homophobic and shuns free sexual expression, including dancing, which also strongly conflicts with Cobra’s intel.

    What happened to this?

    And this?

    • I don't know who Cobra is but your post is full of inaccuracies. This is from a Catholic, not Christian site. Also, did you seriously claim that Ozzy Osbourne and Black Sabbath were Christians?? Whatever gave you that idea? They practiced black magic and I've yet to hear anything from them stating that they had repented and converted. Reading what you posted from this Cobra person or whoever, denying that 666 is satanic is mindblowing. Denying religion is fine as God has nothing to do w. religion. All pagan religions are Satanic.

      • Luke, you may find the following interview of interest, Zachary King and Fr. David Nix (edited). Peace. (

  4. Greetings Family of Light .

    I can certainly feel the ENERGETIC difference from AC / DC to Nat King Cole .
    I found some relief awhile back as I am familiar with this knowledge concerning rock music . I was guided to place a pulsor on the all the records I have and use a pendulum to spin out the negative connections to the recordings .The Pulsor was developed by Dr. Yao , it produces a zero point energy field , I do this while running energy . Spinning the pendulum clockwise and counter clockwise pulls out disharmonious energy . When we are running energy in a toroidal fashion , in the body with our attention and intention at the pineal gland looking out the eyes as windows , having fun with it all observing from neutral Feeling I like Me Capable and Certain with our grounding cord turned on and activated we can access the New Earth .Its an Inside Job and one conscious breath away .

    Love n Light



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