It is exciting to see these technologies emerging as the shift in humanity pushes on despite the surrounding subterfusion.  This new plasma field therapy is one such technology leading the way.  We are thankful for those bringing them forward.  The following information is pulled directly from the Phi Therapy website.

Phi* Therapy with Theraphi

The pure physics is clearly outlined in Dan Winter’s “Origins of Biologic Negentropy” – quite clearly the Theraphi system is potential real proof that ‘fractal fields’ as perfect compression ARE the essence of bioactive fields – for human benefit.

It is even intuitively obvious that restored charge compression would be the opposite of swelling.

Preliminary but anecdotal results from Theraphi plasma bulbs are overwhelming there are many benefits and we are well on our way to completing the proof that our experiment in bioactive rejuvenation fields can complete serious clinical documentation.

Theraphi intend to scientifically prove the concept that broad spectrum / centripetal conjugate field effects – rejuvenate and re-organize biologic systems- including addressing pain and many health issues- both in theory and in practice.

Practical, painless and safe

Delivering both practical pain reduction and solutions to many health issues- without making medical claims – until the results documentation science is clear.

The Priore device was essentially a high voltage – high frequency light bulb widely proven at that time to treat cancer, the issue was the pure principle was not understood. Thanks to Dan Winter’s new equation on his book cover: “Origins of Biologic Negentropy”

The Priore device (originally shown at that time to be a well proven cancer and disease solution) is now again in a promising testing phase as the Theraphi! > see more complete Science and History of Theraphi/Priore

The frequency signature Priore used is substantially predicted on the Dan Winter’s new book cover-which is how Theraphi team optimized the new prototype. They used Dan Winter’s discovery of the previously unknown pure principle- which is that perfected broad spectral phase conjugation becomes negentropic and regenerative. This was proven in optics. Theraphi takes this principle even more broad spectral and thus more powerful than ever before.

TheraPhi is powerful centripetal broad spectra phase conjugate field (both plasma/optical and ELF) Plasma Healing Field Technology, based on the famous PRIORE device- the net effect was a highly stimulating and healing and rejuvenating to most cellular life.

Theraphi Creator, Dan Winter – predicted precisely all the frequencies and phase relationships used in the TheraPhi to rediscover amazing technology with great application. Theraphi’s technology expert Paul Harris implemented this is in very specialized amplifier design, world’s first custom vortex pyrex high voltage plasma tube, unique noble gas plasma mix for conjugate optics,  and very specialized custom multi circuit high voltage tesla coil for phase discipline.

Theraphi is a powerful double conjugate plasma light/ infrasound bioactive field.

More detailed physics behind Priore- and the precise conjugate physics of Theraphi>

The actual plasma tube arrangement used for this ‘time reverse/rejuvenation’ conjugation is depicted with remarkable accuracy in the Egyptian stone carving, It is phase conjugate, centripetal , negentropic.

This kind of strong charge field is by definition simply the electrical opposite of swelling, cyst and tumor growth. It IS this charge distribution efficiency perfected by definition- which is the electrical opposite of cancer. Theraphi – usually generates strong feelings of being energized, metabolic acceleration, circulation and sensation increase.

It is obvious that charge circulation optimized clearly facilitates blood and nerve circulation optimized. In disease cases of many types- there are many early reports of very significant benefit. These are being replicated now by medical professionals. Not just anti-swelling etc- it is also known for increasing circulation and sensation in areas where these have been limited or lost. With proven frequency emissions known and measured- it uses a high voltage version of a special aligned plasma lamp pair- to stimulate.

However- since it accelerates metabolism and heart rate- and brings sacral cranial spine liquid pumping to still point (turning point for healing in many cases), etc. we recommend modest 3 minute sessions. (The experience generally means you will NOT be sleepy for quite a while). In a large number of cases there is also a feeling of bliss/ euphoria introduced.

All information for this article comes directly from here: Phi Therapy with Theraphi


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  1. A follow up personal experience with the intention of offering info to possibly help others.
    I had a recent episode of extreme drowsiness. This was the type of extreme sedated feeling that for me, I had no choice , but to take a nap, I had ALREADY had a 3 hour nap! ( and no , I do not have OSA aka sleep apnea). Anyway , I wanted to let others know what I tried and had clear cut immediate positive results. I spent about 40 minutes ( one session ) in the Theraphi field ( simply lying on the massage table). Meanwhile , I inwardly particpated in a guided meditation available on Lisa Renee’s site ( Under “ shop” one can find individual downloadable guided meditations for a nominal fee. I used the one titled “ Dan Tien Trinity Activation”.
    During this , at one point I could feel energies physically flowing thru my legs and lower part of my body. I also claimed/held a strong sense of empowerment during this session.
    The main benefit was, that , immediately following this, I had my baseline nomal level of alertness. No need for a nap and was able to focus on projects. So this combo worked very well for me.

  2. Dear PFC Peeps,

    I just found your article , from a link on

    I have been following CoBra’s intel entheusiatically and sharing it with others for more than 5 years.

    I am delighted to see your article ( which I just now found) on the Theraphi device.

    My own interests and quests had led me to purchase a Theraphi device last year.
    I still work a regular job, but am intending to allow this device to be of use to people and animals for , shall we say.. “balance” or “help” as we cannot claim the other “ h” word.

    I just wanted to give a shout out to let you know that I do exist here and have the very first Theraphi device ( 5th generation device) created by Dan Winter and Paul Harris,
    ( for whom I am gratedful) in the lush and state of Washington.

    Victory to the Light

    Edie Wall


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