The All New Freedom Fighters Super Heroes!

3 thoughts on “The All New Freedom Fighters Super Heroes!”

  1. Thanks for sharing this. Much appreciated. Such a surprise. Made my day. One criticism I get is that it does not nearly cover all those who work so hard to bring us all into the light. Corey Goode of course. Michael Tellinger, COBRA, Emory Smith, George Carlin, Mos Def, Barbara Eerinreich, Nikola Tesla, Michael Talbot, Neale Donald Walsch, Max Egan Tony Campolo, My teacher Scott Bennett. Gosh there are so many more. maybe one day I will do a more comprehensive list but it could never be complete. I created this after seeing pics of Donald Trump as Captain America and George Washington. I wanted to create this of my personal heroes. I sign all my work with the “ONE” stamp as I see all beings in myself and myself as all beings. That the consciousness behind my eyes is the consciousness behind every eye and that truth messages comes from that Higher Future self to lead and guide us with compassion. I see “ONE” as the source of all creative inspiration we all draw from.

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