This is what you find at the bottom of the rabbit hole after researching the latest sexual scandals in Hollywood and politics. This video is not mean’t to be political in any way shape or form but created only to tell the truth as told by many well known researchers, whistleblowers as well as from some respected sources. All information reported here has been sourced.


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  1. Not so sure about the ‘alien’ conection, unless you consider democrat aliens. It reminds me of H.G.Wells The Time Machine. The Morlocks give free stuff to the Eloi, and then they eat them. Straight to the point.

  2. Fantastic Corrie,
    Satan has managed to be the god of this world and as the bible says the whole world is in grips of satan.
    People who keep open mind come out of deception sooner than later.
    Only bible makes sense nothing else has answer to what’s happening today.

    • Assure you, the Bible does not tell the whole story. Explore some of the other ancient literature such as the Gnostic gospels, Emerald Tablets, Sumerian Tablets, Vedas, etc. with an open heart and mind to get the whole picture of the world. You are a one-sided fundie if you do not respect the past.

    • Hello Anus kadam. When God created paradise, the snake was present also.
      Satan is ruling over those who are devoted to him, the world isn’t ruled by him at all.
      Be careful with those statements, for before you know it, it shows up as your reality and after that you’ll find only more confirmation of what you say, while in resistance to how your reality shows up at the same time.

      It’s time to step out of duality thinking and end separating the black and white sheep.
      Without condoning the result of black magic. Strengthen your active role in radiating your truth, that what you wish to see manifest in your world. The rest will take care of itself.

  3. So what’s with all the bible thumping and Jesus freak crap? has nothing to do with the harvesting / torture /murder of the children. it’s about the blood sucking freaks that control this civilization. ADRENOCHROME…There is no god or jesus gonna save the child..their killed for their blood. their dead…dust to dust. 25 million abortions world wide—millions of children go missing every years. these are our leaders / our government / our corrupt system..Add un agenda 21/30 in the picture. this civilization is imploding..

  4. Corrie above sorry but you you don t know what you are talking about.Look at this

    There is a difference between ET,s and demons and if you really studied the subject you would discover that Jesus was a light worker he was mortal just like you and me, connected to the thing religions call god, which not a man with a beard in the sky that can see your every move and with negative qualities like punishment, but the universal consciousnesses that we all come from. I had a near death experience so i know from my experience what happens when our soul leaves this planet

    This might help you if you have an open mind

    • Hey Darryl,
      You are right. Now a new messenger has come! He spent 30 years getting prepared for what is coming and there are new teachings for our current day and age. If anyone teaches the old stuff they might try to repackage or present it differently. They are fakes. Follow this link and see for yourself:

    • Sorry Darryl, I dont know which Jesus you serve. Sounds like Ashtar, or Nimrod they are exact duplicates of Jesus only with blonde hair. Jesus,, came to earth FULLY GOD and FULLY HUMAN. He was not a lightworker. He came to atone for our sins so we wouldnt have to die the death He did. It was the only way to trump Satan.

  5. For almost 2 millenia, the same people have said the same message, nothing happened. Be careful with the words of St. Paul who preached a different gospel. This is what happens when Greek thought and mythology mix with Jewish traditions, a desperate attempt to spread an absurd salvation dogma/doctrine.
    Tell me, Corrie, who wrote the Bible? And don’t say “scribes with the inspiration from a sky daddy”.
    Learn the history of your faith and stop forcing your beliefs onto others bringing about a new Dark Age.
    Think positive! Until the end of the aeon…

  6. I like the information in this video, I find a lot of it to be accurate, however people need to stop playing into the deception and recognize that what the bible says is indeed the truth. Whether you refer to these beings as aliens or demons, there is no difference, just a different label. Fact is, these are the same beings the bible talks about, and the bible is touched upon a few times in this video, but you guys stop abruptly at the most important part of the bible, salvation. People, get real, connect the dots, it is not that hard to see. Every knee shall bow and tongue confess that Christ is God. We all need him in order to be saved from this generation and from the second death, you want eternal life and to escape God’s judgement? Jesus is the only way. The rest of these people and even these alien beings are going to have God’s wrath poured out against them, Satan has rule of this Earth for only so long, he has a time frame in which he’s allowed to do this to humanity, this is a test for all of us.

    • I forgot this.
      Sheikhs Ahmed Deedat, Khalid Yasin, and Dr. Zakir Naik asked the “famous epic question”: Where did Jesus Christ (peace be upon him) in the Gospels say, “I am God, worship me!”
      Not a single Christian answered that, even though they tried their desperate best.
      Also, church mistakenly assumes the serpent to be the mistranslated “accuser”.
      Revelation is not to be taken literally. There is no tribulation nor rapture.
      Think about them.


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