by Paul Seymour,


The System Backs us into a Corner


Due to a moral dilemma which recently confronted me, I had to ask myself – when is it ok to lie, and when is it not?   That’s a real crap situation to be placed in for us honest people, and is by very clever design. To briefly give you context – I was confronted with the need to open a US bank account in order to use the services of Amazon to just offer for sale, and then hopefully even sell my book.  Those are two activities I usually advise against. Using Bankster/child rapists, and just as bad, Bankster-controlled, Deep State companies like Amazon. However, we have allowed such monopolies to exist.


As our French brothers and sisters are currently embroiled most heavily in the battle against the New World Order/Bankster/Illuminati/Zionist etc filth, let’s use an old quote from one of their former countrymen.  In 1864, the French lawyer and 10 year veteran of the Ministry of State, Maurice Joly, described the Illuminati/Deep State/Cabal/Khazarian mafia etc and its Protocols as:


“a political system… that has not varied in its methods for one single day, and is intended to corrupt honesty itself; but public consciousness still lives, and the heavens will one day interfere in the games being played against it”.


Today, as he so correctly prophesied, the heavens are all over these insidious games, and interfering to the max.  Let me start out to sum up the entire dilemma, in less than 2,400 words, by explaining that this evil system exists due to the convoluted and twisted system which we ourselves, as humanity, have allowed to be constructed.  It’s actually quite simple, though, if we boil it down to the basic core principles and problems involved.


It Boils Down to Free Will


The primal Universal Law (UL) is Free Will.  If you’re not already aware of that, you need to be.  Obviously, you won’t be hearing that coming out of any bankster/child-rapist controlled institution.  That reduces the possible sources of Truth dramatically, doesn’t it? What we have to quickly come to grips with, is that whenever Earth laws conflict with this Universal primal law of Free Will, UL dictates.  That means that many of Earth’s laws, rules and regulations become relegated to simply being poor suggestions. Those poor suggestions being what the New World Order/Zionist/Illuminati etc etc Satanists would like you to do, in other words.  If you follow their evil suggestions, you become one of their sheeple. Just look at ANTIFA, and the millions of robotic little minds churning out of European, Chinese and American indoctrination camps lately, also called public schools.


We have allowed ourselves to be backed into this corner.  In order to reverse the damage, we must now somehow confront that army of indoctrinated robots who we’ve allowed to be shuffled to the upper echelons of corporations and political offices while most people looked the other way, as they were happy to sacrifice their principles and their honor for their “jobs”, and “security”.  That even though they could easily see that some of what they were being asked to do went against their better judgment – i. e. they allowed all of this to happen of their own Free Will, and therefore in accordance with Universal Law.




So that is the crux of the problem.  Some people can more easily distinguish between UL and dark side suggestions, and therefore know when it is acceptable to ignore the dark sides rules, while others seem to get confused by all of the conflicting information which the system deluges them with, exactly for the purpose of confusing them.  Just as the Darkies had expertly contrived it to be. Perfect example – Am I required to tell bankster/child-raping filth (banks in this case) the absolute Truth in accordance with their evil regulations, so that I may be proffered the privilege of offering the book I wrote for sale? In order to answer that question I must ask myself – Is my divine right to Free Will being infringed upon?  


Well, in this case, and in so many other cases yes, it obviously is.  Therefore I am allowed by Universal Law to do whatever is necessary in order to exercise my Free Will and try to give my fellow brothers and sisters the opportunity to read the book I was divinely guided to write.  If certain illegal questions need to be fudged a bit with a white ‘lie’, I am covered for that by the One/God/Allah/Krishna/Yahweh etc as the exercise of Free Will is an absolute necessity in order to advance spiritually.


Apparently a simple little choice there, but then I do run the risk of facing many consequential problems so long as the Bankster/child traffickers remain in power.  At least nowadays us heretics aren’t burned at the stake, but burning at the stake might be preferable to the hell-hole torture chambers the darkies have constructed to house people in for life for breaking their Satanic rules.  Look at Irwin Schiff, or Ross Ulbricht for example, or Julian Assange as a slightly less extreme case. Let me take you back one step further to the underlying problem here which we can all agree upon.


Mother Earth Needs Immediate Assistance and Love


The underlying and driving force behind the sudden and obvious evolutionary pressures we are facing today, is the desperate need to save the planet which gives us life.  Mother Earth is a living being, and humanity has been slowly killing her for a while now. Like cancer. The choice then becomes, do we continue down the same path, and destroy Mother Earth, or do we make some radical changes?  That’s not really a choice, is it?


Anyone with a couple of functioning synapses can readily see that radical changes are going to be made regarding how humanity lives, in order to save Mother Earth, and therefore also itself.  The question is; what will those changes be? The NWO/Zionist/Illuminati/Deep State crowd, including one of their favorite institutions – the United Nations, have been contriving means by which to save the planet, and also retain, or even increase their choke-holding tyranny over humanity.  The majority of people, presumably representing the ‘average’ person, also sees that Mother Earth needs immediate help, and wants to do something, but haven’t yet been exposed to the proper solution, as the dark side controls nearly all sources of information, outside of certain sites on the Internet.  


There are two scenarios on the drawing board.  One has been devised by that Bankster-child raper/NWO/Zionist/Illuminati crowd.  It is much easier to carry out, as we have already allowed them to take over society, and they are already at least 90% of the way completed with their evil plan.  


In a very simplified manner, the dark main stream plan goes something like this:


1) Start WW III and let 90% of the world population kill each other, after all sides buy and use weapons and ammunition sold to them by the NWO/Zionist/Illuminati crowd.  The sale of which having been financed by the bankster-genocidal satanists, with interest of course.


2) After about 6 to 6.5 billion people have been annihilated, especially including all those who can think for themselves,  then house the remainder in prison-like conditions in order to do the work required to support the ‘elite’ as they live with advanced technology in Utopian conditions.   Utopian being a matter of opinion, of course.  I mean, in general, aside from the Satanism and back-stabbing etc.


Under this scenario, the remaining 500 million or so survivors could continue ‘living’ with the currently available obsolete technologies, as the sheer reduction in population numbers would allow Mother Earth to suffer the continued abuses of the reduced petroleum extraction and burning etc.  The lowered volume of such activity would make it a mere painful irritant to Mother Earth, rather than be life-threatening. The currently available, yet hidden advanced technologies would be reserved solely for the Clintons (Democrat), Bushes (Republican), Macrons, Netanyahus and Merkels of the world.


The alternative scenario is currently under way with the world-wide group known as the White Hats.  This alternative is much, much more difficult, as it entails turning the current society, again the one which we have allowed to be created of our own Free Will, back right side up again.  That is going to be a painful process, but the alternative is described above. The two alternatives to this very difficult one I’m currently describing, I’ll repeat, are death as Mother Earth dies, or death by NWO genocide, as having the ability to think for one’s self is declared to be a capital offense.  Unless you belong to the smugly exclusive society of the child torturing, raping and killing ‘elite’, of course.


The highly simplified description of this White Hat alternative Truth & Transparency plan goes like this:


1) Prosecute and incarcerate the deeply entrenched NWO/Zionist/Illuminati/Deep State/Cabal, and somehow also reach their fully indoctrinated, or otherwise controlled minions, and do so in compliance with Universal Law.   That means ensuring that it is done in accordance with Free Will, and under all other Universal Laws.  


By the way, UL is basically common sense Golden Rule and Karmic principles.  Forget the rows of books containing legal statutes created by the dark side of the bankster-child raping NWO/Zionist/Illuminati crowd.  Obviously, pro-active self defense is allowed in order to not be killed by the morally bankrupt during the process. If someone is actively trying to kill you, you can defend yourself without running afoul of karma, which is UL.


2) Once these people are no longer in control, we must then immediately have what has been termed as ‘Full Disclosure’ of all hidden or suppressed advanced technologies.  This is the only way to save Mother Earth without reducing world population.  The dark forces’ plan above would work to save her too.  It might be a bit harsh on humanity though.  Not to mention the One’s/Allah’s/Yahweh’s/Krishna’s/God’s plan for spiritual development.


The Full Disclosure of hidden technologies would solve so many of Mama’s problems, and virtually over night, too.  Just a few examples, for those of you who are unaware:


1) Housing will be available for all.  No more tent cities, nor people sleeping on city sidewalks.   Even today one can go out and buy a 3D house printer.  It’s not even suppressed technology. In fact, I don’t really know why homelessness still exists.  I haven’t yet researched why this technology isn’t being fully utilized for the benefit of humanity.  Even more advanced shelter- building technology has been hidden though, and we will have it soon.


2) Food replicators aren’t restricted to Star Trek.  The food produced by them is reportedly much healthier than the garbage we are now eating, too.  Hunger and malnutrition will become bad memories, as will glyphosate and GMO poisoning, etc.


3) There is no need for anyone to be walking with a bucket to a ditch to get dirty water either, as technologies exist to produce all the clean healthy water we need.   We could even be drinking fourth stage water which would significantly lengthen life spans, as I understand it.


When the basics of clean water, healthy food, and shelter are no longer being hidden behind the lie of ‘limited resources’, you can imagine what kind of a kick start that will provide our society, right?  But that’s not all. With people no longer fighting, stealing, or otherwise competing for the limitless basics of survival, then we will all have the time and energy to do what we really want and therefore need to do.


For many of us, that will initially mean just a period of down time to rest and heal.  I myself took a period of 7 years to do almost nothing other than to rest and heal from the traumas of this Hell on Earth we have allowed to be established.  Those of us who have already been lucky enough to have that required resting and healing time, or even more fortunately never needed it, will be able to dig in and do what we were truly put here to do.  For example, clean up Mother Earth for one thing. Here are just a very few hidden technologies which will help us to quickly achieve that:


4) Free, clean energy.  There are many ways in which this can be simply achieved, unfortunately the status quo, e. g. the bankster-child raping/NWO/Zionist/Illuminati crowd headed by the Bushes, Clintons, Macrons, Netanyahus and Merkels of the world, have kept it hidden by brutal force.   Antigravity, for example, is old news.  In fact, the air which surrounds us is full of energy, and we have known how to harness it for many decades.  Just research what Nikola Tesla did 100 years ago, as one easy-to-mention example.  There are countless others which are easily found if one dedicates a minimal amount of time and effort to just a bit of research.


5) I understand that some large Japanese car makers are now ready to move forward with vehicles that use some of this free, clean energy, but are waiting for the criminals to be rounded up so that they aren’t murdered for putting the petroleum industry out of business, where it belongs.


6) We will do away with all industries which produce items that end up clogging the oceans too.   Easy.  In fact, why are they still in operation today?  You guessed it. Because the status quo, the bankster-child raping/NWO/Zionist/Illuminati crowd headed by the Clintons (D), Obamas, Bushes (R), Macrons, Netanyahus and Merkels of the world want it that way.  


Why?  That’s more difficult to answer, but do we really need to know why they are as sick as they are? That information is also out there if you want to research it, but I suggest that we just convict them of their crimes and be done with that trash, so that we can move on to create Heaven on Earth.  Both Mama and we, as collective humanity, deserve that. We’ve all been through enough, and it’s time to relax and live a little as we simultaneously mature spiritually.


So that is enough to get us started, isn’t it?  No more need to define ‘honesty’, as we are all in agreement as to what that means ever since the Illuminati Protocols were yanked from the controlling scene.  Also, no more fighting against idiotic, immoral, and unconstitutional rules which have corrupted the Truth, in order to scrap with each other over resources that are truly unlimited in nature.  


I won’t even get started on the spiritual realities here.  I already did that in my newly released book – Cycles of 7.  Get the e-book on Kobo at for only $11.11


Paul Seymour is a former corporate slave who was freed many years ago in order to eventually find his authentic self as a writer and sacred activist.

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  1. For those awakened at this point in time we must keep reaching for our Creator/Source within for our innate light and wisdom. The more we anchor that on our planet the faster we create the Ascension we desperately need. I think we are in a deep, profound time of spiritual change and that’s where we should focus for immense strength and cosmic wisdom.

  2. Very nice but I think it is not just technology that will change things .Instead we have to rethink deeply our relation with the Earth and start living more naturally and in deep harmony with nature.A science fiction world of big towns of metal is not nice nor needed and we do not need just eating and water , but spiritual connection with our planet,and the others..there are a lot of natural ways to live that help us to connect with our planet in the Way of Beauty as american indians,a people who has lived for centuries without destroying their land ,said.The magnificent synthesis of all the beautiful wonderful and nice discoveries of all peoples in all ages ,as well as the ones from our own intuition is possible and ready.It is up to us,to start it and we just need to trust our inner Self.Technology can help us on the way as a spoon help us eating ,but it is not the food or the eater it is just an instrument.Mother Earth needs our help but our love too,as we all need her,too.I wrote about these things on my website
    I think it would be a good thing to express our ideas on the future we really want..


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