Real Estate SLOWDOWN in U.S. and Canada! This is the END of the Housing Boom.

The housing bubble was over the top. I heard countless stories of people in Toronto basically paying anything for a property as if they weren’t making anymore. The prices have come down from their peak and yet people actually still deny it. It’s as if they enjoy love their heads in the sand. Let us know what you’re seeing with real estate in your city.

2 thoughts on “Real Estate SLOWDOWN in U.S. and Canada! This is the END of the Housing Boom.”

  1. The math is simple – over the long term housing prices can’t rise faster than income. There will always be short term localized exceptions but the market will eventually reach an equilibrium with affordability.

    This is painful for the average person because a house is usually their largest investment and usually highly leveraged. I’ve known a couple of people who had little choice but to just walk away from their mortgage because they couldn’t afford to close it out by selling their depreciated house post-bubble.

  2. Canadians have Stockholm Syndrome, they follow what the government says, what CBC programs them to believe, thus they cannot question authority. In Vancouver, you see the end, the average salary vs average home price, personal debt ratio, mental health crises, all points to a decline, but the zombies are too programmed, live with too much trauma to even have a conversation on the subject. House prices are dropping here as well, plus massive forrest fires (due to poor BC Gov policies) are the norm now, it will pull the prices further down.

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