Meditation done correctly renews mental energy, heals the mind and body and helps the mind to develop new ways of handling daily stressors. Achieving an altered state of consciousness is the best tool of achieving self-realization.

An altered form of consciousness allows the soul to be separated from the body (without detaching from it), such that the soul is able to move to whatever location it pleases.

Some people use drugs and other dissociative substances to achieve this state. The purest form of dissociation, however, can only be achieved through a meditation process.

Anyone can meditate to achieve an altered state of consciousness if they allow their brain’s activity to go beyond what is perceived as normal.

If you want to learn how to access higher dimensions during your meditation, please follow this link:

Dark Room Meditation For Accessing Higher Dimensions

(note that it is not a simple technique, hence not recommended to beginners).

Meditation and Altered States of Consciousness

Out of body experiences and lucid dreaming are some of the reported cases of altered consciousness. These experiences are important for self-awareness and inward growth.

The basic form of meditation is to do breathing exercises as you focus on the length, depth and complexity of each breath.

There is no such thing as good or bad meditation, because meditation is just what it is. Buddhism distinguishes brain activity to doing and knowing functions and the knowing part is what is utilized during meditation.

Laziness in the process of meditating may result in shutting down both functions of the brain, leaving the mind blank.

Meditation, if done correctly, renews mental energy, heals the mind and body and helps the mind to develop new ways of handling daily stressors.

Meditation requires one to focus on one of the following 3 items:

  • Put all your focus on the aspects of an element or object. A good example is your breathe, which is quite common.
  • Direct your focus on another item which is not a body activity or an object. You can choose a thought or a piece or memory.
  • The “no mind” state of meditation requires that you maintain your mind in one static state, bearing no thought or focus on anything.

Being unable to control the mind during meditation will bring in distractions into the action of focusing and the rhythm of meditation will be lost. The only thing you will achieve if you get distracted is relaxation of the body — but nothing more.

The human mind is severely conditioned to think all the time and this can affect the ability to concentrate on the inward strengths. There is no accepted way of achieving meditation provided that what you desire will be achieved.

For beginners, breathing is the best tool for achieving a state of altered consciousness. Concentrating on the pattern of breathing eventually relaxes the mind allows the soul to wander.

This is the state that should be maintained without letting the mind to go blank.

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