Surprising information was revealed when Leonard Bacani and Linda Forsythe (who are both Citizen Journalists with the C-VINE International News Network) reported on the Military Tribunals Live Streamed CCTV out of GTMO to Ft. Meade In Maryland. This was Part 1 of 2 covering the first day on 1/28/2019.

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  1. Good job guys of keeping us all informed. It’s hard to believe that there are so many people that know nothing about this & the work you & c-vine are doing. You’re planted right in the middle of history being made. Keep up the good work!

  2. Thank you
    ON FACEBOOK keeps SHADOW banning
    HUMAN rights
    Children’s RIGHTS
    Military familes

  3. The links to the transcripts are in here:

    Or more precise right here..:

  4. So the tribunal currently happening is Khalid Shaikh Mohammad et al. In other words, a continuation of the bullshit cover story for 9/11. So these tribunals have nothing to do with purging the deep state, rather they are continuing its narrative. You might want to mention that up front, since that’s what 100% of the rumours are talking about and interested in.

    • The charitable interpretation might be that this is the “dry run”, a way to kick the tires on the process, give the procedural and possibly precedent-vulnerable aspects of the new Sessions approach a test drive, plus find out if the notion of “Citizen Journalists” is viable and can survive the heat to come. If Nine11 was the most complex and high-stakes false flag/psyop ever run, as was certainly the case, then it would be premature to lift the kimono on that and risk cutting these five jihadists loose–“Why?”–not to mention that they could have been involved on levels that aren’t clear to those of us whose word association on this subject spits up “Cheney” or “Dancing Videographers”, not stolen Saudi passports.

    • On the issue of purging the deep state, I would agree that’s what most of us are here for, that is the end game. I would like to remind people one of the first things President Trump said (b4 running and would prove) was he knew the truth behind 911, I believe he said this before talkin about the deep state. There’s also the theory of beta testing the system after all putting forth the tribunal for 911 would be a good test for future proceedings I’m cutting off the head of the snake of it all. I guess I got to go research how the defense department and you guys got together what official means are publicly documented these are things I think you should have on your website to show people you’re the real deal.


        This is a radio interview with Trump after 911 …… he knew when it happened 😉 one of the main reasons I support him .

  5. Thank you for providing this!! I have shared with friends and with FB connections!
    Awarenss of the public is vital in our move forward!

  6. this is amazing wow i am perplexed, thank you so much for your hard work, thank you for bringing this to us the public! i had no idea Military Tribunals were happening in the Now… i am sure you enlightened many people as they learn the truth, Your New Channel was show to be by as i thank thank them for sharing this with me and the world likewise i thank you just the same my gratitude is with you, blessing from you pal viewer Jairo Bonilla

  7. Thank you, Mr. Morgan, for making a change in the manner in which you present your work.
    I didn’t intend any disrespect or, least of all, anger or hatred towards you personally since I also follow many sites daily and know how time consuming the process of reviewing them is.
    My very best,
    Rob Wold

  8. This is Good. Now, during your reporting can you please use acronym “MT(s)” for the words Military Tribunals. It’s a bit mundane to hear those tow words over and over and over.


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