Dear Prepare for Change Members,

A lot of information is circulating and the new energies are creating activity among many, so we think it’s a good time to offer a webinar to provide information about the Event, as we understand it from our sources.

Sharing information that gives us a deeper perspective is a primary goal of Prepare for Change. Along with that goal is the mission to prepare as many people as we can for the changes that are occurring on our planet right now and in our incarnate experience.

With our goal and mission in mind, we have tools and information on our site regarding the Event. Some signs of the Event are surfacing and we invite you to join us on Saturday Feb. 23, 2019 at 10am PST in a presentation, discussion and guided Q&A session regarding aspects of the Event. The webinar call will be about an hour-and-a half depending on questions.

Our presentation covers: a quick summary of our beginning and mission, historical cycles of cosmic influenced change, Goddess energies rising, current signs of the Event progress, what to do at the time of the Event and ways to spread information.

The Prepare for Change Council members will give the presentation and the moderator will select some questions and we’ll see if we can provide some answers.

The presentation is intended to give you an overview of the most vital information we have at Prepare for Change and a sort of “check up” as the new year gets rolling.

We hope you will make your plans to join us! You can RSVP by emailing us at: [email protected]

Post “Event RSVP” in your header.

The webinar will be presented online at the “Zoom” conference call platform.  If you sign up to attend the webinar we will send you an emailed invite to join the Zoom call when it launches.

Thank you for all you do!

We look forward to having you with us at the webinar on Saturday Feb. 23 at 10am PST (Los Angeles, California time).


Victory to the Light!


Prepare for Change

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Disclaimer: We at Prepare for Change (PFC) bring you information that is not offered by the mainstream news, and therefore may seem controversial. The opinions, views, statements, and/or information we present are not necessarily promoted, endorsed, espoused, or agreed to by Prepare for Change, its leadership Council, members, those who work with PFC, or those who read its content. However, they are hopefully provocative. Please use discernment! Use logical thinking, your own intuition and your own connection with Source, Spirit and Natural Laws to help you determine what is true and what is not. By sharing information and seeding dialogue, it is our goal to raise consciousness and awareness of higher truths to free us from enslavement of the matrix in this material realm.


  1. Greetings from India! Could you please record the webinar and share it in case we are not able to participate? Eagerly looking forward to it! Thank you!

  2. This is exactly what we need to help us understand the unfolding events around us and prepare for the Event. I hope it will be recorded and shared as I have a prior engagement that day.


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