by Taansen Fairmont Sumeru,

Another knowing foresight has been that vast material wealth, exponentially greater than ever before in history, will accompany this Dawn of the Enlightened Sovereignty Consciousness Metamorphosis. Literally unlimited resources have always been available to mankind, but in low states of consciousness, their existence and means of access have not been visible to humanity. As the worldwide transformation of consciousness brings the dawn of the Age of Enlightenment and the descent of Heaven on Earth, the scientific harnessing of universal free energy, in harmony with the laws of nature, is being re-introduced in a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere. Prosperity will start becoming universally available for every person on Earth. Money will also evolve into higher forms.

The distortion called greed will disappear just as thirst disappears when satisfied.

“There is a tale told of old that Wisdom and Wealth once quarreled loud and long about their relative importance. Wealth argued that without Wealth, the body would be weak, the brain hazy and Wisdom a will-o-the-wisp. Wisdom responded that without Wisdom, man could not even distinguish Wealth from non-wealth or know how to earn or use it.

“Are you doing good with Wealth? Are you benefitting others by means of Wisdom? That is the test.

“The Soul intervened and told them they were both equally important, but only when properly used. Wealth without Wisdom becomes an instrument of exploitation and tyranny. Wisdom without Wealth becomes mere fantasy, a bundle of blueprints.

“Use makes both worthwhile; misuse makes them disastrous. It is like the knife. In the hands of a maniac, it becomes an instrument for murder. In the hands of a surgeon, it becomes an instrument which saves a life.” — Sri Satya Sai Baba

Enlightenment and abundance belong together. Abundance and variety are the nature of Life. Whether you are only interested in a little extra income or a vast fortune, you can add greatly to the world’s spiritual blossoming by enriching yourself in a way that is harmonious with the laws of nature, using it wisely, and helping others to do the same. It has never been the way of the Wise to teach that earning wealth is against spirituality.

William Penn Patrick once said, “Those who condemn wealth are those who have none and see no chance of getting it”. And let’s add, those who have been condemning wealth in the dark ages are also most of the priests and politicians who praise it and horde it privately, but who condemn it publicly so that they can keep people in as much misery as possible — the better to keep them dominated and subjugated.

A loving heart open to the receiving and sharing of greater wealth equally for oneself and everyone else . . . has always been the enlightened way. An old proverb is that “The wise do not struggle for money; neither do they make poverty a virtue”. By simply connecting in with the unlimited supply that is available, you will be opening great new channels through which Love may flow into the world and bring blessing, peace, healing, comfort, and joy. You may say, unlimited supply? Where is this unlimited supply? This question will be answered a little later as this unfolds, when mention of some knowledge from Dr. Buckminster Fuller is shared. For now, let’s look at an overview of world history.

In ancient Golden Ages, money as a medium of exchange was not used. Each individual retained his or her ability to materialize all supply directly from universal free energy. This ability will return to mankind in the present Golden Age dawning, with the awakening of higher consciousness. There is an old story about the gods, who took back man’s supernatural powers due to his having misused them. The story says that the gods were discussing up in heaven where they should hide the powers until man learned how to use them rightly. One god suggested that they hide the powers way up on top of a mountain . . . people will never find them there. But another one said no, man is very ambitious — he will climb mountains and find them there. Then another god suggested that they hide the powers at the bottom of the ocean. But others said no, man is very ambitious — he will also dive to the bottoms of the oceans. Finally, one god said let’s hide the powers within man himself . . . he’ll never look there. And they all agreed. So from that day, that is where they have been. A cute story — with great symbolic truth and meaning.

So, the need to measure and count arose only when tapping the unlimited was lost. When one can tap the unlimited, one has no need to require payment for that which one gives . . . one simply gives freely, and the more one gives, the more one receives. This was, and still is, the intended way for human beings to live. Then you not only don’t charge for your goods and services, but you are also grateful for someone to receive from you as well, because it increases what you can receive.

 One of the many talents of this lost ability to manifest was the power to attune the consciousness to the nature spirits, known down through the ages by many names, including fairies, devas, angels, and so on. These Friends of Man brought forth the manifestation of much wealth in a way far more gentle and harmonious — and therefore more effective and abundant — than the means dominating the dark age now coming to an end, such as forceful mining, dynamiting, oil rigs, atom smashers, nuclear plants, chemical farming, military force, hired labor, and such.

When this ability was first lost collectively by humanity, we were still far more advanced than our present level. Before falling entirely into amnesia and unconsciousness, we had an enlightened government who was sincerely trusted by the entire population to evaluate fairly the abundance due to each citizen. At the peaks of some ancient civilizations, this government consisted of an Enlightened Council who were genuinely deserving of such trust, and they were unanimously loved and revered by everyone.

Although the power to materialize from universal free energy had diminished, it was still present to some extent. The means of creating goods was still highly evolved, and the medium of exchange was still more ideal than that used in the presently ending dark ages. People were paid in a credit system according to their contributions of knowledge, services, or goods to the welfare of society. Even the least affluent of people would be comparable to our millionaires of today, and everyone’s standard of living was so high that amassing wealth was not necessarily a sign of status or an aim of most people.

Money came into use only later when there was no longer an authority considered trustworthy enough to distribute the wealth fairly. Money is a last resort . . . it is by no means an ideal system, for as everyone knows, it has had numerous problems down through history. Sayings such as “money is the root of all evil” have resulted from its susceptibility to crime and its inadequacies in making people economically happy. Lotteries, sweepstakes, and gambling are some of its many signs of ignorance, rewarding people by accident and chance, due to the loss of the ability to reward according to the intuition of natural law and the cosmic deservingness of people. Everyone should have all that they need, and no one should be denied, and the extra resources should go to the geniuses who are loving and of pure intentions. This is indeed what will happen in the coming Golden Age.

Yet, despite money’s disadvantages, all efforts to improve upon it in the past have failed. They will continue to fail until the transformation of consciousness has gone worldwide. Fortunately, now is the time when that is beginning to happen. A planetary awakening has begun which is unprecedented in history, and it will not stop until it has culminated in the greatest Age of Enlightenment the Earth has ever known . . . surpassing all the peaks of the previous Golden Ages.

Thus, not surprisingly, changes in the world economy have been appearing. The major means of this happening before the present monetary system becomes obsolete, is its mode of distribution. Improvements in distribution will ensure a bridge of smooth transition into a superior arrangement. There will be no collapse of the banking industry, as some have wrongly predicted. But there will be profound changes sweeping it in the next couple of decades. Meanwhile, signs of world evolution and awakening are beginning to appear in refinements in the ways wealth is distributed within the remaining monetary system.

Dr. Buckminster Fuller, before he passed on in the early 1980s, was considered one of the West’s greatest geniuses. He had something like 48 Ph.Ds, was a professor, mathematician, economist, philosopher, author, lecturer, inventor, and more. He calculated that if the estimated total world man-made production already in the marketplace — basically the “gross world product” — was evenly divided amongst an approximate world population of five billion, every man, woman, and child on Earth would be a multi-millionaire. This was not to advocate a contrived or forced unnatural redistribution such as has existed in socialist and communist countries, but it does dramatically illustrate that there is not a problem of shortage. As you know, shortage has been the mentality of most people for centuries. Everyone has assumed a world of scarcity, that there isn’t enough to go around, so some will have to do without, and most who get more will have to fight for it. So as you can see, Dr. Fuller’s calculation blows this myth to bits. There is no shortage — only greedy, ignorant, and retarded priests and politicians. It is a question of distribution, not supply.

However, fortunately now world consciousness is rising fast. Accordingly, improvements in distribution are indeed appearing. On the highest level, more Enlightened Beings are walking among us than ever before, most of whom never handle money personally. They transcend money in their personal lives because they function from a higher level, whereby they either use the power of materialization directly, or magnetize the distribution needed to fulfill their missions. More wealth and prominence is being attributed to Enlightened Masters now than has been for thousands of years, which in turn results in exponentially greater opulence for all mankind. This process will culminate in a smooth evolutionary transition beyond the confusion and chaos of the scarcity of the dark ages.

Books such as The Treasure of El Dorado, by Joseph Whitfield, chronicle the reawakening to the undeniable facts of our actual vast and awesome inheritance from past Golden Ages. And even within the remaining monetary system, more people are becoming millionaires than ever before. It is logical that as world awareness rises and we draw nearer to a return to universal free energy and an enlightened reward system, access to wealth within the existing monetary system is becoming available to greater and greater proportions of the masses of people. This has been appearing in the form of advancements in the ways money is distributed.

The first major sign of this was observed in American business in the mid 1950s as the end of the “Industrial Age” and the beginning of the “Information Age”. The evidence for this was in the fact that for the first time in history, a majority of the jobs in the workplace were relating to the processing of information, instead of manual labor. By the 80s it was estimated that only about 10% of the workforce were in manual labor, about 10% in miscellaneous services, and the remaining 80% were in information processing. The profound implication of this is the vast increase in human interaction, greater than ever before in history; leading inevitably to an increasing rate of increase in the mutual enrichment of everyone, in both knowledge and personal wealth. The international best-selling book Megatrends by John Naisbitt documents these and other developments.

So, it is foreseen with invincible definiteness that all the supportive affluence and creative resources the world has to offer will be magnetized increasingly more and more to the highly conscious artisans transmitting the arts described in the later chapters of this book. We will then facilitate the exponential multiplication of manifestive abundance for everyone, thereby actually creating far more than we receive.

From the Sanskrit: “Kriya sidhi sattve bhavati no prakarne”. Translated: The means gather around sattva; or, success of action originates from sattva, not from means. Sattva is the creative power of Love, purity, goodness, peace, light, and bliss in the universe. Around this influence, resources or “means” are naturally attracted — and created. And success comes not because of the resources, but because of the sattva — the Divine life-evolutionary power in the people who animate them.

The Sovereignty Consciousness described herein represents the summit of the creative vanguard. Contributions on this level will become immortalized, because the intelligence and Love they represent descend from above, and embrace all the highest that humanity has to offer. This has just simply been an innocent knowing, which has allowed those of us in whom it is appearing to live in a relaxed, happy way.


Source: (originally written sometime in the early 1990s; published in 1997 as Chapter 11 of the book Sovereignty Consciousness by Taansen Fairmont Sumeru)



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