Says she ‘invited dark spirituality’ into her body early in her career

Lady Gaga says ‘Illuminati dark forces’ have made her ill

Pop star Lady Gaga has spoken openly about her membership of the Illuminati for the first time to say that she regrets joining the secret society.

Gaga, a sufferer of the painful fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS), says she believes her longterm illness is the result of her allowing “dark forces” to manifest themselves in her body when she “sold her soul” to “the Illuminati” early on in her career.The singer spoke candidly in her upcoming Netflix produced Gaga: Five Foot Two documentary which is meant to be a warts-and-all portrait of the troubled star.However, the final cut appears to be more of a fly-on-the-wall footage montage of rehearsals, studio sessions, public appearances, private late-night conversations, medical appointments, and multiple tearful breakdowns.According to production staff, many of the interview scenes were left on the cutting room floor due to “orders from above”.

When describing some of the more interesting scenes that were cut from the final edit, production staff revealed that Gaga recalled meeting with a Catholic priest to discuss undergoing an exorcism to rid her body of the “dark spirituality” that she invited into her body during “Satanic rituals” early on in her career.She described how she was first inducted into the Illuminati by “donating her soul” which she says took place at a club in New York’s Lower East Side after performing a burlesque show in 2006.Gaga described the experience as “very real and visceral, not metaphorical at all.” “I had just been on stage, it was a good show

I was high on the love and applause from the crowd. “I was outside lighting a cigarette, thinking about scoring some more cocaine. “I was aching for more. More of everything. I just wanted to feel good. Feel anything. “Then this man, a strangely ageless man in a suit, spoke to me. “He was leaning against the wall, smoking, and he said to me ‘I think you’ve got what it takes. Do you want it?’ “I asked what ‘it’ was. I thought he was coming on to me. “But he smiled and said ‘Everything. Success. Fame. Riches. Power. Do you want it all?

’”I looked at him curiously. I couldn’t work him out. “Then he just stood there and sang one of the songs from my routine earlier. “It was otherworldly. “I stared at him like he was a dark jewel dredged up from the deepest ocean. “I got down on my knees and asked him who I should praise.”I looked him right in the eye and told him I wanted it all. “I told him I’d do anything.”

Before meeting the man she describes as “my illuminated prince,” Gaga had little commercial success or public recognition, as a struggling performer who mostly played in dive bars, in burlesque clubs, and at late night revues,

Gaga was able to create the music and achieve everything she had ever dreamed of, in exchange for one thing: Her “soul”.Outside the Mercury Lounge in New York City that night, Gaga “concluded a deal” with the prince and instantly found that “success was a cinch”.In exchange for her soul,

Gaga was able to create the music for which she became famous with the most well-respected collaborators, producers, and promoters in the business queuing up to work with the unknown club singer.

Within one year she was one of the biggest selling artists on the planet. “His promises came true very quickly.””At the start, I thought we made a good team. But it wasn’t long before I began to suffer.” Gaga has fought with conflicting forces battling for supremacy inside herself for years, and she’s frequently at war with herself in the documentary.One side is driven to perform, whistle the other seems to be struggling with “dark forces”.Gaga has suffered from the physical illness, fibromyalgia, a chronic pain condition, for years, which she is the physical manifestation of her fight to get out of the Illuminati-controlled record industry and break her contract with the “dark prince”.”They may give you special powers, outer beauty, talent, and wealth for a while… but it doesn’t last,” Gaga said. “This is the reason why so many people who dabble in the dark arts are so unhappy. They flicker bright like a morning star and then wind up committing suicide or destroying themselves with substance

abuse.”They flicker bright like a morning star and then wind up committing suicide or destroying themselves with substance abuse.”Lady Gaga has recently announced that she is rescheduling the European leg of her Joanne World Tour, citing the “severe pain” that is impacting “her ability to perform”.In a post from her official Instagram page, featuring a photograph of herself holding a crucifix and praying, she said she had “always been honest” about her physical and spiritual health conditions, and has been “searching for years to get to the bottom of them.”

“As I get stronger and when I feel ready, I will tell my story in more depth and plan to take this on strongly so I can not only raise awareness but expand research for others who suffer as I do, so I can help make a difference,” wrote Gaga.



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  1. The light that was placed within ourselves is a light that flickers though are own choices you think and do good keep your mind pure if thought the only negative that’s ever hitting is the Ines you don’t ever see cause the light whitin you is switched in just like our brains meditate find your path and help others along there’s felling loving seeing senses we have then there for that reason people need to wake up and switch there selves on atune your self !!! FOR yourself !! Love n light ?❤️?

  2. Carl here is what Jesus said.

    John 14:6 King James Version (KJV)
    6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

    What you do not understand is that you are not the authority of anything, not with us who believe in Yahweh and His son Yahshua, you can use rhetoric all you want and question Jesus and who God is all you want. But our faith rest in this that the Bible is the word of God and that the characters in the book some were for an example and so some are bad examples and some good, some received the word of God and the Bible tells us that Christ is the son of God and that Christ was the Word of God in the flesh. So your words actually mean very little in terms of being an authority on anything, you are not here to help you are on here to cause discord and disharmony. In effect your are a nauseous troll.

  3. Lady Gaga. Segue com tua fé. O último avatar que esteve aqui para nos deixar ensinamentos e exemplos, foi Jesus, digam o que quiserem. E dizer que Jesus representa somente a igreja, é total demonstração de ignorância explícita. Qualquer pessoa que tenha procurado por informação, saberá que Jesus pregava o Cristianismo e, Constantino se apossa do Cristianismo, muda o ‘endereço’ para Roma e o nome para catolicismo. JESUS É O CAMINHO, SIM. A interpretação já cabe as outras pessoas darem o que melhor ressoar com seu interior.

    • “True Christianity has been lost and forgotten.” ~Paramahansa Yogananda
      Jesus never taught Christianity, because “Christianity” was coined after the followers of his way spread his so-called gospel years *after* his life.

      • The disciples started spreading the word of Jesus and Christianity right after he rose on the 3rd day if your gonna try and sound like you know Christianity you better read it first

    • But not the destination! That’s a commonly out-of-context quote because that is Jesus’ answer to a question by St. Thomas in the previous verse 5: “(My) Lord, we don’t where we’re going, how can we know [what is] the way?”

  4. Jesus is THE ONLY WAY OF SALVATION. Call on Him, believe he is who he said he is & can do what he says he can do. He’ll beat the devil right out of your life!

    • Thought crime! Stop forcing your beliefs onto others. For shame.
      Where does it say that that Jesus is the “only way to salvation”? I don’t see any Gospel verse that says explicitly “only way to salvation”. You can’t stop drinking X glasses of Kool-Aid, can you?
      Challenge for you: Find a Gospel verse where Jesus said “I came to die for your sins.” Your preaching is in vain.

  5. I will start by saying, I know that the Illuminati is a dark and dangerous way to go. It doesn’t matter what kind of so called “contract” she may feel obligated to or bound by. The blood of Jesus was shed for her deliverance. Christ died so that we might be set free. Free from anything that would keep a person in bondage. She can be totally set free in Christ. Demonic forces have to leave in Jesus name. I know. I’ve seen it happen to individuals. I pray she finds true peace in Christ and then she will be able to help others do the same, because she knows the stronghold that it has on a person.God’s grace and peace is more real than you can imagine. Seek Jesus, he loves you more than you know.

    • Where in the Gospels did Jesus said, “I love you”? Have you seen him in your sleep, or better yet, experienced the Christ consciousness within you? Your preaching is in vain.
      Also, where did your God come from?

    • Matthew 16:13-21 (NKJV)
      13 When Jesus came into the region of Caesarea Philippi, He asked His disciples, saying, “Who do men say that I, the Son of Man, am?”
      14 So they said, “Some say John the Baptist, some Elijah, and others Jeremiah or one of the prophets.”
      15 He said to them, “But who do you say that I am?”
      16 Simon Peter answered and said, “You are the Christ, the Son of the living God.”
      17 Jesus answered and said to him, “Blessed are you, Simon Bar-Jonah, for flesh and blood has not revealed this to you, but My Father who is in heaven. 18 And I also say to you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build My church, and the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it. 19 And I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven, and whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.”
      20 Then He commanded His disciples that they should tell no one that He was Jesus the Christ.
      21 From that time Jesus began to show to His disciples that He must go to Jerusalem, and suffer many things from the elders and chief priests and scribes, and be killed, and be raised the third day.

      Luke 24:1-9 (NKJV)
      24 Now on the first day of the week, very early in the morning, they, and certain other women with them, came to the tomb bringing the spices which they had prepared. 2 But they found the stone rolled away from the tomb. 3 Then they went in and did not find the body of the Lord Jesus. 4 And it happened, as they were greatly perplexed about this, that behold, two men stood by them in shining garments. 5 Then, as they were afraid and bowed their faces to the earth, they said to them, “Why do you seek the living among the dead? 6 He is not here, but is risen! Remember how He spoke to you when He was still in Galilee, 7 saying, ‘The Son of Man must be delivered into the hands of sinful men, and be crucified, and the third day rise again.’ ”
      8 And they remembered His words. 9 Then they returned from the tomb and told all these things to the eleven and to all the rest.

      Luke 24:13-27 (NKJV)
      13 Now behold, two of them were traveling that same day to a village called Emmaus, which was seven miles from Jerusalem. 14 And they talked together of all these things which had happened. 15 So it was, while they conversed and reasoned, that Jesus Himself drew near and went with them. 16 But their eyes were restrained, so that they did not know Him.
      17 And He said to them, “What kind of conversation is this that you have with one another as you walk and are sad?”
      18 Then the one whose name was Cleopas answered and said to Him, “Are You the only stranger in Jerusalem, and have You not known the things which happened there in these days?”
      19 And He said to them, “What things?”
      So they said to Him, “The things concerning Jesus of Nazareth, who was a Prophet mighty in deed and word before God and all the people, 20 and how the chief priests and our rulers delivered Him to be condemned to death, and crucified Him. 21 But we were hoping that it was He who was going to redeem Israel. Indeed, besides all this, today is the third day since these things happened. 22 Yes, and certain women of our company, who arrived at the tomb early, astonished us. 23 When they did not find His body, they came saying that they had also seen a vision of angels who said He was alive. 24 And certain of those who were with us went to the tomb and found it just as the women had said; but Him they did not see.”
      25 Then He said to them, “O foolish ones, and slow of heart to believe in all that the prophets have spoken! 26 Ought not the Christ to have suffered these things and to enter into His glory?” 27 And beginning at Moses and all the Prophets, He expounded to them in all the Scriptures the things concerning Himself.

      Acts 4:8-12 (NKJV)
      8 Then Peter, filled with the Holy Spirit, said to them, “Rulers of the people and elders of Israel: 9 If we this day are judged for a good deed done to a helpless man, by what means he has been made well, 10 let it be known to you all, and to all the people of Israel, that by the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, whom you crucified, whom God raised from the dead, by Him this man stands here before you whole. 11 This is the ‘stone which was rejected by you builders, which has become the chief cornerstone.’ 12 Nor is there salvation in any other, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved.”

  6. If she is depending on religion to save her, especially Catholicism, then she is still on her knees to Dark Forces. She needs to ask Source and her Light Guides for help. She needs to state that she no longer consents to any contracts she knowingly or unknowingly agreed to. She REALLY needs to GET OFF HER KNEES! She needs to stand tall and reclaim her Sovereignty!

  7. This article is one and half years ago, though; but it’s great to see her progress. Hope the rest will wake up to this reality.

  8. If you real believe everything can get well with and nothing is impossible with God if you have suffered you self to him

    • But not the destination! Where did your God say in the Gospels, “Call [and] I shall answer, knock on the door [and it] will be open, just give your Self to [the] Christ (Messiah) Jesus, he is the way and the truth”? Your God doesn’t speak unless it’s in the Baptism drama.

      • Mark 11:24 – Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive [them], and ye shall have [them].

        Matthew 7:7 – Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:

        Matthew 7:7-11 – Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you: (Read More…)

        James 4:3 – Ye ask, and receive not, because ye ask amiss, that ye may consume [it] upon your lusts.

        John 14:13-14 – And whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son. (Read More…)

        Philippians 4:6-8 – Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God. (Read More…)

        John 15:7 – If ye abide in me, and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you.

        Matthew 21:22 – And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive.

        • That’s not your God speaking, that’s Jesus’ teaching. Else your God is a limited god having some human qualities; that ceases to be God.
          The quote from Philippians is irrelevant, that’s St. Paul writing. We do not know wrote the letter to James.

      • Carl you are a wolf. Get off this thread.

        Trust in Christ GaGa. You cannot sell your soul, it belongs to God. Run to him he will deliver you from these deceptive thieves.

        • Sorry, still here! Your threats are nothing.
          Correct that the soul belongs to the One. You’ll never define “God” by that definition alone.

  9. If she is sincere with her story, then she is being courageous to be honest. Not only can she awaken many young people but alert the general public to the Dark Ones. Now she can use her soul to help many people rather than the media, entertainment industry and those serving themselves. I wish her the best.

  10. very sad, if it’s all true.
    As for her illness, with all her wealth, she could take one of two paths; get involved with doctors & Big Pharma bullshit or try to change her diet, eating habits, etc. with the help of a good nutritionist…..come on, Steph, you have so much at your fingertips when it comes to taking care of your health, dark forces or not, that you are NUTS not to try to take better care of your health!!!!!! JEEZE!!!!

  11. Stephany, you are loved, respected, honored, supported by your devoted fans, you will inspire many to be delivered from the dark. Sincere welcome to the Light! May Jesus hand be upon you!

  12. YOU were born for such a time as this.GODS Hand is upon you.From this sharing you will give STRENGTH to MANY others to come to the light and be delivered from the dark.I will sincerely keep you in my prayers.And respect you.


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