By Benjamin Fulford,

The Japanese military is ready to act against Khazarian Zionist stooges now that the new “Reiwa era” has officially begun, according to several generals who contacted the White Dragon Society.  Although the public is being told the new era starts on May 1, our NSA sources and Japanese right-wing sources say Emperor Naruhito assumed control today, April 1, 2019, or year Zero of the Reiwa era.

The name Reiwa or 令和 can be translated as “emphasizing harmonious Japaneseness” and is taken, apparently for the first time in history, from Japanese rather than Chinese classical texts, according to Japanese scholars.  This choice was inspired in part as a reaction to attempts by the Khazarian mafia to sell out Japan to the Chinese in exchange for protection, Japanese right-wing sources say.

Khazarian mafia agents like Richard Armitage, Michael Greenberg, and Gerald Curtis have been stripped of their role as “Japan handlers” as a part of the start of the new era, say Japanese right-wing sources close to the Emperor.

The Japanese generals have been advised by the White Dragon Society (WDS) that they will need to nationalize the foreign-owned Bank of Japan and take control of the Parliament, the Prime Minister’s office, and the major media corporations if they wish for Japan to be independent again.  Several generals agreed and said it has already happened.

However, the NSA sent a person to this writer’s house today to verbally inform me that Emperor Naruhito takes orders from …

… the Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim.  They say the “Carlos Slim” who gives orders to Naruhito is not the same person as the Carlos Slim who appears in public, but rather is a wheelchair-bound old man.

In what may be partial confirmation of this information, the WDS has been contacted recently by Mexican organizations claiming to be very powerful and offering institutional support.  Events will show if there is any truth to this, but clearly, if it is true, the trail leads from Mexico to the Vatican and the P2 Freemasons.

Thus it is worth noting that the P2 Freemasons have promised recently to work with Asian secret societies.  Events in Italy, at least, seem to prove this to be true.  For example, Italy already has become the first G7 country to formally agree to join China’s massive $21 trillion Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).  Italian sources say their decision has made it inevitable that the other G7 countries will follow and join the BRI.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has already made positive comments about joining the BRI.  Also, Germany is apparently trying to reverse the results of World War II by taking over France again.  In fact, French resistance forces behind the yellow vest protest movement claim their country has already been taken over by Germany.  Unlike WWII, this time they used bonds, not bombs to do so.  The fact that Germany and France have begun to meld their parliaments and military forces into a single organization is public proof that this is really happening.

Also, in a development reported only in the Italian press, the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), the central bank of central banks, has quietly announced that gold will once again be considered to be a cash equivalent to the U.S. dollar or Euro.  This goes directly against the 1971 decision by Richard Nixon to de-link the U.S. dollar from gold.  It also shows BIS acceptance of a direct challenge to the petrodollar—the Chinese gold-backed oil futures trading.  For more details, please use Google Translate or a similar utility to read the Italian article at the link below.

Pentagon forces, for their part, confirm that the quantum financial system, the global currency reset, and the emergence of gold-backed currencies are other signs of the decline of the petrodollar system.  “A multi-polar world is happening, with the U.S. losing its uni-polar moment,” they admit.  The loss of U.S. power has been confirmed by multiple events such as the failure of its attempts to blockade Huawei, Iran, and Venezuela, they note.

Henry Kissinger, creator of the petrodollar, is now a broken man following the failure of the summit he organized between U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korean strongman Kim Jong-Un, added sources close to the new Japanese emperor by way of confirmation.

If the world demands gold-backed currency, then the regime in Washington, D.C. will surely implode.  This year alone, for example, the U.S. is on track to post a trade deficit of $920 billion, which is equivalent to close to 20,000 tons of gold.  Financing the projected U.S. fiscal deficit of $1.3 trillion would more than double the amount of gold needed to keep the Khazarian-run fake U.S. government going.

Possibly the U.S. corporate government will try to blame its bankruptcy on an EMP attack, just as they blamed the bankruptcy of Puerto Rico on a “hurricane.”  Trump issued an Executive Order on March 26th to prepare for an EMP attack on “the functions of government and the private sector so vital to the United States that their disruption, corruption, or dysfunction would have a debilitating effect on security, national economic security, national public health or safety.”

The threat by Trump to close the U.S. border also may be an attempt to create a crisis to blame for the results of a government bankruptcy, CIA sources warn.

The Khazarian mafia is still trying anything and everything in its power to prevent the bankruptcy of Washington, D.C. by getting its hands of vast sums of gold.  The failed attempt by the Rothschilds to use a fake Neil Keenan to try to convert bonds into 91,173 tons of gold was an example we reported last week.

Now the Khazarian mob is going to try to take over Indonesia using a clone of their Venezuelan slave Juan Guaido, CIA sources in Indonesia say.  The Khazarian plan is to back a veteran Indonesian politician by the name of Prabowo Subianto along with his charismatic vice-presidential candidate Sandiaga Uno, they say.

Uno would take over as president “after Prabowo suffers a stroke, heart attack, or other accident soon after winning the election,” the sources say.  However, Asian secret society sources in Indonesia say this plan will fail just like the attempt to take over Venezuela has failed.

Pentagon sources, for their part, insist that Trump is helping end Khazarian mob rule while only pretending to support their various antisocial schemes around the world.  They say, “Trump waited until the Mueller report was released” to recognize Israeli control over the Golan Heights.  The real aim of this recognition was to use it as a casus belli for Russia, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Qatar, Jordan, and Lebanon to move against Israel and Saudi Arabia.

Furthermore, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was ordered to leave the U.S. early when he visited last week, and he was not allowed to give a speech at AIPAC or to lobby Congress during his visit, the Pentagon sources said.

The Khazarian mafia’s use of remote anti-hijacking software to crash Ethiopian and Indonesian airliners recently is also having huge ripple effects.  Pentagon sources say, “The Boeing 737 scandal may lead to revoked certifications, production termination, and a new narrow-body jet designed from scratch, forcing the company to build better, safer planes and military equipment.”  They say other military-industrial complex contractors also will be forced to clean up their acts.

That’s unlikely to be enough to get executives of the military-industrial complex off the hook.  Authorities around the world are re-examining other suspicious airline crashes, CIA sources say.  For example, the governments of Holland, Russia, Australia, and Malaysia have begun cooperating to discover what really happened to Malaysia Air Flight 370/17.

Furthermore, a British laboratory has found traces of explosives on pieces of a jet that “crashed” in 2010, killing most of the Polish government.  This means many EU and Russian government officials may be tried soon for mass murder.,Traces-of-explosives%E2%80%99-in-samples-from-Polish-president%E2%80%99s-jet-report

The other airline crashes also had a strategic impact.  The Malaysian Airline Flight 370/17 crash killed Fairchild Semiconductor researchers on their way to China;  the Lion Air crash killed 30 Indonesian central bankers;  and the Ethiopian Air crash killed 19 UN workers.  Then of course let us not forget the results of 9/11.

The wheels of justice are grinding steadily towards the Khazarian mafia bosses who ordered these crashes.  The fact that these investigations are allowed to take place at all is proof the Khazarian mafia has lost power at a very fundamental level.

When historians look back at these events, they will probably describe it like the fall of Babylon, the biggest historical event in thousands of years.  It may even end up being so big that the West—and not just Japan—will have to name a new era to replace Anno Domini,because the hidden Roman emperors no longer Dominate.  Their Babylonian debt-slavery system is imploding.



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  1. If only there was some way to verify anything this guy says. I’ve been following him for years and rarely does anything that he says will happen does occur…he’s always been a Trump basher too.


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