Montauk Daniel, one of David Wilcock’s insiders has been diagnosed with colon cancer. He tried to apply alternative treatment for a month. Unfortunately, the treatment didn’t achieve the desired result and his life is currently at risk.

From Facebook page of David Wilcock:

I just found out that my long-term friend and super-insider “Montauk Daniel” has been given a week to live.

Please focus loving and prayerful intention his way for a speedy healing and resolution to his cancer surgery tomorrow morning.

Here is what he just posted on his page as of May 4th. I spoke to him for two hours this morning and recorded it all:

“I’ve been doing alternative cancer treatments for the last month, and they seem to have backfired. My colon has failed trying to remove toxins and things have backed up to the point of lethal. Doc says that without surgical correction, I don’t even have a week.

So, on Tuesday, May 7, I am returning to Huntsman Cancer Institute for corrective surgery. This will give them nasty archons a chance to get to me again, but this time I am prepared! Warp power is back online and I’ve got some heavy-duty backup, so they’re in for a surprise.

Thanks to all those folks that have sent me their energy, spiritual advisors and angelic support–going to kick some Archon Ass… so wish me luck!”

DW: In light of this mortal threat, Daniel has agreed to come forward. Sadly, I still have not regained the ability to stream via YouTube Live. There appears to be nothing I can do about this until June 2nd.

So please spend some time sending healing thoughts his way. See him getting through this surgery as a being in perfect health. Feel love for him and for the many sacrifices he has made for Disclosure.

Thank you,

David Wilcock 

Montauk is going to have a surgery at Huntsman Cancer Institute on Tuesday May 7th.

We suggest including him in the Emergency Meditation daily at 2PM UTC. Visualize Montauk getting through the surgery successfully and able to regain perfect health condition again. You can also visualize a violet flame on him if you wish.

Victory of the Light!

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  2. Colon and rectal cancer

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    Colon and rectum cancer is an extreme hold on old matters.

    Keeping in the past and old injustices, sorrows and injustices. Constant revival of terrible, ugly, shadow experiences. The unwillingness to find kindness and forbearance in other people’s behavior.

    Inability to let go of what we no longer need, even at the material level – clinging to property, money, people, status. Need to hoard things, collect (common collecting is the first indicator).
    Trying to keep everything as it was in the past is a futile desire to prevent development.

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