By Michelle Walling, CHLC

When you begin to share all that you know about the matrix control system to someone who has not felt the rumblings of awakening from their soul, you may be met with various adverse reactions. The best rule of thumb is to drop hints rather than yelling everything you know from the rooftops. However, every situation is different and it pays to hear what others have experienced so that you do not lose friends, family, and loved ones because of what you have openly shared.

Everyone is on their own path of awakening and will hear the soul call at different times. However, there are groups of starseeds, lightworkers, and wayshowers that have awakened in groups together. As you begin to search for those in your soul family or group, you yearn to talk about your experiences. It is a good idea to reserve this kind of “Woo Woo” talk for those who are truly into it, otherwise you may regret saying some things. Sharing with those that have no idea of what you are talking about is a mistake that many people make, and can be avoided.

The main reactions I have received when sharing information with people who are unawakened, highly religious, extremely conservative, or simply closed minded are:

-Glazed-over eyes ( The lights are on but no one is home)

-Falling asleep while talking to them (yes, this has happened to me on more than one occasion)

-Anger and or defensiveness (forms of fear)

-Ridicule (Egoic self defense)

There are several reasons for these reactions. Most of the time, a person who is under the spell of the matrix feels like they are in control of their life and feels some semblance of freedom. If you were to threaten this sense of security, the ego will step right in and stop you immediately from shattering their fragile mental or emotional realities.  As you may know, one of the first steps in spiritual awakening is moving the ego aside in order to be able to receive information that may indeed turn your perception of your reality around completely. This is all a part of change and moving forward, however not everyone is ready for this at the same time, including the ego or smaller self.

Another reason that the glazed-over eye look and falling asleep may occur is because of a trigger in the matrix. Any time truth may affect the programming of the matrix, triggers go off within the system and a person may become confused or sleepy, or simply may not really hear what you are saying. Also, a person’s guides may cause this to happen on their own behalf to protect them as it may not be beneficial for whatever reason for them to hear what you have to say at that moment in their life.

I made the mistake of sharing everything I could with my ex husband at the time of my awakening in 2010. The first topics I learned about were ghosts, the astral realm, and what happens to a person when they die. At first, he acted like what I was saying was interesting. Because he cared for me and was afraid to lose me, he played along and acted more interested and I began to talk about Starseeds and the ascension. Eventually all of the pretending came to a head and mentally it was too much for him. He ended up getting terribly hurt because he was confused and stunned by my sudden change and I had given him way to much information to digest. Ultimately, our vibration as a couple was no longer a match anyway, but it would have been better if it wasn’t so mentally and emotionally confusing for him.

I didn’t learn my lesson there. Since I worked on my ascension 24/7, I felt that I needed to explain things to my teenage son and to my mother, who were the two people left in my family that I interacted with on a regular basis. When a situation would come about like not voting or not wanting to buy non organic produce laced with pesticides, I had no choice but to stand up for what I believed in. When I got a somewhat agreeable understanding of this, I excitedly felt as if I could push more information.

In order to retain his belief system and to not shatter his world, my son ended up thinking I was out of my mind and began getting very angry with me as his reality was threatened. My mother was more open minded but still did not want to hear anything that she knew nothing about, because that would mean that she was not in control of her life or that there was something that she knew absolutely nothing about.

The mental matrix programming runs very deep and you need to know when to stop before running everyone off in your life. It is more about respecting another’s life path but it also keeps you from being alone on your path. It is best to drop little seeds of truth. For example, while observing a chemtrail in the making, you could question what is coming out of the plane without answering the question. Sometimes you have to adhere to the rule that you will not discuss something unless you are asked about it.

However, the polarity of this is that if you hold your truth in, it can begin to build up inside of you as stuck energy as well. When this began to happen to me after a few years of taking a good look at my life and others around me, I eventually had to make the decision that was best for me. I kept pushing information onto my family that justified my lifestyle actions, which were otherwise seemingly “crazy”. Eventually, it ran most everyone off in my “old” life.

It is best to find someone to talk to eventually, but it needs to be someone who has already been triggered for awakening by their soul. Ultimately, every situation is different and you need to use a mixture of intuition, common sense, compassion, and unconditional love when deciding how much to divulge in any given situation.

You also need to realize that there are sometimes you will have to be an actor in your reality. For example, if you are working a 3d job where it seems no one is awake and the water cooler topics include politics, sports, and stock market picks, then you could find yourself as an outcast if you try to get into debates about these topics in a metaphysical way. Dropping hints and planting seeds may be the way to go as long as your boss is open minded enough because the word will eventually get around. If you are in a strict corporate position and need your job, it’s probably best that you do not talk about certain topics.

For example, my ex husband and I worked in the oil and gas industry when I awakened. I eventually found out that oil is not a “fossil fuel” and that Tesla had many free energy devices 100 years ago. When I began talking about this at high levels of management, I was met with patriarchal aggressiveness and my husband asked me to not speak about free energy and such nonsense again. He reminded me that the oil and gas industry paid our bills and allowed us to have the lifestyle that we had. It didn’t take long before I decided to get out of that industry and live a simpler lifestyle. I couldn’t talk him into retiring and this was another part of the cause of our separation.

It is far better to drop breadcrumbs and to not lose credibility to people around you so that you will be available to them when they do begin to question everything around them. After their awakening trigger, most people learn on their own anyway through books and the internet, so do not feel like it is your responsibility to awaken them with loads of information. Even though the day will come when all will be known and seen, it would have been best for me and my family emotionally if I wouldn’t have had to remove myself.

Starseed Magenta Pixie talks about this topic in the following video:


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Michelle WallingMichelle Walling, CHLC is a Holistic Life Coach, international public speaker, writer, webmaster, and radio show host. In 2013, Michelle started her public career as a spiritual, metaphysical, and esoteric contributing writer for and Michelle is the webmaster for, and, and is the co-creator of Michelle is the host of the Cosmic Awakening Show
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  1. Foi muito importante para mim esse texto, pois minha vontade é reunir amigos e familiares e contar tudo que sei. Mais entendo que não é a melhor escolha. Já me chamam de louca sem eu nem falar nada. Estou ciente agora que a hora certa vai chegar para cada um no tempo de cada um.
    Abraço Fraterno.

  2. yes agree I too have fallen itno this trap
    but way better than I used to be
    After sitting with the Mother, I was even more excited.
    I am learning to pick my “targets” but It is in our nature to
    want to share this and support the change we are want.
    thanks you for the reminder.

  3. Thank you so much for the post. I’ve been having this issue since my awakening which started 7 months ago. I talked to my sister who was close to me in a spiritual level, we were both confessing the christian faith, and as I was searching for the truth I became more aware of the fact that I was in fact asleep and still in a big part and have to remember who I am. I started meditating and then one night I had lots of energy running through my body. I was first afraid then I did researching and understood I was waking up . I first talked a bit to my husband who was alarmed by my sudden fatigue, he first said I was talking rubbish, my sister was receptive at the beginning and I said more than I should have. I talked about going inside ourselves to remember who we are, the third eye, that we have believed lots of lies without questioning. Now she is afraid and thinks I am into something devilish… Oh how I wished I had not said that much. My husband seems more receptive now but I still don’t know his deep thoughts. SinceI have lots of energy flow, heats, flu symptoms, fatigue and lots of roller-coaster emotions and I had to tell him why I couldn’t be more intimate with him as before and only wanted to rest. He thinks I should go to see a doctor, so I couldn’t help but tell I’m going through an awakening. I don’t know if my marriage is going to survive but I couldn’t hide that fact to him. I agree that I should be careful about how much information I share to those who have no ideas of the awakening if I want to interact with ease… Thank you for the post. Love and peace

    • Dear Cherie, as good newly awaken Christian I believe you need to read the following 4 Journals: 1) AND THEY CALLED HIS NAME IMMANUEL — I AM SANANDA
      (By Sananda & Judas Iscarioth) ; 2) SPACE—GATE THE VEIL REMOVED (By Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn) 3) FROM HERE TO ARMAGEDDON (By Ashtar) ; 4) PHOENIX OPERATOR-OWNER MANUAL (By Jesus Sananda, Lord Michael & St. Germain)

  4. Wow what an appropriate article to find today! I am sitting outside with my whole family but feeling so alone at the same time. Its been a year since my eyes opened and it has been incredibly hard with my husband looking at me like I have two heads. Sometimes I wish I was still living in my la la land. I feel like i dont know who I am. How long does this uneasiness go on?

  5. I learned about the matrix and the lie we all lived through fraud first starting in 1980 and then far more in 1993 when I met my partner in life while ordering pizza and I said something about FRNs when I paid (fed reserve notes / phoney money) and he overheard me which started our relationship that day. I never really shared what I gathered along my path FIRST UNLESS someone spoke of something “off”. Then the door was open to drop more info. through a question. My partner was already a historian who read 500 page books on the cabal’s history. Yeah, he thought me much more and much deeper truths!
    So asking others if they read certain books is a start. I only read the ‘cliff note’ version of those giant books he had. You can always tell in a 5 min conversation with someone where they stand. I don’t waste my energy or time if they are matrix’ed. 🙂 But if they say for instance a complaint about their taxes, then I’d ask ‘Did you ever read the history of the Fed Reserve?” Every part of our lives were taken over and there’s always a question on any subject you can ask. If someone eats non-organic, I’d say ‘if I held up a pesticide from Orchard Supply, would you drink it’? Of course they would not, but that’s a very gentle way in to have a small conversation about the way most food is grown and how to best avoid.
    There’s ALWAYS a way to converse since every corner of our lives was conquered …. but not for long —->
    I salute the continued wake up and thanks for the Internet vs publications I ordered back then. One was called “the spotlight’ who started in 1975 waking those up who ordered the publication for
    $3 bucks a month! It stopped in 2000 – probably because of the Internet boom in mid 90’s. Lol.
    I have to say I feel like my partner and I were some of the first Trail Blazers! 🙂 Yay to those who awoke and are ‘out of bed’ 🙂

  6. OMG Michelle I am feeling you! You are a living Bodhisattva, and I am rap to connect with you!

    Your message is profoundly useful to me right now, because I am one the fools, too stupid as yet, to learn about breadcrumbs rather than practice hyperbole…

  7. I did not know that oil is not a fossil fuel. We have been lied to about so much. I too started out sharing too much with a few people that just were not ready for it. I backed off, but now and then I hear them comment about something and realize they are beginning to awaken. The planted seeds are sprouting. 🙂


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