In anticipation of the posting of our recent interview with Robert David Steele, we are sharing his latest book review of David Icke’s 2018 book “Everything You Need To Know But Have Never Been Told”.  Robert’s chapter by chapter review is an in-depth summary of David’s 750 page great work that covers the entire perspective of our global and cosmic reality.  We will post this review in three parts.  It is posted with the permission of Robert David Steele.

Review: Everything You Need to Know But Have Never Been Told
6 Star: Measured Revelation on the War Between Humanity and the Satanic Deep State
David Icke, Everything You Need to Know But Have Never Been Told (David Icke Books, 2018). 750 pages.

There are three kinds of holistic thinking: secular, ecological, and cosmic. With the exception of David Icke I know of no one, anywhere, who actually thinks holistically at all three levels (I fall short at the cosmic level).
While this book is a monster to read at 741 pages, it is most ably put together with eighteen chapters that I will summarize individually, each chapter liberally illustrated with graphics from his epic personal appearances that are now intellectual and spiritual “rock star” events. If the Pope worshiping Satan on Easter Sunday is the pinnacle of evil, then David Icke saying “We are One – BE the God Particle” is the cosmic “absolute good” and alternative to the evil represented by the Zionists, the Vatican, and the varied secret societies who thrive on chaos, on war, on human suffering and human trafficking, on fear & hate energy.
I think so very much of this man and his mind that I am adding to the end of this review links for each of his prior books and major DVDs. This one book is a capstone work and the one book to read if you read only one, but a case could be made for working one’s way through the entire collection, notably The Perception Deception, Children of the Matrix, and Truth Vibrations. At the end of this review I also list three books in addition to this one that “blew my mind open,” and multiple books on the nemesis, information pathologies.

Please do not make the mistake of treating this long summary as a substitute for reading the book. I write summary reviews for myself, as memory aids, and in this instance decided to write a summary review ten times longer than usual precisely because there is ten times more useful information in this book than in any conventional book. This book is a life-changing transformative capstone work.

I will offer a personal qualifier and a general bottom line up front. I am a professional intelligence officer and voracious reader with a gift for holistic analytics, I have never sought to be read into either theological or extraterrestrial matters but sense that on balance, the failure of the first and the reality of the second can no longer be ignored. As for this book’s bottom line: evil in any form – terrestrial or extra-terrestrial, appears to thrive on contrived anguish, chaos, fear, misery, suffering, and above all, war. We the People have been willfully stupid in abdicating our humanity and failing to apply our intelligence, integrity, and imagination every waking moment. Virtually every public official is a treasonous toad and we are long overdue for a “We Are All Palestinians, We Are All Yellow Vests” awakening across the West.

This book by David Icke inspires me to try harder at secular reform (#UNRIG), at ecological reform (open source agencies doing true cost economics and open source everything engineering to lift humanity up at a fraction of the cost of the failed corrupt Western economic, financial, and political model), and to recognize that I am weak on cosmic reform, lacking in the infinite love domain. I believe in Truth & Reconciliation – and have for some time – but am simply not ready to forgive those who have sought to destroy humanity – including genders, families, communities, and moral values – with impunity and malice aforethought. We are all emerging from a virtual gulag – a virtual prison camp well-represented today by our militarized police raiding homes to enforce single vaccination orders.

The USA specifically has lost its ethics, lost its mind, lost its way. It is our honor, our sacred duty, to do what we can to reverse centuries of manufactured depravity including the legalization of drugs and pedophilia.

Chapters as Summarized with Quotes & Comments

  • Executive Summary by Robert David Steele 3
  • Preface 5
  • Chapter 1: The Biggest Need to Know 5
  • Chapter 2: The Inversion 5
  • Chapter 3: Log In / Log Out 6
Chapter 4: One Big Problem 7
  • Chapter 5: Archon Visitations 9
Chapter 6: Software Elite 10
  • Chapter 7: Mind Control and Shapeshifting ‘Royals’ 12
  • Chapter 8: Casting the Spell 12
  • Chapter 9: Holding the Spell 16
  • Chapter 10: Advancing the Spell 20
  • Chapter 11: Terrified of Truth 22
  • Chapter 12: Before Your Very Eyes 24
  • Chapter 13: War, War, War – We Love It 27
  • Chapter 14: Saying the Unsayable 28
  • Chapter 15: Is It Hot or Is It Me? 31
  • Chapter 16: The Assimilation 32
  • Chapter 17: Synthetic Human 34
Chapter 18: Perceptions of Freedom 36
  • Postscript 38
  • References 39

Executive Summary by Robert David Steele

  • USA and Earth are emerging from centuries of alien (Reptilian) capture of the 1%, who are in essence “possessed,” and have structured every aspect for human civilization from education and government to banking, commerce, and media, such that everything we are being told is a lie. Good news up front: enough people have “woken up” to the point that Earth generally, and the USA particularly, have reached a tipping point toward good – toward a consciousness override that reinstates heaven on earth.
  • The threat to humanity is pervasive and multi-faceted. It includes the following specific on-going threats (in alphabetical order) that must be stopped immediately:Central Bank (private control of money) that lies, cheats, and steals from the public
  • Contrived active shooters, false flag mass casualty events, and wars, all to instill fear & hate
  • Electromagnetic pollution that kills brain cells and mutates other cells – 5G is ecocide & genocide
  • Food and medicine designed to sterilize and reduce testosterone
  • Government budget mis-allocating 70% of our disposable funds to a military that cannot win wars
  • Government bureaucracy and regulation designed to impoverish and colonize counties and states
  • Immigration and “multiculturalism,” a deliberate attack on the ethnic integrity of the Republic
  • Information censorship and control under the Zionist schema for destroying the USA – “political correctness” is one aspect of the censorship regime, direct digital censorship, data manipulation, and digital assassination of conservative voices by Silicon Valley firms (#GoogleGestapo) the other
  • Mind-control, once the purview of the CIA and NASA, now broadly available across private sector
  • Moral decline in which “anything goes” including pedophilia, transgenderism, & Satanism
  • Poisoning of air, food, land, and water – chemtrails and geoengineering are crimes against humanity
  • “Progressives” as a class of “useful idiots” that have become so stupid as to be a danger to society
  • Religions as both a form of perception control and identity management – religions that blindly support the Zionists commiting crimes against humanity abroad while also subverting the US economy, US government, and US society, are especially threatening to the stability of the USA
  • Secret societies such as the Freemasons and Knights of Malta who manipulate information and outcomes to achieve results that favor the 1% at the expense of the 99%

The solutions available to the public generally and the President specifically should he choose to prove me right and the author wrong about the President’s plans and intentions for America, include:

  • Creation of national truth channel and Web 3.0 that cannot be censored or manipulated
  • Disclosure of 9/11 and Zionist culpability for most aspects of that false flag event
  • Disclosure of free energy and termination of secrecy associated with stellar civilization technology
  • Distribution of decision-making and regulatory regimes back to the counties and states – localization
  • Freedom to bear arms including concealed carry, and freedom of assembly without constraint
  • Freedom of speech enforced across all domains and particularly within the social media
  • Public focus on the heart chakra and broad public refusal to accept censorship & control
  • Termination of all US wars and military actions overseas, close all bases, end all military subsidies
  • Termination of blackmail of US politicians and others via special debriefings & Presidential pardons
  • Termination of income tax, substitution of the transaction tax to empower individuals over banks
  • Termination of militarization of the US police, prohibit Zionist training and support to US police Preface

David Icke’s mind was open to messaging, and he found himself through Betty Shine, a psychic who shared words from others. Bottom line: we are all energy, we are all one, most of us are living in a manufactured un-reality that profits from slavery and suffering. Open mind, be free.

Chapter 1: The Biggest Need to Know
Albert Einstein and Nicolas Tesla had it right – everything is energy, what we manifest as reality is merely energy interpreted as being in a form (energy moving so slowly it seems to be static). We are one in the ideal, in a state of perfect health and happiness in the ideal, but everything about our un-reality in focused on making us unhealthy and unhappy. Infinite Love is the only truth, everything else is an illusion.
Quantum computing has no limits and is capable of programming – representing – infinite universes.
The Earth is alive in every possible sense – exchanging complex information across every living being – at the same time that malignant forces have sought to dumb down humanity and limit it to five senses consistent with the un-reality that has been created to cage humans and extract negative energy from them.
The control of humanity is rooted in effort to control all perception and imprison humans in a un-reality where un-real bankers, doctors, lawyers can operate with impunity, exploit humans, and keep humans from fulfilling their destiny as cosmic wells of empathy and imagination.
In a scalar field there is no space and no time in the un-real sense that has been articulated by corrupt and incomplete science. Healing is about information and frequencies, not about contrived and very expensive medications for conditions resulting from contriving poisoning of air, land, food, and water.
Prayer and the paranormal are connected – good energy, the right frequencies, can accomplish miracles.

QUOTE (55): “The entire System, no least ‘education’, is specifically structured to maintain this delusional status quo in which sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell are the arbiters of everything. Those what see beyond the illusion are called mad, bad or dangerous…”

Rationality rooted in conventional accepted understandings is isolated from the larger reality, out of context, and made possible by closed minds rather than open minds.

Chapter 2: The Inversion
Our reality is inverted as was anticipated in George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four. Lies are put forward as the truth, war is put forward as the peace, thieves in high places are put forward as trusted leaders.
The author does not use this quote, from Barbara Honegger whom I know:

“We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”
—CIA Director William Casey at an early February 1981 meeting of newly elected President Reagan

I will confess to my deep naiveté while serving as a spy for the CIA, and my anguished awakening decades after leaving that organization. Most of the good people in that organization – and certainly not the public — have no idea of the depth and breadth of the evil being done by rogue elements of the CIA (and other rogue elements of the US Government).
This is the chapter where the author introduces Reptilians and Grays and other forms of non-human life, and it is also the chapter where he tears down religions as forms of organized mind-control and praises the Gnostics for recognizing that the Cosmos is God, we are all God particles, and anyone seeking to put a religion and dogma and intermediaries between each human and the whole, is part of the Satanic plot to downgrade humanity from a very special source of energy with empathy, free will, and imagination, into “batteries” feeding the Satanic need for adrenochrome (blood infused with adrenaline caused by torture, ideally young blood from young children) and the negative psychic energy of mass fear.

I learn that the possible reason the Royal Library of Alexandria was burned to the ground is that it was the repository for the Gnostic wisdom contradictory to and against the Roman Catholic Church particularly and other religious movements generally.
The possibility that our un-reality is an “error” resulting from fallen angels with imbalanced energy forms and impure thoughts is explored, as is the creation of a whole slew of Archrons as “enforcers” and manipulators responsible for harvesting humans in the most negative manner possible. I am quite drawn in by the author’s focus on the difference between hate energy frequencies and love energy frequencies, and the desperate need of the Satanists for hate energy.
This chapter discusses the Gnostic view of the body as a prison – the objective is to move to higher consciousness and escape the prison – and the importance of the heart over the brain as the source of love and healing and imagination.
Ending on a most positive note that has been decades in the making, the author concludes that a great awakening is taking place, the veil is lifting, truth vibrations and collective consciousness are ascendant, and the Satanic control system is tumbling down.

Chapter 3: Log In / Log Out

The author is certain in his own mind that we live within an incredibly advanced version of a virtual reality game, in the sense that we “decode” information as energy with the consequence that we “experience” the reality that we are decoding – with the author stressing throughout the book that we have been retarded by design, pushed back from our inherent ability to do telepathy and so much more. “Matter” is explained by the author, backed up by Albert Einstein, as “energy in slow motion.”
Across the book, not only in this chapter, I am constantly impressed by the author’s integration of substantive work by others – this is a book of informed research, not a blithering blast of opinion.

Among the intriguing suggestions that the author puts forward here and then surfaces again in later chapters is the idea that on the one hand, what we have today in the way of information technology is retarded by design; and on the other hand, that there are bridges in existence today, perhaps in the Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMB), that are preparing to unleash a next generation of the flawed code, in which billions of humans are eradicated, transgenders and artificial insemination by direction are the order of the day, and obedience to authority – Satanic authority – is automatic.
This chapter discusses DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid is a thread-like chain of nucleotides carrying the genetic instructions used in the growth, development, functioning and reproduction of all known living organisms and many viruses) and by coincidence today I also learn of a most intriguing video that outlines how all the ancestry DNA companies are actually correlating DNA with social media profiles, selling DNA health profiles, and more, to the point that these DNA samples could ultimately lead to decisions on which humans, with precision, should be “suicided” if not sterilized. Great fun.

QUOTE (104): There is no ‘nature’ – it is a simulation of ‘nature’ based on a multi-leveled ‘software’ program that controls humanity mentally, emotionally, and ‘physically’.

QUOTE (104): The scientific mainstream is specially structured to stop the truth coming out.

QUOTE (107): The Universe is an enormous electrical system of communication that in so many ways reflects that of a computer because this is what it is – a quantum computer far beyond anything that human science has begun to understand.

QUOTE (109): The body is an electrical communication system.

This is where the author begins to discuss in earnest two of what may be the central issues of the next decade:
01 Can we achieve a “consciousness override” against “bad” programming that seeks to dumb us down?
02 Can we stop 5G and geoengineering and other “bad” electromagnetic capabilities that treat humans as disposable beasts of burden (or fear & loathing batteries for evil ones) and sharply limit the emergence of human cosmic consciousness?

Chapter 4: One Big Problem
This is the chapter where I am completely out of my comfort zone but the author is compelling and careful in his articulation of the roles played by Saturn (including its energy and information “rings” that some believe are being created by machines in place right now, literally writing the “code” into the rings that in turn generate the “wi-fi” signals to Earth using the Moon as a transponder), and how the entire world went haywire around 4,000 BC, centered in the Middle East such that war became the default instead of heaven on earth and peace among all.
In this chapter the author draws ably on both personal conversations with Zulu wise men repeating stories passed down through the ages, and the documented investigations of others from archeologists to astronomers. As someone who is supposed to be expert at evaluating “sources and methods” I give the author a solid “A” for this entire book, each chapter, and his sources as itemized.

There is a lengthy discussion of Saturn as having been our sun prior to 4,000 BC, and then there was some kind of big bang and everything changed, including the position of Saturn and the emergence of the moon as an artificial craft that began geoengineering earth in negative ways.
The rings around Saturn could be – some credible observations are cited to this effect – be artificial and created by huge “electromagnetic vehicles” spewing out plasma. Others more technically grounded than I can evaluate all of this, for me it is quite simple: I find this author credible.
The Nazis, the breakdown of the human mind (once unified between left brain focused on details and right brain focused on context), the emergence of war rather than peace as the default condition of man, are discussed.

QUOTE (131): A left-brain disconnected from the picture-seeing right hemisphere is a perceptual prison cell.
I am reminded of so many books that bear on this without regard to Satanic or extraterrestrial influences, I will just point to the lists here: Consciousness & Social IQ (300); Cosmos & Destiny (39); Intelligence – Collective and Quantum (120); Nature, Diet, Memetics, & Design (259); Philosophy (166); Religion and the Politics of Religion (133); True Cost and Toxicity (158); Truth and Reconciliation (120); Values, Ethics, Sustainable Evolution (334); Voices Lost (Indigenous, Gender, Poor, Marginalized (242).

QUOTE (138): There is no matter. There is only light and sound. Albert Einstein.
This is a long chapter with a great deal of mathematics and symbology. This is where I begin to understand the author’s passionate contempt for Zionism, which he equates to Satanism. The author takes pains to connect Freemasonry and Kabballah Judaism (the Satanic cult not to be confused with normal Judaism) as well as the Owl of Saturn and the Bohemian Grove. While the author does not focus on Nazism and the manner in which the Nazi leadership cut a deal with the USA and emigrated to the USA (taking over CIA and NASA) as well as to Argentina and the Arctic, when we rewrite history honestly I am certain we will see the modern intersection between Zionism and Nazism.

Pages 157-159 make a case for shutting down the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), and are coincident with other sources I have read that suggest that CERN is one experiment away from vaporizing Earth as we know it.
Pages 159-168, to the end of the chapter, discuss the Moon as an artificial and largely hollow object playing a very negative role against the Earth. The quotes are spectacular, and include official government statements as well as Zulu and other indigenous statements all of which add up to Earth was heaven before the Moon, then it became hell as the Moon began manipulating weather, moods, and more.

Chapter 5: Archon Visitations
This is a relatively short chapter that avoids extensive discussion of extra-terrestrials per se, but makes the point that Earth – and the forms we “see” manifested on Earth, is a “billionth of a pinhead” in relation to the larger Universe. The primary point in this chapter as I understand it is that about 6,000 years ago we had a cataclysmic invasion by negative energy forces that turned paradise into hell in order to create massive amounts of fear & loathing to feed themselves – both in terms of energy and in terms of actually feasting on humans processed in murderous rituals. The author provides ample quotes from astronauts and others who deliberately or inadvertently violated their non-disclosure agreements and have confirmed, publicly, the ubiquity of extra-terrestrial craft and beings, not only in outer space, but right here on earth.

QUOTE (176): Extraterrestrial races are at war with each other (Reptilians-Nordics are one example) and behind wars on Earth. Human elites and military insiders are working with extraterrestrials – especially Reptilian – and this is the source for most advanced technology (designed for enslavement as we shall see). There are human-ET underground bases on Mars.
Earlier he writes to Reptilians having underground bases around the Earth, connected by very high speed tunnels. I have seen other books, and photographs, that suggest that the author is on solid ground in advancing these views, which he has documented more deeply in earlier books. From my own reading I offer Review: Our Universal Journey + Extraterrestial RECAP.
The author introduces in this chapter his view that “transhumanism” is the endgame of the Reptilians, and defines that in various places as the complete elimination of the sexual differences between men and women, the conversion of the population into a controlled artificially-inseminated “on demand” herd in much smaller numbers than we have now, all under total mind-control (this is where 5G comes in, one reason I believe 5G must be a major issue in the 2020 election in the USA).
I hesitate to summarize this chapter – it merits a full reading. It’s most important point to me is that Reptilians and the hybrid humans they control are vicious, emotionless, without empathy, pathological liars who absolutely believe we humans are their goods to be disposed of as they wish, including in murderous rituals preceded by torture.

QUOTE (193): The reptilian brain doesn’t want you to be different. It wants you to conform and acquiesce to hierarchy and authority. It hates being seen as weird and would never want to be a maverick who thinks and acts outside of the box.

Resistance is NOT futile – you CAN refuse to be assimilated.

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  1. Awesome Robert David Steele! So glad you’ve joined the cosmic viewpoint!
    I’ve been following you both for a while…..glad you’ve come together!

  2. I have followed David Icke for years, and I know he is so right. I went through quite some experiences myself and I know he is right. He is a world fighter for the truth, like with so many, calling in the desert. He deserves much better in his life, pls listen to him.He too, put his life on the line for this world to make it a better place, like Julian Assange and many more.I will keep you in my meditations and thank you for all David Icke and many others for coming out for the truth that hardly exists any more. God bless !
    My appreciation for you all is immense.

  3. RDS did an excellent recap of what most of us here know. I’m going to read this book! I read 1984 in
    1979 and I even saw things then that were inverted. I used to deal black jack at a little casino in Lake Tahoe and before I read this book I said to this customer one slow and snowy Friday night the week before Thanksgiving weekend ‘Things seem to be opposite of what they really are’ and he looked at me and said ‘Have you read 1984 to say that?’ and I said “NO… What is that about? “ He said he’ll be back in a couple weeks as he had a few copies so in Dec 1979 I read that book and have watched this whacked world go where we are today. In 1993 I said to my partner,
    (Intuitively) ‘Something good is going to stop this evil and I’m not sure what it is or when, but I believe it will’.
    Of course he said ‘No Way! The control is just tooooo big and for way too long’!
    Ha Ha – Here we are! Congrats everyone! We did it!!!


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