By Melinda Siebold

Some think that power comes from sitting at the head of a conference table presiding over a corporate board.

They survey all they have ‘built’ and find false pride. They take credit for work done by others – even though they are incapable of doing any facet of that work themselves.

They are surrounded by people who despise them and ridicule them behind their back. People who know they are no more than stupid-visors who attained their positions through their ‘connections’ – and certainly not merit.

They know the others around that table are looking to replace them through bribery, blackmail, murder or manipulation. They can never let their guard down. They must be ever vigilant so they don’t lose their ‘power’.

But their position and ‘power’ are dependent upon their ‘successes’ and the ‘successes’ of those beneath them. They know their first mistake could be their last – so they are never able to relax or find peace.

They equate money with success as a symbol of power so they pay ridiculous prices for ‘name’ brands that are little or no better than their knock-offs.

Others think that power comes from sitting at a table of military officers.

They find false power in numbers of ships and weapons and stores of ammunition and military bases.

They believe power can be found through killing people.

Only a person with a warped mind could possibly think that.

Some think that power comes from heading a government department or agency or organization.

They love to make rules and enact legislation and create hierarchies and devise new ways to tax and steal from those they subjugate.

But they are only false facades. Talking heads. Paid actors who only remain ‘in power’ as long as it suits the ones above them in the false power hierarchy. They come and they go. Here today and gone tomorrow. Such is the fleeting nature of their ‘power’.

Some think power comes from sitting on a throne with a crown on their head and a robe around their shoulders as head of a church or kingdom.

The gold on their heads is able to transmit divine consciousness – but it will not transmit to the unworthy.

The gems in the crown are holders of intelligent information, but they withhold their information from the unworthy.

You crown wearers are adorned with dead weights.

You wrap your dead and lifeless bodies in dead skins. You are death enrobed in death.

You sit on pretentious thrones and somehow it makes you feel important and powerful. You wonder at your own majesty. Yet you are fetid, rotting, stinking corpses who will leave those thrones empty.

The royals can’t trust their heirs and the pope’s can’t trust the Cardinals. In your world, brother kills brother, children kill parents, parent’s kill children and cardinals kill Popes.

You can never relax and enjoy your ‘power’.

You pretend to serve the people you rape, murder and pillage.

You equate this with power.

You devise systems and schemes and plots and plans.

You equate this with power.

You manipulate and coerce and blackmail and bribe.

You equate this with power.

You create hierarchies and governments and social structures.

You equate this with power.

But none of this is power.

It is an empty shell sitting on shifting sand.

It is delusion enveloped in madness.

It is confusion lost in darkness.

So what is the truth about power?

The truth is that power comes from within, and through no effort – manifests without – once one is aligned with unconditional love.

The truth is that power is gained through letting go and “letting God” – not through force.

The truth is that what is thought of as power in this world – is really not power at all.


More articles by Melinda Siebold can be found at: nesara.info

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